Month: June 2015

A Night Of Fate

5:15am, a plane touched down in New York, emblazoned upon it was the emblem for the Moretti Crime Empire.

The current kingpin, Pazzo “Sangue” Moretti, drew close to the exit, and began descending down the plane’s staircase. Four bodyguards greeted their boss and gestured for him to walk towards the arriving limousine. Upon entering, Pazzo greeted Heisenberg, who was eagerly awaiting in the limousine for his boss. “Why were we called here again?”, to which Heisenberg replied, “Lefty needed us for something, but he didnt say what for..”

5:30am, Pazzo and Heisenberg received a phone call from Lefty, the Barzini Godfather. “Hey guys, need you to meet me at the Barzini headquarters in about 10-15 minutes. “No worries, I just touched down at the airport 15 minutes ago, so we’ll be there soon.” Pazzo instructed his driver to take the quickest route to Barzini’s HQ, and turned to Heisenberg, “So how are our businesses going lately? Sorry I haven’t been around much, these kingpin duties are taking a toll on me” By instinct, Heisenberg pulled out an enclosed envelope, “All the latest prices are on there, I think we may have to sell some properties though, they aren’t bringing in the estimated income that they should be.” “Ah, I’ll look at it later, at the moment I want to focus on what’s so important that we have to come all the way to New York for to meet Lefty for”, Pazzo placed the envelope into a suitcase and gave it back to Heisenberg.

5:45am, the smell of tobacco filled the office of the Barzini headquarters as the Godfather of Barzini, LeftyTwoGunz, sat in his chair waiting for the two Moretti delegates to arrive. He had previously been talking to his close friends and members, Ricardo Barzini, Gunnz and MrTexas about trying to quell the threat that was NoGhostsPlease. Upon the three members leaving the room, the telephone rang. “Hey. We’re just outside, you gonna let us in?”. “Sure” Lefty replied, “I’m waiting up in the office, I’ll see you when you get here.” Lefty lit a cigar and walked to the balcony to see the limousine containing Pazzo, Heisenberg and four bodyguards roll into the driveway. As the door opened downstairs, Lefty sat down, reached into the draw on his desk and screwed a silencer onto to his Walther.

5:48am, three distinct knocks at the door signified that the two delegates were awaiting outside the door, upon hearing the knocks, Lefty had pressed a button located under his desk, which allowed the door to open up for those outside. “Hey Lefty”. “Pazzo, how are you?” The two men firmly shook hands, “Heisenberg”, “Lefty” he replied, nodding his head with respect. “Please, gentlemen, have a sit” pointing towards two leather seats. After sitting down, the three men began their discussion. “So what was so important, that you had to get us all the way down here?”, Lefty sternly looked at the pair, then leaned forward. “As you know, America has seen it’s fair share of people looking for power, those who will put our members in danger, in order to gain some sort of satisfaction in their lives-” “Yes. We know, and each time we have got rid of them.” To which Heisenberg nodded in agreement. “Correction, Barzini has always got rid of the problems, lately, our family have been the only ones to do anything. Some of my members have risked death themselves in order to preserve the safety of others. Now, don’t get me wrong, some Moretti members have been happy to help with the problems we face, but we all know that there was no order for them to intentially offer to help, was there now?” Pazzo replied bluntly, “I guess there wasn’t.”

5:55am, “Now you see, in my books, it is a problem to have a kingpin in place that is not willing enough to put themselves in danger. You know that we both respect each other, but when the time came, you were not there for us when we needed the help. Yes we managed to deal with the problem, but it costed me a branch boss. That I cannot afford to keep happening.” Pazzo looked at Lefty, then turned to Heisenberg, “Wait outside for me, ill be a couple of minutes, I just need to discuss something in person with Lefty.” Heisenberg hesitated for a second, looking back and forth between the two empire bosses. “Sure boss, I’ll wait outside, I’ll come back in a few minutes.” Pazzo watched as Heisenberg walked towards the door and exited, before turning back to Lefty. “So….I guess this is it.” In response, Lefty looked at Pazzo and replied, “I guess it is, you will always have my respect brother, you know that, but when it comes down to it, when we needed you the most, you abandoned us.” After a few seconds of silence, Pazzo sighed, “I’ll see you in the next life brother”.

