Month: March 2014

Bodies hit the floor

Breaking news from AM times.


It seems an all out war has hit the streets of America. Genovese’s are shooting Zapponi’s, Zapponi’s are shooting Genovese’s. This war has already claimed a dozen lives between the 2 families. Biggest looses for the sides were G-T-R who was a part of the Zapponi Crime Family, and Albert–Anastesia from The Genovese Crime Family. This war shows no sign of ending until Al or Saint’s body is found riddled with bullets. The war is believed to have start when Saint tried shaking down Al, demanding Al pay him money or points for Saint to not shoot his members. Moments later shoots were reported at a brothel in Wyoming. Cops arrived to find Albert with 7 shots from 2 different weapons.


No evidence was found and no witnesses have turned up. Within an hour 9 more Genovese’s were found dead all across America. In Chicago’s South Side two Genovese’s were found in the back of a trunk under a bridge. The bodies appeared beaten and bruised, the corner believes these men had been beaten and stabbed to death. Houses and businesses owned by Genovese members have been burned down and shot up. The violence is getting out of hand. From American Mafia Times HQ, stay safe and have fun.


Chicago Murders

Di Maso, wounded in the hunt for Biggles, lay silently sleep in the Chicago ER. Then he awakes to the hustle and bustle of the nurses readying the bed beside his, someone else was coming. He sees the gurney bring in an almost lifeless human being into the ER. Covered in a quilt Di Maso is dying on the inside to see who is in the room next to him. He knows it could be anyone of his Zapponi Brothers or even his own family. The doctor rushes in and Di Maso sees the body for the first time. It was Lost Soul, notorious Corleone Boss and head of the Chicago streets. Di Maso hadn’t been in much contact with Corleone’s new leadership, but his father was a personal enemy to Michael Corleone and was killed by the Corleone founder. Di Maso knew these guys were the ones he wanted to kill. Later week later one night after the doctors and nurses had all left the hospital Di made his move. Lost Soul was laying there mortally wounded by the recent mob war, Di found the plug to the IV and disconnected it. Within seconds Soul was dead and Di Maso slowly walked out of the hospital, healed from his old wounds. It took a while for Di to get out of Corleone owned Illinois especially now that Yankee had put a hit out on him for One Hundred Thousand dollars, every “Contractor” in the state would be on him within days. Di knew of only one haven, his old boss Emilio Barzini, in Detroit. After scrambling up some cash Di catches a Greyhound up to Detroit, safely out of Corleone turf. When got in the city he went straight to Emilio’s house on the outskirts of the city. When he Emilio opens the door Di Maso begs for amnesty. “I’m sorry Di, Yankee has put one million on you, you’re spoiled goods and we can’t have that in my family.” Emilio tells Di Maso and slams the door in his face. Rage starts to fill in Di Maso, he feels the red in his eyes, and he kicks in the door catches Emilio off guard. “I’m damaged goods huh? Well you’re spoiled goods now.” And Di Maso shoots Emilio with the full clip of his 9mm.


Ever since Di Maso got hit in Chicago, Anthony Costello had been running the Zapponi Outfit in California. The outfit made the money of the Zapponi Empire and was crucial for the war effort, so business could not stop for one man in the hospital. Anthony had been given the ahead by Al to keep the family even if Di Maso came back from Chicago. A few days in and Di came to Anthony’s bar in Long Beach. Di moved through the bar to an empty booth. He raised many alarms in the bar and then Domino goes to warn Anthony of his arrival. Anthony walks out to the bar floor and the patrons all make their way out the door and Domino locks the place up. “Hey, what’s up?” Anthony asks. Di Maso looks up with anger and hatred in his eyes and he tells Anthony the story of what happened the day before with Emilio. With all that being said, Anthony gets upset and the two start arguing. By the end of the argument Anthony pulls a knife out and charges at Di Maso. Di Maso defensively shoots Anthony and Domino who was behind him keeping watch…


Lefty comes by Emilio’s house, he found Emilio lying dead near the door and it smelled of the dead body from outside. Lefty was shook up about what had happened to his boss and mentor.


