Month: June 2014

The Legacy Of Benny Noodles

The Legacy Of Benny Noodles a.k.a. Mad Angel


Benny Noodles began his life of crime at the young age of 13. With his father killed overseas in the war, only his mother was his caretaker until she died from a drug overdose. Benny was left to fend for himself. One day, while sitting at a bus top, he met a man who took him in & raised him as his own. He taught Benny to be a Bringer of Death, his own personal Guardian Angel/Assassin. The mans name was Mr. Xela a.k.a. the legendary Michael Corleone.


Benny became the first man to ever jump a rank in American Mafia by gaining a lot of XP working. He ranked from thug to W.O.M. within 2 weeks. When Benny left the Corleone Crime Family, he created the Gambino Crime Family. ((Second Gambino Family created. First was created by Tony S.)) Benny & his family rose quickly on the scene of New York & created tension with the current Godfather of N.Y. Constantine. Benny soon found out Constantine was responsible for the murders of friends & family of the Gambino Family by having men in the Gambino Family who worked for him. Benny confronted Constantine which started a war & Benny came out victorious. Benny then created the Noodles Crime Empire. Mr. Xela liked the idea of branching out expansion families calling it an empire. With the help of Benny Noodles, the AMFU & Bad Company was created with Michael Corleone as Kingpin & Bad Company helping him run American Mafia. It lasted for 2 years before Benny retired.


Benny returned 3 years later in April 2014. He joined Al Zapponi & the Zapponi Empire. All he wanted was to be back to where he was before. Benny went undercover while being in the Zapponi Hitsquad & became Als assassin. Benny ended the war at the time by killing Saint Genovese, Als enemy. Benny was then betrayed by his boss, Al Zapponi. Al Zapponi was the chairman of the commission & Royce Gambino his boss. Because of rumors, Benny became a mark. Instead of confronting Benny, Al twisted things & gave Royce the greenlight to kill Benny.
Benny the National Crime Syndicate Boss had been deranked & shots were fired at him by Royce. Benny, the loyal man that he was, had to survive. Even when he was told to accept his fate, Benny wouldn’t agree. Benny, seeing thru the lies, started Bad Company again. Benny then struck the empire & head of the commission. Benny then caught up to Al Zapponi, Ruler of A.M. at the time, placed the end of his .45 in Als mouth, & whispered a few words to Al before executing him. This began a war. Benny & the others began looking for the new boss & the rest of the family. After 3 days of war, Benny showed he can be merciful & announced a truce. A peace treaty was then created & signed. Benny then became the chairman of the commission, held votes & eventually a High Council was voted & established.


Peace didn’t last long, as Bennys newly found Commission discussed the future, classified & secret information. The Commission then struck for its first time & the war on Zapponis resumed & started a war with Fratesi as well. Benny then assassinated Midnight Fratesi & the Fratesi Empire in 30 mins. The war on Zapponis lasted for a few hours on the other hand. By the end of the night Benny has took out both Fratesi & Zapponi.


There are too many accomplishments to even mention. Benny claimed his status as supreme ruler & God of American Mafia. He laid the foundation of the New World Order & the Commission receives orders from the High Council. The Commission receives orders from the high council & the high council receives orders from the Gods of A.M. Benny then grew old, laid on bed, passes away peacefully & was reborn a God known as Mad Angel. His legacy will surely last a lifetime & he will forever be known as a God of American Mafia.


Anonymous story received at the American Mafia Headquarters

The Life: Part Two

After the “Family” doctor removed the bullets out of Giovanni’s body, Giovanni was hell bent on finding out who tried to kill him and his brother. While he took the time to recover, Don Greco sent his top enforcer Joseph “Jo Jo” Marcelli to talk with the hit man that had fell from the car and see if he could find out who ordered the hit. A week passed and finally, after hours and hours of brutally interrogating the hit man, the hit man was finally beginning to break. Jo Jo picked up the hit man and hung him on a meat hook and began hitting him with a baseball bat.”WHO ORDERED IT!!!!?????” Jo Jo screamed at the top of his lungs. Finally the hit man gave in. It turned out it wasn’t another one of the crime families that wanted the Greco brothers dead, it was a Mexican Drug Cartel.

