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Infamous Crime Boss Struck Down

Breaking News: Infamous Crime Boss Struck Down

Breaking news on the streets of the American Mafia! Infamous Gambino Family Boss Royce “The Raven” Gambino was recently found murdered in his hideout in Iowa. Gambino had apparently slipped back into the country after being deported several weeks ago and was attempting to continue the war that abruptly ended with his deportation. Reports vary as to how exactly this happened but we’ve received exclusive information from our insider who gave us a timeline of events.


In the early morning of July 29, 2014 it was discovered that Royce-Gambino managed to sneak back into the country on a private unmarked jet. Gambino landed in Oklahoma and immediately sought out rival family bosses Real-Corleone and Angel of Death, who were reportedly in Oklahoma meeting with representatives of the Gallardo Cartel of Mexico discussing the prospects of a major drug trafficking operation. While Really and Angel were talking business with the Cartel inside an abandoned warehouse, they were abruptly interrupted by a hail of gun fire.


Both men took cover behind some old steel oil drums as the Gallardo Cartel members fled the scene. Really and Angel both unholstered their side arms in preparation to defend themselves. They were still unsure who it was that was attacking and weren’t even sure if they were the targets. Suddenly they heard a familiar voice yell, “Royce-Gambino is back!” followed by a barrage of gun fire from multiple machine guns. Seemingly out numbered Really and Angel looked at each other and with a quick grin leaned out from behind the oil drums and began to return fire.


When they looked around the barrels they noticed Royce-Gambino holding a tommy gun flanked by 20 of his men who were all armed with AK-47s. Really and Angel began firing in the direction of Royce and managed to take out several of Royce’s men. When they leaned back behind the barrels to reload, Angel quickly grabbed his phone and texted LeftyTwoGunz, Kingpin of AM. “Oklahoma, send help,” the message read. Lefty felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and upon reading the message immediately sent a text message to Frankie Calabrese, who happened to be in Oklahoma as well dealing with his own family business, and told him to get to the warehouse ASAP. Lefty also told Frankie that he’d be hopping on a jet as soon as he could to meet them there and provide back up.


Meanwhile, back at the warehouse the firefight continued. Another three SUVs carrying more of Royce’s men showed up to replace the ones already killed by Really and Angel. Royce and his men began to slowly make their way into the warehouse, but Really and Angel were able to stand their ground and keep Royce and his men at bay. Royce thought he still had a few more men on the way so he paid no attention to the two SUVs that pulled up behind the ones that arrived earlier, however these SUVs did not contain Royce’s men. Frankie Calabrese and several of his bodyguards, as well as reputed Fratesi Underboss Gunnz, jumped out of the SUVs and started firing at Royce and his men and managed to take out almost all of Royce’s bodyguards. Royce knew he was in trouble. He had Really and Angel firing at him from inside the warehouse and now he had Frankie and Gunnz firing at him outside of the warehouse. Royce was basically stuck in the middle of a kill zone. Noticing his grim chances Royce managed to slip away while telling his remaining men to stay and continue to fight to hold off the four Mob Bosses and their men.


Not knowing that Royce had left, Really and Angel were able to kill the rest of the guards that were in the warehouse, while Gunnz, Frankie and his guys took out the rest of the men that were outside. When the firing stopped Frankie yelled out “Really, Angel…you ok?” to which they both responded “Yea, we’re comin’ out” Really and Angel got up from behind the oil barrels and walked out of the warehouse to meet Frankie and Gunnz. They all shook hands and looked around at all the men laying dead on the ground. They quickly realized that Royce was not amongst the dead. “Maron’!” Frankie said in frustration. All four men knew they had to get as far away from the warehouse as they could before any police arrived, so they quickly shook hands and went their separate ways.


Frankie headed to the airport, knowing that Royce would not be staying in Oklahoma, when on his way he received a phone call from an anonymous number. Frankie answered his phone and all he heard was “Iowa,” and then the phone call ended. Frankie now knew that Royce had managed to slip out of Oklahoma and make his way to Iowa. As Frankie was boarding his private jet he called LeftyTwoGunz. Aboard Lefty’s jet his phone rang in his private quarters and he saw it was Frankie Calabrese calling. “Hey Frankie I’m en route to Oklahoma right now.” Frankie replied, “Tell the pilot to change course and head to Iowa. I found where Royce is hiding and I could use your help killing him.” Lefty said, “Okay,” then hung up the phone.


Both Lefty and Frankie landed in Iowa at the same time. By now, it was very early morning on July 30, 2014. They knew exactly where Royce was shacked up as they had both been to this hideout way back when they still had a working relationship with Royce. They decided they would not bring any back up and they would take care of this on their on. They hopped into a waiting Lincoln Continental and drove over to Royce’s hideout. Frankie parked the car down the street and shut the lights on the car. They both then got out of the car and began to stealthily make their way to the gates of the compound. Lefty told Frankie that he’d head around to the back of the estate and Frankie should make his way in through the front entrance. Once in position, Lefty signaled Frankie with a quick text message and then both men began their assault on the compound.