At the funeral service he held for Emilio he asked some of the other Mafia bosses if they had any words on what happened.”Yeah, man Di Maso has gone rogue and killed many, including Anthony Costello,” said Yankee the Corleone Empire boss. Lefty took this news with a grain of salt. Al Zapponi came up to Lefty after ease dropping on the last thing said. “This is what you want to know, do what you have to.” Al drops a piece of paper into Lefty’s hand. The paper had on it one two words; West Virginia. Lefty went to the airport almost immediately after the funeral ended and landed in West Virginia in about five hours.


Di Maso had rented a motel room in Falcon Pass, WV. He wanted to lay low for a few weeks. Let the heat from Corleone and Zapponi die down. On a foggy Tuesday he prepares to finally leave the motel and slowly return to the mob cities. As he puts the key in the ignition and then turns it, the car explodes externally and he is killed on the spot. “Gotcha bitch, Revenge is sweet.” Lefty says as he drives off into the deep fog.


At 1111 Constitution Ave., Washington, D.C. a task force of IRS agents readies the final blow to be dealt against Genovese mob Boss nicknamed “Saint”. For the past year now they have searched for him on the charge of tax evasion. The IRS looked tirelessly through each state and thought with the mob war raging that Saint would make a mistake, but they were the ones mistaken. However, one day the taskforce turned local Zapponi killer Grim Reaper to turn State’s evidence on Akaz Genovese who killed many men in Iowa. They made Akaz flip on Saint a few weeks later. It turned out Saint had been hiding in the American Samoa, ironically right on the outskirts of the American Military base that covers 90% of the island.


Saint was on his hammock near the shore and noticed some unusual movement at the base. Some helicopters had been moving in and out way too much for comfort. To his knowledge no one else was on the island with him and the military knew nothing of his existence. Saint decided to flee; it was getting too hot by now. When he walked back to his house, he was greeted with barrels of Gov issue 9mm pointed all over him as he was surrounded by the Internal Revenue Service for the biggest mob take down in thirty years. Saint was put on trial for Tax evasion, but the sentence was really for the huge rackets and mass murders he ordered without any other tie to the mob. He was sentenced to serve ten years for every crime related to his family, a total of three thousand years in Alderney Maximum Security Correctional Facility…


Mob Wars: Zapponi vs Genovese

It was a warm and beautiful day in the American Samoas, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and everything was going as usual for Genovese Boss, Saint Genovese. As he is standing on the white sands staring into the ocean he is waiting for his courier to get there with his usual report of what is happening in the mob scene. As his courier arrives as usual and hands him his report in silence, Saint notices instead of leaving like normal he is just standing there. “ Is there something you need?” Saint asks

“ Well there is one more thing… Saint you see uhh there is no easy way to tell you but Al Zapponi is back” the courier replies, shaking. Saint nods and when the courier turns around Saint pulls out his 1911 and blows the couriers brains out. Saint rushes in to his house and goes to the phone in his office, untapped and calls Al Zapponi, no response. Furious he now calls GoodFellas which he saw is back in the business. “ Hello this is GoodFellas” he answers, “ Look I don’t care who you used to be but right now you’re dead so is your buddy Al you got that?” Saint snarls. The line is silent is silent and then Al picks up the phone, “ You want war junior well you got it don’t be mad when you’re alone because you just signed your members death certificates” Al tells Saint before hanging up.

