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Death Of A Kingpin

It was a eerie night, when around midnight Machine Gun Kelly was sitting alone in his motel room in Oklahoma, a night like any other. Suddenly MGK hears two black sedans pull up, unusual because he chooses motels without a lot of business, then masked figures exit the vehicles and head for their trunks and pull out some shotguns. 


MGK knew this might be his last night and these men weren’t here to keep him company, but to end his life. MGK proceeds to put out the cigarette he was smoking in the ashtray next to the bed, grabs his Tommy Gun and runs in the bathroom leaving the door open, but killing the lights. A couple minutes later his door breaks down and the masked assailants enter the room, one notices the cigarette that was just put out and says to the others “He must be around here somewhere check under the beds and then the bathroom”. MGK heard them check under the beds and when he felt they were all in the room in a general area he stepped from cover an d unloaded from his Tommy Gun, bullets hitting flesh, blood everywhere. When his cartridge was empty there weren’t any masked men alive. MGK took a sigh of relief and started to search the corpses for a note and eventually, he found one. He was in disbelief that the hit had been sent from Bugsy Siegel and even had his personal wax stamp of approval, so it was from him.


Johnny Torrio is just waking up and is enjoying a cigar and some coffee when his phone rings, Machine Gun Kelly is on the other line. “Hey what’s up” Johnny said, to which MGKreplied “Hey Johnny do you think I could stay at the Gambino Compound for a little bit?” “Why whats wrong with Moretti?” Torrrio said, confused “Oh well you know nothing much except for the fact that Bugsy Siegel sent assassins to kill me last night, and before you ask it was him, even had his wax seal” MGK remarked knowing what was about to happen. “This is ridiculous, he has been thinking he was untouchable and now has the audacity to pull this and try to kill a capo and friend of Pazzos is unacceptable, lay low at the compound I’ll call you when it is settled.” Johnny then called Bugsy and arranged a meeting in Kentucky to “talk business”, and Bugsy fell for it.


So they had a meeting in a KFC, Bugsy wanted a public place, just in case so as they are talking and eating Bugsy says “Hey I’m going to this restroom to take a whiz” “Same here” Torrio tells him. When they head in there Bugsy heads for the urinal, but Johnny stops him “Hey Bugsy” Johnny says, when Bugsy turns around there is a .44 Magnum pointed at him. Frozen with fear Bugsys legs start to rapidly shake and his pants start to turn wet, “Are you peeing your pants?” Torrio asks trying not to laugh at him, then Bugsy drops to his knees and starts to cry while urinating on himself. “Please spare me I’m so sorry” Bugsy wails, now weeping. “Look at you, not so untouchable now, are you prepared to face your mistakes?” Bugsy was just sitting there hysterically crying so Johnny got tired of it, put the magnum to Bugsys head and blew his brains out and walked out saying “I still can’t believe he pissed his pants”



Johnny is in a Kentucky hotel, about to call Machine Gun Kelly when he gets a call. “ Hello” Johnny says “Why did you kill Bugsy?” Pazzo asks on the other line “ He sent hitmen after MGK” Torrio replies “I’m sorry to hear that but since you killed one of my men I’m bound by honor to kill you” Pazzo said “You don’t have to do this” Johnny replied “Yeah I do, meet me at the abandoned warehouse by Pepperidge Farm” Pazzo calmly said to his friend. “Ok but we will have it fair duel three cartridges each” Johnny said. So at midnight Johnny Torrio shows up at the warehouse, knowing Pazzo would already be there, as soon as Johnny walks in the door bullets are flying at him so he dashes over to cover, Seems like Pazzo used his first cartridge. “Pazzo this is you last chance man don’t do this” Johnny yells. Then Pazzo and Johnny exchange gunfire until they have to reload. Jo hhny is at two left and Pazzo is on his last one. Johnny runs to some more cover shooting at Pazzo while he is returning fire. Johnny reloads his last cartridge knowing Pazzo is out of ammo and walks out into the open. In the last gun fight Pazzo was hit in the stomach. Knowing that if he doesn’t do something he is going to bleed out so Pazzo pulls out a stiletto switchblade that he took from the corpse of the legendary Corleone Godfather GrimReaper, knowing it is the end. In a blaze of glory Pazzo charges at Johnny with all his might as Johnny is unloading his lat cartridge into Pazzo, who is getting riddled with bullets yet still charging until Pazzo reaches Johnny one hand on his shoulder and the other with the blade to Johnny’s neck. Looking eachother in the eyes for the last time, Pazzo falls over before before he can muster the strength to slit Johnnys throat. Johnny stands there, looking at the bullet filled body of Pazzo Sangue and screams in anger at the loss of his close friend and fellow kingpin. When Johnny gets to the nearest phone he calls Machine Gun Kelly “Is it done Johnny Boy” MGK asks “Yeah” Torrio replies “I wonder what Pazzo is going to do” MGK says unaware of the death of his close friend



