Month: April 2015

Public Dismay or Disorder

Public Dismay or Disorder?

A recent phenomenon in the streets of American Mafia is that of rebellion? A recent poll from many surveyed citizens shows that American Mafia is in a mass decline over the public opinion of the ruling faction known as the “Outfit”. An anonymous American Mafia citizen was quoted stating, “things are going to S#@$ and we can do nothing but rebel against these tyrants”.  But what can the average citizen do to voice their opinion to the ruling faction in order to help the mass consensus. Well this reporter has a challenge for you I want you all to “Speak up and Speak out”, because a silent voice is no voice at all you need to speak direct to these leaders and voice your opinions.

-AMT Reporter Mad Max

The Democratic Republican Party is looking to add new figures to the growing political empire even after the death of famed politician Bruce Wayne. The new chairman and house speaker Mr. Wayne Jr. had this to say. “We can be killed and we can be attack, but only the resilient will strive over all obstacles in our path”.

We would like to also report on the death of famed “Murder Boss” Carmine Degrazzio, in an official police report it was stated that “The victim was found with multiple gunshot wounds after being found in a chair next to the door of his mansion. This can only point to the fact that Mr. Degrazzio after his night out on the town came back to his place of residence expecting trouble.” Upon a little investigation from the crack team at AMT we were able to turn up that Mr. Degrazzio fired at least 45 shots at the assailants as they left his home. The AMT team also turned up a photo showing a large blood pool leave the driveway of the mansion. So the true question is was Mr. Degrazzio the only one to be killed that night?

-AMT Chief Editor Mr. X

-AMT Senior Reporter Carl Black

-AMT Senior Investigative Journalist Pope

Wayne’s Ways


Ladies And Gentlemen of American Mafia, we here at the AM News are shocked to hear of the death of Political Figure Bruce Wayne. It appears that Bruce‘s boss Mr X had tried to gun down a reputed high ranking member of the Barzini Family, John Dillinger, and then after failing appears to have left the states in fear. Eventually the news  reached the offices of Ric and LeftyTwoGunz, the reputed bosses of Barzini, and they called on their trusted soldiers Righteous, Ghost Barzini and Mr Michdar to track down the gunman’s Right Hand Man Bruce Wayne and kill him.

As expected it did not take too long for Righteous and Michdar to coordinate a plan to take out Wayne. Once the plan was all set Righteous took out all of Wayne‘s security by using a silenced sniper rifle. In the confusion Michdar was able to shoot and kill Wayne, the former  Governor of the state of Oklahoma. Ghost Barzini reportedly drove the two assassins back to the Barzini HQ where they were congratulated and partied all night.

Ladies and Gentlemen Please Stay Safe because with politicians now attempting murder openly who knows what’ll happen next?!

The turning


Ladies and gentlemen of the American Mafia, we have have received some information on the death of notorious mobster Anthony Stracci. It turns out Mr.Stracci was in his hotel in New Mexico when his good friend Paulie Hainnario knocked on his door and had a few drinks with him but little did Anthony know this would be his last night with his so called friend Paulie. Later on in the night paulie was equipping his infamous 45.Pistol and he put his silencer on his 45. and he said to Anthony “I’m sorry but LOS sends their regards” .

Paulie Hainnario had shot Anthony in the head 3 times and he quickly went to his private Airport and met Mr.Benny Noodles. We now know that Paulie Hainnario has joined the infamous Murder squad, known as the League of Shadows. We, here at the AM News HQ, urge you all to lock your doors and only go out if it’s an emergency because these are dark times ladies and gentlemen. stay safe AM

AM News Senior reporter-

Editors note:It is said Paulie Hainnario joined up with the league of shadows because he was made an offer he could not refuse.


Murders, Stocks and Politics

Murders, Stocks and Politics

Ladies and gentlemen of the American Mafia it has been brought to our attention that several things have happened in the last few months that we are now reporting to the public. For starters several people of the Mancini Empire have been killed by anonymous gunmen. The Mancini Empire has vowed vengeance for those who have fallen. May those men and women rest in peace, they have been lost but not forgotten. In other news the stock market is seemingly being taken over by the League of Shadows.

The Leader of LOS Chapo Guzman seems to be leading the stocks in first place, with his generals such as Benny Noodles, The Yankee, and Donnie Vegas not far behind him. The league has members in the top 5 of the stock market. Has the league corrupted the stock market by fixing the results or are they just using brute force to intimidate anyone and everyone? What else will the league end up taking over? Is this just a taste of more things to come? Rumors have been going around that despite the outfits efforts to shut down the league, the league continues to pull some of the strings in the American Mafia.

We will have more information and updates regarding the League of Shadows later on as they become available. In other news the elections will be taking place very soon. Everyone is encouraged to get out and vote! We hope that the newly elected officials can help make our streets a cleaner and safer place. Until next time AM stay safe.


-AMT Anonymous Reporter-