As Giovanni Falcone is sitting in the living room of his mansion just outside the city limits of New York City one of his bodyguards walks up to him letting him know he has a visitor. As Grim tells his bodyguard to send him in Pazzo Sangue walks into the room and tells Grim “ Well with the Zapponi Genovese war going on right now Genovese soldiers are being killed but we need a couple high profile assassinations and who better to get than the Grim Reaper, anyways I’m going with you on these ones get a suit and lets go Albert Anastasia was last seen in Wyoming”. As Pazzo and Grim are driving around in the part Cheyenne that Albert is known to be seen, they spot his car. So they decide to tail him for a little bit until Pazzo gets a call and almost slams on the brakes. “ Biggles killed GTR we need to get to Michigan he is the other target” Pazzo tells Grim so at a intersection they pull up beside Albert and as he looks over to the left he sees Grim with a suppressed pistol aiming at him then it all goes black for Albert as the two speed away.

When Grim and Pazzo are in Detroit they are directed to a Genovese owned warehouse and were told Di Maso was about ten minutes ahead of them they see Di Maso outside the warehouse sitting on the ground with his Tommy Gun in hand he has been shot in the stomach. As Grim and Pazzo rush over to him he tells them “ Don’t worry about me I got a couple men and Biggles in the leg when he was switching cover hehe”, “ Pazzo get Di Maso to Rosatos so he can have that bullet taken out and be patched up I got Biggles” Grim says to Pazzo. Before they leave Di Maso hands Grim his Tommy Gun, “ Still has a full cartridge in it I reloaded before you guys got here now go put a bullet in that SOB”.

As Grim kicks open the warehouse door Tommy Gun in hand there is about four guys on the main level left and he unloads the cartridge in them, bullets tearing into mortal flesh. He sets the Tommy Gun down and takes out his suppressed 1911 and runs up the stairs and is waiting outside the office, following the blood trail as he opens the door he sees Biggles on the floor trying to wrap his shirt around his leg to try to stop the bleeding. As Grim walks over to him and aims the gun at his head Biggles looks into Grims eyes and says “ Genovese for life” all tensed up. Grim pulls the trigger and watches the body of Biggles go limp. “ Nobody escapes the reaper” Grim says and walks off…

Written by Anonymous

La Cosa Nostra Sweeps the Streets

It appears Mafia Godfather’s Goodfellas and Al Zapponi have made their way out of retirement and have hit the streets hard. Al quickly reformed his Zapponi empire while Goodfellas has started working on building the Camorra empire. The two have wasted no time, both were recently voted onto The Commission filling the the vacant chair and the chair of former Godmother of the Costello empire, Janedoe2.


Jane had taken her own life just a few days ago, she will be missed by the entire Underworld community. In other news the commission continues to make progress as the chairman’s keep working on building a brighter future for AM, so far I’m liking what I’m seeing as we have seen several new wiseguys popping onto these shores, some even have been getting active in the organized crime scene. Time will tell if the mob will regain it’s former power, control, and influence on America or if they will slip into the darkness.


From the HQ of the American Mafia Times –   Stay safe, and have fun.



Giovanni Falcone is led into the room which housed Lefty and Emilio along with Really. “Now, Grim, Really has agreed to fight you in the boxing match at the end of the week. If there you are still interested, I’ll set this in motion.” Giovanni hesitated, not wanting to show the eagerness in his body language. “We won’t blame you if you don’t want to fight kid, I’m the best fighter along the East Coast and you’re just a no name fighter.” Really says at Grim’s hesitation. This made Grim furious and he signed the waver with lightning quickness.


When Grim got back to his place in Atlantic City, Mickie Fratesi swings by after hearing of the fight. “So Grim, do you have any boxing experience?” he asks. Grim looks to the floor and then back up at Mickie, “I figured it wouldn’t be any different than street fighting.” Mickie face-palms at this kid’s lack of knowledge. “It will be very different than that, let me teach you how to really fight for these next few days at least before you get out there and embarrass Fratesi.” The two go the gym at the back of the crib and get started…


Raven Fratesi sits in his chair looking out over the New York skyline for the first time in many years. It’s been fifteen years since his father’s death in the same city and Raven vowed never to return. However today was the start of a special occasion. Soon he would get revenge on those that killed his father, Royce, years ago. Raven gets a call from Midnight to watch over security at the Boxing match three days from now. “We need all the men there we can get as Mickie and Angel will be enjoying the fight from the skybox.” Raven starts to smile at the easy opportunity she just handed him, “Say no more. I’d be more the happy to head security for Mickie and all other high value guys at the Fight.”


