Month: November 2014

Return of a boss

Recent news has came in that the notorious Charles_Lucky_Luciano has came out from his retirement from his vacation house in the Bahamas. He has been in retirement for almost two months after he was almost shot to death in Florida by Barzini acting boss Ric_ and Mr_Benny_Noodles but got out in time to save his life. He has had issues with the High council after he went rogue against them taking the life of three mobsters and wounding two others.

He has returned and requested a meeting with the High Council. They met at Mr_Benny_Noodles mansion in Maryland were they talked out the future of America. A decision was made that Charles_Lucky_Luciano would be let back with no further issues and he would have to pay The High Council 15 billion dollars. It seems that Luciano only wants peace and the growth of the Mafia world. Will there be any issues in the future? Will these issues stay small and be worked out the proper way? or does the future only hold more death and backstabbing?

That is the question now and only time will tell.

Stay Safe Americans!


Kingpin Finally Dead?

Rumors on the streets of the American Mafia say that the infamous Frankie-Calabrese, Boss of the Calabrese Family and an ally of the extremely dangerous League of Shadows is dead. This caused controversy among the underworld where many people have been waiting for the news.

After the rumors of him being in the US and the fight between the members of the Council and him, it is said that he was recuperating in a private hospital after being wounded by some of the bullets in the previous assault. The hospital had unbelievable security in every corner, but apparently that didn’t stop Angel-Corleone, Boss of the Corleone Empire to raid the hospital and attempt to take his life.

But how was Angel able to find him? Apparently, those Saturn Rockets and high-tech planes finally paid off. After Frankie escaped, all of Angel’s satellites were pointed towards their location, and in the Corleone HQ they were able to track every step that Frankie took and the car that got him all the plane that got him from Illinois to California. Once there, it was just a matter of time, Angel went back to HQ and discussed how he was planning to defeat Frankie with the other bosses of the Commission, everyone volunteered to go help kill Frankie, but Angel decided that this was a mission for him. After receiving the blessing from everyone he packed his bags and guns, took his private jet and headed towards California.

After a 4 hour flight, Angel took a break and re-evaluated the plan just to make sure everything would be performed perfectly, to make the attack less noticeable he waited until nighttime, at around 8:30 p.m. the attack began, Angel had hired some mercenaries to help him, they took out the guards protecting Frankie with VSS snipers, while Angel rushed in. Once in the building, security got tougher, but he followed the plan. Some smoke and hand grenades were thrown in the other side of the building to distract the guards, the plan was successfully executed, almost every guard went in the other direction leaving little to no resistance for Angel to pass through.

There was a room with guards right outside the door, Angel thought this could be the room where Frankie was, and he was correct, after killing both guards he walked in to find Frankie lying in the bed, his face was pale and he had wires connected to keep him alive.

“You look like shit” Said Angel.
“Damn, I guess the future can’t be changed” replied Frankie with a dying voice.
“Correct. But you had it coming, sooner or later this was going to happen.”
“I am sorry for being the way I was with you guys, I wish it could have ended in a different way, if only you guys *cough cough cough* — Damn it. If only you guys had talked to me maybe I could have changed.”
“It’s too late for that now pal. Nobody wants you and they probably never will, even if I forgive you I don’t think some of the others would”
“That’s alright man, I understand. Now just do what you gotta do… I am tired of fighting… The only person crazy enough to fight is Chapo, I just can’t do this anymore.”
“It’s okay, Chapo will be uniting with you soon too.”
“Ha ha.. Not if he kills you first.”
“Trust me that ain’t gonna happen. You have a last wish?”
“Just tell the guys that… Sorry. That’s all. And good luck to you guys.”

*Angel decided that instead of giving him a quick death, he would make Frankie suffer in his last moments, so he disconnected the wires and turned the machines off, Frankie’s heartbeat immediately started dropping and he started gasping for air.*

Angel decides to leave the room with Frankie dying by himself, in his mind he thinks there is no way he can survive, after exiting the building he gets into a hummer truck waiting for him outside.
He takes out his radio and tells everyone “Mission Accomplished”.

The next day the news across the country report “The body of a Mafia Boss is found dead in hospital after violent assault.” Everyone is celebrating in the Corleone HQ, this is the day they had all been waiting for.

Angel reports: “Now all business can go back to normal and people don’t have to worry anymore. Tell that to the ranks, we are going back to building the empire.”

How long will this peace last? Is it permanent? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more information coming up next. Thanks for reading!

Fall of A Legend

This Thanksgiving evening Frankie Calabrese was found shot to death in his home atop the Hollywood Hills. Mr. Calabrese was once an American Mafia Legend but now a runaway monster incognito awaiting this fate. Its been said that with this death should be the end of this mob war that has plagued the streets of America for the past few months. If you are somehow unaware then be told that for the past two months a war has been raging in America’s criminal underworld.

