Month: January 2015

An end to war?

It has been a constant fight between the Camontes and Barzini’s.

With recognition of the war, both sides have been continuously fighting, desperately in order to end the war.

The main involved, Scarface and LeftyTwoGunz have relentlessly been at each other since the war has started, and word has been received that Scarface was the victim of war.

It is reported that Scarface had eventually been tracked down after weeks of searching, along with Francesco Barbaro, who was a past Barzini, now Camonte. Our witnesses report that Scarface had been holed up in a spot where those looking for him had originally looked, if not for a neighbour giving his location away.

LeftyTwoGunz the returning Barzini boss, was the man holding the gun, as he shot two slugs into the chest of Scarface, leaving thirty seconds before police arrived on the scene. Word has spread among America, the war is over.

This could now be the time for families to recover, as fatalities varied across all the reigning factors, it has also been noted that Francesco Barbaro managed to escape death the first time,but after being tracked down a second time, was killed again by LeftyTwoGunz.

As always, stay safe America.

Bad Times


Tonight we write to inform you of the  deaths that have occurred over the past  couple of days

6 citizens of America have been targeted, multiple others added to the targets of others. Their names have been released as Jimmy Two Times, Crown Prince V, Mr Anthony Noodles, TheButcherJR, truehope and Lazarus.

The killer known as Francesco Barbaro, is a known affiliate of the Camonte empire, after leaving the Barzini empire. And has been reported to be traveling throughout America states targeting high interest citizens. Many players have been seen attempting to stop the current spree, with  citizens using their hard earn cash to wipe clean the countless number of hitlisted citizens.

It has also been reported that the 6 players alone are mainly Barzini, which could be related to the recent dispute between Camonte and Barzini, resulting in the presence of a war across America. However certain citizens such as Mr Anthony Noodles, have no ties with the fighting factions and his death alone could spark the joining of the Noodles Empire, S the son of Talulah and Benny Noodles had been struck down by Francesco.

It is also known that Scarface has been targeting Barzini members such as Vixen Denaro, but so far to our knowledge has had no confirmed kill on the citizen. Both Scarface and Francesco are reported to be locked up in America’s federal jail, if they will remain there long enough to be placed on death row is another story.

Meanwhile the high council has been discussing the best options in order to get rid of this problem once and for all. To the surprise of many, Benny Noodles has returned from retirement, presumably to help with the current situation.

As always America, stay safe.

Times Of Change


We write today to inform you of an important change to the underworld of the American Mafia. The kingpin spot has been slightly altered this time round.

Mrs Talulah Noodles, wife of Mr Benny Noodles, has been named America’s KingPin – or rather QueenPin. Most of America heard this through the release that the previous temporary kingpin, LeftyTwoGunz had stated in the earlier hours of the day.

We hope that this new change of things will be beneficial to America, as it already seems that Mrs Talulah Noodles authorized new empires. The Mancini, and the Moretti Crime Empires to be fully established.

More news coming soon!

X Marks The Spot: War and Peace


It was Wednesday, January 14th, an unusually warm day in Alaska, home base of Camonte Empire Boss Scarface. A Council meeting was taking place among all of the High Councilmen in Scar’s Anchorage social club. In attendance were Grim Reaper, Angel Corleone, Benny Noodles, Ricardo Barzini, LeftyTwoGunz, Scarface, Talulah Noodles and several other Mafioso brought as aides were also present. It seemed the issue at hand was a Barzini Captain by the name of Francesco Barbaro, who had been marked for death by the then semi-retired Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz. Apparently Francesco had been talking subversively about his family, openly rooting for Council enemies and it had also been discovered that Fran was plotting with several other mobsters to wipe out as many Council families as they could. Normally, this would be an issue that would be handled internally by the Barzini Empire, but for the second week in a row, Antonio “Scarface” Camonte, former Boss of the now defunct Camonte Empire, had stuck his beak into the Barzini family’s business. Scar was the one who had called the other leaders in for a meeting and turned a small issue into a much, much larger one.


