Month: September 2014

The Fallen


Recent reports have shown that more Barzini members have fallen. With no confirmed shooter yet, there have been confirmed suspects, one of which is the NCSB Bane who was been reported to have been seen 2 blocks from each of the crime scenes. The former members, which witnesses identified as Barzini members were reported to have had the upper hand against their attacker, but a fatal mistake cost them.


The fallen were buried in open casket coffins at a private cemetery in New York, attended by their close friends and family. LeftyTwoGunz was seen at the funeral, paying his respects, placing a red rose on each of the fallen members; accompanied by his trusted right hand man Ricardo and the Barzini underboss Texas.

With the recent deaths of these members, the number of killed residents have been growing by the day.

Stay safe America.



Barzini Family slaughtered


6 members of the notorious Barzini Crime Family have been found dead in the last 24hours proving that the underworld is once again in the middle of yet another bloody war. The names of the murdered mobsters have been released by local police and are… Yolandi, ShotgunJoe, MisterLister, Artist, TheBelgian and Dark_Angel2 (Dark Angel is the wife of Barzini acting boss Ric).


Police have also confirmed that Bane was seen leaving the scene of most of the murders and is belived to of been involved in all the killings. Once again the police have issued a warning to the public saying not to approach Bane under any circumstances and to contact local police or FBI straight away. We spoke with our Underworld Informer who said that Bane has gone crazy since his family deserted him and went into retirement after the attempted murder of former American Mafia Kingpin Frankie Calabrese, he said that since then he has been going round killing random mobsters and now seems to be targeting Barzini members. He also said that Bane was on the run as he was attacked by NCSBs Joe-Colombo, The-King, Ric and Don-Vindog last night, it seems these high ranking mobsters have come together for the purpose of stopping Bane from ruining the local community and revenge for the fallen mobsters.


The attack is said to of taken place in Maryland and lasted around a hour before Bane finally managed to escape. We are not sure what the outcome will be but we know one thing for sure and that is the streets are not a safe place for low ranking mobsters while Bane is loose, lets just hope the police can stop these mobsters before they all kill each other.



Another Legend Dead!

On September 22nd 2014 the former Kingpin, The-Dubliner, was found dead outside of his safe house in Wisconsin.
Witnesses say they seen the infamous notorious “League Of Shadows” Mob Boss slide out of his 1934 Ford Sedan Deluxe sliding his Tommy-Gun out of his overcoat beginning to take aim. They say Dubliner proceeded to run towards his 1928 Cadillac but wasn’t able to get to it fast enough, As Dubliner kicked his feet into motion and began to run Bane slowly squeezed the trigger letting bullets fly around the now empty streets of Wisconsin.


Dubliner was hit 11 times in the back and once in his right leg, Witnesses also say after The Dubliner hit the ground pleading for his life crawling on the ground to his car Bane took out a cigar and lit it up, as he’d take a few puffs and continued to walk towards Dub. As he was standing over Dubliners body Bane began to mutter strange words in Italian as he spit on Dubliner, he re-positioned his gun and emptied the rest of his magazine into The-Dubliner, He walked back towards his Sedan got into it and drove off as the once happy streets of Wisconsin smelt like fresh gun powder.

More found dead!




It seems Bane isn’t only after Joe-Colombo and The-King it seems he is after the whole underground mafia world. Known associate “Artist” of the Barzini Empire was found dead, this also including “Dark_Angel2”. One member of the Corleone Crime Family has ended up dead and it is a women going by the name of “Kali.” If that wasn’t enough a Noodles Empire soldier was found dead as well. It seems all of America’s top mafias are being hit. In later news we have received reports of 3 Underworld Kingpins retiring, 2 being retired for their third time each. These being Mr_Donnie_Vegas, The-Yankee, and TonyMontana_. We believe they are saving there times for another fight or maybe even scared away by the recent kidnappings and muggings. Joe-Colombo, Gunnz, and The-King were all seen shooting at Bane yesterday, many good attempts but none to kill.