This war has claimed countless public victims and probably double the amount of nameless bodies. This war was The League of Shadows taking on the rest The American Mafia. Things have appeared to calm down as of late until the return of Frankie Calabrese into the country about a week ago. With him coming back into play violence has once again picked up as the American Mafia families turned the country upside down searching for the Boss of the Calabrese Crime Syndicate. Calabrese and his few followers were apparently the last LoS subordinates to be left before the war could end and on Thursday he was found.

Police and Federal agents suspect the Corleone Crime Family is probably responsible for Mr. Calabrese’s death. It seems that police got an anonymous tip that Corleone Legend, Angel Corleone, had enter Los Angeles on Wednesday night but when the morning shift came in, they heard nothing of it. Some cops and spectators put the blame to foul play. Corleone was just one of many families to looking for Mr. Calabrese. It’s said that atleast three other Empires were also searching for the mob boss. Police suspect that Corleones were able to find Frankie first because of an informant they had on his bodyguard detail. People in the the areas of major cities are apparently happy that Mr. Calabrese is dead and this war is finally over, claiming, “it’s nice to be able to leave house at night.”

I personally don’t condone violence as the solution to our problems but I agree its nice have some peace now.

Received at the American Mafia Newspaper Office

The Legend Club

Just recently our sources say that Scarface, The Head of The Gambino Crime Empire was added as Americas newest and youngest American Mafia Legend. After the expansion of many Gambino Factions across their territory in the Country, a party was held in Scarface’s mansion in his home state of Alaska.

Bosses, underbosses and consigliere’s from all the Families in the Country came to congratulate Scarface on his newest achievement. Even though they are known to hate the cold The Dubliner and Hyman Roth they even made the trip from their homes in Florida up to Alaska to congratulate Scarface. Many of the mobsters arrived dressed in their best suits to a party with great food, great wine and the best cigars!

After the party ended as each guest was leaving showing his immense wealth from his newest rank each guest was given an envelope containing $100,000 in $1,000 bills, a case of Cuban cigars and a box of expensive wine imported from Italy.

A Familiar Face Hidden in The Crowd


It’s been a couple months since the end of Frankie Calabrese’s disastrous attempt at declaring himself Kingpin, and not much has been heard from Frankie since his near fatal shooting left him on life support. It was rumored that, for a long while, he was holed up on Guam, at a local hospital, recuperating from the attempt on his life. Frankie didn’t have very many visitors during this time. Sure his mentor Chapo “Bane” Guzman would stop by, but otherwise Frankie lay recuperating in solitary. As he lay in that hospital bed, the only thing on his mind was getting revenge on those that attacked him. Frankie didn’t realize, however, that most of those men who still want his blood have all become much stronger than Frankie could ever have imagined.

It was long thought that Frankie would retire after the attempt on his life and with a $1,000,000,000(yes One Billion) ransom still on his head it’s not a bad idea. Rumors of Frankie appearance’s, however, have been popping up all over the United States lately. Nobody would have assumed that Frankie would dare show his face again on American Mafia soil, but it seems he has come back. What has he come back for? Is it for some type of revenge? Is it to make amends? Time will tell but this reporter highly believes Frankie’s return signals one thing, his desire to get payback. It’s been passed down through the grapevine that Frankie purchased several extra bodyguards as well as multiple types of body armor that can withstand some of the largest caliber bullets on the market. Seems Frankie knows that he’s a marked man and doesn’t have much time left to walk these streets.

Frankie has been his usual repugnant self though, expecting to return to fireworks and fanfare and instead returning to silence, except for the gunshots fired at him. It definitely seems very clear that the “reign” of the self-proclaimed Kingpin is long over. There was news of multiple high ranking mobsters descending upon Montana the other night, after someone received a tip off that Frankie was at his old hideout there. Big time mobsters like Ric, Scarface, GrimReaper, Benny Noodles and others all converged on the small hideout in the Montana wilderness hoping to get that final shot on Frankie. Frankie seemed to be a little more elusive than he had been expected to be as there’s still is no clear sign of Frankie’s body being received at the morgue. We received a witness account of the events that unfolded in Montana as well as some behind the scenes information, we’ll share that information with you now.

It was a few days ago in the unincorporated area of Montana, back where the trees get so thick they block out the sun and you’re sure to run into a bear or two. Back in these woods, in an undisclosed location, stands the fortress like compound of Frankie Calabrese. There are 14ft security walls, over 40 armed guards, several packs of dogs and an alarm system so up to date it’s not even available on the commercial market yet. It’s quite clear from this, Frankie is indeed very shaken by the fact that almost every mobster in the American Mafia wishes to see him dead. Frankie was sitting inside the compound watching TV, in the master suite, surrounded by roughly five bodyguards. After a long period of silence, one of the bodyguards quipped, “So…this seems like it was deeefffinitely a better idea than staying in Guam eh boss?” The other bodyguards all laughed, but Frankie gave them an ice cold stare. Frankie didn’t find it funny that he was stuck hiding in fear in the middle of nowhere in a building that rivaled Fort Knox. His stare at the guards didn’t hush their laughter however, it seems that even Frankie’s own guards have lost their fear of and respect for the disgraced mobster. “Hey, I’m paying you good money to protect me you morons, not to tell jokes! So just stand there and shut the F**k up!” Frankie screamed at his body guards, who were now giggling at Frankie’s anger.