“This is the second f*ckin week in a row this guy has done this sh*t, you all really can’t be taking this seriously!” Lefty exclaimed to the other Councilmen. “Well I don’t think he deserves to die,” Scarface replied to Lefty’s comment. “It’s none of you f*ckin business, keep out of it” Lefty said looking Scar coldly in the eyes. This was how the meeting would go on for the next 45 minutes. Occasionally some of the other Councilmen would speak up, but for the most part it was an argument between the Camonte faction and the Barzini faction. “You know what, you wanna be such a tough guy Lefty, come out of retirement and then see if you will talk so big.” Scarface said to Lefty. Lefty stared blankly at Scar for several minutes. Suddenly, Lefty cocked back and laid Scarface out with a strong right hook. “Consider me back gentlemen,” Lefty said looking at the others as he threw on his coat and walked out of the social club the meeting had taken place at.


“This is dumb,” Angel said to the other Councilmen still around the room. He continued, “Fran is not that big of a deal or that well known of a guy for two empires to go to war over him.” Grim spoke up, “I can understand someone being upset about interfering in my family’s business though.” Scarface interjected, as he picked himself up off of the floor, “Bullsh*t! That f*ckin’ guy thinks he’s Mr. Big Shot and that he’s something special it’s time someone shows him he’s not.” “Not a smart idea,” Benny said to Scarface, “we all know he’s been stocking up and that Barzini been getting hit for a while, he’s not just gonna lay down.” Scarface replied, “I don’t f*ckin care,” and then stormed out of his own social club leaving the rest of the Council there to strategize how to keep a war from breaking out. Before they knew it, they had already received news of several Barzini associates being killed by a hitman known to be affiliated with Scarface. “Well, so much for the peace,” Talulah said to the rest of the room. The Councilmen then all grabbed their stuff and quickly made their way out of the social clubs back to their respective means of transportation to head back to their respective headquarters to begin figuring out what to do.


The next day several emissaries were sent to both sides to try and see if they could come to an amicable conclusion. Benny tried approaching the Barzini Empire to see if he could convince his old friend Lefty to back down. “It’s way too late now brudda, “Lefty told Benny, “this guy has killed how many of my guys in the past day?” Lefty asked rhetorically. Benny seemingly understanding Lefty’s position, and that he would not back down, resigned himself to the fact that there would once again be another war. Benny reached in to give Lefty a hug and turned around to walk out of Lefty’s Manhattan social club when Lefty called out to him, “Benny,” Lefty said as Benny turned around to look at him, “when you report back to the rest of the guys let ’em know the Queen is back too.” Lefty smiled a big grin at Benny, who looked shocked as he saw Jane Doe walk out from behind a curtain covered room in the back of the club. It was long thought that Jane Doe was deceased from the War of 2014, however it appears whatever injuries she might have sustained, she recovered quite well. “Good to see you again Jane,” Benny said smiling at the familiar face. “Glad to be back,” Jane replied, and with that Benny made his way out of the club to head back to his headquarters to let the rest of the council know what had happened.


The next couple of weeks were strange. Before Lefty had returned from retirement, Scarface had made it a regular practice to publicly insult Lefty whenever he could. However, now that Lefty had officially returned to full-time action, Scarface was nowhere to be found. Lefty, a man who usually keeps his conflicts quiet, decided it was time to lure Scarface out by placing hits on all of his Captains as payment for the Barzini blood that had already spilled. A couple Camonte Captains were murdered, however the top 3 members of the Camonte organization completely disappeared off the face of the planet. Carlos Marcello, Scarface and Francesco Barbaro, who was now a high ranking Camonte, were nowhere to be found and Lefty was getting restless looking for them. He called all of the other Councilmen and even Commission members to make it a point that everyone know after he had been called out to return from retirement, and he did, the person who called him out went into hiding.


There were a few people who knew where Scarface was hiding. Some of these people were Councilmen themselves. Angel Corleone and Grim Reaper had been secretly keeping in touch with Scarface while he was on the lam. The newly minted Kingpin of the American Mafia, Angel Corleone was not pleased that within the first couple weeks of his reign there was already the possibility of war breaking out. The message that Angel had gotten back to Scarface was that either he face Lefty one on one or Angel was going to kill them both. News of this threat made its way back to Lefty as well, who was fuming when he heard the news. Scarface on the other hand, saw an opportunity with this announcement. He had his go-between ask Angel if he’d consider helping him take out Lefty and Barzini. It was well documented that Angel and Lefty had a rocky past and had never really mended the fences, but at first Angel was reluctant to take sides.


