Month: August 2014

League of Shadows Strikes Again

It was known throughout the mafia world that Alexandro Benedetto joined the Noodles Family with the purpose of spying on them, according to Mr Benny Noodles he even confessed to being a spy after being in the family for a long time. After realizing that Noodles wasn’t planning anything bad and he had enough strength and experience Alex decided to leave the Noodles family and join his real family Corleones. Benny being old friends with Alex’s parents decided to let this one go and he let Alex walk away from the family alive. For Bane on the other hand this was a sign of disrespect and betrayal, even when it wasn’t his family, now that Benny belonged to The League of Shadows Bane wanted to make his point go across the United States: Rats were not allowed in any family.


Bane planned the hit for about a week, he knew it would most likely mean war but he was ready for it. Once everything was set up he located Alex, who was gambling and partying at a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bane knew this was an easy target, Alex was eating and drinking heavily and since it was daylight and they were all in a casino he didn’t have too many bodyguards with him. Bane bribed some staff members working in the casino so that his enforcers could put C4 Charges in the bathroom, one in the entrance and one inside the bathroom, just to make sure. Now it was only a matter of time until Alex came to the restroom after drinking so much. Once Alex entered he heard a beep, not knowing what it was he just ignored it, after a couple seconds the explosives blew up, leaving almost nothing left of Alex and even killing a couple bodyguards waiting for him outside.


For Bane this was over, one rat down and the message was sent, but for Angel of Death this was a war declaration, 2 hours later and Angel was personally in Nevada looking for the killer, since it was a bomb rather than a person there were no witnesses of the hit, the FBI was investigating in the scene when Angel arrived, he bought the entire FBI Unit to get information on the case, turns out there was a note inside a metal box with a paper that said “You rat, you die”
Angel knew that this was no ordinary job, someone who was an expert at this planned the hit. So he ordered all his associates to look around for anything that could lead to the responsible.


One hour later, he got some info from his guys saying that a heavily armored limo was seen earlier guarded by an entire army with stickers on their trucks that read “L.O.S” heading towards a golf field and a huge mansion. This could only be one person: Bane.
Connecting the dots wasn’t hard, one of his most trusted members was dead, not killed by a normal assassin but rather blown up, and at the same time one of the most feared people in the US was also in town.


Both Angel and Bane were not in their home turf, Angel knew that this was both an advantage and a disadvantage because neither had all their people with them. Burning with revenge Angel assembled an army of Thugs and some of his people to go and attack, among them were some notorious Corleone leaders like Carmine Genovese, Kalina Corleone Johnny Vegas and some others. Angel’s plan was to invade Bane at his new mansion, it was an open field because of the golf field so it was gonna be hard to strike without being noticed. To solve this problem he decided that using helicopters was the fastest way to get in, this was going to be a hit-and-run mission, fast and easy. With the help of some contacts in the military he rented some helicopters to carry all his guys at once, being the Kingpin of the East had this advantage for him here. Feeling confident about this attack, Angel thought that sending a full scale attack was more than enough to finish off Bane, even tho the entire building was well guarded he thought it was no match for their high caliber guns.


Once everyone landed on the golf course they rushed in, killing all the guards. Once they were in the search for their target began, Angel was getting reports back to HQ that the mansion was empty and that maybe the target had escaped. Frustrated, Angel ordered everyone to return, they would find a way to take care of this later on, a few seconds after that the phone rang. It was a public phone number so he knew something was up, but he answered either way.


-Phone: Hello Angel. I received your guests, I didn’t know I was gonna have a surprise party, but they are welcome aboard!
-Angel: What the hell, Bane?
-Bane: Of course.
-Angel: Where are you?
-Bane: Right now I should be the least of your worries.
-Angel: What are you talking about?
-Bane: Take a look at your people.


*Angel turns around and hears everyone reporting that the mansion’s doors and windows are closing with thick metal bars. Without saying a word he turns around back to the phone*


-Bane: So my guests are staying for the party after all huh?
-Angel: What.. What have you done?
-Bane: Nothing really, I just hope your people enjoy the fireworks.
-Angel: Fireworks??
-Bane: *Hangs up*


*Angel turns around and listens to the reports, people are panicking saying they see jets incoming.*


The jets start bombing the mansion, turns out Bane wasn’t there after all and this was all set up as a trap, they were all trapped like rats in cages, not even able to cover themselves because each missile blows up entire rooms. There isn’t a single survivor left at the end, and the bodies are unrecognizable. Angel feels devastated for this because he knows he is the one responsible for sending all of them there in the first place.


*Phone rings again*

-Bane: I hope you enjoyed the show. At least I did.

-Angel: You motherfucker! I will kill you I swear to God I will kill you!!
-Bane: Good, I’ll be waiting
*Hangs up*


The following day Angel is wasted after spending the night drinking. Real-Corleone lands in Nevada and finds out about everything that happened, he then contacts Angel and tells him that this needs to be fixed, or they would end up with no family like last time. They both agree that they should talk to Bane and come to a peace agreement even after all the losses they have suffered. They have no way on contacting Bane so they have to wait for the call, a couple hours later the phone finally rings.


-Angel: So what do you want? Money? Power? What?
-Bane: I want you and Really to surrender or join the League of Shadows. Simple as that.
-Angel: No way in hell that is going to happen.
-Bane: Up to you. Live or die, make your choice.
-Angel: I know what you will do if we live, but me and my partner came to the conclusion that we will give up, but on our own terms, congratulations you’ve won, we will disban our families and transfer them to Fratesi. That way you won’t be able to kill them because they won’t be Corleones anymore and we will retire. I could kill you in a week if I wanted but I am just too tired and it’s time for a break.
-Bane: You chose your path.
*Call ends*


And this is how the war ended according to Angel and Really, or at least that’s what they thought. Corleones suffered huge losses while The League of Shadows didn’t lose a single member. With this they showed that they meant business and they were here to stay. America has seen enough dead bodies for now, will the fighting finally stop? Or will moving the members just prolong their deaths? Stay tuned to find out. ‘Till next time!


Lost Days

In recent events A.M has been struck in the heart and its players brought down to their knees. With an over 40+ members left dead from the Calabrese, Barzini, and Noodles Empire some might have called it a massacre or act of “Revenge”, But to most it was a War Crime and none-sense. But to the killers it was to prove a point and Show they mean business.


Leading up to this war “Lost Days” a lot of people have ended up dead from the Empire that killed so many. The two killers have been identified as none other than Real ( Really ) Corleone and his little brother Angel_Of_Death. It’s said that they didn’t start this war but did bring it to a new level of war, not only wiped out the Calabrese Empire but also taking it a few steps further and wiping out the Barzini and Noodles Empire as well.


While driving the “Kingpin” into retirement fearing it was only a matter of time that he would be killed by Really & AOD. “Lost Days” has lasted 4days and is continue at the looks of it. We caught Really walking with his Bodyguards to his Limo and decided to ask him for an Interview, his response was priceless saying “Anything for A.M” with a smirk on his face that gave me Chills. This is what he had to say…


Reporter: Why was this War started?


Really: Well, It started a few nights ago when Calabrese started attacking Corleones out of know where, with the loss of my Brother/Mentor GrimReaper and a lot of Corleones. Just like any normal person, I was extremely mad. I was so mad that my thought pattern was unstable and I wanted EVERYONE dead… To pay the price for Corleone deaths.


Reporter: Why didn’t you and Frankie have a sit down first?


Really: I don’t know why we didn’t have a sit down first, I even asked him he claims he sent one message to me but personally I didn’t get it. It’s possible that it could have got deleted but like any responsible person and respected mobster you send another message to make sure.


Reporter: What do you think the outcome of this war will be? More innocent people dead? Or a hopefully a peace agreement?


Really: Well like anyone in “War” there’s an ego in place, sadly I don’t care about my ego; I care about my Honor as I wish to Build A.M again like I’ve done and been doing sense my return. With that said… Next question please.


Reporter: Do you think you will win this War?


Really: It’s not about winning or losing. It was about me and my Brother AOD avenging EVERY Corleone that died; it was about showing our true power to everyone, showing if you push us hard enough we will destroy everything you worked for in a matter of minutes. Proving a point that Corleone is not to be messed with.


Reporter: Thank You that’s all for now!


Really: Anytime.