“Pazzo is dead, he challenged me to a duel and I killed him, I’m sorry”

Johnny says trying to keep cool…

“Dammit Pazzo why did you have to die for Bugsys mistake you didn’t have to do this… I need time to think I will call you later” Machine Gun Kelly said as he hung up. Johnny was just sitting thinking on what is to become…


Observed by Machine Gun Kelly

American Mafia Miniseries Part 10

After the Rizzoni Family settled paying tribute to the Luciano Family and became a glorified crew under the Luciano Family they seemed unstoppable, but rivals from the past and the present are joining together to stop their winning streak.



In an office building in Detroit the new boss of the remaining members of the Carbone Family was Peter “Machine Gun” Mancini, a ruthless capo who killed his competition to takeover the Family; the other man was Chicago boss Michael Rangano, both were here because both had been screwed by Luciano Family. Mancini was not only the likely successor after Sal Carbone died but was also a close friend of Sal and has hated the Luciano Family since they killed his friend. Rangano was furious at Fabrizio because his Family gave permission to Anthony Molinari to create his own Family in Los Angeles, but the family Molinari was building was with men from Chicago and was sent out to help Tony run LA, which was regarded as Rangano territory.


“Don Rangano, the Luciano Family has ruined our families’ reputations and now they think they can push us around! I think its time we show The Commission that we’re more powerful together than we are separate. I say we kill Fabrizio and his allies and we can easily takeover everything.”


Rangano was eating (go figure) his lasagna from the night before but he stopped when he heard Mancini’s plan, and for Rangano to stop eating that shows how surprised he was. “I knew you Detroit guys were crazy but that’s insane!” Rangano got up to get a glass of wine, he offered Mancini a glass but Mancini wasn’t a big drinker so he declined. “If I was to join you Peter, Fabrizio is not only out of the country with his Family on a vacation, but he’s always surrounded by guards.”


Mancini wasn’t smart but he knew how to fight, “Alright, if we can’t kill him we’ll make him look weak. While he’s out of the country we start weakening his allies.”


Don Rangano thought if anyone could make this plan work, a man from Detroit who’s known for his brutal tactics could do it.


“What do you need from Chicago?”


When Mancini heard that he knew he had gained his first ally. “Detroit is a mess, my Family needs men and money which Chicago has plenty of. If you give me that, I can help you with your problem.”


Don Rangano was confused because for years he was the voice of reason on the Commission so he didn’t have any problems.


“What problem would that be and how could you help?”


Mancini got up and lit a cigarette as he exhaled the smoke he looked like some kind of demon with an evil idea, “I’m gonna take apart Tony Molinari’s Family, but I need to know everything about him.”


To be continued…

Gun fight

We all know what happened between The-Raven and Mickie-Fratesi.  But what we don’t know is Mickie’s side of the story.  It starts like this.      


Mickie is in his apartment drinking some beer with link.  They are talking about what’s going on with Raven and them.  Link says ” Mickie you Know that Raven killed Joey_Merlino and Chapo_Guzman.  “It would have been nice if you told me earlier dumb***” Mickie says aggravated.  He immediately goes to the phone to call up Raven.


“It’s Mickie” he said in an angry voice.      


“It’s Raven, what’s wrong?”


“You know What’s wrong, how could u kill them without my authority?”

Mickie was even more furious now.     


 “They killed Al I knew you wouldn’t agree with me so i had to do it alone.  I hope you understand.”


” Meet me tonight in NY at the bar on 74th St.” Said Mickie


” We don’t have to do this Mickie” Raven said desperately.

     ” Hey Raven”

      ” Yeah Mick”


Mickie whispers “Go **** yourself” as he hangs up the phone and tells Link he is going to NY to settle some unfinished business.


 Mickie takes the first flight to NY.  He meets up with Raven at the bar.  Mickie started setting up before Raven got their he had all his guys ready to protect him, he even called in his private army. All of his raptors and helicopters would start attacking right when Raven showed up. Once Raven got to New York in his private jet the city started getting torn apart by Mickies private army, buildings started falling and there were many casualties. Raven got into his car and sped off to meet Mickie.