Angel returned to Corleone Headquarters in Oklahoma where Grim Reaper and Real Corleone were waiting for him. By this point Grim Reaper hand created his own new Empire called the Sons of Anarchy operating out of California and Nevada, however most knew that if it came down to it he was going to back Corleone 100%. The three men mulled over Scarface’s offer and decided to get a little advice from some old friends, Mr X and Eric “Goodfellas” Northman. The five men had a long discussion about the matter and were completely torn about what to do, who’s side to take or if they should even take sides. By the time they came to a decision, several days had passed by and all five men were exhausted. The decision they had made was they would help plot to kill LeftyTwoGunz and the rest of the Barzini Empire. Eric had some business to handle back in New York so he flew back as soon as he could, but the other four men stayed in Oklahoma to get some rest before they put their plan into motion.


Back in New York, while Eric was making his collection rounds, he was overheard discussing the plan against Lefty with a fellow wiseguy. This was not a smart move considering New York was the home and Headquarters of the Barzini Empire. It was not long before word got back to Lefty, Ric and Gunnz, the top three Barzini Mobsters. “You believe this sh*t?” Lefty asked Ric and Gunnz almost comically. “Here I was asking Scarface to fight me one on one, and next thing I know five more guys wanna kill me.” The three men laughed at the situation. “Damn Boss, doesn’t take you long to make friends now that your back,” Ric joked with Lefty. “This sh*t should be really funny, these guys have no idea what’s about to hit them,” Gunnz added. Lefty held his hand up to both men to stop them briefly so he could speak. “Listen guys, under normal circumstances I would have you with me, but in case this thing goes sour I only want me to be the one to face any repercussions, ” Lefty told the two men. Ric and Gunnz both nodded in understanding, however Lefty could clearly see on both of their faces that they both wanted to go along to help. Lefty stood firm, “I don’t want you guys telling anyone about this either,” Lefty said. He continued, “I will let everyone know after it is done.” Lefty went on to explain that his reasoning for not telling or involving anyone in his preemptive strike was because if it failed or backfired he did not want anyone facing any penalties for being involved. Not a soul would find out until after all five men were dead.


It was now 12:00am, January 24th, exactly one year to the day that LeftyTwoGunz came to these shores. Lefty was on his way to the apartment Eric used when he was staying in New York. When Lefty pulled up outside the apartment building, he looked up towards Eric’s window and saw the lights were off. Lefty was hoping that Eric was home sleeping and not out. Lefty quickly made his way into the apartment building, whose front door lock had been mysteriously broken earlier that day. Lefty hopped on the elevator and pushed the button for the 14th Floor. When the elevator got to the 14th Floor, Lefty got off and quickly opened the door directly across the hall from the elevator and climbed up the stairs to get to the 15th Floor where Eric’s apartment was. As Lefty reached the 15th floor, he quickly screwed a silencer on to his .45 and slowly made his way towards the apartment at the end of the hall. As he got to the door to the apartment, Lefty reached his gloved hand out to grab the doorknob and to his amazement, it opened when he twisted the knob. It was dark inside the one bedroom apartment. Tiny beams of light from the street lights crept through the small crevices in blinds on the windows. This gave Lefty just enough light to make his way through the apartment. Lefty quickly made his way towards the bedroom. As he’d hoped, there he found Eric sleeping on his stomach with his head facing in the opposite direction of Lefty. Lefty slowly walked up behind Eric, pressed the silencer against the back of Eric’s head and nudged him to wake him up. Eric blinked his eyes open and heard a voice say “You really think your plan was gonna work?” As he finished his question, Lefty pulled the trigger three times, splattering brain matter and blood all over the white sheets Eric was lying on. Some spatter also hit the wall as well as the blinds covering the window that overlooked the street that Lefty had parked on. One of the Five was now dead, and Lefty had heard the other Four were together in Oklahoma.