Bane (Chapo) Returns to America

The day came for Bane (Chapo) to return to the streets of American Mafia, this time with a new identity. According to an interview with him held at a secret place under extremely high security and his conditions he finally showed his face to the press for the first time ever. And here is what he had to say:


-Interviewer: Why did you decide to come back? And why the change of family?

-Bane: After trafficking drugs to the US for so long it was time for something new, I didn’t need money anymore and I felt the urge to do something new. Also the feds were all over me so I decided to change my facial features and officially change my name and family.


-Interviewer: And who are you now? What do you think is gonna happen in the future?

-Bane: It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan. I will bring back the League of Shadows which was originally created a long time ago by one of my ancestors. Now its time for me to make everyone respect and fear the League as they did before.


-Interviewer: Are you coming back to America to “collect some debts” or are you here for business only?

-Bane: My mission right now is to focus on building a very strong and concrete family made of Elite and trusted people only. I did not come back to do harm to anyone, but me and my group will if we have to. That is the message and legacy of the League.


-Interviewer: How did you survive? We all thought you were dead.

-Bane: What was thought to be “dead” was a fake contracted person who looked like me, the same way that I changed my facial structure is the same way we changed him in case someone tried to kill me because I knew that it was gonna be dangerous to come out of retirement and I was correct.


-Interviewer: What happens once the League is finally set up? Do you think you will last forever?

Bane: Nothing lasts forever my friend. Nothing. Once we are set up we will keep growing strong and perhaps even start some new families if necessary.


-Interviewer: Well thank you so much for your time Bane I hope we didn’t interrupt or bothered you.

-Bane: No problem, and it’s alright I wanted to make a couple of statements after I came back.


-Interviewer: Well that’s all we have for you today folks, ’till next time!


The Rise of Calabrese

Francis “Frankie” Calabrese was born in Brooklyn, New York City. His father was a small time hijacker for a mob crew running the Brooklyn docks, Frankie’s father wanted a better life for his son than he had growing up so he took out loans from the local Capo to start a small time drug ring, so he took the $250,000 loan to buy a shipment of heroin from smugglers that were based in Sicily. But once the drugs were seized by the Narcotics officers Frankie’s father had no way to repay the massive debt, he knew he was dead meat so he packed up his stuff and was about to leave town with his son but when he left his apartment building he was killed by a shotgun blast to the head.


After he witnessed his father die he swore revenge, Frankie started committing small time crimes to get a feel for “the life”. He earned enough to buy a small pistol but at close range can be fatal, on a cold rainy night Frankie stood outside the social club of the Brooklyn Capo and waited patiently in the rain. Finally the Capo walked outside of his club obviously drunk so without waiting a second and without any remorse walked up to the Capo and shot him in the head twice, before his crew even got outside Frankie was already on his way to the train station on his way to Chicago.


Word already spread throughout the American Mafia that Frankie Calabrese showed no fear and was a capable killer, The Outfit in Chicago wanted him to join them but he decided he wanted to build an empire of his own. Years went by and Frankie took a small time crew of thugs to one of the strongest forces in the state of Illinois, the Calabrese Family had interests in illegal gambling, extortion, drug trafficking, arms running and many more crimes.


But as a mob king he invested his vast illicit profits in legitimate businesses to explain how he can afford a giant mansion in the Chicago suburbs, afford to send his son Frankie Calabrese Jr to the best schools in Illinois so one day he can inherit his Empire and basically own the best of everything.


But Frankie’s story doesn’t end there, his Family still controls a vast criminal and legitimate empire making hundreds of millions every year. He started from a petty thug from Brooklyn to a multi millionaire, he had proven the American Dream can happen. He once said to his son, no one gives you power. Real power is something you take.


Frankie Calabrese Did Just That As He Set Out To Take The AM Kingpin spot And Rule The AM High Council.
The Corleones And Calabrese got into a huge War As They Began Filling the Streets With Bodies. Fighting For many reason the two sides showed no side of letting up. But they did, deciding to call a ceasefire and establish peace. The Two Decided To Split The High Council Into East Coast & West Coast. Frankie Became The East Coast Kingpin Of American Mafia.


War Broke Out Between East & West With Frankie Taking A Back Seat. He Was On Vacation When He received The News That The League Of Shadows Had Returned and Locked Eyes With The Corleones. The League Forced The Corleones Into Submission. The Survivors Fled To Other Families Like The Fratesi’s while Others Retired And Called It Quits. Frankie Then Became Kingpin Of American Mafia. His Plans For American Mafia Are Great And His Legacy will Forever Be Remembered.


Calabrese War Against Corleone

The war in the streets of America has not yet come to an end. We have several murders reported in different states across the country. Frankie Calabrese has been a patient man picking his targets carefully and patiently. Corleone has been going on a mass murder spree across the country killing innocents & Civilians. Mr Calabrese close acquintance that I bumped into in a state that I am not authorized to name to protect the locations of Mr Calabrese. I had asked him a few questions concerning this war because the citizens of the country and the government are very concerned.


Reporter: Mr Calabrese what has happened to not allow this war come to an end?


Calabrese: Well, things are very complicated at this time and I am not allowed to speak about the business of this thing of ours we do not conduct business with outsiders.


Reporter: Well that does not help me out very much to give to the people of America.


Calabrese: All you need to know is that this war is coming to an end. I have had my men work around the clock to end this war and so have I. I have not slept more than 8hours total in the past two days because I have been working on getting this war to come to and end. The Corleone’s are stubborn and do not listen very well. The Alleged boss of the Corleone’s is a complicated man and proclaims that he had no intentions to kill as most of the news knows already. He also claims that he never received my phone calls. I found that hard to believe. Mr Corleone knows when he receives messages. But I took it has maybe he never got the calls maybe there was some sort of bad cell phone service. I could have jumped the gun on Corleone Family, but I could not have taken the chances of him trying to kill me the next time while I was sleeping. I reacted first to take care of certain business matters before he had the chance to put his men in hiding.


Reporter: Who were the men in the black suits leaving your secluded location when I arrived.?


Calabrese: Those men some members of differently families including corleones are giving me information on business matters. Which is none of your concern, Like I said members of families and Corleone members are scared and have contacted me to stay safe and out of my mens weapon fire.


Reporter: Well Mr Calabrese you have given some detail on why this war has not come to an end yet. I am sure the American people will appreciate it.


Calabrese: You’re welcome, also just so you know I did make contact with the Corleone to come to an agreement and move past this war that was 48 hours ago. I gave Mr Corleone 24hours to accept my peace offer. Told him he had 24hours or the offer would not stand past the time limit. My best interest is for the families in this country. Mistakes were made on both sides of Calabrese’s and Corleone’s. Calabrese Family is willing to look past the mistakes. I want the American people to know that.


Reporter: Well thank you for that bit of information Mr Calabrese, I will definitely get this news out to the people.


(Shakes Calabrese hand)


Calabrese: Have a nice day

Real-Corleone Killed

Real-Corleone is finally dead after almost a full week of war. The Respected mobster died with his wife in a drive by shooting in front of the famous Time Square Theater in Oklahoma from a unknown gunman. Rumors have it that hes finally where he wanted to be and that’s in the grave with his Brothers and Corleone members.   Some say he committed suicide by firing his bodyguards and some say he just got weak over time. Real ( Really ) Corleone has ran the empire for little over 2 months now rebuilding to a point where its been the biggest in years, but the last time he was around he did run it as well making it his 4th time running the Corleone empire successfully.


Will he revive to run it a 5th time? or just sit back and relax for awhile with hes brothers. What will happen to the Corleone Empire? Will Angel survive to take over? We have yet to get in touch with his little brother AOD ( Angel_Of_Death ) but we look forward to talking to him and solving some of the questions A.M is asking.

War Breaks Out

It was Saturday night in Chicago. The Tampa Bay Rays were in town at Wrigley field playing the Cubs and notorious Calabrese Crime Syndicate Godfather, Frankie Calabrese Sr., was laying in bed watching the game. Frankie had recently just come back from the funeral of his dear friend and mentor Chapo Guzman and was exhausted from the trip. As usual, there were nearly 20 men guarding the Calabrese compound while the Calabrese Godfather rested inside. Frankie dozed off watching the game and was oblivious to the mayhem that was about to take place.


