Month: December 2014

American Mafia Summit

It was during the early part of December in Cleveland and a snowstorm had just come through the area the night before blanketing everything in a thin layer of snow. There were Christmas lights on all the houses and all the storefronts downtown had also been decorated for the holiday season. Even the famous strip club The Executives Den, known to be the headquarters of Don Vindog Fratesi, had been elaborately decorated for the holiday season. Inside The Executives Den it looked like business as usual, but on this particular day it was clear that things were certainly not being taken care of like normal. The entire club had been closed down, yet a contingent of dancers had been summoned and were all gathered in the dressing room. The girls were all in various forms of undress as they were getting themselves ready for what they hoped would be a lucrative night.


In the dining area of the strip club, all of the tables had been pushed together to make one long table and it was clear that some sort of ceremony or meeting was soon to take place in the club. The bar was fully stocked and staffed, the kitchen was pumping out some of the best food in the United States and all of the doors had been locked to insure complete privacy. As the army of waiters finished setting the table, a man entered through the front door wearing an Armani overcoat over his Valentino suit and a Borsalino Fedora atop his perfectly combed hair. “Good afternoon Mr. Fratesi,” the Maître d’ said as Vindog handed him his overcoat and hat. “How ya doin,” Vindog replied. Vindog made his way around the club double checking that everything had been set up perfectly and then went to the office to wait for his guests to arrive. In the office he found his Right Hand Man Jay Soprano waiting for him. “Hey boss,” Jay said, “looks like everyone is going to be arriving soon.”
Vindog had called a meeting of all the American Mafia Empires and said he had something serious he needed to discuss. It had been speculated for many weeks that Vindog would be retiring, and it appeared that this meeting of the top bosses would be the occasion for him to do it. One after another the representatives of all the major Mafia empires began to arrive. The first limo pulled into the covered driveway of the strip club and stopped at the front door. The club’s valet immediately rushed towards the limo and opened the door and stepped to the side as he continued to hold the door open. Out stepped Benny Noodles the reputed Capo di tutti capi of the Mad Angels and Noodles Empires. Also with Benny were Noodles Empire Boss ReyRey and Mad Angels Empire Boss The Dubliner. The three men made their way into the club, where they found Vindog waiting for them, and made their way to the bar to get a drink.
The next car that pulled up contained the Barzini delegation, which included Barzini Empire Boss LeftyTwoGunz, Barzini Empire Street Boss and the reputed Kingpin of the American Mafia Ricardo “Ric” Barzini, Barzini Empire Underboss Gunnz and Barzini Empire Consigliere MrTexas. The four men made their way into the club where they found the other men gathered in a small circle. They all greeted each other and ordered another round of drinks. The next limo that pulled up was the Camonte Organization. The Camonte Empire Boss, Antonio “Scarface” Camonte, got out of the limo, tailed by his Right Hand Man Carlos Marcello, and they made their way into the club where he found the others already two drinks ahead of them. The last limo finally made it’s way up to the front door of the club. The valet opened the car door and out stepped Angel Corleone and Grim Reaper, the reputed leaders of the Corleone Empire. Both men made their way into the club where they found the rest of the men at the bar and took the time to individually greet each man. 
After a little bit of small talk and a few more drinks, Vindog suggested the men make their way into the dining area where they could have a seat at the table a discuss a little bit of business. The group of men made their way into the dining room and sat down at the table next to the men they all arrived with. Each empire was clearly represented, by seating arrangement, around the entire table. There had only been one chair placed at the head of the table, a chair that under normal circumstances would be where Vindog would sit, but out of respect for tradition Ricardo Barzini, Kingpin of AM, sat at the head of the table. He was flanked by his Underworld Advisers, on the right LeftyTwogunz and on the left Benny Noodles. After the men were seated and the waiters topped all of their glasses off with wine, Vindog began to tap his glass lightly with the back side of his butter knife to get the attention of the rest of the men.