Oklahoma was an hour behind New York time and it was still relatively early for a Friday Night/Saturday Morning. Angel, Really, Grim and Mr X were all on their way back from one of the local bars where they had all gone to blow off some steam. They had decided they would give themselves one more night of rest before making their move on Lefty. Angel was having his compound renovated, so the four men all stayed at the local Four Seasons hotel. Their car pulled into the underground garage, and the Four men headed up to the Penthouse floor which they had completely rented out. They were still exhausted from their marathon planning meeting and the alcohol they all had just drunk didn’t help the matter. When they reached the Penthouse floor they made their way into the master suite, which was split up into five bedrooms, and made their way into their respective rooms. The Four men quickly fell into a deep sleep, resting up for the big events they had planned for the next day.


What they never could have realized was at that very moment, LeftyTwoGunz was en route to the Four Seasons from the Airport. Lefty, still packing his silenced .45 was loading his magazines with ammunition and making sure he had enough back up magazines in case a gun battle broke out. As they got closer to the Four Season, Lefty tucked his pistol into his shoulder holster and instructed the driver to pull into the underground garage. As they pulled up, the concierge opened the door for Lefty and let him out of the car. “Good evening sir, staying with us tonight?” the concierge asked Lefty. “Yes, a few of my friends have rooms on the Penthouse floor, however they are all sleeping so I wanted to surprise them about my arrival.” Lefty replied to the concierge. The concierge didn’t seem to buy Lefty’s story, but he wasn’t dumb, he knew exactly who Lefty was and was not about to argue with him. The concierge quickly instructed the bell boy to take Lefty to the Penthouse floor and not to give him any hassles. As Lefty got onto the elevator, the concierge handed him a copy of the key for the room the men were in.


The elevator made a loud ding as it reached the Penthouse floor, and lefty quickly handed the bell boy $5,000. “You didn’t see me, you don’t hear nothing, no one comes up here,” Lefty instructed the bell boy as he gave him the money. The bell boy nodded nervously at Lefty as he pushed the button to go back down to the parking garage. Once the doors to the elevator closed, Lefty pulled out his silenced pistol and briskly walked to the suite the Four men were staying in. Lefty slowly opened the door to the suite and walked in. It was a rather luxurious room, with a great room that must have been 2,000 square feet surrounded on five sides by five different bedrooms. The doors to four of the five bedrooms had been closed, making it easy for Lefty to know which rooms the men were staying in. Lefty made his way around the room quickly.


The first door that he came to was locked. He used a paper clip, he found on a nearby table, as a lock pick and quietly made his way into the room. Lefty smiled widely as he realized the first room he walked into was Angel’s, the current Kingpin of AM and the mastermind behind the plan to help Scarface attack Lefty and Barzini. This time Lefty didn’t want to take any chances with waking Angel, or the other guys for that matter. He quickly walked up behind Angel, put his pistol as close to Angel’s head as he could without touching it and fired two shots killing Angel instantly. The angle of the shot caused the exit wounds to be filled with particles from the bed and pillow, since the bullet trajectory went through the back of Angel’s head and out of the front, which was pressed against the pillow. Lefty then slowly turned and walked back towards the great room.


As he entered the great room he made a quick right and walked towards the bedroom that was next door to Angel’s. The door to this room was ajar so Lefty just slowly pushed it open. As he did, it let out a loud creak. Lefty quickly reached for the door handle to stop the door and the noise, but before he could the man in the bed shot up into a seated position to see what it was that had woke him. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and as his vision began to clear up he made out the shape of a familiar figure. “Real Corleone, much respect brudda but you lose,” Lefty said to who he now knew was Really sitting on the bed. Lefty quickly squeezed the trigger on his pistol and fired one shot into Really’s forehead that exploded out the back side of his head. The force of the bullet caused Really’s body backwards until he landed with his head on the pillow. Really lay their dead, his eyes wide open staring straight at the ceiling as the while pillow his head landed on slowly began to stain red.