In the Underworld, occasionally fellow mobsters will share the secrets to their home and personal defense systems with each other and may even allow a fellow mobster to attempt to test these defenses. It has become somewhat of an unspoken ritual in which one Mafioso can proudly show another that his defensive measures are top of the line. It has been understood that this ritual should only take place if both Mafioso agree to it and if one should decline then their decision is respected. Most mobsters will decline the request for a defense test as they do not wish to reveal just how strong or weak their defensive systems may be. Saturday night, Real Corleone decided to test the defensive systems of Frankie Calabrese, without first explicitly getting permission to do so, and this decision would be the first step on the way to all out war.


The previous week in a candid discussion Really and Frankie had said they would be willing to test each others systems, however the tests never came to fruition and was believed to be a dead issue. This was until shots rang out in front of the Calabrese compound on Saturday night. As Frankie Calabrese lay sleeping in his upstairs bedroom, Real Corleone drove past on the street outside and fired several shots at the compound in an attempt to see if his bullets could get past the new protection Frankie had put in place. The sound of gunfire caused all 20 of Frankie’s guards to immediately hop to their feet and several of the guards fired back in the direction of where Really’s shot came from. Really was long gone by that point, however the guards found a note from him on the ground outside the compound when they did a perimeter check to make sure there was no one else around.


The guard who found the note immediately brought it inside and made his way up the stairs to Frankie’s bedroom. He knocked on Frankie’s door and sheepishly said, “Hey Boss, something important, you awake?” Frankie was startled by the knock and grabbed for his side arm instinctively and then yelled out to his guard to come in. The guard approached Frankie with the note and said, “Hey boss, Really apparently took a few shots at the compound and left this note for you.” Frankie grabbed the note and scanned over it. The note read, “Hey Frankie, I know we never got around to testing our systems last week so I was just giving yours a quick test now.” Frankie grew furious as he read the brief note and immediately told his guard to bring him his phone.


Frankie dialed Really and was sent straight to voicemail, “Really what is this crap of you taking shots at my house without permission and thinking it’s not a problem? Get back to me ASAP I want to know what’s going on.” Frankie hung up the phone and immediately began to get dressed. Unsure what to do he asked the other family bosses if they knew anything about the apparent “test” to which all the bosses told him they knew nothing. Frankie decided to get some sleep and would try to contact Really again on Sunday.


When Frankie woke up Sunday he again called Really’s phone and got his voicemail, “Really, we need to talk, call me.” Frankie said and hung up the phone. Frankie began to grow suspicious that Really was not answering him. He knew Really and Angel were the two men responsible for the murder of his mentor Chapo; were they now gunning for him? Frankie decided to give Angel a call and was able to get ahold of him. “Hey Angel, Really took a few shots at my compound last night and just left a note saying it was a test, you know why he’d do that without telling me first?” Frankie asked Angel. “Yea I wouldn’t read too much into it man, he does that sometimes but he’s definitely not trying to kill you or anything.” Angel said with a laugh. “Ok just making sure we’re all on the same page,” Frankie replied with a chuckle and then ended the conversation.


As the day progressed, Frankie had still not heard from Really after multiple attempts to reach him and was beginning to grow angry. Frankie began to contact his Family Capos and prepare them for a possible confrontation. He went to his arsenal in the compound basement and grabbed several automatic rifles and some body armor and began to prepare for a war. Frankie saw Really not answering him as an extreme sign of disrespect. Finally Frankie left one last message for Really, “Listen man, I don’t appreciate you attacking my defense without telling me and then ignoring me when I try to reach you to talk about it. I’ll give you until the end of today to get back to me. Ciao”.


The end of the day came and went and Frankie did not receive a call from Really. Frankie now suspected that Really had not just tested his defensive system but would have attempted to kill him had he find a weakness in the defense. Frankie then officially declared war on the Corleone Empire and him and his men began to methodically take out their members. Frankie flew to California, the sight of the last Corleone massacre, and suspected that he’d find many members of the Corleone empire throughout the state. Frankie’s guess paid off. The first person Frankie found was TNT. TNT was in San Francisco doing a collection round for the Corleone Family when Frankie found him. As TNT made his way out of a local mom and pop Italian restaurant that was paying protection money to the Corleones, Frankie opened fire on him and killed him instantly. It had not been more than a week and the Corleone Family was again under attack.


Frankie’s next target would be a serious blow to the Corleone Empire. GrimReaper, the legendary Mafioso and lifelong Corleone, had recently returned to the streets and was back involved in the American Mafia. It is still unclear if he was in the leadership role or was merely acting as an advisor to Really and Angel, but he was undoubtedly an integral part of the Corleone Empire. Grim was still adjusting to being back and was relaxing at his Los Angeles mansion with his guards and a few female acquaintances. They were all sitting by the pool having some drinks and just enjoying the luxuries that come with being Mafia royalty. Grim was in his hot tub with three women and completely oblivious to his surroundings. Even Grim’s guards were partaking in the partying and not fully paying attention to their jobs.


Frankie pulled up to the front of Grim’s mansion and put his car in park. He reached in the back seat of his car and grabbed for his silenced Kalashnikov. He placed a 30 round banana clip into the weapon, put a few extra magazines in his waistband and got out of the car. Frankie brazenly walked right up to the front window of Grim’s mansion. When Frankie looked through the window he saw nobody inside but could see movement in the back of the house. Frankie crept around the side of the house and slowly made his way towards the back yard. As he got closer to the pool area he could hear laughter and the clinging of glasses and bottles and could tell their was somewhat of a party going on. Frankie quickly peered around the side of the house and saw there were five guards at a table by the pool and saw Grim sitting in the hot tub at the end of the pool with the three ladies. Frankie knew that since Grim was in the hot tub he would obviously not be armed nor have a gun near him and that he needed to take out Grim’s guards first.


Frankie burst around the corner so fast that Grim’s drunken guards only saw a blur before Frankie shot each of them twice. Ten shots, all five guards had been hit once in the chest and once in the head. The women screamed at the sight of the dead and bloodied guards. “Please don’t hurt us,” the women began to shout at Frankie. Frankie, an old school Mafioso, did not believe in hurting innocents and let the women go. He kept his gun on Grim the entire time the ladies gathered their things and quickly got out of their. Once the ladies left, it was just Frankie and Grim. Frankie, still aiming his Kalashnikov at Grim told Grim, “This is nothing personal. You die tonight because of what your successor has done.” Frankie then fired three shots into Grim’s head before giving Grim a chance to speak. It was a rather ruthless move and Frankie showed no emotion. After he fired the three shots he slowly turned around and made his way back to his car out front.


At Really’s house in the Hollywood Hills another small party had been going on when Really’s phone rang. He grabbed his phone, “Oh my God! Really! He killed Grim! I can’t believe this! Oh My God!” a female voice said crying into the phone. It turns out one of the women Frankie had let go knew Really as well and immediately called him to tell him of the events that had just unfolded. Really responded, “Wait, what?? Who killed Grim?!” The people at Really’s house hearing him yell out those words suddenly became very quiet. “Frankie Calabrese,” the girl on the phone answered Really. “You ok?” Really asked her. “Yes I think so,” she replied. “I’m sorry you had to be there for that. Just get home and get some rest, I’ll take care of this.” Really told the girl and then hung up the phone. “That piece of ****,” Really said angrily to himself. By now all the men at his house were looking at him waiting for some kind of order. Really had one of his guys call Angel of Death and get him to come over immediately. Really also summoned the rest of the Corleone Family for an emergency meeting.


When Angel and the majority of the Corleones showed up, Really let them all know what happened to Grim. Really then told them, “I know Frankie wasn’t the one behind this! The other families helped him, I know it! Well now everyone will die.” Some of his men were galvanized by this call to arms but a few questioned why he would attack all the families. They knew it was Frankie and the Calabrese Syndicate that had declared war on them and was attacking them so why would they attack the other families? Really didn’t care. He was livid that his mentor was killed. He didn’t care that the other families had not been involved in the plot, he just wanted everyone dead. “It’s time I get that Kingpin spot, even if there’s no Kingdom left when I’m done!” Really told his men.


A few of his men looked at each other in disbelief not understanding the reasoning behind killing allies but by then it was too late. Really had already made the call to his men across the country that any person that isn’t Corleone was to be killed on sight. The men being obedient to their boss understood their orders and began to carry them out.