Right when Raven got to the door bullets were flying from both sides, Raven starts turning tables over to have more protection. What Raven doesn’t know is that Mickie threw a grenade where Raven is, one if Ravens men saw it and saves Ravens life by jumping on top of the grenade and dying in the process.


Now Raven wants blood; he calls his helicopters in to shoot up the building while Raven runs out. Bullets are everywhere and Mickie gets shot twice in the chest and is bleeding badly. One of Mickey’s men sees Mickie lying on the ground and picks up his Tommy-gun and starts unloading on Raven and his guys. After this all of the bodyguards are dead and both Mickie and Raven have been shot and are bleeding on the cold ground. Raven pulls Mickie closer to him and Tasers him. Mickie yells in pain and says:


“**** you Raven you will never be the real kingpin that’s reserved for self made men unlike your self”


Raven gets up bleeding and grabs his smith and Weston revolver loaded with golden bullets and says to Mickie,


“Make a wish Mickie it will be your last”


Then Raven fires 3 shots 1 in the head, 1 in the mouth, and the last one in the heart in ensure Mickie is dead. Raven calls Pazzo and Bugsy, two of his most trusted men and says:


“It’s done guys, The day of all days Mickies dead we now control America and no one can stop us”


Raven calls some of his old friends to clean up the bar and to bury Mickie.Later Raven assumes more control of American and he is started to be called the Commissioner of Mafia because he brought Mickie and his commission to their knees by killing everyone in his way Joey Merlino, Chapo Guzman and lastly Mickie Fratesi.


Written By Micky_d and Synite11

Edited by Synite11

Miniseries – Episode 9

Fabrizio and JR were sitting in an old warehouse in New York; JR was told they were meeting someone that can end this war once and for all.


“Pop this war has been going on for a few months you’re telling me one man will make it stop?”


Fabrizio just nodded and said nothing. A car slowly pulled up to the warehouse and Fabrizio waved his two bodyguards to open the gates to let the car in, as the car pulled in the man getting out of the car was Mario Rizzoni. After the three men embraced each other they sat down at a small table in the warehouse to talk business.


“Fabrizio I want this war to be over its costing my Family money and men everyday and John doesn’t seem to care. I wanna make a deal with you.”


Fabrizio looked at JR and looked back at Mario, “I respect you Mario especially when you told me about the men John sent to kill me, what is your deal?”


Mario took a deep breath before he spoke, “If I lure John into a trap to lure him out into the open your men can kill him, but in return I would want to takeover what’s left of the Rizzoni Family.”


Fabrizio told Mario that he will accept that deal but, if he allows Mario to take over the remnants of the Rizzoni Family, he must pay tribute to the Luciano Family and if Fabrizio needs men he can get them from Mario. Mario knew he had no choice but to accept the deal.



That night Mario told John that Fabrizio wanted to talk peace and to meet Sollozzo’s a prominent restaurant in the Bronx. At first John was skeptical about going to New York City but nonetheless he anyway because he trusted Mario.



As John arrived in the restaurant he was seated at a table in the near a window in the dinning room. John had been waiting almost an hour for Mario to show up, finally the manager of the restaurant said John had a phone call that he could take at the front desk. John thought it might be Mario explaining why he was late and where Fabrizio was.


As John got to the front desk he answered the phone hearing a mans voice, “John Rizzoni?”


 John now knew it wasn’t Mario calling. “Who is this?”


The man on the phone hung up and as John turned away from the phone he looked out the window he saw three men with machine guns and before he could act they opened fire, killing Don John Rizzoni…


Thus the end of the Luciano/Rizzoni war.

Miniseries – Episode 8

The entire Luciano Family leaders were at a restaurant in Brooklyn eating good food, drinking good wine and listening to good music, but there was business that needed to be discussed: Fabrizio “JR” DeAngelo recently killed a Rizzoni capo on the orders from his father during the Luciano/Rizzoni war and was now becoming a made member that can officially hold the spot of Underboss to his father. It was a great night for the Family; JR was smiling so much an old Luciano capo told him if he kept smiling his face would freeze that way.


Contradicting the feelings of the Luciano family, in New Jersey, in a funeral home owned by Don Rizzoni things weren’t as happy.


“Those punks killed Bobby!” Rizzoni was throwing anything he could get his hands on, him and Big Bobby were not only friends but Bobby helped build the Rizzoni Family when it started as a street gang.