Meanwhile, at a private airfield about 15 miles away from Frankie’s hideout, several planes began landing almost one after the other. These planes held some of the most infamous names in the American Mafia today, Kingpin of AM Ricardo Barzini, High Council Adviser Benny Noodles, Gambino Empire Boss Scarface, legendary Corleone Mobster and High Councilman GrimReaper and even LeftyTwoGunz, Boss of the Barzini Crime Family and High Council Adviser, came along to provide logistical support. It seemed almost the entire High Council had just arrived in Montana. The men all walked off their planes with a clear purpose in their eyes, walked straight towards each other and all shook hands one at a time. “Hey, how you doin?” must have been repeated at least 15-20 times. Once they got their pleasantries out of the way, Lefty guided the men in the direction of his plane. In the underbelly of the plane Lefty had hidden an arsenal of weapons, a complete blueprint of Frankie’s hideout, tactical gear and all the equipment the men would need to make a full on assault on Frankie’s compound. “Look yous guys gotta make sure you knock the security off line. Once the security system is out, take out the dogs with the tranquilizer gun, hit his guys and then you can literally walk through the front door and get that rat bastard.” Lefty said to the other guys. “Sounds good boss,” Ric replied in agreement, seemingly answering for all of the men. “Alright boys, let’s show this bit*h what The Order is all about!!” Benny said to the guys and they all grabbed their gear, loaded up their SUVs and began the 15 mile drive to Frankie’s compound.

As they got closer to Frankie’s compound, they shut the lights to their SUVs. Each man had been to this compound so many times in the past, back when they kept Frankie around for laughs, that they could easily find their way around in the dark. They slowly drove up to within 500 feet of the compound and then they killed the engines on the cars and let them glide another few hundred feet and until they came to a smooth stop roughly 80 feet away from the walls of Frankie’s compound. The men grabbed their gear and fanned out. Each man was going to take a wall and they would attack the compound from all angles so they could give Frankie no option of escape. Ric went around to the back, Scarface went to the left, Grim to the right and typical of Benny, he said “I”m just gonna go right in the front door, haha.”

Lefty had provided the guys with silencers so they could keep their presence a secret as long as possible, so as each man crept closer and closer to the compound, they began screwing the silencers on to the muzzles of their assault rifles. The first one to encounter any resistance was Ric. In the back of the compound there were roughly 6-10 guards all sitting around playing pinochle. They were clearly entranced by the game and were paying no attention to what was going on around them. Ric slowly made his way in their direction, took a knee and then flipped the switch on his rifle to semi-automatic mode and fired one shot at each man’s head. Ric’s proficiency with a rifle is so advanced that each guard was able to witness the bullets pierce the skulls of each man sitting next to them before a bullet pierced theirs as well. Within in a matter of seconds all of the guards were face down on the card table, dead from single shots through the head. Ric then made his way to the rear wall and held in position, waiting to breach.

Grim made his way around the right side of the compound and was instantly face to face with a pack of dogs and about 5 guards. Using his left hand, Grim quickly grabbed the tranquilizer gun he had on his back, stuffed into his belt, aimed it at the dogs and fired hitting each dog perfectly with the tranquilizer darts. The dogs fell into a deep sleep almost immediately after the darts hit them. At the same time Grim was putting the dogs down, the guards, who now noticed him, began to raise their guns in his direction. With his right hand Grim pointed his silenced assault rifle in the direction of the guards and pulled the trigger, spraying a wall of lead in their direction. Each guard must have been hit at least a dozen times and they all dropped instantly. As Grim was making his way to the wall to get in position to breach the compound, he noticed one of the guards was still moving. He walked up to the guard, who was laying on his back, and pointed his rifle straight down at the guard’s forehead. “P..p..please man…we don’t even like him…” the guard begged Grim. Grim laughed then said, “Shouldn’t have taken the job then.” Then he fired one shot through the guard’s forehead killing him instantly. Grim was now in position to breach the wall.

Scarface had it a little bit easier on the left side of the compound. This is the side that held the guard’s sleeping quarters, and about half the guards were all sleeping inside the building. Outside the building were two separate kennels, with 3 attack dogs in each kennel. Scarface kneeled down to get a more accurate shot, reached back for his tranquilizer gun that Lefty had provided him and fired six darts at the six dogs, each shot successful. Right as he fired the sixth dart, the front door to the guard’s sleeping quarters opened up and man came walking out with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, a beer bottle in one hand and a lighter in the other that he was using to try to light his cigarette. This guard was clearly intoxicated. Scarface used this to his advantage and fired one of the tranquilizer darts at the chest of the guard. The dart hit the guard in the center of the chest and he had just enough time to look up to see scar, now holding his rifle, coming at him before everything went blurry and he fell backwards, asleep. An eruption of laughter could be heard coming from inside the guard’s sleeping quarters, as each of the other guards had just assumed that the tranquilized guard had simply fallen over drunk. Scarface used these few moments of distraction to make his way to the front door and then in to the chambers and opened fire on all the guard bunks. The guards didn’t even see it coming. They had all been drinking in their off time, and had been distracted by the one guard falling over they completely lost track of everything else. Scarface managed to kill every single guard in the building using one single magazine. Without reloading, Scarface had killed roughly 15 men. As he made his way out of the building towards the wall to get into position, he could hear one guard gasp his last words, “…I..can’t believe….I’m gonna die…protecting this cafone Frankie…”