As news began to spread throughout the Underworld that Corleone was now targeting every family a few attempts were made at talking to Really and Angel but it was too late. By now Angel and Really had killed members belonging to Barzini, Noodles and Fratesi, including Fratesi underboss Gunnz. They had made their intentions known and the other four families began readying themselves for war. Killing of members of families not involved in the war was not unheard of in the American Mafia, it was a near weekly occurrence when Pazzo Sangue and Royce Gambino walked the streets, however it was not expected from the Corleone bosses. Angel and Really, two men who helped bring the Pazzo and Royce era to an end, were now committing the same atrocities they had condemned those two for.


As the war progresses it is unclear what the outcome will be but it is known that until either side is declared a victor, there will be no peace. There was a relative calm for several weeks but war has returned to the streets of the American Mafia. We have also learned that the Fratesi, Noodles, Barzini and Calabrese Crime Families have voted to kick the Corleone family out of the High Council. All four families have apparently agreed to team together to kill the Corleones, check back soon to find out the outcome of the war. Until then, stay safe.

President Assassinated!

Wolfmansamtheman, President of the United States, was assassinated on a domestic trip to Oklahoma this past weekend. The President, who had not been heard from much these past few weeks, was in Oklahoma discussing his domestic policy plans for the future when an assassin’s bullet struck him down. It is still not known who was behind the attack.


The President had been vacationing for several weeks in Oklahoma at his palatial vacation residence. He knew his absence was beginning to be noticed by the people of America and decided to kick start his domestic agenda with a speech at the Anti-Mafia Union regional headquarters in Oklahoma. The president arrived at the HQ just before noon local time. When he arrived at the HQ he greeted several local community leaders before disappearing to a secluded office for some one on one time with the Anti-Mafia Union Commissioner, John Peters. It was said the meeting went well and the President was to discuss his new hard line policy against the American Mafia in his speech that was expected to occur approximately 3:30pm that afternoon. According to the meeting minutes, the President was aware that his new policy had made him a target for the underworld.


“Mr. President, what you are doing today is very brave and we here at the Anti-Mafia Union applaud you in your fight against this dangerous phenomena known as the American Mafia.” Commissioner Peters told the President. “Well Mr. Peters, after weeks of absence from the public eye, I knew I needed the first policy objective to be strong.” the President replied. “I couldn’t agree more Mr. President. There has been a drastic rise in crime and murders thanks to this plague of mobsters and it’s about time someone stood up to them and showed them we’re not afraid!” The two men continued to discuss the issue of crime in the country and had lunch together.


When they finished eating lunch, Commissioner Peters gave the President a brief tour of the Regional Headquarters and then lead him outside where the large crowd of Union members and spectators were waiting to hear his speech. The secret service had swept the area and found no signs of a threat. The agents were scattered throughout the crowd and surrounding buildings. The Union Headquarters was located in downtown Oklahoma City. There were many tall buildings surrounding the Headquarters, and with the threat of violence known, it was a secret service nightmare. The large area caused the secret service to be stretched exceptionally thin that day and it seems only single agent units were assigned to areas where there would usually be a multi agent team, such as the surrounding buildings. They had imposed a closed window order for all buildings facing the stage where the President would make his speech.


As the President started to climb the steps to the stage, one of the agent’s protecting him noticed that a window in the building across the way from the stage was open. It was on the 8th floor of the building all the way to the left and appeared to be near where the stairs to the building was located. The agent immediately radioed this to the other agents. “POTUS making his way to the stage and we got a window open across the street. Need agents descending on that window NOW!” the agent said. The agent then grabbed the President’s arm, “Mr. President we have a situation. There’s an open window across the way and is an ideal location for a sniper’s nest.” the agent told the President. “Look, I am not cancelling this speech. You men do what you have to do but I am going on this stage and I am giving this speech, do you understand?” the President said sternly to the agent. “Yes sir.” the agent replied reluctantly.


The President waved to the crowd as he slowly made his way to the podium. Behind the podium were several chairs where the executives of the Anti-Mafia Union were seated. As the President made it to the podium and began to address the crowd, the agent next to him suddenly noticed a sniper rifle appear through the open window. Before the agent could even flinch a shot rang out and struck the President through the temple. “POTUS has been hit!!” the agent cried out over the radio as he lunged in the direction of the President. The crowd scattered as they heard the shot ring out and this made it much more difficult for the secret service agents to quickly get to the building where the shot came from.


Meanwhile the President was quickly carried to a waiting ambulance. The President’s personal doctor was in the ambulance waiting and went to work on the President immediately, but his work was for naught. The President was declared dead and the manhunt began for the man who fired the shot. The secret service had finally made it to the building across the way and ran up the stairs as quickly as they could. As they made it to the room with the open window they found the door already open and the room empty. There was an empty .50 caliber round on the ground near the window and a note on the window sill that read, “Time for another election.” The secret service agents flew into a rage at their inability to stop the assassination of the President and proceeded to cordon off the entire city and the begin the search for the assassin.


At press time, no suspects have been arrested however it is believed that the murder was ordered by one of the bosses of the Five Families in retaliation for the President’s new hard line policy on the American Mafia. New elections for the President are expected to occur in a couple weeks after the public has had time to mourn the loss of their leader.


Corleone Family Nearly Wiped Out

It had been roughly two weeks since notorious Sinaloa Cartel leader Chapo Guzman was killed by Angel of Death and Real Corelone, and his body finally made it back home to Sinaloa in Mexico to be buried. There was a massive turnout at Chapo’s funeral and all the Five Family bosses as well as other underworld royalty were present except of course the Corleone Family bosses. Corleone instead chose to send a delegation of low level soldiers to the funeral, just so they can say they paid their respects.

In the two weeks since Chapo was killed, his protégé Frankie Calabrese, Boss of the Calabrese Crime Family, nearly went to war with the Corleone Crime Family. War was averted at the last minute when a sit down was called by LeftyTwoGunz and both factions were able to come to a mutual agreement to leave the incident in the past. The agreement consisted of a large sum of money being paid to Calabrese in return for peace. Once the money was delivered most thought that there would be no further bloodshed with Frankie agreeing to peace. They couldn’t have been more wrong, however Frankie would not be the one to break this peace. The Corleone Crime Family had been completely blindsided by the bloodshed and the unexpected source that caused it.

Back at Chapo’s funeral, Chapo’s son Xinjection could not take his eyes off of the Corleone delegation. He was already mad enough that his father was killed, but the obvious slight of sending low level soldiers and not the bosses to pay their respects put him over the top. In attendance at the funeral as well was Corleone Crime Family member Melvin Purvis, who was a distant cousin to Chapo Guzman. After the ceremony concluded Xinjection made his way over to Melvin and started venting his frustrations about the situation. “I can’t believe the cojones on these guys! Not only do they kill my father for no reason, they aren’t even man enough to show up to personally pay their respect!” Melvin felt the same as Xinjection and replied, “I know man. Since these guys killed your dad I’ve been distancing myself from them. They’re reckless and think they can do whatever they want without any repercussions.” Xinjection nodded in agreement and said, “Well why don’t we show them what happens when they mess with the Cartel?” “Let’s do it!” Melvin replied.

The plan the two men had hatched out would be a devastating blow to the Corleone Bosses. They knew that taking the bosses out would be the most logical response, however they wanted the bosses to feel the same frustration they were feeling and decided they were going to wipe out the family. On the plane ride from Mexico to the United States, Xinjection and Melvin went over a list of names of soldiers and capos of the Corleone Family and planned their attack. There were 11 names on their list, the most senior Corleone members. They also agreed they would not attack any other family, however, if anyone got in their way they would be killed as well.

When they landed in California it was late afternoon on August 3, 2014. It was exactly two weeks since Chapo’s murder and now there would be payback. The two men knew that several of the people on their list would be in the state, it was just a matter of tracking them down. Xinjection brought his gold plated Desert Eagles and an Uzi with him. Melvin was armed with a Tommy Gun, a .38 Special and a .44 Magnum. The two men had already made plans for a vehicle to be ready and waiting for them and sure enough, when they walked off the plane, there was a dark blue Chevy Impala waiting for them. The men loaded their weapons into the car and started on their way to find the people on their list.

First on the list was Clamenza. They knew Clamenza liked to hang out in the Southern California area around San Diego so they began their trek in SoCal just past the border to Mexico. They were roaming the streets for no more than a half hour when they drove past Luigi’s Italian Restaurant and saw Clamenza and Don Constantine exiting the building. “Perfect,” Xinjection said, “two birds with one stone.” Melvin laughed at their luck and told Xinjection to go down the street a little and turn the car around so they can get a better angle on the two men. As Xinjection turned the car around, neither Clamenza nor Don Constantine noticed the Chevy Impala carrying the two men creeping towards them. As the car came closer to the two men, Xinjection stopped the car and yelled out “My father sends his regards!”