“First of all I want to thank all of you for taking the time to come here for this meeting,” Vindog said as he stood up, “I know we are all very busy men and the Feds would love to catch us all in this room together, so I appreciate the show of respect that all of you are here.” The men all briefly lifted their glasses in the direction of Vindog, almost as a way of collectively saying You’re Welcome. Vindog then continued, “I know many of you have been expecting this day for some time, and most of you already know why we’re here,” Vin paused to sip his wine, “but I wanted to officially announce my retirement from The Life.” Vin raised his glass in a toast to all the other men and wished them all well in their future endeavors. He then took a sip from his glass and and sat down. 
Ric then stood up at the head of the table and recited one of the most popular Italian toasts, which was directed at Vindog, “Cento di questi giorni.” Ric continued, “For those of you that don’t know, that toast means ‘wish you one hundred years like today.” All of the men raised their glasses and almost simultaneously said “Salud.” The waiters then returned to the room to bring the men their first course of food and refilled any glasses that had gotten low in their absence. Vindog directed one of the waiters to bring several more wine bottles to the table so the men wouldn’t have to be disturbed by the waiters if anything was being discussed. As the waiters left the room, Ric, now seated again, asked the men “Since we’re all here together is there any business any of you would like to discuss?” The retirement celebration had now turned into a High Council meeting. With the difficulty of bringing together so many of the country’s most powerful mobsters, the men took advantage of the fact they were all together and took the opportunity to discuss business.
“Well I’d like to mention something,” LeftyTwoGunz said. “I know what I’m about to say has already been in place for some time now, but it hasn’t been enforced the last few months and I think it may be a good idea to bring back.” The men all looked at Lefty quizzically, wondering what he was about to bring up. “Look, we all know this thing of ours thrives on organization and structure, so I think it’s a good idea to return to the days when each new associate has to be on record with an established wiseguy.” The men all nodded in agreement. “Besides the fact that this should be obvious, each family should know which specific made guy is vouching for each new recruit.” Benny interrupted, “I thought we already had this in place?” Lefty replied, “Yes we do, but we haven’t been enforcing it lately and as a way to help stop these fu**ing kids from trying to make names for themselves just by whacking people we should have a made guy that would be held accountable as well.” The men all nodded in agreement and seemingly approved of this idea. “Looks like everyone is agreement on this, right?” Ric said aloud to all the men. All the men seated at the table nodded in approval in Ric’s direction, and the new rule was passed. From this point on, the High Council wants all wiseguys recruited to place the name of their “sponsor” in their “profiles.”
“I had something else I wanted to bring up,” Benny spoke up. The room now focused on Benny he began explaining his idea. “I will be starting a new racket that will act sort of like an auction.” The men looked slightly confused at the idea so Benny continued to explain more. “Ok, so you know these Points they got going on around on the streets?” Benny asked rhetorically. “Them things are sellin’ like hotcakes and I’m sitting on a mountain of them, so I’m gonna start selling these things off bit by bit, “Benny looked around the room for reaction. “Well, lemme ask you, why not just sell em to the guys here in the room?” Angel asked. “I’d like to do that, and I’d probably make more money, but I figured I’d kick these out to the streets and give some of these guys comin’ up a shot at a little bit of power.” The men briefly talked among themselves and seemed to like Benny’s idea. “Hey, I’m even willing to bring a couple guys in to help me run the thing, after all, I am retired.” Benny said as the room erupted in laughter about Benny’s newest claim to retirement. “Well I’d like to help,” MrTexas spoke up. “Yea I’ll help out too, I got some for sale as well,” said ReyRey. “Alright sounds good guys, and hey Ric I’ll obviously kick something up to you and Lefty since I got two of your guys involved may as well get you in on this too.” Lefty smiled and nodded approvingly. “Ok, so this issue is settled?” Ric asked looking around the room. The men all raised their glasses in a show of approval and then they moved on to the next subject.
