Month: October 2014

New Kingpin Of The Noodles Empire


We have just caught wind of recent updates with the Noodles Crime Empire. With Scarface becoming head of the Gambino Crime Empire, a man by the name of DEAD_POOL has assumed the mantle of “Noodles Kingpin”.


Its believed that Mr Benny is part of something even bigger but we cannot really say what it is he may be involved in. With Dead Pool naming Reyrey as his “RHM”, we assume Reyrey will be next in line to be “Kingpin”.


The Noodles Empire seems to be getting very organized with its day to day operations. Only recently the empire became so large that a civil war broke out within the empire, causing some men to leave the empire. Some men left with Benny’s blessing and some didn’t, and the ones who didn’t will probably turn up dead one day.


Benny has Formed The Noodles Council within the empire to help establish a strong form of communication amoung the branches of the noodles faction. Some say its a very complex network, and very organized.


We caught up with Mr Benny and all he would tell us is he plans on a long vacation, he can’t wait to kick up his heels, and relax at his private estate on his remote island. No one knows where this Villa of his is exactly, all we know is that its so remote that no one can access it without the Crime Lords Permission. Some joke around and say that Benny’s Villa is on “The Moon”, with all his saturn rockets & predator drones, who’s to say he doesn’t have a flying saucer, or a space ship tucked away somewhere?


So it seems Benny has left his empire in safe hands, and will only be a phone call away.


Until next time America, take it easy.



The Fratesi Return


The Fratesi Return Part 1


It was a calm autumn day enemies gone friendships rebuilt Don-Vindog was ready to rebuild his mentor Mickie-Fratesi empire, his empire The Fratesi Crime Empire. With the war that had raged for weeks finally over Vindog had a large task ahead of him in rebuilding the empire the first thing he had to do was secure his old territory in Ohio so he had a place he could call his home. Today Vindog was on his way to his old compound now in ruins after all the fighting the past month, after his absence the compond was sold to a bunch of thugs that went by the name of the Hells Angels.


They moved in and have been stirring up trouble. With his gun in his back pocket and his now Underboss Obliged next to him the two walk into the compound front gates Vindog asked to speak with the guy in charge so around half a dozen massive bulky bikers escort the two gentlemen to the main office, Vindog looks around his home with disgust beer cans and trash are littered everywhere the place is destroyed. He walks into the office to see a biker sitting behind his desk the man gave him no name or respect and only demanded to know why Vindog was there, he explained that this was his home and he had been away for awhile but now he was back.


The Biker stood up and started laughing at Vindog, which was the man’s his biggest mistake. Right then and there Obliged grabbed the man from behind the desk threw him on the floor pulled out a desert eagle and executed the man where he laid, the rest of the bikers in the room stood there frozen to scared to move. Vindog then went and sat down behind the desk and said in a commanding voice you have 5 minutes to get out of my home or you will suffer much worse than this man. The Fratesi Crime Family had there base of operations back but a lot of work still needed to be done to return the family to its former glory.


Written By Don-Vindog



Past Days & A Better Future


With the return of GrimReaper, there are many wonders about what lies ahead. In the past few days, there has been few incidents but also progress taking place slowly. The High Council which consists of Barzinis, Corleones, Gambinos, Noodles & Fratesi Empires are now working together, planning ahead. They all share the same goal — to build a better American Mafia community and to keep peace thruout the days ahead. What people believed to be difficult, has become reality. The Kingpin of American Mafia Ric, American Mafias Adviser Benny, & The Godfather of the Corleone Empire had a sit down in one of Barzinis offices down in New York.


Here, at this sit down, where grudges & bad blood were held, turned into peace. But not all is settled so easily. During the sit downs, a few incidents took place in Hawaii, Jersey & a few other states. Charles Lucky Luciano for unknow reasons went looking for blood to be spilled. Members of the Noodles Empire & Barzini including Rics very own wife Faded were brutally murdered. This brought mobsters & civilians worried about the road this may head down.


With little time passing & confusion about the killings, Charles & Ric agreed to settle their differences in a duel. Ric took the first flight out to Florida where he would meet up with Charles. Ric, determined to end the life of the man who took his wife, was unsuccessful when letting off his shots at Charles. Benny who was also at the scene, fired shots at Charles. But with luck, Charles survived & managed to escape.