Both Clamenza and Don Constantine were stopped in their tracks like a deer in headlights. Melvin raised his Tommy gun and Xinjection held up his two Desert Eagles and both men unloaded their guns on the two Corleone members. Melvin’s Tommy gun pierced through Clemenza like a knife through butter and killed him instantly with multiple shots to the chest. Don Constantine attempted to grab for his gun from under his coat, but Xinjection shot him in the shoulder which caused Don to be violently thrown backwards from the power of the bullet. Xinjection continued firing until both of his Desert Eagles were empty and Don Constantine laid dead on the floor riddled with .50 caliber bullets. Xinjection and Melvin quickly hopped back into their Impala and sped away from the scene.

“Wooohooo!! Got those bastards!” Xinjection yelled excitedly. “Well now there is no turning back buddy, lets finish this thing!” Melvin replied. Two of the Eleven people on the list were now crossed off, only nine left. Xinjection and Melvin began to head north towards Los Angeles where they knew OL FamRocca lived, and hoped they would have the same luck they had in San Diego. They were hoping that a few other people from their list would be in LA as well. It was nearly midnight when they pulled into the outskirts of Los Angeles and Xinjection asked Mevlin, “Where this guy live again?” “Compton,” Melvin replied, “apparently on top of being a Mafioso he thinks he’s some kind of street gangster too.” Both men laughed loudly at this and Xinjection followed the street signs to Compton. The two men pulled the Chevy up to the intersection of Florence and Normandie and found OL Roc standing on the corner selling drugs. There was many people on the street and Xinjection and Melvin had preferred not to be seen, however this may be their only chance at getting him so they went for it. As they pulled closer to OL Roc, Melvin leaned out the window of the car and began spraying bullets in the direction of OL Roc. OL Roc was hit 13 times in his back as well as the back of his head. He had turned to run from the gunfire but Melvin’s aim was too good and he got OL Roc before he could take more than five steps. When the bullet entered the back of OL Roc’s head he dropped like sack of potatoes. The rest of the people on the street scattered, however a few men began firing back. One bullet struck the trunk of the car as Xinjection sped away headed in the direction of Downtown LA.

“Damn man that was a close one!” Xinjection said. “Yea well at least we got him. That’s three down eight to go.” Melvin said calmly. They knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task, but so far they had killed 30% of their targets and it was not even midnight yet. “Alright man, I know there’s a few more of them here, but since this may be our last trip together wanna head to Vegas for the night and finish this tomorrow?” Xinjection asked Melvin. “Hell yea man! Let’s go party one last time!” Melvin excitedly replied. Xinjection was making his way through downtown Los Angeles in the direction of Interstate 15, when Melvin noticed Murphy MacMannus smoking a cigarette in his bathrobe outside a Sheraton Hotel. “Wow man, this has to be our lucky night,” Melvin said. “Yea I hope it carries over on the Black Jack table when we get to Vegas,” Xinjection joked. Xinjection drove the car around the block to come back around to get a good shot on Murphy. As he came around the corner, he saw Murphy had just dropped his cigarette and stomped it out and was starting to head back inside. He sped the car up, screeched to a halt and threw it in park and left it running. Xinjection hopped out of the driver’s seat and yelled, “Murphy!” Murphy hearing his name instinctively turned around and just as he did Xinjection fired his Desert Eagle. His shot went clean through Murphy’s head and Xinjection was back in the car driving away before Murphy’s body even hit the ground.

“Four down Seven to go,” Xinjection said. “Those will be my numbers tonight on the craps tables,” Melvin joked, “four and seven.” They finally made it to Interstate 15 and began the drive to Vegas. It would only take a few hours to get there, but with their adrenaline pumping the two men felt like they had made it there in mere minutes. Just as they were driving passed the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, they noticed a car broken down on the side of the road. It was a female who was by herself and she was visibly frustrated. The two men decided to pull over to help the woman. As they pulled up behind her car she looked in their direction, but was blinded by the headlights of the car.

“That’s Marissa Denaro!” Melvin exclaimed. “You got to be kidding me,” Xinjection said laughing. “Did these guys know we were coming and just wanted to make it easier?” Melvin joked. Laughing at the joke Xinjection stepped out of the car and asked Marissa, “What seems to be the problem?” Marissa not knowing who Xinjection was replied, “My damn battery died and you are the first car to stop, can you give me a jump?” As Marissa finished asking the question she had moved close enough to the car that she could now see the man sitting in the passenger seat. She recognized Melvin’s face immediately and became somewhat frightened. She had heard about the other Corleone members who had died a little bit earlier and put the pieces together and realized that Melvin must have turned on the family because he knew where all the members hung out. “You damn rat!” Marissa yelled at Melvin. Melvin then stepped out of the car and pulled out his .38 Special. He pointed it at Marissa and fired one shot at her chest. Marissa fell to the floor as the bullet struck her chest. She knew she had been gravely wounded but managed to work up enough strength to spit in the direction of Melvin, “You piece of garbage, I hope the boys tear you apart when they get ahold of you.” Marissa said to Melvin. “Yea, I don’t think they’re going to have the chance,” Melvin said just before he fired another shot into Marissa’s head killing her instantly.

Just as he fired the shot that killed Marissa another car sped up behind them. They didn’t realize but Marissa had called Rocco Tacetta, who was also in Las Vegas, to come help her. Rocco, having seen Melvin shoot Marissa, hopped out of his car guns blazing. Xinjection and Melvin ducked down between their car. “You filthy rat bastard!” Rocco yelled at Melvin. “How could you betray our family like this?!” Rocco continued. Xinjection and Melvin, still kneeling for cover behind the car, looked at each other and smiled. They found Rocco’s anger to be humorous. “Alright you ready to take this guy?” Melvin asked Xinjection. “Yea, I’ll pop out on this side you head out on that side.” Xinjection replied. On the count of three both men hopped out from behind the car. Xinjection came out on the driver side of the car guns blazing and Melvin popped up from behind the passenger side of the Impala firing his Tommy gun at Rocco. The quick move caught Rocco completely off guard. Rocco thought he had the two men pinned down, but he underestimated the men’s skill. Xinjection managed to shoot Rocco in both knees, causing Rocco to crumble to the floor in pain. Melvin, still firing in Rocco’s direction but not hitting his target, briefly stopped firing to readjust his aim. He now had Rocco in his sights and opened fire as he walked towards Rocco. Melvin emptied the drum into Rocco and by the time he finished firing, Rocco had been torn into several pieces. Melvin’s ruthlessness showed just how serious the two men were about exacting their revenge. Melvin and Xinjection casually walked back to the car, hopped in and made their way into Las Vegas to gamble and party one last time together.

The next morning the two men woke up after only a few hours of sleep and began the drive back to California. They only had five targets left and knew that Putin would be arriving at LAX a little bit later in the day. They made it to LAX just as Putin’s plane was landing. Being a low level soldier Putin did not have the luxury of a car waiting for him and had to rent his own car. Xinjection and Melvin knew this and were waiting for him in the car rental parking lot. They both had taken cover behind one of the rental cars in anticipation of Putin’s arrival in the lot. As Putin made his way to the Honda POS car he had rented, Melvin and Xinjection popped up from behind the rental car and opened fire. Putin didn’t even see it coming. Xinjection sprayed 20 bullets in Putin’s direction from his Uzi while Melvin fired several shots from his Tommy gun. Roughly 30-40 rounds tore through Putin’s flesh and by the time the men stopped firing Putin was an unrecognizable mound of blood and gore. Xinjection and Melvin quickly made it back to their Impala but before they could leave the airport Xinjection’s phone rang. It was xJokerx calling with a lead on the whereabouts of Rockey1, another person on the list. “What’s up Joker, where’s he hiding?” Xinjection asked. “He’s in Kansas boss, if you make it there fast enough you can still catch him.” Joker answered. “Sounds good,” Xinjection said and then hung up the phone.