Rizzoni was starting to calm down and he looked at his Underboss/Consigliere Mario Rizzoni the cousin of Don Rizzoni. Since John Rizzoni only trusted a few people he had his cousin do both jobs of being his Underboss and Consigliere.


“Mario, get 5 of our best men, go to New York, and kill Fabrizio. Now, you and I are the only people that will know about this, so I’m trusting you too get the job done.”



That night in his home Fabrizio got a call that he took in his office, “When are they coming? Alright thanks.”


Fabrizio called JR into his office and said get 10 shooters to the St. Angelo Hotel at room 45 and kill the hit men sent by Rizzoni. The 5 hitters sent by John Rizzoni were eating dinner in their room and watching TV and The Godfather came on so all talking stopped, it was during the Baptism scene when there was a knock at the door.


“Philip get your ass outta the bed and see who’s at the door!”


As the hitter was getting out of bed the door was kicked in and 5 of the Luciano hitters cane in with machine guns and within seconds killed all the Rizzoni men in the room. As the 5 Luciano hit men were leaving the other 5 were outside the hotel in two cars waiting to pick them up from the hit.


“Pop, how did you know about the Rizzoni hit men?”


Fabrizio was sitting in the chair in his office smoking a cigar and he had a devilish grin before he answered JR.


“Well son let’s just say someone close to Don Rizzoni is getting tired of him and things in Jersey are about to change in our favor.”

The Fall of the Cartel

The fall of the Cartel Empire came at the hands of death. When a new boss was crowned because the old boss was murdered outside his home. But it all started when Drug Lord Chapo got into a fight with Synite, one of his trusted partners in crime. They got into a heated argument of things dealing with the Cartels infrastructure.


So when Chapo didn’t listen, he went to The Gambino’s Don, Raven. So Raven and his most trusted advisor Pazzo talked about way to send a message to Chapo. A message that he will never forget. But before that message got to Chapo, he went on a killing spree murdering Big_Al_Zapponi and had AnydySixx killed  for nothing. And that was Chapo’s fatal mistake. It forced his family to go to WAR with Raven and his family. But Chapo wouldn’t live to see another day for when his time came.


So after Chapo got killed, Synite gained full control over the Cartel. Him and Raven had a long down to earth talk about the unknown. But in that talk, Raven made a offer he couldn’t resist. The offer was to join Gambino and keep control of a family under Raven’s Empire, which ultimately led to the destruction of the Cartel and the rise of the Gambino HitSquad. A few days after all these things happen Synite was made Underboss of the Empire. That secured his roles as a Gambino Family boss.


Actions observed by The_Apache

Fratesi vs Gambino

Synite and Raven meet in the back of the Gambino Owned Bar in New Jersey to discuss a solution to the ongoing Mob War. “When you sign here, all of the remaining Cartel will convert to Gambino.” Raven remarks with a greedy little smile. Synite, seeing no other option signs the paper. Raven then dismisses Synite and leans back in his leather chair to enjoy a Cuban Cigar. Minutes later Bugsy, his Under Boss, comes in and says,”Mickie’s on the phone Boss.” Raven’s calm statute died out when he heard who was on the other line. “Raven, why,” Mickie says in a to calm voice, “Mickie I was defending Al just like you would have.” Raven replies for his life.


“Raven, now we must engage in combat”


“I’m keeping a promise to James Burke that I wouldn’t fight either of you.”


“Then it appears you will die, with out fighting, So be it.”


Mickie was truly the last person to hear of the War that brought the Commission to it’s knees, because he was in The Old Country visiting his dying mother, and he gave the order not to be called under any circumstances… Raven went into a panic mode. He packed his things and boarded the next flight to New York City. At his home in Long Island’s East Egg, he found Pazzo waiting inside for him. “You gotta get out of here Pazzo, Mickie found out what we did and he is coming to fight me.” Raven says, still in a state of horror. Pazzo puts his hand on his shoulder, shaking him, “You need to calm down, if you just fight back, you might just have a chance to kill him, but if you just sit here or run away you’ll never win.” Pazzo then briskly walks away exiting the house giving his boss some time to reflect about his next move. Then Raven’s phone rings,”Raven let’s get this over with, tell me where to go.” It was Mickie on the line! “Well Mickie I say we go to the construction site on West 23rd St.” There’s a bit of a pause and then Mickie says, “don’t be late to your own funeral.”