Down south there was tons of competition and the Garcia Cartel wanted to expand it’s operation into another city, specifically a northern one. Luis Garcia, the head of the Garcia Cartel, had his eyes set on Chicago. He knew if he got rid of Giovanni and Enzo he could move into Chicago with little resistance. After Jo Jo finished getting all the info he could out of the hit man his cell phone rang. He headed for the door and swung it open. In walked a wounded Don Greco supporting himself with a cane, followed by his brother Enzo. As Giovanni reached the hit man, he calmly said, “So the Garcia Cartel wants to move up here eh?”  The hit man was in so much pain he could hardly speak, Giovanni told him to just nod his head yes if it was true. The hit man used all his strength to nod his head yes.

Once Giovanni got this information he smiled and pat the hit man on the cheek. He then pulled out his pistol, pointed it at the mans head, and fired twice. As he holstered his pistol he turned to his brother, “Enzo..” he said while pulling his brother to the side to talk to him privately, “get the word out on the street, the Cartel wouldn’t take a shot at us unless they already had a point man here so they could move in on our rackets quickly.” Giovanni continued,  “I want you to work with Jo Jo on this.” Enzo looked at his brother and began to sweat, “Does this mean what I think it means?” Giovanni put his hand on Enzo’s shoulder, “Si mio fratello ….. we’re going to war.”

Genovese Down

It was dark stormy night in the American Mafia. Al Zapponi sat a table of what he thought of at the time to be his closest Allies.


“Vistory is close.” That was the theme of the latest War meeting. Al and his men; Royce, Goodfellas, Benny Noodles, and Max all raised glasse to the last statement Al said. The only problem was the Genoves leader, Saint, who recently escaped IRS Tax Evasion claims. Saint had been cooridnating attacks on the Zapponi Empire for the past few weeks with out relent. The latest victims of the conflict included Pazzo Sangue and Grim.


“Al we need to cap off this war.” Royce continued. “Someone has to go and kill Saint at his HQ in American Samoa.” The room grew silent for a bit. Everyone looked and evaluated themselves. Royce, the strongest warrior of the group, vowed not to kill again after the accidental death of Pazzo in the war.


“I’ll go.” Everyone stopped sobbing and looked at Benny Noodles. Benny was an older mobster but was the newest member to join them here at Olympus. It was surprising that he would volunteer for almost certain death.


“Then its settled,” Al continued,” Benny will go first thing tomorrow to kill Saint. Benny decided to go and get some much needed sleep. The group offered to give Benny a squad of killers, but he turned it down he sayed: I need to do this myself. And Benny was off.


The next day was an especially hard one for Benny. First off; He had to get to the Samoa undected. Every week a Genovese Helicopter would leave from Hawaii to the Samoa. These guys were the ones who told what the state of the War was. Benny got a word on where in Hawaii the Genovese Soldiers rested. Out in a open clearing stood an A-H6 heli that only had two seats; the pilot and the Co-pilot. About five soldiers were at the landing. Three where around a blacked out SUV. Benny scaned the scene for anything of use. If he had to he would take on all the men and hope for the best. He then spotted it How could these guys be so stupid he thought to himself.The black SUV was parked next to a gas canister and Benny took his chance. He pulled out his .45 and put two into the gas can. The SUV and its riders went to Hell in a petroleum handbasket. As for the Pilot and friend , they were light work for a Goodfella like Benny and his gun.


Growing up on the streets of Baltimore Benny had only Police Choppers, never had he thought he would be the one to fly one. Although it wasnt hard to get the hang of; there was an ignition and a big stick to move the craft. For the next few hours Benny had a rocky ride accross the Pacific Ocean to kill Saint Genovese. Benny could see the island where Saint rested and he could make out Saint’s mansion. It looked like one of the ones he owned out in Hollywood. Just then a beeping noise came from inside the chopper. Benny looked around and saw the chopper was running low of fuel. It didnt occur to him that the fuel tank he shot up was actually the fuel for the chopper ride home. By now the chopper was freefalling. Benny had a plan: Run the chopper into the mansion. Hopefully Saint would be killed and Benny will have paid the ulitmate sacrifice.