Lady luck was still on Melvin and Xinjection’s side as they were already at the airport and just needed to board a plane. Luckily, Xinjection’s dad Chapo had his own fleet of jets and kept a couple at LAX in case of a situation such as this. The two men quickly made their way to one the jets and carried their guns hidden in their luggage to keep things less suspicious. They would finally have a chance to sleep for a little bit on their way to Kansas and both men dozed off as soon as they sat down aboard the private jet. Next thing they knew they heard the pilot come over the intercom informing them they were in Kansas already. “Wow that was quick,” Xinjection said to himself out loud. As the two men exited the plane they saw a Lincoln Continental waiting for them. They both loaded their bags containing their guns into the backseat of the car and hopped in and drove out of the airport. According to Joker’s info, Rockey1 was at a Corleone stash house just outside the airport. When the two men pulled up at the address Joker gave them. It was an old garage that looked like it hadn’t been used in years. It was completely silent and seemed as if no one was around. “Damn, did we miss him?” Melvin asked.


Just as he finished his sentence the sound of gunfire broke the silence and several shots came through the windshield of the car, narrowly missing both men. “Where’s he shooting from?!” Xinjection yelled out. “I can’t see him, I don’t know.” Melvin replied. The two men opened the doors to the car and crouched behind them for cover scanning every direction looking for Rockey1. The gunfire had stopped suddenly and the eerie silence returned. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye Xinjection noticed movement in the window of the lobby portion of the garage. “Got him,” Xinjection said to Melvin gesturing in the direction of the garage lobby. Melvin turned his head in time to see Rockey1 pop into view in one of the windows. Rockey1 fired several more shots at the two men and this time he caught Melvin in the shin with a ricochet. “Dammit!!” Melvin yelled in pain. Both men now opened fire with their automatic weapons. Melvin with his Tommy gun and Xinjection with his Uzi. The bullets from their guns tore a gaping hole in the metal walls of the old garage. They could see through this hole that they had gotten Rockey1 but he was still moving inside. “Cover me,” Xinjection said to Melvin as he slowly crept up to the hole in the wall. When Xinjection was in place next to the hole he looked over to Melvin who gave him the thumbs up that Rockey1 was still on the ground and moving. Xinjection quickly leaned into the hole just enough to get a his gun and a visual on Rockey1. As soon as he saw Rockey1 lying severely injured on the ground he finished him off with a few more shots to the head from his Uzi. “Eight down, three to go,” Xinjection said to Melvin as he made his way back to the car. “You ok?” Xinjection asked Melvin, referring to the ricochet wound. “Yea it just nicked me, I’ll be alright.” Melvin replied.


They drove back to the airport and quickly boarded the jet to head back to California. When they landed in California, Melvin’s phone rang. It was one of his contacts who told him that Kalina Blackheart, wife of Real Corleone, was shopping in Beverly Hills. The informant also let him know that Mike Jones was with her, acting as her personal guard. The two men hopped into their Chevy Impala and sped off towards Beverly Hills. When they got to The Grove shopping center, they drove around the parking garage looking to see if they could recognize any of the cars. Sure enough as they made it to the third floor of the garage they spotted Mike Jones’s pimped out Cadillac. They backed the car a few spots down from Mike’s car and waited patiently for Mike and Kalina to show up. About three hours passed when finally in the distance they saw a man carrying a ton of shopping bags and a woman hastily walking in front of him. They immediately recognized that it was Kalina and Mike. They knew that since Mike was carrying all the bags they would be able to hit both of them before Mike could even grab for a weapon. They crept out of the car and ducked down behind the car that was parked next to them. Melvin had his Tommy gun loaded and ready and Xinjection had his trusty gold plated Desert Eagles. They waited until Mike and Kalina made it to Mike’s car and suddenly jumped out from behind the car and opened fire. Xinjection hit Kalina in the head and chest. The force of the bullet going through her head covered Mike’s face in brain matter. Mike was in a state of shock from the surprise attack and couldn’t even move enough to drop the bags. As he stood there holding all the bags, face covered in Kalina’s blood, Melvin shot him 15 times through the chest and torso. Mike fell to his knees dead. The weight of his body pulled him forward and he landed face first on the parking garage pavement, still with all the bags in his hands. Melvin and Xinjection quickly hopped into their Impala and sped away.


“Ten down one to go baby!!” Xinjection yelled in excitement. “Hell yea!”, screamed Melvin. He continued, “Now all we need is Joey Cortizi and our job is complete!” Both men knew that the word was now out and that a massive man hunt, led by the Corleone bosses Real Corleone and Angel of Death, was under way looking for them. They knew getting Joey would not be an easy task with everyone looking for them so they decided to split up and to give them better odds at finding Joey. “Listen man, I know Joey usually hangs out in Illinois or Colorado.” Melvin told Xinjection. “Ok well then I’ll head to Colorado and you get to Illinois.” Xinjection replied. The two men made their way back to LAX and before boarding separate jets gave each other a hug. “Listen if I don’t see you again, this has been fun and I appreciate you helping me avenge my father,” Xinjection said to Melvin, nearly choking up. “It’s been my honor.” said Melvin. Melvin boarded his jet and took off towards Illinois and Xinjection headed toward Colorado. There was one man left and their revenge would be finished.


When Xinjection landed in Colorado he quickly walked off the plane and got into a waiting SUV. The SUV sped away from the plane and was almost out of the airport when Xinjection spotted Joey walking out of the airport terminal. It seemed as if Joey had just arrived in Colorado from another state. Xinjection told the driver to follow Joey until he got to his car in the long term parking lot. The SUV slowly followed Joey, making sure not to be noticed in the process. As Joey made it to his car, he opened the trunk and started loading his bags in. Surprisingly Joey was alone. With all the violence directed at Corleone in the past day and a half Xinjection thought Joey would be traveling with guards, but to his delight he had Joey all to himself. Xinjection directed the driver to speed up and pull up right behind Joey. The driver stepped on the gas and quickly pulled the car directly behind Joey, who was still loading his bags into his trunk. Joey didn’t notice that the SUV had pulled up behind him. Xinjection, realizing that Joey didn’t notice he was behind him, whispered “Hey Joey.” Joey turned around to see who had called his name. Xinjection had his Desert Eagle in hand with his arm extended out the window. Just as Joey’s eyes locked onto the gun Xinjection fired. With that shot all eleven targets were dead.


Meanwhile in Illinois, Melvin was searching the streets for Joey. As he was continuing to search he received a text message from Xinjection telling him that Joey was dead in Colorado. “We won,” Melvin said softly to himself. Just as he finished the sentence he drove past a notorious Mafia hang out. Sitting out front was Donnie Brasco, a low level Barzini associate. Donnie, having noticed Melvin driving past him, grabbed for his pistol and opened fire on Melvin’s car. Melvin was caught off guard by the gunfire. He swerved his car to the side of the road and jumped out and took cover behind it. When he realized it was Donnie shooting at him, Melvin yelled out, “This isn’t your fight Donnie! I don’t want to hurt you! Turn around and walk away!” Donnie replied, “You’re not making it out of here alive Melvin!” Donnie took cover behind a parked car and quickly texted Angel of Death, who he knew was also in town. He gave Angel his location and then proceeded to exchange gunfire with Melvin. Donnie, trying to make a name for himself, hoped he would be able to take out Melvin with ease, however Donnie greatly underestimated his opponent’s abilities. Donnie was firing over the hood of the parked car at Melvin, not realizing he was leaving his head completely exposed. Melvin peered through the window of his car and noticed Donnie’s head was exposed. Melvin took aim, fired with his .44 Magnum and hit Donnie in the face. Donnie died instantly, his body lay dead on the hood of the car. Melvin tried to quickly flee the scene, but Donnie had destroyed the car’s engine block with gunfire. Melvin was pinned down behind the car and he knew members of the Five Families would be arriving soon. He quickly phoned Xinjection but got his voicemail. Melvin left a message, “Hey man, looks like this is the end for me. We finished what we set out to do and avenged your dad. Take it easy my brother.”


As Melvin hung up the phone Angel of Death and his men pulled up on the scene. Spotting Donnie Brasco dead Angel had one of his men alert LeftyTwoGunz. Lefty was informed that Xinjection was in Colorado and he immediately hopped a plane to head there to take him out. He knew that Angel would likely kill Melvin quickly, so he decided to head to Colorado to take out the other half of the duo. The massive manhunt for the two perpetrators of this massacre would finally be finished, and the two men would be dead. On the street in Illinois, Angel and his men were firing assault rifles at Melvin who was pinned down behind the broken down car. The bullets from the assault rifles were gradually tearing holes in the car and Melvin realized that soon enough there’d be no car left, and he’d be a dead man. Rather than go out hiding Melvin decided to go down fighting. He hopped up from behind the car and ran in the direction of Angel and his men while firing his Tommy gun. Melvin managed to kill four of Angel’s bodyguards before Angel killed him with multiple gunshots to the chest and head. The reign of terror Melvin had caused was now over. Melvin Purvis, once a prominent Corleone Family member, now lay dead on a street in Illinois at the hand of his former family.