There was approximately 20 men guarding the estate. Lefty lifted his MP7 silenced machine gun and opened fire first, taking out all 8 men that were guarding the back entrance to the estate. Frankie began firing with his Steyr Aug silenced assault rifle and took out the remaining 8 men that were guarding the front entrance. Both Lefty and Frankie made it inside the estate at the same time. They knew that Royce would be upstairs in his Master Suite, and were sure that the remaining bodyguards would be protecting the suite. They quietly made their way up the stairs to the second floor. Once on the second floor they crept down the long corridor that leads to the Master Suite where Royce was hiding. Once they reached the door, Lefty told Frankie, “On the count of 3 I’ll kick open the door. I’ll hit the guards, you take Royce.” Frankie nodded in approval and smiled as he knew he would be the one to kill the infamous Royce-Gambino.


Once Lefty counted to three, he kicked the door so hard it nearly came off the hinges. The sound of the door breaking open startled the four bodyguards in the room and gave Lefty enough time to take each one of them out quickly with head shots. Royce, who was visibly shaking in fear, had left his side arm on the desk across the room and was unarmed. With all of his men killed he was now at the mercy of LeftyTwoGunz and Frankie Calabrese. Royce had a puzzled look on his face, almost as if he was trying to figure out how he ended up in this position. After all, he proclaimed himself to be the “most powerful mobster ever.” Now, with Frankie Calabrese pointing his assault rifle directly at Royce’s head, the “powerful mobster” was reduced to fear. Royce finally worked up the courage to say “Just do it alr…” but before he could finish speaking Frankie fired a shot that went directly through the center of Royce’s forehead. Frankie then fired one more shot into Royce’s head and one into the center of his chest. Frankie then looked over at Lefty and quipped, “Just making sure.” Both of the men laughed.


Lefty and Frankie now slowly made their way out of the compound and back to their Lincoln. As they were driving back to the airport, Lefty called the other Family Dons to give them the news. When he hung up the phone he lit a cigarette and took a puff. He was looking out of the car window at the passing scenery as the sun began to rise in the distance. Lefty then smirked at the sight of the rising sun and said to Frankie, “With Royce dead, it’s the dawn of a new day and new era,” as he gestured toward the sun, “it’s time to bring the American Mafia back to prominence.” Frankie nodded in agreement. Lefty spent the rest of the ride to the airport in silence pondering his next move and the future of the American Mafia.


Death of a has been

With the news of former kingpin Royce Gambino returning, the High Council called a meeting at the newly appointed kingpin, LeftyTwoGunz estate in the New York wilderness. Once the members of the council arrived and were taken to a conference room and awaiting Lefty to see why they were called on such short notice for. “ Well fellas it appears the rumors are true” Lefty exclaims as he enters the room in a sharp silver suit. As he fixes his midnight black tie he announces “ Given the circumstances I’m sure we all know how this could end up if we don’t stop this now, and we all know what needs to be done in order for our problem to disappear.” Discussion circles the room with questions with not how it will be done, but who will do it, any one of the council would do it but Frankie Calabrese stands up, pauses, and says “ I’ll do it” Silence fills the room. “ Well if that is your choice and the rest of the council agrees then he’s all yours” Lefty tells Frankie.

The council agrees and Lefty hands Frankie a sealed envelope. “ Since all of his assets were seized he left one in the name of his mistress, Ms Su. It is in Iowa, the envelope contains the location, but I don’t want you doing this alone so I’m sending Gunnz to give you any back up, should you need it. Are there any questions?” Lefty asks. “No there isn’t but I will promise you I will rid us of this rat filth” Frankie scowls as he walks out of the room.

As Gunnz and Frankie are driving the Iowa highway, they pull off onto an off ramp and are looking for the address until they stop at an intersection. “ No way” Gunnz remarks as they spot the building. They both bust into laughter as they drive into the parking lot of a motel. “ A fitting place for this rat to die good luck I’ll keep the car on and waiting for you to come out” Gunnz tells Frankie. As Frankie is walking up some stairs, equipping the suppressor to his 9mm pistol, it starts to rain setting up the perfect stormy night. He finds the room and picks the lock, entering the room swiftly and silently. Upon entering he looks at the room and strangely feeling pity and remarking in his head such a fall from grace. Besides the stained carpets and empty snack bags scattered around the room he looks at the horrible paint on the walls with posters of F22 Raptors and mansions in the hills. He searches for his target and notices the bathroom door closed with the lights on. There are magazines on the bed and the television on with the latest episode of The Young and the Restless. So Frankie props up on the chair and waits for his prey to get off the toilet. When Royce walks out he is astonished to see Frankie and catches a bullet in the knee before he can utter a word. Frankie turns up the tv to stops the sobs from being heard he walks over to Royce kneels down, fires off another shot into the other knee and turn the barrel to the temple of Royce. “ Any last words before I send you to hell” Frankie asks the defeated Gambino. Trying to beg for his life but can’t complete a sentence because he is crying so much Royce just sits lays there and weeps. Frankie, who was getting annoyed finally pulls the trigger and ends a long overdue life. He exits the motel room and gets in the car with Gunnz in silence listening to the rain until Gunnz asks

“ How did it go”. Frankie turns to him, grins and says

“ Bro you should of seen him haha.”