Benny’s entrance was a little bit more dramatic. Benny just had 5 guards facing him, so he snuck up to within arms reach of them and decided to poke one of them in the back, then hit the ground. The guard turned around, but saw nothing. He then looked back at the other guards and began arguing with them. “Which one of you morons just poked my back?” The other guards laughed at this question, as it sounded like a question a child would ask. “None of us have been any where near you pal, you must be hallucinating,” one of the other guards replied. About this time, the guard Benny poked began to hear what sounded like laughter. He was looking around but couldn’t seem to figure out where it was coming from, then he looked down. Lying on his back with his gun pointed at the guards face was Benny Noodles, laughing in amusement at the buffoonery of these guards Frankie had hired. As the man bent over and saw Benny, his head lined up perfectly with what the trajectory of the bullet would be and Benny fired his silenced sidearm and the man’s head was forced backwards with the momentum of the bullet piercing his skull. The guard fell backwards and landed flat on his back. At this moment, the other guards all raised their Ak-47’s and attempted to fire at Benny. Benny had by now rolled on to his stomach with his own rifle pointed back at the other guards, and opened fire at each of them . He killed each of the remaining guards with double taps to the center of the chest. However, just before he was able to fire at the last guard, the guard was able to get two shots off from his AK-47. These two shots now alerted everyone in and around the compound that trouble had arrived.

Ric, still waiting patiently in the back of the compound, acted quickly after he heard the two shots from the AK-47. He quickly pulled out his bolt cutters, ran to the electrical box that was located a few feet down from where he was standing and cut the wires to the box. This would disable the alarm system for the compound, preventing Frankie from closing off all entrances and exits. Two seconds later, Benny, Scarface and Ric heard Grim say “Let’s roll,” over their radios and they each breached the security walls and made their way into the compound. The inside of the compound was in shambles. All the fine china and expensive upholstery was all either broken or thrown around in a crude attempt at making obstacles to keep the men from advancing. Ric kicked down the back door and made his way from room to room, methodically rapping off head shots at any guards he saw along the way, until he reached the center staircase. Scarface, Grim and Benny all did the same until they as well were all standing in the same room together, looking up the central staircase. They formed a line to watch each other’s back, got as close as they could to the right side of the staircase, to shield them from view and any bullets, and slowly began making their way up the stairs. Each man had his gun raised just over the shoulder of the other man in front of him. As they made it around the long curve of the circular staircase they saw a head pop around that they all recognized, but never thought they’d see again, it was Frankie Calabrese. They all took a shot, but Frankie had already ducked back and ran back in to the master suite yelling at his remaining guards to go to the top of the central staircase. “Get your asses over there, this is what I paid you for!! Make sure you protect me at all costs!! I’m scared guys, keep me safe!!” The guards were almost disgusted at the fear Frankie displayed but nodded in understanding at their financier. As Frankie closed the door, one of the guards leaned over to the others and said, “Screw this guys. Let’s put the guns down, i’ll wave my white undershirt and we’ll at least get out of here alive.” He continued, “I’m not dying for this spineless prick.” The other guards seemed to agree with him as they all began to lay their guns down and one by one lined up behind the guard carrying the white shirt.

There were 10-15 guards total at the top of the stairs and Benny, Scarface, Grim and Ric did not know what to expect as they made their way further and further up the stairs. The top of the stairs started to slowly come in to view more and more as the men made their way around the curve of the staircase when suddenly Grim noticed something moving directly ahead of them. The four men stopped in their tracks to investigate the movement. At the top of the stairs the guard was leaning over waving his white shirt frantically. “We put our guns down, we just want to go home…Frankie is all yours.” the guard yelled down the staircase. The four man laughed quietly among themselves before slowly making their way to the top of the staircase. When they got to the top of the staircase they saw the guards all standing with their hands in the air and their guns on the floor. “Man this is just way too easy…” Scarface said. With that said, the guards began to slowly make their way towards the stairs and began to walk down. When each of the guards had finally made it to the stairs and all their backs were turned to the four men, all four men turned and opened fire on the guards. The bullets pierced the guards bodies causing each of the men to fall and tumble the rest of the way down the stairs. Once the noise stopped, and the four mafioso knew that all the guards were dead, Benny looked at the others and said, “Buncha rats. First they work for this douche and then they just desert their supposed leader when he needs em the most?” “Yea they deserved to die,” Ric replied to Benny’s comment. Scarface and Grim both nodded in agreement and the four men now made their way toward the master suite where Frankie was hiding.