The boxing match goes down at Madison Square Garden. Grim looked out at the crowded stadium that awaited his fight. “Alright Grim I have to go, but you got this.” Mickie pats Grim on his shoulder and walks up to his private skybox. Grim moves out to the Ring. As he enters the stage area the crowd goes wild with boos and the occasional praise, although most bets were against him. Grim didn’t let the audience get to him; there was only one objective and that was to beat Really. He stops at the corner and gets water then steps into the ring. Really is standing directly adjacent to him and making little smirks along with sly remarks. “Alright, I want a clean fight. Nothing below the belt and the round is over when the bell rings.” Lefty says to both fighters. They hit gloves and the fight begins…


Raven dismisses the army of Fratesi bodyguards assigned to the Garden. Raven made sure he stayed on the top floor with the Skybox by himself. In the skybox Mickie and Angel were enjoying drinks and also the ultimate view of Grim and Really fighting. Raven was waiting for the final bell to ring and kill the two under the roar of the crowd. Then an unexpected thing happened; James Burke showed late to the party in the sky. Burke was a close friend of Raven’s father and was not to be killed; now the plan had to be changed. The first round and James was still in the skybox…


As the second round was close to ending James goes to the bathroom and Raven realizes that this will be only chance to kill Mickie and Angel without collateral damage. The second bell rings, and the crowd goes deafening. Grim had just knocked out Really and the fight was over. Perfect! Raven aims his gun to Mickie, but he misses the shot and the bullet goes off into the audience; subsequently hitting Micky-D and killing him. Raven aims again and this time getting both of his intended targets. Raven leaves the floor and the building as soon as possible. James Burke walks out of the bathroom to find his friends dead in their chairs. “Damn It! Every time I go to the bathroom someone dies.”


Mickie and Angel’s deaths soon spread throughout the underground and several Fratesi leaders went hiding outside the country. After a few days of needed regrouping the mob was taken hold of Anthony Costello a highly respected mobster in the Midwest. Raven knew that his father, Royce, wanted to make Fratesi pay for pointless killings fifteen years ago and now he felt that his father could rest in peace…


Crafted by Pazzo-Sangue



A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember (Part 1)

*Mickie wakes up, after the hangover from the day before*

It’s 8:12 a.m. Sunlight seems like the gates of hell opening up, it is so early yet it feels so late. Bottles of vodka and champagne are everywhere, he checks his phone, there are so many missed calls that he can’t even count them. It was Raven; Mickie wonders why he called so many times or if perhaps there is something wrong.

*A door behind him opens*

Sir, you might want to see this! Says John, one of his trusted bodyguards.

*Mickie takes a jacket, then proceeds to follows John.*

-So, what is this all about?
– You will not like it sir I can assure you that.
-You’ll see..

*John takes a laptop, and shows Mickie a private e-mail.*
“From Raven: I will make this short and quick, I want to fight you to finish this, this is nothing personal, just business, sooner or later this was going to happen and it has to be today, you either come to me or I will come to you.”

-Why is Raven asking me for a fight? He is more than a thousand miles away. And why today?
-I don’t know sir, but you will lose reputation if you don’t take this “offer”.
-Well, let me take a shower and eat. Tell everyone about this, get a car and a some jets ready, we are flying to New York.
-Roger that sir.

*John takes a phone out and starts walking out in a hurry*

Mickie is getting prepared to leave, his white tuxedo seems to be looking cleaner than ever, his gun is shiny and loaded. He then starts wondering why Raven decided to retaliate all of a sudden, but at the same time accepts reality: One of them will die soon, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be him.