Raven loads his army of bodyguards into unmarked black Cadillacs and heads to the site. When he gets there he sees Mickie, Tommy Gun in hand, behind him was an army of bigger and better bodyguards. Raven says a slight prayer at the site of his enemy. Raven and his protection pull up and take position aimed straight at Mickie. Just as the battle looked as if it were to start Mickie gives the order for his guys to go home. “Raven let’s do this, man to man.” Raven does the same to his men. Now the two stood there breathing in the cool air filled with tension, worse than the pollution filled city. Just then Mickie started to unload with his Tommy Gun. On instinct, Raven also shoots, they both make their way to cover. The bullets stop, Mickie makes a run for the for the stairway leading to the top of the construction site, with Raven chasing after him. They both exchange bullets on their way up and, by the time they reach the top, Mickie has ran out of ammo, so he hides behind a metal beam overlooking the edge. Raven reaches the edge and Mickie tries to strangle him, choking the life from him, he knocks Raven against a side rail. Raven digs deep and gets the strength to flip Mickie over his own body. There, Mickie was hanging on the edge by four fingers. Raven decides to help him up, still not being able to kill his Kingpin and Mentor. As Mickie grabs Raven’s arm, he whispers to Raven “Once a Fratesi, Always a Fratesi” then head butts Raven, thrusting himself over to his own death, falling with a smile on his face.


Raven goes to meet Pazzo at his usual hangout, the bar on the 28th floor of Pazzo’s condo. Raven walks in and pulls a chair across from Pazzo. Raven, wreaking of sadness says, “It’s over.” Pazzo doesn’t respond, he just looks out to the city’s skyline, looking to the future of This thing of Ours and what it might in store for the Gambino Brothers.


Reported by Pazzo Sangue and edited by MGK



As AndySixx is resting in a bar alone, sipping his brandy, his instincts tell him that this isn’t an ordinary night, but the liquor shrugs it off. As he is finishing off his glass he feels a cool breeze and a figure approaches him from behind. “Why kid, why?” the figure whispers to him in a all too familiar voice.


“I was always loyal to you no matter what the circumstances” Andy said, acknowledging his last words as he hear the **** of a revolver and the barrel on the back of his head…


Truth be told those last words weren’t entirely true due to the fact that Andy was an informant to the Gambino Crime Family. The infamous Godfather of the Gambinos, who is known only as The Raven, was on his way to a meeting with AndySixx to get some information on the activities of drug lord, Chapo Guzman. As Raven was walking to the bar from his car, about twenty five yards from the bar he hears the gunshot and the figure dashing out of the bar s*****ing towards a getaway vehicle so Raven pulls out his 1911 Colt .45 handgun and starts to engage the shooter and manages to shoot Andys killer in the calf only to realize that he has shot Joey Merlino.


But before Raven could avenge Andy the bloody Joey Merlino manages to stumble into his car and speed off into the night. Raven goes to check on Andy but knows it’s to late, however Raven did manage to find a note in Andy’s coat with the time and location of where Chapo would be overseeing a drug deal of tremendous profit. Ravens blood is boiling and his anger being fueled by not only by the fact that his friend was murdered, but by the fact that Andys own Boss pulled the trigger. He hastily pulls his phone out and dials Pazzo Sangues number. “Strap up and book a flight to California we’re ending this Andys death, I’ll give you the details when we meet up.” Pazzo jumps out of his seat at the Gentlemans Club he was at and runs to his car. “Where you going?” Bugsy Siegel shouts as Pazzo is on his way out “No time to explain follow me” Pazzo exclaims as he is starting up his car.


Several days later in a private runway in California, El Chapo is laughing at the death of AndySixx and is rejoicing on the phone with the injured Joey Merlino. What he doesn’t know is that Raven, Pazzo, and Bugsy are waiting in a car loading there weapons just outside the airstrip. Bugsy on the wheel with Pazzo and Raven wielding their Tommy Guns speed in the airstrip driving past the bodyguards posted at the entrance as they speed towards Chapo’s white private jet. As Chapo sees the approaching car, not knowing who is inside, he waves his arms in the air welcoming what he thinks are his buyers, but instead sees Raven and Pazzo slide out the windows with Tommy Guns in hand yelling “For Andy!!!” as they unload their clips into the torso of Chapo instantly killing him on the spot and driving away. “One down, one left”,  Raven chuckles as he sets his Tommy Gun down on the floor.