Submitted by MGK

Interview with LeftyTwoGunz

Interview with LeftyTwoGunz

Johnny Taker: Ok, what are your thoughts on the war between the high council and Pazzo/Raven?


Leftytwogunz: I think it was an unnecessary war. I think it was a matter of two guys longing for the past when they were the top dogs, however the American Mafia has moved on. We lost a lot of good men because of that war and hopefully the warring will be kept to a minimum in the future.

Johnny Taker: May those great men RIP, what do you think the future holds for your family, and the high council.


Leftytwogunz: Well I hope my family continues to build and keep the staying power we have had so far. I remember when I was just an associate being mentored by the great Emilio Barzini and now I am the Boss. It’s quite humbling.


Leftytwogunz: As for the High Council, I see many great things coming with that. With Benny retiring and naming me his successor, something I am extremely honored about, I hope to continue to work with the other bosses to keep the American Mafia headed in the right direction.


Johnny Taker: Well I was talking to benny before and he is retiring but,  The American Mafia Kingpin spot has been handed down to you.


Johnny Taker: What do you think about that?


Leftytwogunz: In the process of our interview Benny made the official announcement that I will be his successor. It was posted in the forum and I appreciate the fact that he has the confidence in me to be the man for the job. I’ve been Benny’s Right Hand Man on the High Council for some time now and while doing that Benny had allowed me to run things in his absence to give me the experience of what it is to be Kingpin. It is a VERY big step and I do not expect it to be easy, but I look forward to the challenge.


Johnny Taker: What will be your first step as Kingpin of American Mafia?


Leftytwogunz: Right now I think I will get some tips from Benny, and get together with the other High Councilmen to discuss the future of the American Mafia. Like I said before, we lost many good men in that war, including some High Councilmen. I think first thing we need to do is get together and fill the holes that were left by the war and go from there.


Johnny Taker: What are your thoughts on benny leaving

Leftytwogunz: Honestly I am sad to see him go. Benny is a very good friend of mine and we have done some great things together. We helped rally AM together and have the same outlook for the future of the game. I know he will still be around as he will be remaining a close advisor to me, but he will definitely be missed when he finally hangs his hat up for good.


Johnny Taker: What do you think about the harsh words said by raven?


Leftytwogunz: I would prefer not to comment on that.


Johnny Taker: Ok thank you for your time Lefty and I wish you luck as Kingpin Of American Mafia.


Thank you AM for your time, have a nice day.

Sparks of war

Benny looks out toward New York City. It’s a warm and peaceful evening in July; Royce is retired, Retro was dead and all was well that ended well. Benny had been around the block long enough to know that the American Mafia, which he now supervised, wouldn’t stay calm and peaceful forever. See after Benny and Royce fought, Royce lost and Benny made forced into an early retirement, so the men of honor under him and his High Council thought things were going get a chance to rebuild, but Benny knew better. He knew that the end wasn’t truly the end, but the calm before the storm.


Things started to look up until one cold Thursday morning and Lefty gets a call that Pazzo Sangue and BlackBeard are back in the country after Beard’s mom passed and they went to the funeral in Palermo. BlackBeard and Pazzo were apparently cousins but the relation ended in blood. Benny had told Lefty to inform him of when Pazzo got back to the States, but word was traveling slow that day. So whilst Benny sat in his office still looking at the evening traffic of the city, Pazzo came in unannounced.


“Hey Pazzo, long time no talk.” Benny exclaimed as he ushered Pazzo in to sit down.

“Yeah I decided to stay In Italy longer this time. I see things have truly changed back here.” It was true, things were different. Violence was a thing of the past and the Families had put their rackets together to make more money.

“Yep, I ushered in these changes with the help of a few individual family bosses.” Benny said awful proudly. Benny could see that Pazzo wasn’t as enthusiastic about his work as other Bosses had been. But either way he would have been a better friend than enemy.

Pazzo smiled smugly, “So, is there any place for me here, in this thing of yours?”

Benny had been expecting this question ever since he found out Pazzo and Blackbeard were coming back. He knew he wanted them both on his Council, but Pazzo could be more useful in a power position. He thought for a second; if he made Pazzo something important other people would get angry but this wasn’t a democracy and he had to make decisions that bettered the mob and its men.


“Well I can offer you the position as Secretary of the High Council.” Benny said hoping for the best outcome. He knew Pazzo might not like what he said but that was truly the best Benny could do.

Pazzo eyed him up coldly, “That will sufficient.” He says then leaves the office. Benny could tell by his cold tone that this wouldn’t be the last of their problems…

Pazzo and Royce decide to meet in secret at Royce’s house near Albany, NY. The Gambino Empire had been down for a long time now but you couldn’t tell this from Royce’s house. It was a huge plantation-style home with acres upon acres of freshly cut green grass around it. Pazzo and his driver, Silvio Bianchi, pulled up into Royce’s driveway and rang the doorbell.


“Who’s there?” A voice came through an intercom system. It sounded like Royce but Pazzo wasn’t too sure.

“It’s Pazzo. Let me in.”

“Alright. We need to go over the plan.”