9:48 a.m. Everyone is ready by now, Mickie gets in the limousine, heading to the private airport. Before leaving he makes sure he calls an old powerful friend, he knows this battle won’t be easy to win, so he will need some help if possible, and who better to help than Drug Lord El Chapo.

*Mickie takes the phone and starts dialing*

One of Chapo’s friends picks up the phone, he immediately recognizes Mickie’s voice and hands the phone to Chapo.
-Hey Mickie what’s up? Haven’t heard about you for a while.
-Hey man, listen I don’t have a lot of time so I just needed to ask you for a favor.
-Sure man what do you need?
-Raven retaliated, the fight is gonna be today in a couple hours, if you could give me a little hand that would be great, I know I can do it but a little help is always good just to make sure.
-Sure thing man what do you need?
-I need you to give me your best men to fight, I know it’s a lot to ask but if we win we will be able to take over USA.
-Alright man, I will be sending my enforcers as soon as I can.
-Thank you for the help man, really appreciate it.
-No problem, they will be in the old HQ we used to have back in the day in a couple hours, wait for them when you get to New York. Good luck.

Mickie hangs up, feeling a little bit more confident about the fight, John is calling him from one of the jets, his army is ready to go.

Time Of Prosperity

After the massacre of the Moretti and Gambino empire there was only one other family from the alliance, Boss Mancini and the Mancini empire. After informing Royce about everything, Eric Mancini headed towards a log cabin in the middle of the woods in an Arkansas forest. Boss knows they will probably come for him so he has his typewriter ready, suddenly two blacked out SUVs pull up to the cabin. The Yankee steps out of one with his Tommy Gun in his hand, “OK Boss come out you’re surrounded Chapo is on his way here soon but I think I can finish you myself” Paulie said with a smug look on his face.

Paulie and his men unloaded with their guns into the cabin until they had to reload. After reloading Yankee took one step forward and was hit in the arm with a bullet from Bosses pistol, he was saving his Tommy Gun for the end. As Chapo Guzman was pulling up he saw Yankee being tended to, “Did you get him?” Chapo asked, “No he is still in there I don’t know where his vantage point is, but he’s got a pretty good shot if you step over that line one of my guys drew in the dirt over there.”

Chapo was quiet until finally he looks at Yankee and said “Nonsense I’m El Chapo I know he will die by my hand” then he walks over to the house and as soon as he steps over the line two gunshots are fired and Chapo is on the ground. As his men drag him away he is shot twice in the stomach, his condition is critical, and he needs to get to the hospital before he bleeds out. As Chapo is leaving Michael Massino aka the Angel Of Death is pulling up, as he slams his door he walks over to the Yankee,furious,”Is he dead yet” Angel yells “No I got hit, then Chapo came and he got hit and had to go to the hospital” Yankee told Angel “Wow what an embarrassment to the Corleone name you are supposed to be the leader of the Corleone empire and you can’t kill one man in a-” As he was saying Boss kicks open the door, Tommy Gun in hand shooting all over, killing Yankees bodyguards standing in front of him while he runs for cover. Angel stands his ground, taking out his Tommy and unloads into Boss. As Boss is laying on the ground dead Angel doesn’t say a word to Yankee, gets in his car and speeds off.

After the death of Boss Mancini, Mickie Fratesi calls a meeting with the heads pf the other families and the Dons that are about to have their family and discuss the future of the mafia and the new rules. After that he announces the new Dons and congratulates them on their loyalty and the meeting is adjourned. As he lights up a cigarette in his Mansion in Hollywood he is thinking on the system and what is to come in this thing of ours.