Unsure how he managed to survive, I was able to get a comment from Charles. “I just want peace” Charles said & made it clear he is willing to work to get that peace. Can & will the High Council attempt to make peace with Charles or should we worry about future shootings between the two?




Gun fight in Florida

Late Sunday, the killer of Faded-, Ric_’s Wife, the infamous Charles_Lucky_Luciano was almost killed in a deadly firefight with Angel_Corleone , a few smaller mobsters ,and Ric_ who was plotting to get revenge for his dead wife. Angel waited outside Charles’s hideout, waiting in a black Chevrolet for the mobster to come outside. Charles walked out of his hideout and his bodyguards followed.


Angel took the shot at Charles, a bodyguard jumped in front of Charles at the last second sacrificing himself to save Charles. The crew of guards and Charles all ran for it trying to avoid any more death, then as they turned the corner Ric_ and Obliged started shooting at the group killing off a few more body guards as Charles barely escaped. Charles was injured and took a plain to go hide in the Florida Keys.

Anonymous tip.

Return Of A Reaper


The mob life is a very random life. You never know when you may die and you never know what might happen. Mobsters disappear and return months or years later. They come back to take avenge or just finish up unfinished business. Or just to live the life again and see what they can achieve. The GrimReaper returned this week. He has been said to have died multiple months ago. He was struck down by hundreds of Tommy gun bullets when two masked men entered his house.


He appeared in New York city on Wednesday. He went and met up with some old friends announcing his return. He came back to run the Corleone Crime Syndicate. How many more mobsters will appear that we have thought to be dead for months or even years? Will this be a way to disappear from the action or will this be a disaster? Enemies may return with great power and try to strike us down. Will we have what it takes to fight them off. The future is the only one who knows we must brace for what lies ahead of us.


Stay Safe Americans


Behind The Scenes

With things seemingly settled down after months and months of warring a new High Council appears to have formed. With Ric, the Barzini RHM, as Kingpin the American Mafia seems to be heading in a new direction. No more will mobsters just sit back and tolerate low ranking associates be killed for reasons unknown. It seems for once all of the families have banded together. This, of course, took many months of bloodletting and infighting to get to this place.


We’ve seen Families & Empires come and go throughout the years, but through the last several months a few have remained consistent and appear to have taken control of the American Mafia, in the form of the High Council. The Barzini Family, which currently has been running for the longest period of time without a closure, has stepped up in a big way with Ric becoming Kingpin. The Noodles Family, led by Scarface and a close ally of the Barzini clan, have also managed to stay strong and branch out considerably, allowing their Capo Di Tutti Capi, Benny “The Mad Angel” Noodles, gain the underworld title of “American Mafia Legend.” We have also seen a resurgence of The Fratesi Crime Family and The Corleone Crime Family, with Vindog and Angel of Death, respectively, coming back from retirement to re-launch their empires. It is also rumored that notorious underworld figure Grim Reaper has returned to help Angel with the Corleone Empire.


Things definitely seem to be running smooth these days, but it wasn’t that long ago that dissident factions in the American Mafia were attempting to throw a wrench in the spokes of the progress the High Council seems to be making. Bane, the leader of The League of Shadows, had been going on a killing spree for several weeks, seemingly only focusing his attention on the Barzini family. During this time, notorious mobster Pazzo-Sangue returned and Joe Colombo, the son of Royce Gambino, also made his way onto the national scene. It had appeared Pazzo and Joe had made an agreement with the High Council, through the Barzini and Noodles Families, to become allied with the Council and help bring the American Mafia back to glory. That, as well as the almost successful attempted murder on former self-proclaimed Kingpin Frankie Calabrese, appears to have been the sparks that lead to Bane’s assault. The pact with Pazzo and Joe, however, seemed to quickly fall apart, with Benny Noodles gunning both down within several hours of each other. Joe’s relatives have vowed revenge, and even though it is known Benny was the man to pull the trigger, Joe’s relatives have placed the blame on LeftyTwoGunz and Ricardo “Ric” Barzini.