As the two made their way to Royce’s private study they find the younger man sitting in a huge leather chair, he doesn’t look too well. Seeing this Pazzo dismisses Silvio to wait by the car.

“They froze all my assets. Took all my money and killed most of my guys.” Royce starts yelling as soon as Silvio leaves.

Pazzo shakes his head. “Well you can’t just sit here and mope around. You must get back in the action.”

Royce turned to look out the window. “That bastard, Frankie Calabrese, framed me for Mikey Malone’s murder. I’ve got to be in court but I need you to do something.” He points to Pazzo. “UltraSonicShot refuses to help me in my search for power and he needs to die before he brings my search to Benny.”


Pazzo understood that war was inevitable and that people had to die but he didn’t know that he would be the one ignite the white-hot flames of violence. He calmly nodded trying not to show his nervousness. Pazzo was more into talking his way to power and using a silver tongue to fool ignorant fools into place. But this time words were mute. Action and reaction would be the only politics…


A few days later and Royce’s trial hadn’t let up. Benny was surprised to how easy Pazzo had come to see his point of view. It seemed almost instantly that the once National Crime Syndicate Boss started to befriend Benny. However, others on the High Council weren’t too sure about Pazzo’s change. Really hired some goon named Angel to follow Pazzo and keep tabs on him. Benny was happy at the progress. But as previously mentioned not everyone shared that enthusiasm. Really, leader of the Corleone’s, wanted Synite dead for abandoning the Corleone’s.


He came to Benny. “I don’t care if they rest on your Council. I’m going to have his head.”

Benny shook his head, “You can’t just kill people, especially not Council members.”

Benny and Really continued their argument for a few more minutes. Pazzo had been listening to his in on this via the phone connected to Benny’s office. At the end of the conversation they agreed that only Synite will die for the betrayal of his whole crew. They also decided the time and place of Synite’s death. Pazzo heard all of this and decided that’s when he would kill Sonic.


They came out of the office and Benny turned to Pazzo, “Inform the entire Council that someone will die, don’t tell them who.”

“Even better.” Thought Pazzo…

Really and Rocco Taccetta pulled up to the house during the dead of night. Synite had been living in Wisconsin for some months now. Really and Rocco had been given Synite’s location from Benny. They knew he would be home at this time of night and they waited for the lights to go off to strike.


“I’ll kill him. You keep the car warm,” Really patted Rocco on the shoulder as he prepared his silenced weapon.

Rocco gave a disappointed pout when he realized he wouldn’t be going in. This just made Really laugh. He remembered what it was like to be eager and young at one point. But this job was too dangerous for Rocco; Synite was a Capo di Tutti Capi and Rocco was a Capo.


Really steps out of the car and makes his way up to the mansion doors. Synite was a fool for not putting a Home Security on his Opulent home, Really was inside with ease. Sitting inside was a sleeping bodyguard. Really shook his head at this cheap amateur and executed him. That guy appearing to be the only one, Really made his way Synite’s bed chamber. In the bed was the sleeping rat. Really put a shot in his foot so Synite would wake up. Synite shot up immediately and looked to see Really.


“Come on man, you don’t have to do this,” Synite cried.

“It’s only business,” Really said as he put one in between Synite’s eyes.

When Really got back to the car he laughed at Rocco who looked eager to hear the details of the job.

“I told you it would be an in and out hit,” Really laughed as they drove back to New York.

Meanwhile in Missouri a firefight had erupted. Sonic had hired some muscle to protect him but Pazzo had way more money and his mercenaries were closing in on Sonic. They had him pinned down inside a dock along the Missouri River, Sonic didn’t have anywhere to run now. As the mercenaries closed in Sonic called Benny but his phone went to voicemail. Sonic left Benny a message saying his own fate. Sonic closed the phone and decided to make a push. A foolish gamble, but he wanted to die fighting. He died alright, as soon as he opened the door the enemy spayed him with bullets. Sonic’s body was left floating along the Mighty Missouri.


When Benny awoke he looked to his messages and heard what Sonic had said. Benny started to cry for his fallen brother. Benny shouldn’t have been so surprised. He knew war was coming. He knew that peace was just the calm before the storm.

Breaking news

Breaking News: Benny Noodles Steps Down as Kingpin; Names Successor


Breaking news in the world of the American Mafia. Notorious mobster and Kingpin of the American Mafia Benny Noodles has reportedly retired and stepped down as Kingpin. The news came as a shock to the majority of the American Mafia as things had finally began heading in the right direction for AM. With the future looking bright many expected Benny to stay on and continue his work as Kingpin, but we have learned that Benny has decided to step down and allow his successor to continue the work.


In the American Mafia it is custom for a retiring Kingpin to pick his successor. Benny reportedly chose his close friend and Right Hand Man LeftyTwoGunz to replace him as Kingpin & Supervisor of AM. LeftyTwoGunz, Boss of the Barzini Crime Family, is a well respected member of the American Mafia. He is of a newer generation of AM members, though it appears Benny felt that he possess the old school know-how to be the right fit for the job.