They each took position to enter the room, two men on each side of the door, Grim had volunteered to kick the door as he was hoping to be the first to get a shot on Frankie. Grim kicked the door down and the four man rushed in to the room and there they found….nothing. Frankie had installed an escape hatch underneath his bed which lead to a tunnel that brought Frankie to temporary safety. It was a major let down for the four men. They each took turns firing a few shots at pictures of Frankie and then began to make their way back to the airport where LeftyTwoGunz was still waiting for them. In all the entire assault on this compound took roughly 30 minutes, but in that time Frankie managed to slip away yet again. This is truly an example of just how slimey a person Frankie really is to be able to slip out of such a tight situation. Scarface decided he was gonna hang back at the compound and head down the escape route to see if he could possibly get a shot at Frankie. “Screw it, I’m just gonna keep shooting and see if I can maybe get him.” Scarface said before disappearing into the escape tunnel. The other three men made their way out of the compound, back to their SUVs and headed back to the airport.

Back at the airport, Lefty saw the SUVs pulling in so he got out of his plane, where he had been monitoring the best he could over the radio, and asked the guys how things went. “So tell me you got him.” Lefty said. “Nope.” Grim replied. “Nah, he got away boss.” Ric said. “This motherf***er, he needs to just die already.” Grim nodded in agreement then said, “He must have protection, like divine intervention or something.” Benny replied, “We’ll eventually get him guys don’t worry. Let’s alert the others and get the search party started lol.” With those final words the men all shook hands once again to say goodbye, boarded their respective planes and headed back to their empire headquarters.

The news across the Underworld is that Frankie has not been seen since this night, though almost every active mobster is currently looking for him. How long will Frankie be able to hide? Will he retire and leave the country before anyone can get to him? Will he try to stand and fight like a real man would? Probably not, but time will be the final decider as to how the sad yet long story of Frankie Calabrese will end. Stay tuned folks, this one is bound to get interesting. Until next time…keep your pockets full and your heads on a swivel, you can never be too careful.

Florida Governor Assassinated

It Was 8 am early Friday morning in Miami Key West. TonyOneGun had just became Florida State Governor. The city cheered for their new governor. He promised them many things. This however didn’t stand with some evidently. A lone sniper shot and killed the Florida Governor wile he was giving his speech to the public.

Police go on to say that they have spoken to a few eye witnesses who wish to remain unknown. They claim they saw The League Of Shadows boss himself “Chapo” leaving a strip joint early in the morning, jumping into a limo and speeding off into the foggy morning obyss.

They also Claim an unknown shadow figure was seen leaving a building in the far distance. The Shadow Figure was then seen getting into a Taxi with a briefcase in hand. Police have no leads to go on. What does this mean for American Mafia? Is anyone truly safe? Will Florida ever have a man or woman brave enough to run the crime riddled streets of Florida?

The Cold War

There’s an icy cold war among us in the streets of American Mafia. With things finally start looking up here comes a tidal wave to mess things up. The reputed crime lord Frankie-Calabrese is back in action! That’s right he has left the safety of his compound on the island of Guam.

If everyone remembers correctly he was involved in a near fatal gun fight in the past. Its thought that Frankie traveled to Guam to hide and nurse his wounds. Frankie was near death on a hospital bed for weeks, weeks turned into months. Frankie eventually recovered. He has been rebuilding his arsenal and he has returned to the states.

A reporter caught up with Frankie as he exited a restaurant on the south side of Illinois. He told the reporter “I’m Back, and with me I’m bringing HELL!!!” Frankie speeds off in his limo.

Later that day a gunfight breaks out in the streets as members of the Commission & High Council began shooting at Mr Calabrese. Frankie returned fire with dual Thompsons in hand shooting at almost every high rank he seen. But as of right now there are no casualties on either side. The battle rages on in the streets of America. Everyone is advised to stay indoors and let this be handled by the elite. Take care America.

Trouble In Paradise?

It has recently been reported that several lower ranking mobsters from multiple families have been murdered by an unknown assailant. It is thought amongst the Underworld that this could possibly be an attempt by a usurper to turn the members of the High Council on each other, but this theory, however likely, is yet to be confirmed. It’s believed that a mobster who goes by the street name of Firefly was behind these recent attacks that killed mobsters from the Corleone, Barzini and Gambino families. Firefly was later found murdered in Nevada, the old stomping grounds of the Vegas Crime Family. In a suspicious turn of events, Johnny Vegas was last seen hanging around at a local Mad Angels Family hangout in Nevada around the time of these murders. All of the murdered mobsters’ bodies were discovered in various parts of the state of Nevada, and even after Firefly was killed, yet another mobster, DarkAngel of the Barzini Family, turned up dead in Nevada as well. It has been speculated that Johnny Vegas might be the actual perpetrator of these murders, but there seems to be no solid proof at the moment. Could Johnny be silently attempting to make a move against his former enemies in the High Council? One would have to guess no, considering his current Boss, Benny Noodles, would not stand by and let such a thing happen.

