Month: March 2015

The High Council

With the recent revelations to American Mafia, it has emerged that what once was the ‘High Council’ has now been verified as becoming ‘The Outfit’. With the stealing of billion dollars to the attempts on Benny Noodles, the High Council has now recognized its new leader through the image of Pazzo ‘Sangue’ Moretti.

Many people have shown their support to the ‘Outfit’ and hope the remaining factors can prove that it is as efficient as the dominant ‘High Council’ was in it’s prime.

Stock Market Released For Citizens

America has woken to find the news that the promised stock market has now been finalized, and is in working condition, with dangerous chances and impossible profits both citizens and residents of the underworld have been placing their trust in stocks. All with the hope of bringing in large quantities of cash.

Good luck with the stocks America!