Word had gotten around a few people that Raven was looking for Joey and the trail had gone cold until Raven gets a call from Genovese associate, and friend of AndySixx, Machine Gun Kelly. “Hey MGK what do you need” Raven said “Hey man I was in Oregon visiting a relative and saw in the paper that Joey Merlino was to be transferred to a hospital here in a couple of days…hello?” MGK said but Raven had already hung up. When Merlino got transferred he was allowed no visitors or anybody to see him unless it was urgent until Raven walks into the hospital that Joey was being held at and asks to see him. The nurse recognized Raven from the papers and wasn’t going to tell him no so she let him pass.


Meanwhile Joey had just finished a meal when Raven walked into the room and at that moment Joey knew it was over. Raven grabbed a pillow and started walking towards Joey. “You have a lot to learn kid” Joey said calmly as he knew that death was upon him. Raven placed the pillow over Joeys head and then the barrel of his 1911 to the pillow and without a word, pulled the trigger. “It’s finally over, you are now avenged Andy”


Story Reported by Machine-Gun-Kelly and Edited by Pazzo Sangue


The Kingpins

Al, Chapo, Donnie, and Yankee all sit the table, to congratulate themselves on becoming the Kingpins. Al calls for a toast, as he stands up Chapo slides a hidden knife into Al’s back.


“Morte ai tiranni.” Chapo says to the dying Zapponi. Al chokes up blood and his life ends at a table, surrounded by his enemies… Raven and Pazzo stand over the grave marked Al Zapponi, the rain drizzling over their coats.


“They will pay for this, Raven says to Pazzo as the rain continues to pour. Pazzo gets home to read in the Times about a Mob War being declared. “Zapponi Empire shutdown” reads the paper. The paper says two local mobsters of Sonny Zapponi and Goodfellas were killed earlier that day. Pazzo gets a call from Raven, “Kill them all.” Were the only words he said.


Two Days later and the Mob was deep in war. Raven and Pazzo had pinned Donnie Vegas down in Vermont, Donnie and Yankee raced down the road in a Black Roadster and Yankee sprayed his Tommy Gun at the Gambino’s out of the passenger window. Pazzo fired his Magnum towards their tires. Donnie leads them straight to the Port of Vermont. Johnny Vegas was waiting at the bay with a boat for Donnie and Yankee. Bullets flying everywhere, Raven grazes Donnie on the shoulder as they hop into the boat, sailing away, taking any hopes of ending the war with them… Raven and Pazzo gte back to the HQ in New York to find Mickie Fratesi waiting inside, cleaning his gun.


“Evening, gentlemen, Raven I thought you should be the first to know that I’m coming back and will be the new Kingpin…”



Raven looks as if he is about to protest when Mickie says,


“No use fighting, the mob has lost it’s structure, and this will be the best move for this thing of ours, Don’t you agree?”


Later that week Mickie reformed a Mob Commission with Donnie, Chapo, Yankee, Raven, and Link as the Empire bosses. With this new leadership, the Mob is seeing a new peace. Will it stay this way? Will anything spark the flames of War? Only time will tell.

Mafia Miniseries – Episode 7

After the death of the Luciano Brothers the American Mafia has been at war; Even worse than the war between New York and the Detroit Family’s. But this time it is the Luciano Family aggressively expanding their Empire under Fabrizio’s leadership.


“Pop what do you want to do about Johnny Rizzoni?” Fabrizio Jr had been the unofficial Underboss of the Family since his father had taken over the Family, he couldn’t officially hold the spot as Underboss since he wasn’t a made member yet.



John Rizzoni was the Don of the Rizzoni Family in New Jersey, to the NJ FBI and other law enforcement the Rizzoni Family was in charge of the state and a force to be reckoned with. But to the other families the Rizzonis were just a glorified crew. The Luciano Family was trying to expand their family into NJ but Don Rizzoni wouldn’t back down against anyone! He was an old school Sicilian that no matter how strong his rival was he’d rather go to war then back down–and that’s exactly what happened! For the last two months both families killed each other but no one suffered a major loss. Fabrizio knew the longer the war would last, the more time Rizzoni could rally more support from another Family. It makes Fabrizio look bad that his Family can’t take down a Family that is a third of The Lucianos membership.



“JR, I think its time for you to make your bones on someone.” Fabrizios son bowed his head knowing what his father meant.


“Command me and I will follow.”