Written by Anonymous  

Mob Battle

Robert Bacino arrives in San Diego to discuss the details of the new Moretti rackets with old friend and advisor, Pazzo Sangue. Robert decides to get to the town a day early fore he had never been to California and wanted to experience the great state. Robert arrives at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown, a big building one of many in San Diego to unpacks his bags. He, his wife, and their son and daughter make their way towards the beach. The beach was beautiful as can be and his kids jumped for joy when they saw it. Rob drives them there feels in his pocket and then realizes he forgot his phone, “Hey, baby watch the kids for a minute, I left my phone back at the hotel.” His wife looks at him with much disappointment, “Dont be too long sweetie” she says as she kisses him, not knowing it would be the last time they would see each other. Robert pulls up to the Seasons and goes back to the room. He walks in the room and looks up to find a ghost. There before him stood Mickie Fratesi, the one and only, in a full suit and Tommy gun in hand…


Pazzo just arrived in San Diego. They pull him aside at the airport. “Mr. Sangue there is a call for you in the office,” says the security officer. Pazzo answers the phone to hear Robert’s voice calm as can be. “Hey Rob what’s up?” Robert hesitates and then Mickie puts the barrel a little closer to his skull. “I just wanted to confirm the meeting place.” Pazzo smiles at the nervousness that his best friend still gets while talking to him, “Yea man where’s the spot?”


Robert slightly turns to see Mickie still standing there with the Thompson, “Umm, yeah we’ll meet at the Four Seasons, Room number One-fifteen.” Pazzo, still smiling says, “Okay man I’ll be there within the hour.” and then he hangs up. When Robert puts the phone down Mickie puts a pillow next Rob’s head and fired using it as a suppressor…


Pazzo gets to the hotel with his bodyguards. Pazzo dismisses his men for them to have some good time with their families and friends in town. Pazzo walks into Rob’s room and nothing. The room was especially quiet and Pazzo draws his 1911 and surveys the room. Once he stand on the balcony he turns back to the room to see Mickie there with the Tommy gun ready to shoot. Pazzo tries to draw his pistol, but Mickie was faster and put the entire drum mag into Pazzo. Sangue falls off the balcony rail dead, for real this time, before he hit the pavement…


At the Gambino bar Royce Gambino sits in the back waiting on the profits from the rackets in New York. Just then Eric Mancini busts through the doors with sweat rushing from his face. “Royce. Mickie’s back and he’s declared war” Eric continues, “Pazzo and Moretti are already dead… I think he’s on his way to New York right now for me and you.” Royce takes this news with a few grains of salt and just sits there for a few minutes. “Well should get the guys here?” Eric asks. “No” Royce finally says. “Leave here, Eric, I’ll fight Mickie, but If I dont make it I want you to at least live.” Eric nods to him and goes off to leave the state…


Royce and Mickie decide that this battle will go down at the same Construction yard on 23rd Street. No words were actually exchanged between the two, they just both arrived at the spot around the exact same time. Mickie still in the same outfit as he had killed Robert and Pazzo. Royce makes the first move and shoots his tommy gun at Mickie. Fratesi runs out of the way leaving Royce exposed. Mickie fires right back and Royce now crying moves as the bullets chase him like a tail. A couple of blind shots later and then Royce out from cover with only his Magnum .44 left with ammo. Mickie switches to his magnum and the two stand there with barrel to barrel and they both fire, but secretly Royce was out of ammo and his gun just went click as the .44 bullet went straight into his brain…


Link awakes in his Mansion. Nobody is around, his wife has left him and so has his guards. He has a sore head, he takes some headache tablets. His friend comes to the door. Nobody other than Mickie Fratesi, who he thought to be dead. He stays quiets and Mickie tells him to turn on the television. Link turns on his television and goes to the news channel instinctively. Mickie tells him to watch, Link watches as the headlines say “Masked man brings down Mob Bosses”Link turns and looks to Mickie who is covered in blood and dirt. Mickie simply says :”I never left you brother” Link smiles as American Mafia enters a new era of prosperity. He walks upstairs to his room and gets dressed in his tuxedo, leaving his Mansion for the first time in three weeks. Link laughs and says to Mickie: “Once a Fratesi, Always a Fratesi”


Submitted by -MickeyCohen-