Lefty quickly made his way back into the great room and headed for the room that was directly across from Really. At this point the adrenaline was flowing through Lefty and he didn’t care if the last two men heard him. As he reached the door to the room he kicked it wide open. “Get the f*ck up!” Lefty shouted at the man lying in the bed. “Lefty??” Mr X asked, unsure of who it was that was barking orders at him. As this was happening, in the room next door Grim Reaper was woken up by the noise from the door being kicked open. Lefty had not yet walked into Mr X’s room when suddenly the door to the room next to his opened up and Grim walked out to see what all the noise was. As he walked out, Lefty pulled a second gun from his waist band and pointed that one right at Grim. “In the room,” Lefty directed Grim. By now both Grim and Mr. X knew what Lefty was doing there. Grim said at the foot of the bed and Lefty told X to sit next to him. Lefty get his guns trained on both men, knowing each man’s capabilities he was not taking any chances. “This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my career thus far, but I cannot let you guys live,” Lefty began saying to Grim and X, “Corleone wanted me dead and you guys are the two biggest allies of Corleone.” Lefty continued, “Maybe you disagree with my statement, but as a wise man once told me, if you even suspect that someone wants to do you harm, don’t hesitate just act.” Grim smirked a bit after Lefty said this, realizing that he was quoting him. “No disrespect gentlemen, just business,” was the last thing Lefty said to the two men. Then Lefty fire one shot through the face of Mr X and two shots into the head of Grim Reaper, killing both men instantly. In the world of the mafia, it is actually considered a sign of respect to be shot in the face. It means that the person who ordered the killing respected you enough to let you know who and possibly why it was being done.


The job was done, all five men had now been eliminated and Lefty quickly left the hotel, headed back to the airport and quickly hopped on his jet to head back to New York. On the way there he called Benny Noodles, the only major Boss left on the Council to fill him in on what happened. Lefty told him about the plot he had discovered and how the men wanted to kill him which meant that it was only due time that they would come after Benny. Benny didn’t want to hear it. He laid into Lefty, and for a few moments Lefty thought he might have to even go to war with his oldest ally on the Council Benny Noodles. Benny had reasoned that Lefty only killed those five as a power play to take over the American Mafia. After a brief discussion, Lefty was able to make Benny see that was the exact opposite of what he wanted. “I told everyone when I came back that I was not going to take threats lightly and that I would eliminate any potential threat without prejudice,” Lefty said to Benny. “I know, but that was five of the most powerful men in the American Mafia, how do I know you’re not gunning for me next?” Benny replied to Lefty. “You weren’t involved in the plot to kill me, you’ve never wronged me, why would I want to kill you?” Lefty asked Benny. “Power,” Benny replied. “I’ll tell ya what. You were planning to hand everything over to your wife Talulah right?” Lefty asked Benny. “Yea, she’s gonna take over as Queenpin of Bad Company which commands both the Mad Angels and the Noodles Crime Empire,” Benny answered. “Well, how about Queenpin of the American Mafia too?” Lefty Asked. Lefty continue, “As a show of good faith to you and the rest of our allies I will personally announce Talulah as the new Queenpin of AM.” “If you do that, then I’ll believe you this wasn’t about power and we’ll be good,” Benny replied. With that said, the two men ended their conversation and Lefty slept the rest of the way back to New York.


The next day an emergency Council meeting was held. A couple other mobsters were also summoned to the conference. Humble-Nomad, the son of infamous Mafioso Pazzo-Sangue, and Boss Mancini, who had just returned to the American Mafia after a long hiatus, were both asked to come to the meeting. When the two men arrived at Lefty’s social club in Manhattan, they were lead to a back room where the others had been waiting for them. When they walked in they saw Lefty, Benny, Talulah, and Ric seated around a table that had two empty chairs. The two men sat in the chairs and said hello to their Mafia brethren. “This will be the new Council,” Talulah said to the men at the table. “Excuse me, but who are you to say what this is?” Nomad asked adding, “all due respect.” Lefty but in, “Talulah is the new Queenpin of AM. I don’t want the position and Ric and Benny have already had it so it’s time for a fresh face and a ladies touch.” Nomad shook his head in understanding and raised the glass of wine that had been placed in front of him. “Salud” Humble said to toast the occasion. The rest of the Mafioso around the table held up their glasses and toasted the occasion as well. “We wanted to have this meeting to keep the Council up and running,” Benny told the two men. He continued, “Also, Talulah will be taking over Bad Company and therefore will be Queenpin of Mad Angels and Noodles Crime Empire as well.” Everybody seemed content with this arrangement, once again raised their glasses in a toast and took a sip from their glass. “The last thing gentlemen,” Talulah said to the men at the table, “with the recent deaths of two Empire bosses and the banishment of the Camonte Empire we need three Empires to fill their place.” Talulah paused briefly to puff her cigarette. She continued talking as she blew smoke out of her mouth and nose, “Nomad, Mancini and Ric will be the bosses of those three new Empires, so congratulations guys,” Talulah said as she once again raised up a glass in a toast to the three men.