Our mafia insider was able to get a quote from Benny Noodles about appointing Lefty as his successor. “LeftyTwoGunz, Who Has Been The De Facto Kingpin In My Absence, Will Assume The Mantle Of Kingpin. It’s Our Custom That The Kingpin Hand down his power to His RHM. LeftyTwoGunz Has been Basically Running The Show For The Last 2 Weeks For Me As De Facto Kingpin and therefore already has the tools he needs to be successful. He Just Needs The Support Of The People. A lot of what’s been accomplished has been because of Lefty. Some things people give me full credit for should go to Lefty. I’m Honored To Have Mentored Such A Great Man. Even Though I’m Stepping Down And Retiring From The Kingpin Position I Will Remain As Supervisor/Advisor Of The High Council. I’m Here For The Council And Its Members. I Hope Lefty The Best And He Has My Blessing. This Is not a slight against anyone in any way, so I hope no one is upset about this decision and again I hope you all respect me enough to agree with my decision and respect Lefty enough to see he is more than capable of CONTINUING the job lol. This Will secure A Safe, Smooth Transfer Of Power And We Can Continue To Move Forward & Prosper.~Regards & Best Wishes~”


With Benny officially stepping down, LeftyTwoGunz has some very big shoes to fill, but with Benny’s blessing, and the continued support of the High Council, he is sure to continue to keep AM headed in the right direction. It has been reported that the High Council is still in tact and will be adding a few new members to fill the spots that are vacant due to the deaths of the warring of the last several months. With this smooth transfer of power, the future continues to look bright for the American Mafia.

War at an End. Is There Finally Peace?

After nearly four months of fighting on the streets of America, it has been reported that the warring between the various families of the American Mafia has come to an end. With the deportation of reputed mob boss Royce “The Raven” Gambino followed by the retirement of his partner Ceasar “Pazzo Sangue” Augustus the American Mafia appears to finally be at peace.


Over the past several months numerous flair ups in fighting have racked the streets of America. Many prominent families were wiped out during this war including the Genovese, Zapponi, Fratesi, Gambino, Morretti and Dallas Crime Families. Smaller families such as the Sons of Anarchy and Capone Crime Family, as well as others, have also been destroyed. It is being reported that the families still remaining after this war have reached a peace agreement. The Bad Company Organization, Barzini Crime Family, Calabrese Crime Family, Corleone Crime Family and it’s affiliates are the only remaining families left standing after this long drawn out war.


Many major and influential mafia bosses were also killed during the warring of these past several months including Al Zapponi, Saint Genovese, Mr Texas, Mr Blood and much too many more to name. Many lives have been taken and an exact body count cannot be determined at this time, however it is estimated to be in the hundreds.


Rumors floating around the streets are that the remaining Mafia families are in the process of sorting out a new leadership structure after the ranks of the American Mafia were decimated. Prominent mafia figure and reputed American Mafia Kingpin Benny Noodles, also known as “God of AM”, looks to be the apparent winner in this war along with his allies known as the American Mafia High Council. Benny and his allies including reputed Barzini Family boss LeftyTwoGunz, reputed Calabrese Family boss Frankie Calabrese, reputed Corleone family bosses Real Corleone, Vindong Corleone and Angel of Death are seemingly in the process of reorganizing the American Mafia.


After so many months of war it seems the American Mafia may finally be at a peaceful stage. With the aforementioned leaders in place there is a good possibility that the American Mafia may see it’s most successful era yet. Only time will tell if the peace will remain, until then the American Mafia as a whole will pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild for a better future.

The Great Wars End

The great war that has devastated American Mafia is finally over. Cruel words said by Royce-Gambino is keeping him out of the game. That just let one tyrant left: Ceasar_Augustus or known as Pazzo_Sangue. This started a hunt for him. Family leaders like God_Of_AM, Angel_Of_Death, and Real-Corleone wentfrom stae to state looking for him. Pazzo smartly decided to give up and retire.


This war started may months ago. It wiped out entire families like the Fratesi and the Dallas Crime Family. Pazzo and Royce solved their problems by killing but not anymore. Hopefully now AM will flourish like it use to. There will be new leaders that will want peace and not war.


The war was Pazzo and Royce against the rest of AM. They were extremely powerful and were amost impossible to kill. After Pazzos retirement, he wrote a letter to all of his enemies. The letter said nice things about them and to few, he even said he was sorry. But Royce on the other hand abused his power and money. Anyone who disagreed with him would be found six feet under the next day. I say both Pazzo and Royce got what they deserved. And cheers to a now thriving AM.


Anonymous letter received at the American Mafia HQ


The Moretti’s Part Two

On a dark rainy day Pazzo had been passing through Hudson when he heard gun shots. He stopped, looking down an alley a small gunfight that only lasted seconds. Unsure of if he should check it out or keep on his way. He chose to investigate the outcome of a deal gone bad. Walking through the remains of bodies, guns, blood, and empty shell casings he heard a small groan. One person had survived this ordeal. He approached the person who was on the ground. It was a small time drug dealer by the name of Robert Bocino; Pazzo offered him his hand, raising Robert to his feet. Pazzo introduced himself, saying who he was. This came as a surprise to Robert as his grandfather Franco had spoken of a Moretti when he was younger. This moment was the start of a strong and powerful friendship, a brotherhood between two and the honor and respect of Cosa Nostra.