Meanwhile, back in Colorado, Xinjection was tipped off that LeftyTwoGunz and several others were on their way there to get him. Xinjection knew that the best way to end this massacre would be to leave his enemies with the ultimate frustration. Rather than die by the hands of his enemies, Xinjection decided to take his own life. Killing himself was his final “Screw You” to the people who had killed his father Chapo. When Lefty, his men and the Corleones showed up in Colorado, they immediately drove to the hotel where Xinjection was last spotted. They kicked down the door to his room where they found him laying dead from a single gunshot wound to the head. Every Mafioso across the country was happy the massacre had finally come to an end, but as Xinjection predicted, there was still an air of frustration at the fact that they were not able to kill Xinjection themselves. Xinjection knew that his last action as a living man would forever frustrate the members of the Corleone family and the American Mafia. He would forever be remembered as a thorn in the side of the American Mafia, a legacy his father would be proud of.


Pazzo-Sangue Murdered

Just several days after it was reported that Pazzo Sangue had returned from semi retirement, his body was discovered in Oklahoma, in front of the Oklahoma Casino. Pazzo, infamous for his killing sprees with former partner Royce Gambino, had apparently broken a deal with the Five Families and paid with his life. Our insider has provided us with information surrounding the murder.


It was early morning July 31, 2014 and LeftyTwoGunz was sitting at his headquarters at Scores Strip Club in New York, having some drinks and discussing business with his close confidant Ric. The room was filled with cigarette smoke and the lights were slightly dimmed to help conceal the face of the American Mafia Kingpin. While discussing business one of Lefty’s henchmen approached his table and said, “Hey boss, Pazzo Sangue is here to see you.” Lefty gave Ric a puzzled look as he thought Pazzo had retired and left the country. “Send him over, but keep a gun on him at all times,” Lefty told his guard. Lefty knew Pazzo was the type to smile to your face while stabbing you in the back so he knew to be cautious when dealing with him.


“Hey Lefty, good to see you,” Pazzo said as he walked up and shook Lefty’s hand. “What can I do for you Pazzo?” Lefty asked sharply. “Well I wanted to discuss returning to the streets with you, I know I done a lot….” Lefty cut Pazzo off, “Hey Ric you wanna give us a few minutes.” Ric nodded and got up and walked to the bar to grab a drink. “Have a seat Paz.” Lefty said gesturing to the spot across the table from him. Pazzo sat down and continued to talk, “I wanted to discuss returning to the streets. Now I know I’ve caused a lot of problems but I wanted to see if you’d be willing to give me a shot to prove that I’m loyal to you and done with those ways.” Lefty did not respond right away. He was looking straight at Pazzo as if he was looking directly into his soul, looking for the slightest sign of deviance in Pazzo’s demeanor. “I don’t know about that Paz. You’ve killed a lot of people and it hasn’t even been a month.” Lefty puffed his cigarette and blew the smoke in Pazzo’s direction, almost as an insult. “I’m sure you being back here has already put a huge X on your back and you’re lucky I don’t kill you right now.”


Pazzo seemed slightly frustrated with Lefty’s response and replied, “Well that’s why I came to you. I know you a long time and I’m lookin’ for a little bit of trust. I’ll head to the Park Sheraton and stay there until I hear from you. If you want me dead at least you’ll know where to find me.” Pazzo tipped his hat to Lefty and left the club. Lefty waved Ric back over, “I want you to gather all the bosses and tell ’em Pazzo is back and we need to discuss it.” Sure thing boss,” Ric said, and headed off to contact the other family leaders.


The next day all the family bosses met at the Park Sheraton in New York City to discuss the Pazzo situation as well as Lefty’s view for the future. This was two days after Royce’s death and his former partner, Pazzo, was already looking to get back into the action. Several of the men brought this point up and that it seemed too convenient that Pazzo decided to come back right after Royce was killed. Most of them thought the reasoning for his return was that he was seeking revenge for his fallen friend. The men finally came to a mutual agreement about what to do with Pazzo. They decided that Pazzo would pay a fine for the men killed and join the Barzini Crime Family so he could be under the close supervision of LeftyTwoGunz.


After the men headed back to their rooms, Lefty stayed downstairs with Ric in the steak restaurant and called up to Pazzo’s room. Pazzo answered the phone and Lefty said, “Downstairs in the steak house, come join me.” Pazzo obliged and was downstairs within a few minutes. He walked to the back of the restaurant and found Lefty and Ric sitting at a large table that was covered in plates and glasses that all appeared to have just been used. The chairs were all pushed out as if a large group had just recently left. Pazzo, realizing that he had just shown up after a high level meeting, knew he was about to hear his fate.


“Sit down Paz.” Lefty said. Pazzo took a seat at a few chairs down from Ric, making sure he was in position to act if he was attacked. He looked over at Lefty intently. “We’re going to give you a chance to prove yourself, but understand you have very little leeway here. You will be fined $10billion and will be required to join my family so I can keep a close eye on you.” “$10billion?! I don’t even have that kind of money!” Pazzo exclaimed. “They wanted to charge you more,” Lefty said gesturing towards the exit in a reference to the other family bosses. “Look, I can come up with the money, but I don’t have it like I used to and you’ll have to give me a few days,” Pazzo told Lefty. “3 days,” Lefty warned, “if I don’t see the money in 3 days I will take it as a sign that you do not wish to uphold your part of the deal and you will face severe consequences.” “Understood.” Pazzo said. With that, the two men shook hands and agreed to the deal. Pazzo turned and walked out, but before he left he told Lefty, “Look I’ll be going back and forth between Oklahoma and Florida to make the money. Let everyone know so they don’t try and kill me thinking I’m just doing my own thing.” Lefty nodded.


After Pazzo left, Lefty called Angel of Death, Frankie Calabrese and Real Corleone down to talk with him. These men made up the current administration of the High Council, being the RHM, LHM and Chairman. Lefty told them about the deal that was made with Pazzo and asked them to keep an eye on him when he wasn’t around and that they had authorization to kill Pazzo if he stepped out of line. All three men understood and the meeting was adjourned. The powerful Mafiosi all went back to their respective rooms and the next day business went back to usual.


Pazzo fell right back into the scheme of things. He was running alcohol and drugs from Florida to Oklahoma and back with ease. He was making serious money in the process and before long he had surpassed the $10billion mark. He had made enough money to pay off his debt to the High Council and could therefore show them that he was serious about making up for his past deeds. However, Pazzo did not pay any money back. Instead, he took the money to the Oklahoma casino and began spending wildly. He was gambling on Black Jack, putting down a million dollars per hand, he was buying drinks for everyone at the bar, he was paying for personal company from the ladies and he even began dipping into his own stash of drugs.


When three days finally passed and Pazzo had not paid any money to Lefty, Angel went to New York to see Lefty to ask what he wanted to do. “Well, I told him three days, we’re now into the fourth day and I haven’t received a dime. Do you know where he is?” Lefty asked. “Down in Oklahoma, at the state casino, partying with OUR money,” Angel replied. Lefty seemed to almost turn red when he heard that news. “Kill him,” Lefty told Angel, “and make sure everyone knows it was us that killed him too.” “You got it,” Angel replied.


As Angel was walking out of Lefty’s club he picked up his phone and called Real Corleone. “Hey, want to take a trip to Oklahoma with me to go see Pazzo?” Angel asked. “Eh, I think I can fit it in my schedule,” Really replied. Both men laughed and then hung up the phone. They then immediately gathered themselves and headed to the airport and were quickly on their way to Oklahoma. As they landed in Oklahoma, they were greeted by several of Lefty’s guys who gave them both AK47’s. The guns had a note attached that read “Enjoy” and was signed by Lefty. Both men chuckled at this and hopped into a waiting Cadillac Escalade and were on their way to the Oklahoma Casino.