We have also gotten the chance to speak with Mr. Colombo, the new National Crime Syndicate Vice-President, for a few minutes. This is what he had to say: Murrow: Mr. Colombo! Wait! Let me speak with you. Colombo: What is it? Im on a busy schedule! M: What is happening on account that Frankie was seen walking the streets again and Bane is still alive? This is when Mr. Colombo gave me the slickest smile I have ever seen. C: Their time is limited is what I have heard. After this brief interview Mr. Colombo climbed into a blacked out SUV and sped off. Remember when we last reported on the death of The-Dubliner?


Well we have received anonymous tips that his son is following in his footsteps and even have connection within the Barzini Hitsquad. We hope he doesn’t turn out like his father did… *Fun facts of the day We have also heard that residents of New Jersey can buy land that pays back big time! The casino has also had a big success rate with billions of dollars going into the establishment. *


Until next time America!


-Edward R. Murrow



The Colombo War


The new war hitting the streets of America is between Joe Colombo member of The Barzini Family and Bane leader of The League of Shadows is spreading fear all over the country, though the conflict is believed to be exclusive to Joe and Bane our reporters have picked up the possibility that other members of others Empires are dying in this conflict.


As far as we know there haven’t been any peace talks between Bane and Joe Colombo which means the only way that this war can stop is if one kills the other, the question is how many other people will be killed in the conflict. Both opponents seem to be evenly matched but once they become evenly ranked we may see an end to this war but who will win is anyone’s guess.


An Empire Expands


After the banishment of former Empire Don Machine Gun Kelly the Noodles Crime Empire was taken over by Benny Noodles protege Scarface. Though he is new to La Cosa Nostra he has risen through the ranks and gain the respect of his fellow Family members, and under his leadership the Family seems to be recovering from the past few weeks and expanding once again.
With many smaller factions of the empire spreading influence across the country with membership rising it seems that the Noodles Empire is back on the rise. With senior members advising Scarface and the FBI has information that even though he is living retired on an island resort Benny Noodles keeps in contact with Scarface and advises him on certain situations. With Scarface leading the Noodles Crime Empire with senior members supporting his regime there’s no limit to how high the Family can rise within the American Mafia.



Two Bosses On The Run



Recent news has come in on two mob bosses that have been fighting with famous mob boss Bane. The fighting between these bosses started when The-King and Joe-Colombo attempted to kill former kingpin Frankie-Calabrese. The fighting has been going on for three days and doesn’t look like it will be over with anytime soon.


The fighting has sizzled down to just muggings and attempts at kidnapping of the bosses family members. Rumor has it that Joe-Colombo and The-King are waiting for their good friend Don-Vindog to get his strength back from his recent retirement that he was in due to a sickness he had came down with. All citizens of Oklahoma and Wisconsin stay indoors and make sure you dont let your children out at night. The fighting does not look like it will end anytime soon, so in the meantime make sure you are being as careful as possible for your protection.


Stay safe America



Mobsters Found Dead


Our reporters received reports of multiple shots fired is multiple states across the U.S. These deaths seem to have connection into the death of the Florida National Crime Syndicate Boss, The-Dubliner. We have spoken with several eyewitnesses report seeing a Barzini Crime Family member and Barzini Hitsquad battling it out.


This is what they had to say, “I was cooking dinner when I heard the car door slam outside, a saw a shadowy figure approach a man who seemed to be surrounded by several bodyguards. As I seen a light flicker and heard the shots ring out I knew this was a mafia style hit. I ran back over to the bed room and hid my children as I was scared for my life.” The woman said.


Several reports come in about deaths coming from the Noodles Empire, one being Relax and Immortal-Technique, these both being their street names. The high ranking mobster Immortal was found dead lying in a pool of his own blood with the words “Rat” written in his skin. Multiple rounds from a 1911 were found there and the police have recovered what seems to be a torture kit. The mob world is certainly getting more brutal with every hit that happens. This news report should be a warning to all the citizens, stay inside and lock your doors! If you see a man with a gun call the police directly and hide inside a concealed off room.


Stay safe!