Pazzo now left trying to hold onto what little he has left. He called upon his new found friend Robert to work with and soon became his Underboss. Robert may have been a drug dealer but Pazzo never held that against him. He had proven to have a level head on his shoulders and great knowledge of the streets and that is all Pazzo was looking for. The two began the task of rebuilding the Moretti Empire.

Many months have gone by since Pazzo and Robert went into business together. In the past months their small crew had formed into a family. One of the biggest and fastest growing organizations within New York City. Gaining more Associates, Soldiers and Capos they grew more and more day by day. Pazzo had noticed a young Irish hustler hanging around one of their key hangout spots. Doc Gambino was his name. Pazzo brought him into the family after doing a few low-keys jobs on the side, Gambino proved to be a valuable asset. Proving his skills in manipulation and negotiation of business time and time again, with these talents it was only fitting that he take over the “white collar” sector of the Moretti Family as he became the Consigliere.

Business was good; things were on the Morettis side. Up until then ran into trouble with a corrupt banker who turned Politician. This man made it his duty to take down the Morettis at any cost after a small run in between both sides. At the start the Morettis believed they could have used him, he wasn’t that bright. Perfect target for a puppet with political connections, Pazzo had then given the task of finding out whatever he could to Doc. Doc obliged, he began acting friendly. Approaching the ‘mark’ as if he was his “friend”, along with that he had kept his connection with Pazzo unknown. ThePolitician was arrogant, full of himself. In-fact he had a god complex even though he was your run of the mill idiot, Doc gave him such a false sense of security that he felt as if Doc had become his protégé. But this was not the case. Gambino had found out his plans to kill Pazzo, along with his previous attempts. Assassins were sent to take Pazzos life but Robert made sure they never succeeded. When it became known that it was no more than the Politician himself who was hiring the hitmen Pazzo gave the order and Doc carried it out, beautifully. 

Doc called a meeting with the Politician at the Colony Island Cemetery. He had chosen the location for symbolic reasons. The two began to “walk n’ talk”, slowly wandering through all the grave plots. Up until they came across an open unmarked grave. Gambino stopped with his back to the Politician, unknowingly to the Politician Doc drew a concealed sawed-off shotgun from his jacket. Slowly he turned towards the Politician, as it was dark and he couldn’t see the gun. Doc raised it and fired two shots into the Politician’s chest, as the body fell to the ground Doc then signaled a Moretti soldier, Phil Scagliani, who had been watching over the meet. The two then “took care of him”, burying the worthless scum in the unmarked grave. That day Doc had earned his bones.

Not long after the disappearance of the Politician the Morettis began getting threats from a small disorganized paramilitary group within the city. Pazzo asked Doc to see what he could find out about them and told Robert to keep his eyes and ears open on the streets. They later found out this paramilitary group is built up off of a squad of rejects from the Navy. It still remains unclear as to why they were hostile towards the Morettis. They even went far as to sending spies within the organization, however the Morettis kept two-steps ahead of them at every turn. Then they made a bold move, leading an attack upon the Morettis at the family compound in Leftwood. The Moretti guards knew something was strange when the cable repair truck backed up the driveway. When men started piling out from the truck they knew it was a full-scale attack. A firefight took place on the grounds of theMoretti Estate resulting in many casualti es for the paramilitary group and only a few wounded Morettis. Luckily the Morettis were on the defensive on their home turf. After this dreadful defeat the paramilitary group resulted in creating no more than propaganda about the Morettis. Reaching out to some contacts in the media the Morettis quickly abolished the nonsense. Soon after all members of the military group were arrested, they were seen as threat a by the Government and unfit for society. After they were sent to New Jersey State Correctional Facility it was back to business as usual for the Morettis. About six months after the former Navy Seals were released on parole. Their squad had broken up from their time in the joint. Shortly after their release what remained of the ******* structure of their unit started up a small clique based in North Holland where they have remained under the radar. 