Bane was not the only mobster who had his sights on the various families. Along the way several unknown gangsters, attempting to make a name for themselves, also started taking out low level associates of the crime families, particularly members of the Barzini clan, depleting the ranks of the family in the process. Before Bane and the others went on their sprees, the Barzini Family had been the largest family in the American Mafia. The Barzini Family, whose Official Boss LeftyTwoGunz is temporarily retired, has been rapidly recovering since these events took place, thanks to Acting Boss and current Kingpin Ric. The multitude of attacks on the Barzini Family has led many to believe that LeftyTwoGunz might really have been the one running the Council this whole time.


It’s shocking to believe that a retired mobster could have so much influence on the day-to-day activities of the American Mafia, but it seems many of the attacks carried out on the Barzini Family, and the High Council for that matter, have been blamed on orders made by none other than LeftyTwoGunz. Is Lefty the real boss behind it all? Chances are the answer is no, but enough mobsters believe Lefty’s opinion carries enough clout that it could sway the Council in one direction or another, and it looks as if they took it out on his family for this reason.


Benny Noodles has also been pegged as a possible “behind the scenes” Kingpin, but has adamantly denied this claim and pledged his loyalty to Ric, so it does seem that Ric firmly holds the title of Kingpin of the American Mafia. With the many legendary mobsters, as well as the up and coming gangsters, now filling the ranks of the High Council, one wonders if egos may clash and violence due to infighting may occur. As of now, reports say the Council is working like a well oiled machine and have implemented some changes to assure all families have an equal say. Apparently evidence of this can be seen with how quickly the Council quashed the attempted uprising by Charlie “Bradley” Luciano. Luciano was taken into the Corleone family so that they could keep an eye on the young inexperienced mobster. Luciano’s quick rise to power may have gotten to his head; however rumors on the streets say that any attempts to step out of line will most certainly result in his death. It is also rumored that Luciano is currently hiding out on an exotic island somewhere in the South Pacific recuperating from the injuries he sustained at the hands of Benny Noodles.


So as of today the American Mafia seems to be headed in a direction of peace and prosperity, but only time will tell. This reporter knows all too well how easily a good situation can go bad, so all of you should keep your fingers crossed that this version of the Council can continue to keep order.


Until next time…Stay safe out there!



The Rise Of The Gambinos


Scarface, the RHM, and close friend of Mr_Benny_Noodles, has ended up becoming the kingpin of The Gambino Crime Empire. He learned everything he knows from his mentor Benny. Scarface was Kingpin of The Noodles Crime empire for a little while. He was gunned down by Machine Gun Kelly And Survived it to end up remaining the kingpin. Scar looks to expand and looks to make his own mark on the mafia underworld. Does Scarface have what it takes to run a crime empire? Well he has had expirence, so we think he will make a great leader of men.


The Gambino Crime Empire Is A Close Partner to The Noodles Crime Empire. They Claim to be Allied with the following factions, The Mad Angels, The Noodles Empire, The Barzini Empire, The Fratesi Empire, and The Corleone Empire.


Times are beginning to look bright with The High Council beginning to grow with new faces. With all 5 empires united and no longer fighting with each other, they look to expand the highly respected empires in which they have created. The time for growth and advancement has come.


With Scarface at the helm, the Gambino Empire is in good hands.



Long Live Gambino!!!



The Mad Angels Of AM


Word on the streets is that “American Mafia Legend” Mr_Benny_Noodles, the founder of “The Noodles Crime Empire”, has established a clan of contract killers.


This clan of assassins are known only as The Mad Angels, they are in connection with the League Of Shadows. However The Mad Angels oppose oppression, and represent freedom. They act not only as “Killers”, but as “Guardians” of American Mafia, protecting The Order and High Council From total Destruction. The newly reformed High Council calls on these silent shadow assassins as their last resort when it comes to killing someone.


To have the Mad Angels after you means you are very special. They only kill VIP and top ranked mobsters. Anyone who becomes a target of the council, or the order will most likely be paid a visit from the Mad Angels.


This group receives payment for their services and they are paid very well. Next time you think you are not being watched, know that there are eyes on you at all times. Do These Angels really exist? Or do we just mistake our shadows for Angels?