John Rizzoni’s leading capo was Robert ‘Big Bobby’ Massino, he was not only the leader of Rizzoni’s most feared crew but was in charge of the docks which gave him the ability to smuggle and steal whatever he wanted, making him a huge earner. Taking him out could be a major blow to the Rizzoni’s.


“JR, I want you too take a crew from Brooklyn and hit Big Bobby in Jersey.”


And with the cold eyes he inherited from his father JR simply nodded and said yes. In Brooklyn, JR got men from the DeFalco crew, one of the crews the Family used for the most important hits. It was mostly made up of a group of blood related members. After JR and the DeFalco crew crossed the river into NJ they were loading up their guns. Big Bobby was always surrounded by a group of guards so this hit wouldn’t be easy; the crew reached the office on the docks that Big Bobby always used as his HQ.


“You guys ready?” JR was driving and even though he knew the DeFalco crew had killed hundreds of gangsters he didn’t want anything to go wrong. The crew waited till they saw Big Bobby and five of his guards leaving his office to their cars, as soon as the lead guard opened his car door his car exploded, JR’s plan was to plant a bomb in one car to kill as many guards as possible and finish off Bobby, but the explosive they used was only powerful enough to kill the one guard but it was enough to stun the other four guards and Bobby. As JR and the DeFalco crew rushed out of their car Bobby’s crew recovered from the explosion and opened fire on JR and his crew. A firefight broke out in the street!


Big Bobby tried to run up the stairs to his office but, with his Colt, JR shot and, with perfect accuracy (or just luck), shot Big Bobby in the head and his body fell down the stairs faster than he was going up the stairs. With their target dead JR and the DeFalco crew finished off Bobby’s guards and hopped in their cars and fled the scene before the cops arrived. On the way back to New York City the only thing on JR’s mind was that he did what his father wanted and that he had committed his first murder and had ‘made his bones’ on that day. But what should’ve been on his mind is that whether, now with their top capo dead, the Rizzoni Family back down to the Luciano Family or will they strike back and try to kill the man responsible for the death of capo Robert ‘Big Bobby’ Massino…

Five Families Commission

 “Come on Al, we need some structure right now, with Dub dead and all.” The-Raven exclaims as he asks Al to make a return.


“I’ll return if we start a Five Families Commission.” Pazzo leans into the conversation, “We have too many families claiming to be Empires at the moment, Al, if you Zapponi on the commission, another Empire must fall.”


Al sits down and looks out the window at the nice view of the New York skyline, he knows the decision he is about to make will have consequences to be faced later, but he always thought to live in the moment. “Fratesi,” he says ending the silence, “Fratesi is the weakest at the moment, with Mickie gone and all, so they will have to go…”


Raven and Pazzo look at one another with worry knowing Mickie wouldn’t be happy. Raven looks back at Al and says, “Do what you have to do.” Link sits at his loft in Kansas City. He looks up to see Sonny Zapponi standing before him, so Link reaches for his Tommy Gun under the table, but it was too late, Sonny’s Magnum putsa huge hole in Link’s heart. He was dead before he hit the ground…


Elsewhere GoodFellas is roaming through Indiana, Two Gunnz, the more powerful Fratesi, is rumored to be there. Two Gunnz not yet aware of the danger he is in, eats his lunch outside the local Bistro. Fellas sees him and takes the shot. Gunnz’s head hit the plate of Raviolis he was eating. By now Kota was one of the last living Fratesi Bosses, Kota had also heard what happened to Link and Gunnz. “AL YOU DISRESPECTFUL PRICK, YOU’LL HANG FOR THIS,” Kota hung up in Al’s face. Kota went to a safehouse out in the countryside, little did he kow he was followed. Al soon had him surrounded, Kota decided to go out like a warrior and open the door with his gun roaring bullets, but he was no match for Al. When they got back to Raven and Pazzo the decided on splitting the country up. Pazzo take the West and Rave took the East. Little did they know the Victory would be short lived…


Report submitted by Pazzo.