“Ok the next thing we need to talk about are all these random killings that keep happening,” Ric said to the rest of the men. “Yea it’s getting kind of old seeing these small time b*tches comin’ around and killing our guys and Barzini,” Grim replied to Ric’s statement. “Exactly,” said Ric, “we need something in place to make sure these kinds of things won’t happen and if they do can be quashed immediately.” The men began to strategize about different ways they could prevent the mass killings that have occurred so many times in the past. “The biggest problem is the League of B*tches providing these guys with the resources to pull this sh*t off,” Scarface said. “Absolutely agree, it’s bout time the League of B*tches knows we stand together against them,” Lefty replied to Scarface. “So from what I’m understanding here, if the League attacks one fam they’re attacking them all am I right?” Gunnz asked. “Yes,” Ric answered. He continued, “If an empire is attacked by those B*tches it will be expected that each empire will step in to help defend that empire as well as kill the remaining few members of the League.” The men all loudly agreed to this, some getting slightly angry about the thought of their men being killed needlessly. “Listen, I’m just saying this, Barzini is a sworn enemy of the League and if an empire chooses to stay out of a fight with the B*tches then Barzini will take it as that empire is an ally of them B*tches.” Lefty said ruthlessly to the other men around the table. “I second that,” Grim said immediately after Lefty finished speaking. The rest of the men nodded their heads in understanding and agreement.
“Is there any other business anyone would like to discuss?” Ric asked the men. “No,” Gunnz answered. He continued, “Hey Vin where them girls at?” Vin laughing at Gunnz joke looked over in Jay Soprano’s direction, as he knew he had one last thing to discuss. “Hang on guys, I think Jay has one last quick thing to bring up.” The men, starting to get impatient, all directed their attention to Jay. “Well as you all know Vin will be retiring and as Right Hand Man of the Fratesi Empire I’m choosing to let that name end with Vin and would like to join a new empire.” Jay said. “Well won’t this leave a bunch of territory unclaimed now?” Dubliner asked. “Yea but you know what, it may not be a bad idea,” Ric said. He continued, “We can all watch over that territory and this way we can promote someone who’s been doing good and let them have their own empire.” The men liked Ric’s idea and all raised their glass to show their approval. “Jay, if you need an empire, Camonte is always looking for good guys,” Scarface said to Jay. “I’ll definitely talk to you after the meeting Scar, thanks,” Jay replied. “Ok guys so it appears business is settled, let’s get those girls out here Vin.” Ric said.
Vin then called the waiters and staff into the room to clear off the clutter that had formed on the table during the meeting. As the waiters came in with the trays and trays of food and drinks, Vin grabbed aside his Head Waiter and told him to go get the girls from the dressing room. “Right away sir!” the waiter replied. Within five minutes, the room was bursting with activity. Most of the mobsters had at least two girls on his arm while the others will still discussing business or shooting the breeze. The atmosphere seemed jovial and these men seemed happy. The men standing in this room are responsible for bringing the last two year’s of warring to an end and for the first time in a long time will be ringing in the New Year in peace. As the night wore on, the men drank, ate and indulged more and more. Finally the night was coming to an end and the men were being lead back to their cars with a group of girls headed to each car. As they were making their way out of the club Benny looked over at Lefty and Ric and the ladies that were surrounding them and simply said, “Man I love this f*ckin job!” Lefty and Ric began laughing loudly at Benny’s drunken response and them and the rest of the guys got into their respective limos and headed back to their hotels. It had been a long day, a lot of progress had been made, and it seems that at least for now, the High Council continues to have a strong grip on the American Mafia.
Until next time folks, keep your heads low and your necks on a swivel…stay safe out there.