During the middle of the Morettis confrontation with the former paramilitary group a small Russian organization based out of Hove Beach that was ran under the surname Ivanov had entered the scene. Without prior dealings with either Pazzo or any other Moretti these Russians had an undefined vendetta against the entire Moretti organization. While dealing with the SEALS the Morettis began receiving threats from the Ivanov’s. Pazzo did not think much of these threats and in fact overlooked their attempts to be taken serious as they had not presented themselves directly and the conclusion not only made by the Morettis but many other groups around the city had reached was that these “threats” were their way of getting noticed. It wasn’t long until they finally made an attempt to reach out to the Morettis. Once Pazzo and the Ivanov Pakhan (Boss), Sergei Ivanov, spoke first hand it became clear that they merely nee ded guidance and a larger and stronger organization to help them get settled, Pazzo entertained with the idea made a mutual agreement with leader to help them get on their feet. As the weeks began to pass very little progress had been made by the Ivanovs and turned out to be more of an annoyance to the Morettis than anything else. Doc approached Pazzo on the subject and requested his blessing to carry out the hit on the entire Ivanov high *******. A valid argument was made to the level of their competence and the liability they had posed with that said Pazzo gave the go ahead and Doc made sure that the word was sent out amongst the rest of the family. The following day of the order being given the Ivanov high ******* was eliminated one by one throughout the city all within an hour of each other. It had happened so fast that warning could not be sent out to rest of the Ivanovs. The first to go were two high ranking soldiers who were ambushed inside the Homebrew Cafe by M oretti soldier Samuel Faraday, upon entering the cafe Samuel had risen from behind the bar and riddled the two with small arms fire. Following the death of the two soldiers Sergei’s third in ******* was killed shortly after in a car bombing that had been rigged to blow by Phil Scagliani, this had taken place inside the Chess Tea warehouse located in Port Hudson which coincidentally is a racket under Moretti control. Not long after the disappearance of the Ivanov’s third in-******* the second was lead into an New Jersey mineshaft where he was executed by both Pazzo and Doc. The entire Ivanov high ******* had been whipped out in one solid swoop yet one still remained, Sergei Ivanov. Sergei called a meeting with Pazzo which came to surprise considering Sergei was still unaware to the events that had transpired during the early course of the day, Pazzo seized the opportunity to eliminate the remaining Ivanov. A meet was set to take place in an abandoned wareho use district in New Jersey’s derelict Industrial Park, Pazzo had organized his men throughout the complex along with sending a car to retrieve Sergei and bring him to the meet. As Sergei arrived to the meet the Moretti driver, Saul Fernandez, had stopped and immediately got out of car locking the doors behind him while a gunman emerged from the shadows unloading a shotgun into the backseat of the car killing Sergei Ivanov. Not only was this the end of Sergei Ivanov but also a welcoming to a long time Moretti associate now soldier who had earned his bones in the process. Once the dust had settled the car along with Sergei’s body was set on fire leaving no trace behind.

Following the disappearance of both Sergei and the rest of the Ivanov high ******* it became known that they were all executed by the Morettis. A small group of remaining Ivanov loyalist sought out revenge for their fallen comrades. Countless attempts on Pazzo’s life were made all resulting in their failure along with numerous attacks on Moretti members and Moretti businesses. By this time the Morettis fight against the SEAL’s had been long over. In the eyes of the Morettis this was no war but rather tying up loose ends. Despite their losses and how weak they were the Ivanovs persisted to attack the Morettis. However they couldn’t fight forever considering the losses which had soon caught up with them along with internal conflicts which resulted in them disbanding. Even though these previous events had passed it was well aware to all Morettis that future conflicts would come to light.

The family grew at an extreme rate. Larger and faster than Pazzo could have ever imagined, the Morettis soon became the largest family in all of New York City. Leaders and representatives from other families and organizations throughout the city approached Pazzo offering partnerships and other such business deals. Pazzo was not interested in the affairs of any other gang in New York City except his own, in turn Pazzo placed the death order of all those who came to them with said business propositions. Pazzo felt that eliminating any possible competition and or weakening them would give him the upper hand, which it did. Because of the strength held by the Moretti’s they could do whatever they wanted without any repercussions from any other families or the Commission. The Moretti’s however never stepped out of there claimed territory of New Jersey and the few neighborhoods in Manhattan. The idea was to remain small as possible, st aying close together in case anything did happen the Moretti name would still be secure and their reputation would not be lost. Unfortunately Doc had a different vision in mind. He wanted to take over the entire city no matter the cost. He asked Pazzo if he could step into the Commission and see how he could overthrow it from within, at the start it worked out very well but in time the families involved with the Commission went to war with each other. It was split down the middle and soon it ripped itself apart, in a way that came as an advantage to the Morettis seeing as how they never wanted anything to do with Commission. With the war-torn Commission each family became an easy target for Doc to dismantle. His success in destroying the Commission lead him to seeking his way over to Brooklyn, the home of one of the families that was in the Commission. He proceeded to seek out the “heavy hitters” in the family, soon turn ing the Underboss and Consigliere against the families Don and bringing them into the Moretti’s as associates. 

It didn’t stop there; Doc asked Pazzo’s permission if he could start a crew within the family along with setting up operations in Brooklyn and The Bronx. Unknowingly to Pazzo Doc had become power hungry. He got a very simple taste during his campaign against the Commission and he wanted more. Soon Doc and Pazzo’s ideology changed. Doc wanted to conquer the entire city whereas Pazzo only ever wanted to keep his small piece which was all the shipping and construction unions in New Jersey along with the gambling rackets in Western Manhattan. Because of this Doc pressured Pazzo into making him the Underboss while setting Robert aside to become Pazzo’s personal bodyguard and driver. Robert was fine with the change however his suspicions of Docs true intentions grew. With Doc in-charge of his own crew he began to grow away from Pazzo and Robert, taking a few Capos and Soldiers with him, plus a handful of new associate s. The family then became split in two. With Docs rising power and influence Pazzo then challenged him to take over running the family for a trial period. To see if he really had what it takes to run a family. Doc jumped on the challenge, Pazzo kept a close eye on Doc by taking over the Underboss position. 