Mafia Massacre

To the “legitimate” world the Thanksgiving Day Massacre with the death of Salvatore Carbone, the head of The Detroit mob, and his top lieutenants was a horrible event! But to the American Mafia it was the start of a new beginning, and it was a great boost for the Luciano Family.
With their biggest rival gone on the Commission they are the most powerful family in America. Joseph Luciano was the new head of the Family since his older brother Giovanni could now officially retire since his biggest rival had been killed and Fabrizio had kept his position as Consigliere. As a celebration for winning the war, Giovanni and Joseph were hosting a party in Florida, and they invited all the bosses of all the families across the country; this meeting had other purposes…


The Rangano Family from Chicago was dealing with its crew from Los Angeles. For the longest time anything west of Chicago was Rangano Territory but their Los Angeles crew headed by Anthony Molinari was trying to become its own individual Family so Molinari and Rangano were there to discuss the situation in Los Angeles. Next was the debate of the future of the Carbone Family in Detroit. After the death of Sal Carbone, a war within the Family has broken out for control. In the “Underworld”, Detroit has always been looked down by the other Families believing that they were savages killing each other for nothing. And lastly was Giovanni officially leaving “the life” and was appointing his brother as the new Don of the Family.


“Gentlemen! I’m glad all of you could make it! I know you’ve all come from as far from all parts of the country and as far as Los Angeles….” Anthony Molinari felt good to be acknowledged by Giovanni, even though Anthony worked for Don Rangano, he always admired Giovanni. “Now there are a few reasons why we’re all here, Don Rangano?”


Don Rangano needed help getting up from his chair, not because he was old; he was 62, but because of his weight. He wasn’t just the largest boss in Illinois but was also the biggest eater in Illinois. Don Rangano bowed his head to Giovanni and cleared his throat, “Fellas I’m here to not only pay my respect to Don Luciano…..”


“Yeah and for the good food!” Don Anthony Narducci from Tampa learned the art of joking around when he was in law school. All the other bosses laughed except Rangano. He was sensitive about his weight and normally kills people who make fun of his weight but he knew Narducci was good friends with Fabrizio and even though Fabrizio was Joe’s Consigliere he had the respect of a Don.


“I’m here because of the situation I’m having in Los Angeles.” Rangano looked at Tony Molinari and if looks could kill he would’ve killed Molinari right there.


Tony stood up and bowed his head to Giovanni as well. “Gentlemen, for years I’ve been building up my crew in Los Angeles to having 30 members, gambling rackets, prostitution, and all other rackets that earn one million dollars a week. So I came here for Commission approval to start my own Family.”


Rangano slammed his giant hand onto the table, “Hey, you can start your own Family but you’re not taking all that stuff with you! That all belongs to my Family!”


Fabrizio leaned over to Giovanni and whispered something in his ear, Giovanni tapped his hand on the table to get everyone’s attention. “Alright, everyone calm down. Here’s what we’ll do: Molinari can open up his own Family but has to pay a small tribute to Don Rangano. Does that please the both of you?” Rangano and Molinari both looked at each other and agreed to those terms. “What’s next?”


Giovanni looked at the other bosses to see what else needed to be solved. The topic of the situation was on the minds of some of the bosses was the bloodshed in Detroit but everyone knew Giovanni wanted to know nothing about Detroit. To him, Detroit was a waste of time.


“Well in that case if no one has anything to say I’ll just like to finally retire and put my brother Joseph in charge of my Family with Fabrizio as his Consigliere. Now excuse me gentlemen but I’m a old and a very tired man so I’ll let you enjoy the party.”


Giovanni got up slowly but still needed his brother’s help to stand up. As Joseph and Giovanni were leaving the party to the airport (Giovanni had bought a private jet to use for a vacation he had been planning to go to Sicily with his brother, and his son in law to get closer to him), all the bosses stood up and clapped for Don Giovanni Luciano.



Later in the night as the party was slowing down Don Rizzoni from New Jersey was watching TV and he yelled out “Turn the music off come look at this!”


All the bosses walked over to the TV to see a news bulletin:






Fabrizio was coming out from the dinning room with a glass of wine and said, “What’s going on?”


Rizzoni said in a depressed voice while watching the news “Don Giovanni’s plane crashed just off the Florida coast, they’re ruling it as a technical malfunction.”


Fabrizio knew Giovanni took pride in everything and would never buy a plane unless everything was working 100% so a ‘malfunction’ couldn’t be the cause.


“So there were four casualties?” Fabrizio said figuring it was Giovanni, Joe, the pilot and his son in law.


“No only three…” Rizzoni said. He’d been watching the news the whole time. He wasn’t much of a joy to go out with; he was the old school Don of rule quietly and never flash. He knew all the details or whatever the news had said. “No they said only three deaths, Giovanni, the pilot and his brother.”


All the bosses looked at Fabrizio to see what he would say, all he did was take a slow sip of wine, put his glass down and walk out of the room and slowly close the doors behind him.

Crafted by The Dubliner.