Meanwhile, at the Casino, Pazzo was several days into a drug and alcohol fueled gambling binge. He had lost 3/4 of the money he had made from dealing and was becoming increasingly more belligerent. By now Pazzo had drank so much alcohol and ingested so many narcotics that he was stumbling around unaware of his surroundings. He looked like a shell of his former self. It was a sad sight and he stood no chance when Angel and Really arrived.


Pazzo eventually caused enough of a commotion that the Casino Manager finally decided to throw him out. “Mr. Sangue, you’re a long time customer but enough is enough and you need to leave.” the manger said. “Do you know who I am?” Pazzo slurred, “I can kill anybody in thiss placcce.” Finally a few guards came over and escorted Pazzo out of the Casino. Right as they were bringing him outside the black Escalade carrying Angel and Really pulled up. “Heeeyyy guysss!” Pazzo yelled out to Angel and Really as they stepped out of the car. Pazzo was so trashed he didn’t even notice both men were carrying assault rifles. “Wow, now that’s pathetic.” Angel said to Really. “Yea, let’s put him out of his misery,” Really replied.


As Pazzo continued to stumble towards Angel and Really, he finally noticed the AK47’s they were holding. “W-wait, what are you guysss planning to do withh those?” Pazzo slurred. Pazzo seemed to finally get a grasp that they were not there for a social visit. “No I’s got the money, it’ss inside, hang on lemme go gettt it,” Pazzo said as he started to stumble back in the direction of the Casino. “Pazzo!” Angel yelled out. Pazzo turned back towards the men. Once Pazzo was facing them again both men opened fire. They emptied their 30 round magazines into Pazzo, who was nearly torn in half by the bullets. Pazzo was hit so many times it tore a large hole in his torso. Pazzo fell backward and hit the ground with his face toward the sky. His eyes and mouth wide open as he lay dead in front of the Casino. Really walked up to Pazzo’s corpse and shoved a dollar bill into his mouth. This was to symbolize that he died for being greedy and not paying the money he owed. “Aw man,” Really said as he wiped his hand on Angel, “got his blood on me.” Really began laughing as Angel chased him back to the Escalade, half angry and half joking.


As they got into the Escalade, the driver calmly drove them back in the direction of the airport. Angel picked up his phone to call Lefty, “It’s done.” he said when Lefty answered. “Nice work gentlemen,” Lefty replied. Angel hung up the phone and him and Really talked with each other for the rest of the ride to the airport, as if nothing had happened. With Pazzo’s death, the Royce and Pazzo era of the American Mafia was finally at an end. It was one of the most destructive era’s ever in the history of the American Mafia and nearly wiped out the Mafia completely. With both men now gone, business can go back to usual and the many men they killed in their years can finally Rest in Peace. The future again looks bright for the American Mafia as this new era of prosperity continues. Only time will tell if it will last.


The Beginning of a New Era

It was two days after the murder of Royce-Gambino and an apparent Mafia summit was taking place in the ritzy Park Sheraton Hotel in New York City. Many influential leaders from the Five Families reportedly had rooms at the hotel. Delegates from the Corleone Crime Family included Boss Real-Corleone and Angel of Death. From the Fratesi Crime Family, Mickie Fratesi and Vindog. From the Calabrese Family, Frankie Calabrese Sr. and Frankie Calabrese Jr. From Bad Company/Noodles Crime Family, Benny Noodles and his advisor Frank Cali. Finally Kingpin and Boss of the Barzini Crime Family LeftyTwoGunz and his Consigliere Ric rounded out the who’s who of Mafia royalty.


The meeting took place in a private dining room in the five star steak house inside the hotel. There was a long table, enough to fit all the Mafia delegates comfortably, and LeftyTwoGunz sat at the head of the table. He had called this meeting to celebrate the victory over Royce-Gambino as well as discuss the future of the American Mafia. Small talk filled the room as the waiters bustled in and out carrying trays of food and keeping the wine glasses topped off.


After about an hour of eating, drinking and small talk, Lefty picked up a spoon and began lightly tapping his glass to get the attention of the room. The maître d approached Lefty, “Would you and your friends be needing anything else right now sir?” Lefty replied, “No thanks, please tell your staff to leave us be until further notice.” The maître d nodded and quickly gathered the waiters and rushed them out of the room. A hush now came over the room as all of the powerful Mafiosi looked in the direction of Lefty.


Lefty stood up and began talking. “First of all I’d like to thank you all for coming and say congratulations to all of us for our recent victory and getting rid of that rat Gambino.” The group of men laughed at the reference and briefly clapped to congratulate themselves. Lefty continued, “Now as you all know, to build for the future, there’s going to be some changes and I’m going to implement some new rules for this thing of ours.” Benny interjected, “What, you gonna make us stand on our heads?” The room erupted in laughter. Lefty, still laughing, replied “Only you Benny, only you.” More laughter.


Lefty raised his hands in a gesture to silence the men and took a more serious tone. “The way things were run before the High Council took over was sloppy. There was no organization, no structure, and this thing of ours thrives on those two things.” The men all nodded in approval. “So the first thing I want to do in order to make sure everyone is on the same page is let you all know what the ten guidelines of Our Thing will be.” Lefty proceeded to discuss the ten guidelines, such as respecting Omerta, not meddling in other families affairs and most importantly showing respect. When he finished outlining all ten guidelines he said, “Respect is the biggest one of them all my friends. Without respect this thing falls apart.”


Lefty’s tone then became more stern. “I’d also like to address the return of Pazzo Sangue.” The men collectively groaned at the sound of that name. Lefty understood the men’s concerns and said, “Now as you all know Pazzo has been out of the country in semi retirement since Royce had been deported.” The men still unsure about the situation continued to hear Lefty out. “Pazzo reached out to me about a return to our streets and I told him I’d bring the situation up to the High Council and family bosses.” After some discussion about the possibility of allowing Pazzo to return, the men all came to an agreement. Pazzo would be fined a considerable amount of money for all the damage he caused and men he killed. He would pay this money to Lefty and Lefty would then divide it up amongst the families. They also agreed that Pazzo should be under the supervision of one of the Five Families. Lefty chimed in, “Listen, since I’m the one in the big seat, I’ll take Pazzo in with me and keep an eye on him. If he causes any problem then we can deal with it, but if there are no issues he is to be treated as a member of my family.” The men all cautiously agreed to this plan and made a pact that they would allow Pazzo to return and prove he’s changed. They did, however, leave the option open that he be dealt with if he steps out of line. “Ok, now that we got that out of the way I want to bring something else to the table.”


Lefty then brought up his plan to ensure there will be a mutual respect amongst the families, specifically pertaining to turf. “We got five families and we got 50 states. I’m giving each family 10 states to rule over and that way everyone gets a fair slice of the pie.” The men in the room nodded approvingly, liking the idea they were hearing. “The northeast, from Delaware to Maine, will belong to me and the Barzini Family. The southeast, from West Virginia to Florida, will belong to the Bad Company or Noodles organization; whatever the name is they’re using these days.” The men all laughed loudly at Lefty’s joke. “The Calabrese Family will control pretty much the whole Central Time Zone, from Illinois down to Lousiana.” Lefty paused to take a sip of wine and then continued, “Ohio, however, will belong to the Fratesi Family, as will the Midwest, from North Dakota down through Texas, and they’ll also control Hawaii and Alaska.” Vindog chimed in, “My man Lefty! I knew you wouldn’t forget about me and Ohio.” Lefty laughed and continued, “Lastly the Corleone Family will control the West Coast, from Colorado to California.”


All the men seemed content with this split and began to small talk between each other about future business opportunities in their states. Lefty interrupted, “Now gentlemen, I’m almost done here.” Lefty picked up his wine glass and took a sip. After placing it back down he said, “With this even split amongst the families there should be no issues about money making opportunities. Each region gives all of you great opportunities to make a lot of cash. You all can make and enforce your own rules for these regions, but remember any inter-family issues should be brought to the High Council.” Lefty concluded his speech with a toast to a prosperous future, and then all the men raised their glasses and together said “Salud!”


Lefty sat back down and the men all went back to talking amongst themselves. The waiters returned to fill all the wine glasses and brought out the dessert tray for the men to enjoy. The jovial atmosphere resembled a family reunion and seemed to be a foreshadowing of the future. Eventually the men finished their food and wine and went back to their respective rooms. The foundation had now been laid for a strong future for the American Mafia. Everything seems to be flowing smoothly and heading in the right direction…for now.