Benny’s plan seemed to work as he plumitted into the huge house he made sure to hit a sleeping Saint Genovese. BOOM!!! It seemed that the entire house was inflamed. When Benny awoke he saw his .45 about two-feet to the right of him. Also headed for the .45 was a badly wounded Saint in his PJ’s. Benny reached the gun first… Saint lay next to him and Benny took out one of his cigars for a smoke while the US millitary; whose base was on the other side of the island, came to the scene…

Sorry For My Long Absence,


Pazzo Sangue

The Life: Part One

It was a cold winter day a week before Christmas, a man was sitting inside the local social club. His favorite drink on the table and cigar in hand he nodded his head while listening to Dean Martin singing Christmas songs. He was sitting at the very last table at the back of the club facing the front door. Aside from him, only the bartender and five men at another table were inside the social club. The man sitting by himself at the table was Giovanni Greco also known as “The Greek”, “The Big G”, “GG” but most people called him Boss. Giovanni was the head of Chicago’s Greco Crime Family. The Greco Family can trace its roots to Prohibition Chicago having been close business associates to Al Capone but never attracted the same notoriety, which is probably the reason why you’ve never heard of them. Every Don of the Family had been a Greco, passing the reigns of the organization from generation to generation. Giovanni had inherited the position from his father and helped build the Family to be serious competitors with New York City’s Five Families. The Family controls multiple racket’s such as extortion, money laundering, loan sharking, illegal gambling and most recently drug trafficking.

Giovanni always visited the social club around 5pm before he went home for dinner. While sipping his drink, Don Greco looked up to see his brother Enzo  leisurely make his way out of the bathroom. Enzo “Squirt” Greco was the younger brother of Giovanni. The nickname Squirt was given to him by Giovanni as a joke about his numerous bathroom trips. Enzo hated when his brother made fun of him, but he hated more how successful Giovanni was. Sure Enzo controlled some rackets of his own and made a good living but nothing like Giovanni. “Listen brother I don’t mind you making jokes about me,” an obvious lie, “but can you not do it in front of the guys? It makes me look bad. I can’t help I’ve got a weak stomach, the doctor said I’ve got some kind of condition.” Giovanni loved his brother more than life itself, he knew his brother hated his nickname. Giovanni also hated when other people abused his brother about his nickname. Once he actually cut out a mans tongue to make sure he never said the name again. “Alright Enzo I’ll stop making the jokes, but I only do it out of love, which you know.” Giovanni got up to hug his brother and told him to get his coat so they could leave. The men who had been sitting at the other table, both brothers’ bodyguards, stood up with both men ready to leave. Giovanni told them to go outside and get the car warmed up. Giovanni hated the cold, normally around this time of year he takes his family to his home in Florida but his mother was too sick to leave the state so instead of leaving for Florida he stayed in Chicago so he can celebrate Christmas with his mother. If there was anyone else Giovanni loved more than his brother, it was his mother.

As the guards were waiting outside, Giovanni started to walk toward the club exit, but Enzo rushed past him to get into the car before him. Since they were kids they always raced to the car to get the best seat. As Giovanni smiled he noticed the usual busy street was awfully quiet that day, too quiet. As he looked up the street he noticed a car running with three men inside. At first he didn’t think anything of it, but as he was just about to get in his car he noticed the car with the men began to move towards him faster and faster. Recognizing it was a hit, Giovanni yelled “Enzo get out of the car now!” Enzo thinking this was a joke because he ran in front of his brother took his time and did not notice the incoming hit men. Just before the hit men began to open fire with their tommy guns, Giovanni was able to grab Enzo out of the car. Shots rang out and three guards were killed instantly. Giovanni was hit once in the back and twice in the arm. Enzo escaped unscathed. The remaining two guards returned fire with their pistols and shot one of the hit men in the torso. The car made a fast escape, but the injured man fell out of the car door as they made a sharp turn around a corner. “GRAB THAT MAN!” Yelled Giovanni in pain, the Greco brothers guards grabbed the injured hit man and brought him back to Giovanni. “So Big G do those bullets hurt?” the hit man said while laughing at his own joke. Enzo helped his brother to his feet. Giovanni looked at the hit man with his dark and cold Sicilian eyes and said “These bullets are nothing. They’ll heal up sooner or later…….. but what we’re going to do to you will NEVER HEAL!”


Story received anonymously at the American Mafia Headquarters.