5:58am, two silenced shots were fired and Pazzo Moretti’s body slumped back into the leather chair, blood trickling down his forehead. “Rest in peace, my brother” Lefty said in remorse, returning to his cigar, puffing on it a few times, as though to relieve the stress of having to kill a respected friend. Two minutes later, he heard a familiar voice drawing close to the door, Heisenbergs’s. Before he knew it, the door creaked as Heisenberg entered, unaware that his family boss had just been killed, he returned to his seat. “So guys, I presume everything has been settled and we can be on our seperate ways?”. Lefty stayed quiet for a moment, not knowing if Heisenberg was aware or not that his leader was dead, only a mere metre away from him. “Not exactly my friend”, Lefty stood up and turned round, looking out the window on the state of New York. Heisenberg noticed a change in the atmosphere, and turned to signal his boss that they should leave, and quickly. “Boss?”, as he shook his leader’s shoulder, Pazzo’s head rolled onto his shoulder to reveal two bullet holes in his forehead. Upon discovering that he boss was dead, Lefty turned quickly on his heels, drawing his Walther from his inside pocket of his suit, and pointed the gun at Heisenberg. “What happened to him”, after a few seconds of dispair, Heisenberg looked to Lefty for an answer. His eyes focused on what Lefty had in his hand, “Oh, shi-“. A single bullet passed through his head, his body rolling off the seat onto the carpet. “Not the carpet again!”, Lefty shouted. “I just got that changed!”.

6:00am, Lefty fired another body into Heisenberg’s body, in an act to ensure that he was in fact dead. “Rest in peace Heisenberg”, bowing his head in respect to the two Moretti delegates, returning to his desk, he dialled a number into his telephone. “Joe, you there? I need you to come by the office. Yeah, another mess was made, I need you guys to come round and clean it up. Yeah…..sure, I can wait, I’ve got nothing important happening”. The Barzini Godfather returned the phone into it’s socket, and returned to his seat. Upon waiting, Lefty looked down, and noticed a briefcase, black in colour and relatively small. He placed it onto the table and clicked open the locks, he slowly opened the briefcase, peeking inside to decide whether it was of danger or not, and noticed a collection of papers, placed neatly, one on top of each other. He began shuffling through the collection, when he stopped by an enclosed envelope. He retrieved a knife and began opening the envelope, after focusing his eyes, he started reading through the sheets of paper, his eyes, widening as he read further on. “Jesus Christ, there’s enough records here for about two hundred businesses across America”. He began making a list, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Arizona, New York… Enough businesses to bring in a deadly amount of income, even if some weren’t performing as well as others.

6:05am, Lefty put the papers aside and reached across to the telephone, he began calling some numbers. “What’s up boss?”, “Ric, I need you to get Tex and Gunnz and come back to the office, I just found some real important shit that I need to show you guys. As in, some documents that can bring us some serious cash”. Ric acknowledged his bosses order, then asked a question, “How did the meeting go with Pazzo?”, Lefty paused, and looked at the bodies of Pazzo Moretti and Heisenberg, “Um, I’ll tell you everything once you are all here, until then get Tex, I think he’s down in Texas with his family, and Gunnz is in Rhode Island, running some operations for his new empire”. Ric agreed and Lefty ended the call. He sat back in his chair, realising that America was now missing a kingpin, and two delegates, one of which, the founder of the Moretti empire were now dead.

6:06am, Lefty lit another cigar, and called in a bodyguard that was located outside the office door, “Vito, be on the watch for Ric, Tex and Gunnz. As soon as they get here, escort up here ASAP. Understood?” “You got it boss, give me a shout if you need anything”. Lefty gestured for him to leave, “That will be all Vito, thanks though.” As his bodyguard was just about to exit the room, Lefty called him back. “Vito, while you are waiting, call the Moretti office, and ask for an associate of theirs to come down as well. I think they will need to start deciding on who is going to step up and be their next boss.” Vito looked at the two bodies, then back to his boss, “Sure thing, I’ll call the office while im waiting for the guys to arrive.” Lefty nodded and let Vito exit, he was left in silence, face to face with two dead bodies.

“Right then, time to get to work” Lefty declared, leaving the office and the two bodies that remained in their seats.