The Newest AML


While at his mansion in Southern Florida Dubliner received a phone call at 11:30pm which he found strange because everyone knows at a certain time he just relaxes, smokes a cigar and have a drink and doesn’t like to be bothered. So Dubliner answered the phone to hear the voice of one of his associates known to be a large drug dealer in Tampa, “Hey Dub did ya hear the good news?” Dubliner always hated talking on the phone so all he said was that maybe the news could wait till tomorrow to talk in person. The associate sounded disappointed but agreed to meet Dub tomorrow at 9am at Dub’s social club.

So 9am came as Dub was having a light breakfast the associate who called last night came in with a suitcase full of cash and gave it too Dub. “What’s this for?” Dub asked with a confused face, “Well last night I wanted to tell you but you wanted too wait so gave me time to get you a gift and I know you love cash!” As Dub laughed at the joke and gave his associate a cup of espresso he asked what the good news was and why was it so important too get a $500,000 gift.

“Well Dub,” the associate said “word just came down from New York that you were just made the next AML so since we’re all happy for you my crew chipped in and we figured to give you this as a gift.” Dub was shocked by the news but as always kept a poker face and didn’t show how excited he was. After the associate finished his espresso he gave Dub a hug and congratulated him again he left the club, Dub looked around too see if there was anyone in the club. When he found no one he jumped from his chair screaming in joy about his newest achievement.


Fallen soldiers

Over the past few days, multiple mobsters have been targeted by seemingly new players, it has been reported that the first two of these problems were that of MrFreeze and his partner Jackson_. The pair targeted multiple rising and promising mobsters, coldly killing them, and thinning the number of available gangsters the reigning factions had left.

An inside source gave vital information in the operation of dealing with these pests, a meeting was held in the Barzini Family Bar, at which the head of families were sat around an oval table. Half an hour of suggested solutions rose to the table, none of which seemed possible.

At 10pm a final suggestion was placed for all families. Any available mobsters were hired to eliminate these threats. This would prove beneficial to American Mafia and the hired mobsters. Multiple states were searched for the pair until a tip off on the whereabouts of MrFreeze were. He had been spotted driving through California, an exchange of calls and a hitman was placed on the next flight to California. 11:45pm wheels touched down in California and the hitman was set, with a briefcase of weaponry and a note consisting of the last known location of MrFreeze. 12pm and the hitman had arrived at the Blu Monkey Bar and Lounge, sure enough MrFreeze was seen at the bar heavily drinking. Realising the barrel of a .44 magnum was placed at the back of his skull Freeze accepted the fact that this was his last few moments on earth, finishing his last drink then placing his weapon on the table. The gun cracked as it fired, leaving a gaping hole both in the back and front of MrFreeze’s head. Amongst the screaming and terror the hitman escaped with the crowd, returned to his car and set off. With this, one problem was down, another to go.

Jackson_ although reported to have not killed anyone, having been an associate of Freeze was seen as a threat. High ranked mobsters were paying their respects to fallen soldiers, at the time they were just putting ArithKill to rest in his home state of Georgia. The families had agreed that lower ranked mobsters would deal with the latest problem, an unlikely volunteer was put forward – MrTexas. Most were stunned at the suggestion but agreed that Tex would have to earn his bones at one point or another. He was given authorisation to track and kill Jackson and received a closed envelope, sealed with the wax seal of the Council. At the funeral of Arith, Tex paid his respect and returned to his Cadillac along with 3 of his trusted bodyguards. On the way to the airport Tex opened the envelope to see 1 word written on the card. Kentucky. The next flight was booked, an hour later the plane touched down and the men transferred to another Cadillac. It took ten minutes for the men to reach the nearby docks, the local area for illegal meets and trades, within a second they spotted the silver BMW, Jackson’s choice of vehicle, parked outside a warehouse. With a click of the doors the men got out of the car and walked towards the warehouse. Magazines of ammo were handed amongst each other, and the three bodyguards were told to wait outside. Inside the warehouse, Tex quickly moved to the nearest cover and spotted Jackson with three other men playing poker on a makeshift table, as he stepped forward the dim light lit up his presence in the room as the four men turned. With a smile Tex unloaded his Tommy Gun into the four men, splitting their flesh apart with bullets. With smoke bellowing out of the barrel, Tex lit a cigar and chuckled, upon leaving left a flame in the corner of the warehouse, causing the whole building to splinter and creak under the heat. With a spin of the wheels, MrTexas returned to the Council with good news.