Sent by Anonymous



State of the Union


We received a few anonymous letters and we are happy to publish in this American Mafia News special edition:


Gambino Crime Empire

With the Kingpin of the Gambino Crime Empire dead, it seems to have finally been put back in good hands. Mr_Benny_Noodles aka Roger Gambino (the original Kingpin of the Empire) has placed the Empire in the hands of his protégé, Scarface. Benny feels as though the family name has been disrespected and stepped on due to Joe-Colombo aka The-Raven taking it over and running it into the ground. Benny believes that the Gambino Crime Empire will rise again with his former Right Hand Man of the Noodles Crime Empire at the helm. Is this a sign of growth in America? We hope so. Good night America, and stay safe!


Pazzo-Sangue Dead


The news of infamous mob boss Pazzo-Sangue has america in shock. This is the second big boss murdered in the same day. Earlier this morning Joe-Colombo was found dead at hos mansion and now Pazzo-Sangue is dead. The killer was identified as Mr_Benny_Noodles the most feared assassin of the mafia. The reason for Pazzo-Sangue is still not yet known. Pazzo-Sangue had just checked into a hotel and gotten to his room when he got a phone call from Mr_Benny_Noodles with the news of Joe-Colombos son.


Pazzo-Sangue immediately got in his car and drove to Joe-Colombos mansion. Right when Pazzo-Sangue exited his car Benny shot 3 times and Pazzo-Sangue dropled to the floor immediately dieing. Questions are still in the air regarding the death of Pazzo-Sangue. Did he fake it? Is this another one of his acts of disappearing? Or was this an act of punishment from the gods. Only the future can help unravel this mystery.

Stay Safe Americans



Charles “Lucky” Luciano’s Short Spree


It was a cold night and a bad one for Mr. Luciano. He was torn apart by the internal issues in his family, the Noodles Crime Empire. he had finally had enough. With the surprising takeover of the family, The Dubliner, took charge as Kingpin of the Noodles Crime Empire with authorization from Mr. Benny Noodles, leaving Scarface, the Right Hand Man that was suppose to take over, in the wind. Charles was not happy. He quit the family and quickly started running the Corleone hitsquad for Angel Corleone himself.


Later that night, Charles took a ride in his 1967 Road Runner down the main drag in Chicago where a few members of each family were said to be having drinks at a popular pub nearby.He drives by slowly and scopes the place out. Sure enough, he sees Faded standing outside smoking a cigarette. He decides to wait. One hour later, Lucky drives by the pub again. His mind replaying the events from earlier in the day. He sees red. He drops a gear and pulls the emergency brake, spinning the car around so that he was looking straight at the pub. With a devilish grin, he hits the gas, shifting gears until he smashes into the pub killing multiple innocent bystanders and a handful of various Mafia members. He gets out of the car with cuts on his face, broken ribs, and .357 in his hand.


He looks around and notices that Faded and Mustang Freak are the only two still breathing. Mustang reaches for his gun but Charles shoots, hitting him in the through, killing him moments later. Faded hears the shot, she struggles to get up. She heard the footsteps of a maniac approaching her. Charles kicks Faded in the side, forcing her back to the floor. Lucky cocks his gun and says to her; “See you in hell”. He pulls the trigger, putting a bullet through her temple and flees the scene. Nobody has heard or seen Charles Luciano since.


Anyone with information are advised to contact their local authorities.


Gambling fever hits the nation



After gambling has been seen as near outlawed from America for so long due to the constant fighting on the streets everyone has been hording money. But with peace finally coming around and bloodshed drawing to a close barzini crime boss Ric_ is setting gambling dens across the 50 states so if you think you have lady luck on your side then head into one of the numerous locations and place your bets today.