In other news, the recently elected Governor of Florida, TonyOneGun, was murdered while giving his inauguration speech in Tallahassee. We’ve received a press release from a representative of TonyOneGun’s family and the story is as follows:

It was early morning on November 21, 2014, and TonyOneGun woke up a little later than usual for such an important day. His security guards were already prepared waiting in the hallway just outside his hotel room waiting for the Governor elect to finish getting ready. Tony quickly hopped in the shower, dried off and began to get dressed for his inauguration. As he was putting on his suit in tie, he received several congratulatory calls from prominent businessmen from all over the country. Some of these businessmen have alleged ties to organized crime, as was mentioned in the vicious campaign against TonyOneGun, but none of the allegations of his involvement in organized crime were substantiated. After exchanging pleasantries with those calling to congratulate him, he took one final moment to go over his speech with his Chief of Staff. “You made sure we included a part in the speech where I again deny any connections to the American Mafia right?” Tony asked his Chief of Staff. “Of course Mr. Governor, we made it abundantly clear,” his Chief of Staff replied. Tony nodded in approval and through his suit jacket on and began to make his way to the door as he looked over his speech as well as glanced at his itinerary for the day. As he opened the door and stepped through, his security immediately surrounded him in a circular formation and they began to make their way to the motorcade. They had made it about 20feet from the hotel room when they again heard the phone ring. “Damn it!” Tony said, “Can someone go get that, you never know who it could be.” One of his aids ran back towards the hotel room to answer the phone.

Tony continued down the hallway, got on the freight elevator, which had been previously cleared by his security team, arrived in the basement and began to walk towards his awaiting limo. Tony and his staff got in the limo and just before the security guard could close the door, the aid who had answered the phone came running to the limo door in a panic. “Sir! Wait!!” the aid screamed with a clear sense of fright in his voice. “What is it?” Tony replied nonchalantly. “There has been a threat made on your life, sir.” the aid replied. “We don’t know who it is, but when I answered the phone the person just said ‘one more governor’ and then hung up the phone.” Tony’s inaugural speech was scheduled for exactly one hour from now. The security team immediately went into overdrive, calling ahead to the team on the scene of the inauguration to let them know of the threat. “Well this is my inauguration guys, I can’t just skip it or reschedule it.” Tony said as his Chief of Staff nodded in agreement. “Let’s just go and hopefully you guys are as good as advertised.” Tony said to his head of security. The aid then made his way to one of the cars towards the rear of the motorcade and they all began the 10mile drive to the State Capitol building.

When the motorcade pulled up at the Florida State Capitol building, the crowd erupted. There were at least 2-3 times as many people as had been expected to turn out for this event, and this made Tony’s security team nervous. Tony, being a typical politician, didn’t care to listen to his security team’s concerns and immediately popped out of the limo and began waving to his supporters with a big smile on his face. The speech was to take place on the steps of the State Capitol building, and a path had been cleared for the Governor elect to make his way to the steps. Up on the steps sat the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, Tony’s Lieutenant Governor, the outgoing Governor, Tony’s family and various members of Tony’s newly elected Gubernatorial cabinet. Several security guards surrounded Tony as he slowly made his way towards the steps of the State Capitol, each guard carefully peering through the crowd looking for the slightest suspicious behavior. The amount of people, however, was overwhelming. It was unknown how many were actually in attendance but it was indeed many more than the expected 300,000.

Tony finally made it to the steps of the State Capitol building, and the inauguration ceremony began. His security team fanned out across the front of the steps, which had been transformed into a makeshift stage for the event. Tony sat down and listened as the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court said a few kind words about him, and then proudly stood up as the Chief Justice summoned him to the podium. “Repeat after me,” the Chief Justice said. “I, TonyOneGun, do faithfully swear to execute the office of the Governor of Florida and uphold the laws and trust, that was placed in me by the great citizens of this state, so help me God.” Tony repeated these words verbatim and the Chief Justice then put his hand out and said “Congratulations Mr. Governor.” Tony shook the Chief Justice’s hand and the crowd let out a giant roar of approval. Tony was now officially the Governor of Florida.

Tony stood at the podium for a few minutes waving at the adoring crowd, smiling wide and very proud of his accomplishment. After a few minutes he began to put his hands up in a gesture to silence the crowd. The crowd slowly began to quiet down and Tony began to speak, “Thank you! Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen! It is my honor, to stand before you as your newly elected Governor!” The crowd again erupted into a roar after hearing these words. Tony scanned the crowd of smiling faces and was soaking in the moment when as he looked towards the front of the crowd he noticed one man who was not smiling. He didn’t remember meeting this man before, but the man definitely had a familiar look. Tony’s smile dimmed slightly as he continued looking into the eyes of this menacing man. The crowd still roaring in approval, Tony looked away from the man and decided to focus on the people that were smiling than worry about a single man in the front of the crowd.