After reports that morgues were beginning to become filled with bodies, all bearing the trademark kill style that LeftyTwoGunz would leave, it became clear to the American Mafia that there was one among us that was aiming to overthrow everything we’ve built. Families exchanged talks and business continued as normal, until a name popped up on the board as GriseldaBlanco. Immediately the heads of families began arguing over whose recruit that belonged to. Once they had figured it was a lone attacker they sat down to talk progress over who would be the person or group of selected contractors that would go after this copycat killer. After his last kill, MrTexas was at a all time high in confidence and brought himself forward once again to track and kill Griselda. The families asked him to step outside while they discuss the proposition, after ten minutes Tex was called back into the office. He was granted permission to kill Griselda, but was advised to take with him  five bodyguards for extra protection. Each family offered one skilled bodyguard to Tex before he set of to California from Barzini’s private airstrip, within the hour he arrived at California and began searching the state for Griselda. Three hours passed and the number of voicemails doubled every minute, by 3am Tex received a message from an old friend. He had heard rumours that mysterious person had recently moved to the area – someone who fitted the persona of Griselda. Texas jumped in the Cadillac and drove to the neighborhood, he met his informer at the corner of the road, found out the exact house and order his bodyguards to spread and hide round the house so that all exits were covered. As he gave the order all six men unloaded their magazines into the building, spraying bullets into every inch of the house, once the guns clicked empty the men then threw tactical smoke grenades through the busted windows. Clasping their chest, wheezing and gagging the killer left the house, stumbling down the stairs before looking up towards MrTexas. Before his eyes stood a female, badly injured and struggling to breathe, he had wondered if he got the wrong house so quickly called the office number, the council agreed that the rumours were true, that a female carried out the hits and relayed the order to Texas. With a sharp turn on his heels, Texas pulled out a custom made 1911, aimed it at Griselda’s forehead and shot two bullets into her skull, as her body slumped to the ground the six men returned to their cars and sped off.

The final problem came in the form named Remorseful, on the  3rd of December American Mafia witnessed the shootings caused by Remorseful. Again the heads of families and respected mobsters held a meeting to discuss when and how they would dispose of this newly found problem. They predicted that sooner or later Remorseful would slip up and give away the location he was hiding in, multiple mobsters set up in states began the country wide search. It has been reported that Remorseful gave away his location to Humble-Nomad who at the time had rounded up a small group of bodyguards and set off towards Indiana. By the time Humble arrived at Indiana Remorseful was reported to have been setting up to move to another state, most likely to target more mobsters. As the car slowed in front of the apartment, Humble rolled his window down to inspect the building, noticed there was only one way out. The front door. After setting his men up, they anxiously waited for Remorseful to step out of his apartment. A small click of the lock, the men double checked their weapons and aimed at the front door, as Remorseful locked the door, Humble had whistled to get his attention as a spray of bullets headed for his torso. Remorseful was left in a pool of his own blood, as Humble and his men climbed back into their cars and sped off.

Rest In Peace to the fallen soldiers.
Its safe to say that American Mafia can hold their ground.

The Black Hand & The A.M.A.N

The Black Hand

Hello America!!! We are here on this cold december evening to inform you that Recently Retired Legend Mr_Benny_Noodles and a few good friends of his has founded a “Secret Society” known only as The Black Hand. Who are these gentlemen? Nobody knows exactly who the members are of this Highly feared & organized group. All that we can tell you is that this society pulls the strings around here. they are rumored to be supervising the High Council, and American Mafia. This is fine with us things seem to be on the up and up with this organization running the show. They have a firm grasp on things and we look for them to be running things further in the future. May god bless The Black Hand For saving The High Council in its time of darkness, and god bless American Mafia.

The A.M.A.N:

Good evening everyone. The American Mafia Auction Network has just been established!!!. Founded & sponsored by our very own Mr. Benny Noodles & The Black Hand. The auction network has been designed for the community to auction their points for game cash. Anyone looking to buy points can do so by checking out, and taking part in the auction action!!!. If your interested in putting points up for auction please contact the Official A.M.A.N CEO (Mr. Benny) or any of the A.M.A.N supervisors (Ric_, MrTexas, and LeftyTwoGunz). Thank you everyone for you time.

Charles Lucky Luciano Dead!:

In other news Charles_Lucky_Luciano was killed in Maryland by American Mafia Legend Angel Corleone. Charles was in Maryland attempting to murder The-Dubliner, “Kingpin” of The Mad Angels. When Angel arrived in time to kill The unlucky Charles Luciano. Angel drove by as charles stood outside of Dubs apartment. When Charles looked up and flicked his cigarette it was too late. Angel emptied his SKS in Lucianos direction, hitting the poor shmuck 27 times. Charles Lucky Luciano was pronounced dead at the scene.