A few weeks after Doc had taken over as “Acting-Don” his judgment became unclear. Stressed with the duties and responsibilities of running a family, he let people get the best of him by placing ideas in his head. Members of his crew proposed the idea of a “revolution”. Not only was this in change of leadership but also separating themselves from the Moretti family all together. Doc fell upon the pressure given to him by his crew members and then gave the order.

On a very gray afternoon the revolution began. One of the new associates asked Pazzo to help him complete a job that was assigned to him by Doc, unsuspecting to Pazzo it was a trap. They traveled to West Dyke Beach; this is where they were to ‘take care of’ the target. After eliminating the mark the associate then turned a gun onto Pazzo while his back was turned. Pazzo was then shot by 12gauge buckshot, sending him into the sand amongst the rocks, leaving him for dead. However the gunman did not check to see if Pazzo was dead or not. The shot was to his back and left side, he bled out for a few hours until his body was discovered by a local fisherman. Pazzo was then rushed to West Dyke Memorial Hospital. His whereabouts unknown to many, believed to be dead by the traitors. 

When awakening Pazzo was then given the news as to what happened, learning that Doc had taken half of the family. The oath that was sworn by them when becoming ‘made’ had been broken. Pazzo didn’t let the thought of the traitors cloud his judgement, in fact he focused on rebuilding his family. Even though much of their power and muscle had been lost the Moretti name still never the less remained the same. The plan set out by Pazzo by keeping the business close together paid off by the revolution being almost harmless. The only thing that was affected was trust and love he had for those who betrayed him being lost. He swore no vengeance because of the oath they all had sworn when becoming ‘made’ will soon have its toll on the traitors. Now he can truly focus on what he always wanted the family to be

The Moretti’s

Part one

In 1919 Vittore Moretti came to New York City from the small town of Moretti located in the Province of Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy for a fresh start. He was hoping to become a banker, lawyer, or some sort of business man. Well he did end up as a business man but not the type of business he had in mind. Vittore began his life in New York City by working down at the docks of Port Hudson.


Off loading cargo for very low pay, but it had its advantages such as being able to take some of the fruit that may have fallen off of trucks. But Vittore knew he couldn’t do this forever. He was young and desperate and needed to start making real money. Then Vittore had discovered the concept of gambling. Whether it be setting up games of dice around the docks or managing back room poker games. All in all it was just about the money.


Then prohibition struck New York City making the sale and consumption of alcohol illegal. Vittore saw this as a great business venture, he wrote back home to his families winery. Having them send him cases and cases of wine to New York City in creates mixed with oranges and other fruits. With this steady flow of booze being brought in Vittore became a ‘big shot’ over night. Setting up distilleries and ‘speak-easies’ throughout New Jersey. Creating his own empire of bootlegging liquor.


In 1931 Vittore’s son was born, Vito Moretti. During the summer of ’33 Vittore was shot and killed by prohibition agents during a raid. Vito was left fatherless and a mourning mother so he was forced to work on the docks just as his father had done before him. However during his time working on the docks of Port Hudson he had met a young man named Franco Bocino also the son of an Italian immigrate to New York City. The two became great friends. In the spring of ’52 on Vito’s birthday he was approached by a very well dressed man who said he worked with his father. Vito never really knew his father and his mother never told him much about what he did or how he had died.
The man who claimed to have known Vito’s father told him everything. From how Vittore began his life in New York City to creating his small time crew in the streets of New Jersey, Vito would have never thought that his father controlled the longshoreman’s union in Port Hudson. Now that he was of age it was Vito’s turn to take the reins of his father’s organization. Vito became an outstanding Don, everyone loved him. He was truthful, fair and honest. He also gave back to those in his neighborhood. Along with creating new job opportunities within the unions of New Jersey’s industrial sector, Vito Moretti was truly loved by all, hated by few and feared by many. When his son Aldo was born in 1956 the people of New Jersey flocked to Vito and presenting gifts for the new born.


During 1985 Vito stepped down as Don leaving his son Aldo in-charge. Even though Vito was still fairly young and able to run the family he wished to take leave to enjoy what little youth he has left. Two years later Aldo’s son was born, Vito’s grandson, Pazzo Moretti. Aldo busy running the family Vito had much free time, free time he spent with his grandson. On one cold dark winter afternoon of 1996 the unthinkable happened. Aldo Moretti was murdered, killed in a car-bombing outside his home in Berchem. Vito went into a tyrant rage, forced out of retirement he vowed to find those who had taken his son away from him. He called his top button-men to find those who planned and executed his son’s death along with everyone who was responsible. Six months later on the day of his one and only grandson’s birthday he took his vengeance on those he vowed to destroy. The blood of those responsible for Aldo’s death was spilled on Pazzo’s birthday. Now fatherless Vito decided to take Pazzo under his wing and teach him the way of the “life” so the Moretti Family will live on for generations to come. In early 2008 Vito Moretti died of a stroke leaving young Pazzo to become Don.


After the death of Vito Moretti, Pazzo was left to take over the Moretti Family. Pazzo didn’t know what to do with his grandfather’s organization. Still young and in his prime but unfit to be a leader of a large criminal organization he soon began to lose all the soldiers from the golden ages. He had to rebuild, make a name for himself and let the Moretti name be known.