Month: May 2014

Lost Angel – Breaking News

Lost Angel Breaking news from the La Cosa Nostra Underworld.


The body of Saint Genovese has turned up today in the back of a Buick over in New York’s Bronx. His index finger on his right hand had been removed prior to the finding, the victim also looked as if he had been torcher’d severely as evidence suggest that before he was killed his head was put in a vise as both eyeballs were popped out of the sockets. Police are looking into possible leads, several suspects are affiliated with the Zapponi Organization as the Zapponi vs Genovese war had been out of control for the past two months. Over that time frame dozens of mobsters on both sides were killed and it seemed the mobsters were attending funerals nearly everyday.


The death of Saint has been a blessing to the Mafia as it’s finally back to business as normal, rumor has it a Commission has been working in the dark corners of the underworld pulling the strings and keeping everyone inline. The suspected board members are Vindog Porello, Yankee, LeftyTwoGunz, Royce Gambino, and Al Zapponi. These notorious kingpins have been known to cops and Federal agents all over America for everything from murder to extortion and racketeering, can the law put a stop to these men or will we once again see the rise of the mafia. Only time will tell, from AM times we wish you a good day.


Goodluck and stay safe.