The rest of the time spent in the back of the social club was a more jovial experience. The six Mobsters laughed and joked about their combined history. In a matter of a day the High Council had seemingly been torn down, only to be built right back up again. Once again it appeared that a solid foundation was in place that will continue to usher in a prosperous era for the American Mafia. One can only guess what tomorrow will bring. Will there be any attempts at retaliation against Lefty or any of the other Empires? Will the children of the slain men look to avenge the deaths of their fathers? Only time will tell, stay tuned to find out! Until next time America, keep your heads low and your necks on a swivel. Stay safe out there.


Bloody weekend

We bring you urgent news today.

If you have not heard, most of America have woken up today to hear the news that 5 respected members have been killed.

The first, Angel Corleone was pronounced dead at the scene, 0:34 am in the morning. The autopsy determines that Angel had been killed with a silenced pistol, which had caused a large span of damage to his chest, after retrieving the bullets, our people found that the bullets had been coated with a poison, which if Angel survived the attack, would have slowly been killed over 24 hours.

The second Real Corleone was found 3 minutes later, in a side alley, sat up against a wall. Blood was reported to have run into the street, causing the body to be found, like Angel, Real’s autopsy also showed significant damage to his chest, which caused his heart to rupture, fully pronouncing him dead.

GrimReaper, the respected don of the newly founded ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ was found at 0:40 am in the morning, reports indicate that his body have been left with two gaping holes in the front of his head. Along with this witnesses mentioned that the killer must have known GrimReaper as they stood in front of him, moments before killing him.

EricNorthman, also part of the family ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ was reported to have been found at 0:43 am, and pronounced dead at his finding, contrary to the other killings, EricNorthman’s autopsy showed that damage from a weapon, presumably a bat had caused his death, and that the five bullet holes in his chest were to make sure he remained dead.

The final citizen to fall, was Mr X, the respected leader of ‘The Black Hand Legion’ and had been reported to be returning home after a long night out. The killer however, had been seen hanging outside the house of his victim. At 2:00 am in the morning America heard the last shots, each bullet entering the chest of Mr X, as he fell to the floor. Police found his body lying 5 feet from his house at 2:04 am.

As of yet, police have found no other fallen citizens, but urge the remaining citizens of America to lock their doors and stay safe.


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It was a cold night a slight breeze moved the trees branches and the dust outside of a big mansion. Inside sat the infamous crime lord Scarface. He sat there in an angry state he had something big on his mind. He was angered at LeftyTwoGunz he had found out some information about Lefty and ever since had wanted to do nothing other than kill the man and take his Empire with it. He hadn’t confronted Lefty about what he was feeling yet. He knew he had to soon and decided to pick up his phone and get it over with. Scarface grabbed the telephone that sat at the table beside him and dialed Lefty’s number.

After three rings a man answered the phone “Lefty?” Asked Scarface. The man on the other side of the phone answered with “Yes, now get to the point I’m busy”. Scarface took a deep breath then started. “This is Scarface and you have a problem I acquired some interesting information on you and that leaves you in a bad position you see I don’t mess around with people like you I will get you I don’t care what you say because actions speak louder than words and in this instance my gun is going to talk”. Scarface took another deep breath and started again. “I’m going to kill you and any of your thugs that try to stop me doing it and at the end of this your going to be dead and I’m going to be here so yes this means WAR!”.  He then slammed the phone down pulled out a cigar and started smoking it.

Stay Safe America

New AMPF Inquest

We are reporting today to share the death of a respected citizen, Jordan Bellford.