Signed -Edward R. Murrow



Breaking news!


Today we have been over run with reports that National Crime Syndicate Boss The Dubliner has been killed in Wisconsin. Some rumors are it was a drugs smuggling operation gone wrong, while others have said they seen Bane leaving the area around the same time.


Local police officer Shaun Regan said that crime scene an abandoned warehouse looked like something out of a movie, there were hundereds on bullet holes throughout the building, there was also 11 other people found dead all suspected to be underworld bodyguards from both sides. He said that the local police and the FBI are all trying to find Bane for questioning he warned if anyone sees him to ring the police straight away and do not approach him as he his armed and dangerous.


One thing we know for sure is the streets of Wisconsin have just become much more dangerous, make sure you lock your doors on a night and report anything that seems unusual to the local police.


Ex Corleone Kingpin Returns After been retired for only a short while, the former Corleone Godfather has returned. Angel_Of_Death returned to find The-Dubliner running The Corleone Family, rumor had it that Angel wasn’t happy about this but couldn’t do anything as The-Dubliner had backing from the High Council. But with the recent death of The-Dubliner the word is that Angel has taken back over the reins and now is running The Corleone Family again.


Only time will tell what plans Angel has for Corleone and if his partner in crime Real-Corleone will also return or not, Real has recently been seen in New York and Oklahoma but insists that he is retired and is staying that way. Locals are hoping that the return of Angel and The Corleone Family doesn’t mean a return of the violence that they was well known for in there last few weeks. The streets have been much safer since Angel and Real both retired and low ranked mobsters have had a chance work there way through the ranks without problem.


Lets all just hope that Corleone is back with good intentions and not just back to create havoc amongst the local mobsters and citizens.





Hello America!


We have gotten several reports over the last few hours and last few days. We fear that America’s mob has taken a turn for the worse! Frankie-Calabrese, the second American Mafia Legend, was found knocked off his throne and found lying in a ditch. The crime scene was so gruesome family could barely identify the body. We knew that he would be having a closed casket funeral for sure. Although, we have received other reports of him still walking the streets seeking vengeance on The-King and Joe-Colombo.


We may never know what truly happened. Rumors also say that The-Dubliner, the Florida born and raised National Crime Syndicate Boss, was found dead in Wisconsin after several hours of shooting. One eyewitness accounts, “it was crazy I seen Dub unload a clip from his tommy gun and striking Bane several times.” This didn’t seem to faze Bane as he had reportedly returned fire only to strike The-Dubliner several times, nearly fatal shots.


The-Dubliner should have been dead but witnesses report seeing him grabbed up and shoved into a van as Bane drove away. America, we ask you to lock your doors and keep everyone away from the windows tonight.


Until next time, stay safe.


-Edward R. Murrow.



Machine Gun Kelly found dead

MGK has ran his self into the dirt once again. Due to the greed and the betrayel he put on his brothers. The-Yankee caught him slipping in Alaska when he tryied killing his brother Mr_Donnie_Vegas but failed to complete it. The-Yankee scared off MGK from Alaska when he arrived. But not until Yankee catches him slipping once again. MGK flew to Alabama to rest from the gun fight.


The-Yankee had connections on where he went so he followed MGK to his desination. Yankee went to MGK’s hideout and saw that he was getting in his car. Once he started pulling out of the drive way The-Yankee came out of know where with his TommyGun and started to spray up his car. MGK was pronounced with a closed casket.


Don-Vindog’s house Broken into


A few days ago Don-Vindog’s house was broken into. The local authorities were unable to find out who used broke into his computer and sent unauthorized messages on his behalf. The impostor sent a few messages about Vindog’s friend Gunnz.


Vindog works to restore his friendships with his fellow mobsters, who all think he betrayed them. In fact, there is clear evidence the intruder was a lone mobster sending fake messages from Vindog’s personal computer.


Vindog vowed to take proactive actions and increased his home security systems. We should all take a moment and reflect about how weak our computer protection is, how weak our passwords are and the things we can do to prevent unauthorized access to our home and computers.