This just in with gambling taking place once again in America citizens and mobsters are rejoicing and placing more bets than ever before and a Las Vegas is at the center of this billion dollar business and the barzini crime family with Ric_ as boss is pulling in more money than ever before. With the barzini gambling empire running so well rumors have been heard throughout that sports bets may also start to take place soon. May lady luck be in everyone’s favor


Submtited by Don-Vindog


A Mob Boss On The Run


News of Charles Lucky Luciano leaving his life as a Noodle crime empire boss to join the corleones came as a shock to the mafia community. Charles had been running the Noodles Hitsquad when he decided to close the family and join corleone opening the Corleone hitsquad. This betrayal has led Charles to being hunted by Mr Benny Noodles. Charles Lucky Luciano has been making connections with old friends trying to bring them back into the mob life. He hopes to make corleone a strong family again and have it running the mafia again.


Rumors of the infamous mob boss GrimReaper returning has alot of people in disbelief do to him being shot to death 3 months ago but mobsters faking their deaths to return later is not an uncommom in the mob life so only time can tell us this answer. There will be bullets flying all over the big cities of America as the hunt for Charles Lucky Luciano continues. The only advice I can give is lock your doors dont go outside and hope to god your city is not the one with Charles Lucky Luciano or Mr Benny Noodles is in.

Stay Safe Americans




It was a cold silent night, Joe-Colombo had just oversaw a drug run successfully bring in 500 million. As he sat in his chair smoking an old Cuban cigar he felt this night would be his last. He motioned for his 20 bodyguards to head home and invited his dear friend Pazzo over. Pazzo arrived and he had the look of worry in his eyes, its like they both knew something was going to go down tonight. Joe didn’t need that look for another excuse to go to his personal armory.


He walked to the closet in his master bed room and slid a panel away grasping the infamous Chicago typewriter. Joe had this gun since he was in his late teens, his father gave it to him before passing, he knew he would die the same way his father did. As he made his way back into the living room he handed Pazzo a shotgun which was lethal at close range. “Make sure you send who ever walks through those doors to hell.” Joe said with a grin.


He loaded a clip into his Tommy-gun and took up position at one of the windows. Just around this time Benny and his goons were making their way towards Joe’s mansion. They arrived only to every light off in the house. Benny got out of the car and started talking with some of his men, they agreed they would all breach the house at the same time. Joe had seen all this in action and repositioned himself to the back door awaiting anyone who was man enough to come in.


Benny made sure he was loaded to the teeth as he knew the son of former 1st National Crime Syndicate Boss wouldn’t die easy. As his men kicked in the doors the house was suddenly lit up and looked like a party should be taking place here. Pazzo unloaded rounds after rounds into the mass of bodyguards. Joe was nearly deaf after spraying down the last of the guys at the back entrance. He fired the last shot and threw the gun down. As he rounded the corridor he met up with Pazzo who was also down to the last shot. Joe knew the only way out was to make their way to the top floor.

They reached the top and took up another position, Joe looked out the window to see more cars arriving. Pazzo and Joe knew they wouldn’t leave here alive. Benny was making his way up surrounded by several bodyguards as he was known to let others do the work and take the credit himself. Joes and Pazzos worst fear was to die by a coward, but it seems this coward may have got the best of them. Joe turned around to let Pazzo know there were more coming, and he saw Benny looking at him.


Benny fired his pistol hitting him in the arm and shoulder, this left Joe’s right arm useless. As Joe leaped through his bedroom door, he saw Pazzo unloading rounds into Benny only to see him be shot down. Pazzo was dead, and Joe was next. Joe readied himself, putting his last clip into his pistol and prepared for the men to walk through any moment. Benny kicked the door in and shot twice as did Joe, Joe shot Benny through the stomach, a near fatal shot. Joe was hit through the throat and knew his time was coming, he fixed his tie and died with a smile on his face.


Many believe that Joe isn’t dead and may be returning very soon.





Joe-Colombo Dead

Recent news came in about the death of infamous mob boss Joe-Colombo the son of legendary mobster Royce-Gambino. The death came in the the very earlier hours of the morning in Oklahoma. Joe-Colombo was said to be eating a large dinner when Mr_Benny_Noodles sped up to Joe-Colombos mansion on a dirt bike strapped up with his infamous .45 know as his peacemaker.


Joe-Colombo couldn’t hear the dirt-bike until Benny was at the front door. Benny bust through the front door and took no time to hesitate shot twice at Joe-Colombo direct hits to the stomach. Joe-Colombo was in shock and couldn’t say anything Benny grabbed Joe-Colombo and took him outside to the curb in front of the mansion. “So you wanted to be with the big boys and run the mob like your daddy psh you stupid kid I am the god of the empire this is my angel of madness inside say hello to your pops for me”.