As Tony looked down at his speech, and scanned the first few lines, a blood curdling scream rang out from the crowd. Tony looked up in time to see the man that he had been analyzing just moments ago, now had a Glock 30 .45 caliber gun pointed directly at him. This would be the last thing Tony would see. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Four shots rang out and the crowd began to scatter. Three shots hit Tony directly in the center of his chest and the fourth went through his left eye and came clear out the back of his head. Tony crumbled to the floor, dead, before his security guards could even lift a finger. The man who fired the shots took advantage of the large crowd scattering and was able to blend in and get away from the front of the stage. He had dropped his gun after he fired the shots, and was able to lose the security guards, except for one. The head of security had locked on to the man, and would not let him out of his sight. He followed the man through the crowd, which was now more like a mob, and stayed right on his trail.

The assassin finally cleared the crowd and began walking at more of a normal pace. His getaway car was parked around the corner and he slowly made his way in that direction. The driver waiting in the get away car was a small time mobster who had been looking to make a name for himself, by the name of Don Larrooh. The head of security followed the assassin to the waiting getaway car and radioed in his location to his team and drew his side arm. Don Larrooh, who was not the brightest of mobsters, had fallen asleep at the wheel of the getaway car. The assassin, still not realizing he was being tailed, made it to the passenger side of the car and knocked on the window. The startled Don Larrooh woke up from his nap, and looked over at the passenger window where he saw his hired assassin standing. He unlocked the doors and the assassin got in the car. “Did you get him?” Larrooh asked. “Of course I got him.” the assassin replied. Just then an arm reach forward from the back seat with a wad of cash and threw it on the assassin’s lap. The man in the back seat was obviously wearing a disguise, and after he paid the assassin he quickly exited the car and disappeared into the shadows. Confused, the assassin looked at Don Larrooh and asked, “Who was that?” Larrooh replied, “That was my employer, some say he’s Chapo “Bane” Guzman, but I really am not sure who he is.” Just as Larrooh finished his sentenced the head of security appeared directly in front of the car with his gun drawn. “Get out of the f**kin car with your hands in the air, NOW!!” he yelled. “O sh*t!!” Larrooh yelled, “you didn’t know you were being followed???” he said to the assassin. Larrooh then quickly tried to put the car into drive and get away, and take out the security guard in the process. The head of security noticing this immediately opened fire on the two men. He emptied his 12 round clip into the car, each man was hit 6 times, all 6 shots hitting the men in the chest. The head of security was careful not to go for a head shot as he wanted to be able to identify the men’s faces later on. It had been about 45 minutes since the new Governor of Florida, TonyOneGun, had been assassinated and now his assassins lay dead as well.

The press released ended at this point, so it is unknown at this time who the third man involved in the assassination was. Since the press release was made public, this reporter has learned that TonyOneGun not only had ties to the Mafia, but was friends with some of it’s heaviest hitters. Some members of the American Mafia believe the third man was Chapo “Bane” Guzman, while others in the Underworld disagree. It is rumored that a heated argument occurred between members of the High Council when they were discussing who the possible mastermind behind the assassination could be. It is rumored that a possible rift in the High Council might be forming due to this assassination of a public figure, but again, this is just a rumor. It is currently believed the High Council is running as normal without any issues, and that it should continue to for some time.

Our last bit of news is regarding two former Kingpins; one, a self-proclaimed one, the other a well respected old timer. There have been numerous reports that former self-proclaimed “Kingpin” Frankie-Calabrese has turned up in Colorado. None of these reports have been confirmed, however if this is true Frankie’s name should be appearing in the obituaries within the next few days. Stay tuned to find out! As for the other Kingpin, one who actually held the title with the blessings of the underworld, Benny Noodles is reportedly once again retiring from the American Mafia. As of this moment, it is unclear if these reports are based on fact or just another rumor floating around the Underworld to throw off enemies, but it does appear that Benny Noodles will once again hang up his guns and retire from the American Mafia. We will stay on top of this story and will report about it as soon as we hear from our underworld contacts. Until next time ladies n gentlemen, keep your pockets full and your heads on a swivel…you can never be too cautious!

The Hunger Games

Hello American Mafia! We have a lot of news for you. Many things have been happening in the organized crime world in the past few weeks. The Hunger Games has just been announced to begin December 1st, with Mr_Benny_Noodles & Ric_ being the supervisors of the event. Anyone who wishes to participate can do so by signing up. With bragging rights up for grabs and top dollar cash prizes the games are gonna be full of suprises and entertainment. Bets will be taken on matches aswell so anyone looking to make some money will beable to try their luck.

In other news we have just received word that The Corleone Crime Empire is proud to announce that underboss GrimReaper has achieved the rank of National Crime Syndicate Boss. Angel_Corleone and the corleones are growing and their influence can be felt through out the streets of American Mafia.

The Gambino Crime Empire has florished under the leadership of Scarface. We have obtained information that all the big wigs of AM was in attendance at Scarfaces AML celebration. Top Figures like Mr_Benny_Noodles, Ric_, LeftyTwoGunz, Angel_Corleone, GrimReaper, Vindog, and many many more, all there to pay their respects. Mr Benny proposed a toast and mentioned how proud he was of his apprentice.

Reports go on to mention that multiple branch families of the top 5 crime empires are popping up all over the nation. Is this finally the signs of great things to come in the future? We hope so…..

