Month: February 2014


On a warm and sunny day in Las Vegas, Nevada, Donnie Vegas and Paulie Vegas also known as The Yankee are sitting down in a office of the casino that Donnie owns. As the two sip their scotch in silence in silence Donnie breaks the silence, “We’ve been doing this for too long man, we have played our part and then some, we have been loyal to this thing of ours our entire life and have achieved many things but there one last thing to accomplish”. Paulie finishes his glass and looks at Donnie, “So it seems our time has come, we said many years ago if one of us decides to retire, than we both do, together, as we always have” Paulie tells Donnie. The two pour themselves another glass and discuss how they are going to break the news to the other Dons and Kingpins.

Johnny Torrio is just getting back to his estate when he enters his home he hears his phone ring. So he walks over to it and answers. “Hello” he says, “Hey it’s Donnie and Yankee here we have decided to retire don’t ask for our reasons but we feel it is our time” Donnie tells The Raven. “Ok if that is what you want then lets set up a meeting with the other families and there you will appoint the new heads of Corleone and Vegas” Raven remarks to them. “No can do we are already on our way to our paradise and there are no new heads we will run them from retirement” Donnie tells him aware of the rule that been broken. “We all know you can’t run a family from retirement it is against the rules” Torrio sternly tells Donnie, “Yeah but we just did so deal with it jagoff” Donnie tells Raven as he hangs up. Raven, now furious calls his Consigliere Machine Gun Kelly and says “Donnie and The Yankee have broken a serious rule put the word out Corleone and Vegas are shutting down any who stay will be killed” “Well people might stay with them” MGK tells Johnny. “Well if that’s the case kill their hierarchy so they know we are serious” Raven says as he hangs up.

In a bar in Oklahoma Dinzecto, Viod, and Vampiric are sitting in a Corleone owned bar alone discussing the latest buzz about the shutdown. “You guys gonna leave and join someone else” Vampiric asks. “No there is nothing to worry about with those Gambino and Meretti punks, Viod stays silent. Little do they know Machine Gun Kelly, Pazzo Sangue and Antz are parked outside the bar preparing to strike. Pazzo, now fully healed from his shootout with Johhny Torrio before says “Ok lets do this Antz you wait here and when we run out get us out of here, MGK lets do what we do best” “Sounds good but I gotta say Pazzo it’s good to know that you didn’t die from all those bullets Johnny put in you” MGK tells his old friend. Pazzo smiles and says “Yeah I’m glad I’m not dead to” As Viod, Dinzecto, and Vampiric are playing some poker they see Pazzo and MGK bust in, MGK, Tommy Gun in hand, and Pazzo duel wielding twin 1911 Colt pistols “Suprise” Pazzo yells as they unleash their wrath upon the Corleone members. As they run out of the bar MGK tells Pazzo “Man I love doing that”

After the news of the Corleone massacre most of the Corleone and Vegas members left the family and took refuge amongst the other families. With only a couple members left Donnie and The Yankee still try to stay afloat and say the empires are still going good as they sit and watch it fall apart from their retirement.