Benny waited a second and then smashed his foot into the back of Joe-Colombo giving him a California smiley. The death of Joe-Colombo has marked a new chapter for the mafia. Word is out that Mr_Benny_Noodles and his group of Noodles are here to stay and run the mafia. Any force that attempts to stop him or his brothers will be handled with extreme torture and death.


Stay Safe Americans


Sent by Anonymous



A New War?


As soon as we thought that the war was over between the Mafia Bosses and that peace was near, violence among them has once again left a scar in the American Mafia Community. This time the affected were the brand new family of National Crime Syndicate, created by Joe-Colombo and Pazzo-Sangue, both who were found dead this morning; some people who didn’t want their names to be published said they were happy about the deaths of these two feared mobsters, while others think this was a very unjust crime and the responsible should be punished accordingly.


There isn’t concrete evidence as to why this began in the first place, but most people who were close to these Mafia Bosses would agree that the responsible for both deaths was Sasuke_Uchiha, the infamous League of Shadows Kingpin, while others believe that it was Mr_Benny_Noodles, who has been known to be affiliated with the League and is currently following Sasuke’s orders. Federal authorities found a box next to their bodies with a paper saying “The Shadows send their Regards” which is the trademark of the League for marking people they kill. Some witnesses claim to have seen Sasuke_Uchiha himself in the scene, others say they saw Benny leaving the scene right after an explosion was heard. Everyone in America is shocked by what happened, many people believed both of these guys were Gods or untouchable because of the huge amount of money they spend on security and bodyguards to protect them, but it seems like that didn’t stop the killer from murdering them in the same day.


The cadavers had bullets, stabs, cuts and third degree burns all over them, making the bodies almost unrecognizable, thankfully both had tattoos unique to them and that’s how both were identified by the authorities. Now their bodies will be given back to the respective families since the morgue didn’t want to accept dead Mafia members for fear that they might end up with the same faith.


Will the streets of America be finally safe once again? Who do you think the responsible is? What does the future hold for us? Only time will tell.


Stay Safe fellas!



Ivan-Block Found Dead


Breaking news America!!!. FBI & Local police have discovered the corpse of Ivan-Block, Police say the man was dug up by a construction crew who were building a new housing development.


The Feds have but one lead. Sad to say this one lead is just “here say”. The informant told police that Scarface and Ivan was having a dispute earlier, with both sides saying awful things to one another. Blows were dealt, and respect was tossed out the window.


Scarface had left the bar, leaving Ivan to sit and cry like he always does. Ivan sat and drowned his sorrows in a bottle, When all of a sudden the door to the bar swings open!!!… Scarface storms into the bar with his gun in hand. Ivan was passed out at the bar from drunkenness, Long nights of bootlegging left Ivan A Drunk!!!…


Scarface Comes up from behind Ivan, he grabs the drunk, and slams him to the floor in a backward motion. As Ivan Fell backwards he woke up, to only get knocked back out instantly. Painting the floor red with his blood, Scarface beats Ivan repeatedly with his pistol. As Scarface is blinded by his rage he goes blood drunk losing his mind. Mr Benny Who had been warned of the hit only moments before. Benny is on the scene but its to late.
Benny pulls His RHM off of Ivan and calms scar down.

The two men look at Ivan and they each grab an arm and a leg and they drag him out the back door to eventually put him in the back of a Uhaul.


As Benny & Scar Drive along they end up in the mountains where they bury the old timer.
When the two men return home to Maryland where they begin to hose down the Uhaul, cleaning up the evidence to return back to the Uhaul Company. Benny was complaining the whole time saying that if they don’t get the uhaul back by 5 pm it will cost an extra 19.95 and it will be coming out of Scarfaces pocket.


The FBI of course only has this info to go on. And it isn’t enough to convict the two men. Due to the lack of evidence the two men have gotten away with murder. Was this an accident? I guess those three men would be the only ones who know that answer.


Until next time America, Stay Safe.