A New Syndicate Boss


Recently we have received news that Scarface the Boss of the Gambino Empire has reached National Crime Syndicate Boss. At his mansion in Miami, Florida his RHM Hyman Roth hosted a congratulation party for his friend. The guest list included many Florida politicians, police and union officials, also in attendance were many Gambino members to celebrate their bosses achievement.

In Hyman’s office was Scarface and Hyman sitting on opposite sides of Hyman’s desk made of imported Italian Marble. “So Hyman thanks for the party you didn’t need too do that.” Hyman got up from his chair and told Scarface he had one more surprise, he handed Scarface a boxed wrapped up in gold paper. “What’s this?” Scarface asked, “Open it and findout!” Said Hyman with a smile on his face.

As Scarface opened the gift he saw it was a humidor from Cuba with 12 of top quality Cuban Cigars. Scarface was shocked by the gift because he remembered his uncle loved Cuban cigars back when La Cosa Nostra made Cuba into a Gambling Empire bigger than Vegas and brought back memories. “Thanks brother! This gift is the best thing I’ve ever gotten.” The two men embraced each like brothers. “Come on Scar lets go back to the party and light up these cigars!” Hyman and Scar both walked out of the office facing the party and the beautiful Florida sunset.

An Eery Calm

Things have seemed to quiet down considerably since the recent war ended with the High Council declaring victory, almost too quiet. There have been a few low level mobsters killed, some major drug deals have been reported and some notorious underworld figures have been spotted around the country, however outside of those things, everything seems to be extremely quiet in the underworld. As more and more Mobsters continue to join the American Mafia and fill out the once depleted ranks, it appears they all have been falling in line with the rules set in place by the High Council.

A new list of “Commandments” were seen recently in a downtown coffee shop window, commandments that seemed to spell out the “Code of Conduct” mobsters expect from each other. Things such as showing respect to the wives, making sure not to get involved in other Family’s affairs and of course respecting those above you. Is this a code that is finally keeping the order? It seems that way so far. It is rumored that Francesco Barbaro, the alleged Barzini Syndicate Underboss, and LeftyTwoGunz, the Official Boss of the Barzini Empire were the authors of these commandments. Word on the street is that fellow mobsters around the country think highly of this code and agree with its principles, so it appears things seem to be on a mellow track with everyone on the same page.

As we all know, however, danger lurks around every corner. Who will be the next mad man to go on a rampage? Will it be a new face or an old adversary? We will have to wait to find out, but one thing we know for sure…there will most definitely be someone to fill the role of “bad guy.” Many certainly think that this must be the “calm before the storm,” because nothing in the underworld ever stays so peaceful for long. What will be the spark to ignite the flames of war again? Time will tell, but there are definitely a few possibilities.

The Kingpin Ric and the High Council seem to have a solid grasp on the reigns of the American Mafia these days, but one possible situation is that eventually a High Council insider may rise up, in an attempt at a power grab, that may cause a new war to erupt. Many on the High Council have been, at one point or another, on opposing sides of a battle in the wars of the previous year, so it’s not a crazy thought that unresolved past issues could arise and cause this relative peace to be broken. So far it doesn’t seem likely, however when egos are involved you can never be too sure.

Could an old face return to rain hell on the Mafia? This seems to be a likely scenario since every time a relative peace agreement has been reached in the past, ghosts of the past always seem to return to throw a wrench in the gears of that peace. There are several powerful mobsters that are currently “retired”, and any one of them coming out of retirement could cause enough of a swing in the balance of power, depending on which faction of the American Mafia they chose to join, that could cause the whole house of cards to fall. The most likely scenario of war starting in this case would be a lone wolf situation, where a bitter mobster hoping to relive their glory days, comes back to try to destroy the foundation the High Council has built thus far. On the surface this foundation appears to be rock solid, however, it takes one test to see how strong it truly is.

Then there’s the matter of former self-proclaimed “Kingpin” Frankie Calabrese. Rumors have been going around that Frankie had placed hits on a few lower level mobsters recently. Could this be a sign he may be returning? Could this be a ploy for a bigger attack led by Frankie and his mentor, Chapo “Bane” Guzman, and their lackeys Donnie Vegas and The Yankee? Could Frankie be plotting an attempt to try to reclaim the “Kingpin” title he never truly held? No one really knows these days. Frankie has not been seen or heard from since his near murder several weeks ago, but it is rumored that he has been shacked up in a hideout on an island in the Pacific for an indefinite amount of time. The only peep heard from Calabrese were the recent hits placed on the low level mobsters, otherwise, the former “big time mobster” seems to be hiding scared.

So, again, right now the American Mafia is in a state of relative peace and calm. Not many stories coming out of the underworld these days, but, as we all know, that could change any minute. Time will tell if any of the aforementioned scenarios will come to fruition, but until then we hope this peace can continue. The only issue with this perpetual peace is that, ironically, it is a breeding ground for conflict. When there is no one around to play the bad guy, eventually people create the bad guy to entertain themselves. Who will it be? Is this the Calm Before the Storm? Stay tuned to find out!!