Viod Finally Assassinated

The date was May 30th 2015; Viod was scared confused and walking along a dark Minnesota highway in the middle of the night in search of a safe place to pass the time. It was only a few days earlier that he had narrowly survived an attempt on his life. He walked with his head down, resigned to the fact that any minute he could be facing another attempt on his life. He made it to a small dive bar located at a rest stop along the highway and he decided to go in to have a few drinks to get his mind off his impending doom. As he walked in to the bar, the few drunks scattered around all looked over at him with a look of curiosity as to who this stranger was. Viod didn’t attempt to make friends, choosing to instead find a seat at the corner of the bar. He had no one to turn to. His Boss, Machine Gun Kelly had been mortally wounded several days before the attempt on himself and Bluejay, the other member of the Mancini Administration, had also been killed. Due to the deaths of the top two leaders of the Mancini Empire, the majority of its members were given the option to go down with their empire or join a new Empire and keep living. Viod was not given that choice. Mafia protocol states the Boss, Underboss and Consigliere of an Empire must all be taken out if the Boss is hit.
Viod motioned for the bartender and asked him if they had any specials. “Yea, we got shots of whiskey and I’ll give you a gold star,” the bartender said sarcastically. Viod was not in the mood for the antics and quickly snatched the bartender by the head and slammed it on the bar. The loud thud echoed through the nearly empty bar but the drunks in the bar barely noticed. The bartender picked his head up off the bar and in a more polite tone said, “I’ll get you a shot of whiskey, first round is on me sir.” The bartender walked away rubbing the knot that was growing on his head and grabbed the bottle of whiskey and a shot glass and headed back over towards Viod. He quickly poured him a shot and Viod slammed it down in a matter of seconds. “Again,” Viod demanded. The bartender refilled the glass and once again Viod slammed it down. “Again,” Viod said once more, and the bartender proceeded to refill his glass for a third time. This routine would continue for 5 or 6 more shots until Viod was sufficiently boozed up and then he ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. Viod’s lack of sleep mixed with the 9 or 10 shots he had just taken in less than 5 minutes quickly took their toll on him. His head began to droop and as the bartender was placing the Long Island Iced Tea on the bar Viod fell asleep right there at the bar.

About an hour and a half later Viod woke up, still very drunk and attempted to stand up. His vision was fuzzy and his brain was foggy as he could not remember at first where he was. He slowly gained back some composure and made his way to the bathroom to take a leak. He opened the door to the bathroom and saw that both stalls were occupied so he went over to one of the urinals to do his business. As he unzipped he heard the distinct sound of a gun being cocked behind his back. Luckily for Viod he had been standing at a urinal so he did not mess his pants. He slowly turned his head expecting to find a gun pointed at him but when he looked he saw one of the drunks placing his gun back in his holster as he was heading back into the bar. Viod let out a loud sigh realizing that it was not yet his time. He smiled at the situation and realized how he must have looked silly had anyone noticed him. What Viod didn’t realize was someone did notice. In one of the stalls peaking through the crack was Ghost-Barzini.

It just so happened that Ghost had given up looking for Viod that night and decided to have a drink in the very same bar Viod ended up going to. As Viod zipped up his pants and reached for the handle to flush the toilet he heard the door to one of the stalls behind him begin to creak. Viod figured he had his scare for the night and that there was no way he had anything further to worry about. He planned to go out, pay his tab and find a nearby motel to get some rest. Viod would never make it out of the bathroom. Ghost raised his .45 Smith and Wesson to the back of Viod’s head, said “Barzini sends their regards,” and fired three shots. Viod fell down almost instantaneously and hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Blood spatter the tiled wall behind the urinal and a pool of blood began to form around Viod’s head where he landed on the floor. Ghost nonchalantly slipped his gun back into his waistband, walked to the sink to wash his hands and then walked back into the bar. The drunks who had been in the bar had ran when they heard the gunshots and the bartender stood trembling staring at Ghost. Ghost calmed him down, “Hey relax pal, in this life we only kill each other you got nothing to worry about.” Ghost then motioned for the bartender to pour him a shot. He took the shot and threw down a wad of cash as he began to make his way to the door. As he got to the door, he turned around to address the bartender once more. “Just remember, you don’t know me but I know you and where you work. When the cops ask you what happened you better say you didn’t see anything.” The bartender nodded and managed to utter “Yes sir.” Ghost then turned and walked out of the bar. He hopped into his car and drove off into the night. The bartender waited about 15 minutes before finally calling the police. Ghost’s words had scared the bartender enough that he wanted to make sure he gave Ghost enough time to get out of the area before the police were alerted. When the police arrived they found Viod in the bathroom lying face down in a pool of blood and urine. They quickly called the coroner out and began processing the crime scene.

The Minnesota State Police released a statement saying that at the present time they have no leads on a suspect or a motive, however considering Viod was a well known Mafiosi they considered it to be an obvious gangland execution. The coroner’s report lists the cause of death as gunshot to the head and the approximate time of death was 11:53 pm. The Police have asked anyone with any knowledge of this crime to contact them immediately. They have asked that all citizens take extra precautions when out and about at night time until they are able to track down this killer.

Until that time, stay safe out there America.