To this day there has been no information on his death, reports indicate that a short while before his mysterious death he had been admitted to America’s federal jail. Only to be broken out moments after.

As you may know, America lately has seen its fair few shares of unsolved deaths, the latest being Jordan Bellford. We ask for anyone to come forward to share any information that may bring us closer to the killer or killers that were involved in Jordan Bellford’s death.

More information to come soon.

As always, we will be releasing any information we come across. Meanwhile, stay safe America.

New AMPF Police Report


All fellow residents of America, today the American Mafia Police Force has received word that the body of Jay Soprano has been discovered in the living room of his house.

Reports show that the house was broken into long before Jay has been suspected to return home – presumably from a night out. His autopsy shows two distinct wounds to the frontal lobe, both of them delivering powerful damage to the skull.

Residents of America have been paying their respects to the fallen member, and are seen visiting his grave every now and then.

With this the AMPF have released serious follow ups to this event, and are warning residents of America to stay safe in the upcoming nights, fearing that this will not be the last body on the autopsy table.

More reports to come as soon as new information is received. Meanwhile, stay safe America.

The Return of the Barzini Boss


It was a sunny day in New York as a private jet touched down in the airport. The airport was looking in curiosity at who would step out of such an expensive and interesting plane. There was at least fifteen bodyguards that stood around the plane. After a good five minutes of anticipation from the crowd that had formed a man stepped out in a nice suit. He made his way towards the crowd of people surrounded in bodyguards. When the man got in front of the crowd he ordered the two bodyguards in front of him to step to the side so he could a dress the people.

The man took a deep breath and began his speech:

“I have been on a vacation for the past few months running my empire behind the scenes and successfully protecting what I built in the time I was gone but I have returned to run my empire and to be the one who takes down what opposes me. I will not take any bull from anyone, so if you have anything to say you had better say it now because if I hear of anyone and I mean anyone talking about me and they don’t have the cohones to say it to my face then that person is going to have some big problems.

I’m here to stay and I’m here to be The Legend. I am not a someone who disappears for the rest of their life, but a legend who just gains even more fame.

Thank you for listening and now go spread the word LeftyTwoGunz is back!”

With that being said Lefty stepped into his car that had pulled up and sped off into the streets of New York.

Stay Safe America

The Return Of JaneDoe

Good morning fellow Americans, on this day we are writing to confirm that the recent rumours are true. JaneDoe is back. That’s right, the former Costello Don has arrived back on the streets of America.

A midst the rrumorsthe female mobster has been seen roaming the streets of America. Those who are familiar with Jane  know that her ‘death’ was no accident, and are glad as any too see her safe return to America.

We caught up with her husband LeftyTwoGunz, who has just returned from retirement, who said that “Jane always expected to come back with a bang, we just needed the perfect time to show the world she is still alive”.

With this return the Barzini Empire, which has seen some bumps these last few weeks, are able to see their ‘Queen’ return to her rightful spot.

Catching up with Jane, she was able to tell us: “With the support of my friends and family we all chose that this was the best time for me to return. I know my ‘death’ saw me go away for a long duration of time, but now I’m back, it’s going to be a tough chance I’m going away again. Hopefully now America sees more peace then it does in the past, and I can implement a few ideas I need as I’ve been watching over the streets these last few months”

We all wonder what these ideas are and what they consist of, but only hope that they will benefit the people of America.

This is America’s Top News. Until next time.

American Mafia Police Force

Reports have come in that the newly discovered mobster LiquidDeath has been found murdered. Witness reports suggest that the murder took place late in the afternoon last night.

After a thorough autopsy the coronary has explained that the mobster had sustained heavy damage to their head, likely from a blunt object or weapon. Alongside this two .50 caliber bullets were found lodged into his back, both causing sincere damage and punctures to the lungs.

With no ownership to the murder, American Mafia Police Force (AMPF) has issued a statement regarding their need to investigate this event of late. With the word of this murder being spread around America, the streets have seen less of armed residents, most having the need to guard their homes instead in order to survive the night.

Could this be a revenge hit? Or a random hit that could see the make or break decisions the High Council have not needed to choose in a long time.

More reports to come as soon as new information is received. Meanwhile, stay safe America.