Month: December 2013

The Genovese Functions

Months ago, their was an article based on the Genovese Crime Family. Because of what people thought of the Genovese, it caused a lot of deaths.
Two men who cannot be identified were paid by an unknown mafia related resident to kidnap mob boss “_SaintGenovese_.  Their job was to kidnap, torture, find out information and then kill Saint himself in a slow, brutal suffering death.


Six days earlier, Saint was in Las Vages to meet with ” Mr_Donnie_Vegas” and discuss income on their shared Casino rackets. Late in the night, Saint parks his car in the parking lot of a casino racket. He gets out of his car and walks twords the casino. Then a mysterious van pulls up with his high beems on distracting Saint thinking it was Donnie men. He sees the doors of the vans open and the two men from the front run twords Saint. Saint then quickly puts his hand in his jacket of his coat to grab his revolver and looks up. A wrench is swong and hits his face. He blacks out…


Saint wakes up in a dark room. The first thing he sees is his bloody tank top on his chest. In panic he looks around the room. He sees nothing within three feet in front of him and a light above his head. Realizing his hands are tied and he’s stuck to an old wooden chair. He hears a door open, and quickly looks to the light coming through an old squeaky metal door. Two dark figures of men walk through it and it slams shut. The lights turn on and the two of them are wearing ski masks with a black sweat shirt and black sweat pants. Can’t even see the color of their skin.
Saint looks right and sees a gun wall and a table below it with all sorts of weapons. Fire hatches, butterfly knifes and many other torturous weapons. He hears a deep voice say


” I’ve heard that you have been causing a lot of trouble in the American Mafia. All we want is to find out information and we will set you free, Capisce?


” fine, can we make this quick! ” 


The other man from the corner of the room playing bad cop strikes him in his face. He reaches for the butterfly knife and cuts his cheek. Saint screaming in pain while the other man is pulling him back. He then says 


” Don’t yell at me or my buddy over here! “


Saint did not like that very much. Realizing he bit his tongue when he pouched himself he spits blood at him. He then strikes him again and says 
” this is hurting you more then me, friend! So lets start shall we? Why did you enter this thing of ours? 


” I have brought many Genovese’s into this business, even Royce__Gambino was once a Genovese. A lot of my men were killed while they were trying to learn more about this business and gain experiance with a gun. But everybody except for me were killed as my compound was raided. The defenses weren’t the best. They all died saving my life but its too bad they couldn’t save their own.


The man puts brass knuckles on and punches Saint in his ribs, breaking them. He then asks:


” Why are people out to kill you? I mean we are doing it to get paid but this one is more for us. “


” I came into this business already a hated person. People got the wrong impression of me. My men and others were killed because of rumors. Franky and Zodiac Genovese (ex Genovese members) started a lot of problems to make matters worse.” Saint breathing heavy and spitting blood out of his mouth and continues on ” they were never originally on my side but because of their actions got a lot of people killed on my side and theirs. Royce ashore me that things were going to be better. As long as he’s Kingpin”. 


The man then grabs spark plugs and then zaps Saint with them. For more then five seconds, you gear horrific screams form Saint.


” Why are you trying to take over the American Mafia!? “


Saint catching his breath and then he is hit by the man until he answers. Saint coughing up more blood and says


” taking over!? I can assure you that this is not the Genovese intensions. We would like to give Ideas to other stat are willing to hear my ideas.
You know, to make the American Mafia better without violence.”


” Who do you think would be a big help to get your point across? ” 


“I think Royce would do well for the American Mafia. As far as changes go, having automatic rank up when inactive after a month is fine but just letting people be aware their going to be ranked up. Especially the ones who spent money on items to help themselves would be nice.” 


The man reaches for his gun, and then shoots Saint in his foot without hesitation. 


” Mobsters do say that u have killed first. Why is that? “


” How can u expect me to answer your questions if I’m dead! I can’t say my men aren’t killers but if your attacked, wouldn’t you fight back. I mean if your hands weren’t tied right? So rumors got people thinking so when they attack us, we fight back. Simply payback or revenge. Whatever you want to call it.


The man starts poring gasoline on Saint and says, 


” You have been a big help to us Mr. Genovese but that’s all we need. See you in hell my friend. “He then lights a match and then holds it in the air about to throw it, then he hears gun shots out the door, they ur. For their guns but the door is blown open. Royce and James-Gambino then shoot their tommy guns into the two men, pick up saint and run for their car. They burn rubber and they are not seen for the next week or so. 


Thanks to Saint for allowing me to interview him, it seems that the Genovese just want to help rather then hurt. I hope you liked the story and stay safe American Mafia!



This is -Jack-Marone- signing off.


Brother Pitted Against Brother

Dubliner sat alone in his office room at his Florida Suburb Home. He wasn’t a big fan of high profile living. He wasn’t one to flaunt his wealth to the people around him. He put down the paper he was reading and reached for his drink on his mahogany desk in front of him. He took a sip of it and sighed as he placed it back down on the table… He lit a Cuban cigar and began smoking just as Vindog came running into his home. He busted through the front door and startled Dubliner. Dub reached for his .44 Magnum strapped to his ankle and pointed it at the office door. Vindog ran into the room as Dub let out a sigh of relief.


“Dub! Really and Angel are killing off a group of gangsters!”


Dub looks up from the newspaper. His eyes peer over the top of the pages… “Do we have a list of the dead so far?”


“Umm…” Vindog begins peering around the room trying to remember the names of all who had been killed…


Dub looks back down at the paper and begins reading again…


Jetfire, Santo Trafficante Jr,…”


“What?” Dub looks back up over the newspaper, “Did you say Santo is gone…?”


“Yeah, just happened. Last I saw of Really, he was attacking Mr. Blood.”


Dub rushed into the living room and grabbed the phone and dialed a number… He listens as the phone rings…




Really and Angel sat across a well-polished wooden table. Several waiters walk around next to them refilling drinks and setting out appetizers and bringing their meals…


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Angel looked up at Really as he began eating his food.


“Of course,” Really said, “You’re my brother. Especially after Dub refused to retire from Kingpin position.”


“Well, it’s either do this or be killed eventually by someone else.”


“I’m getting tired of this life anyways. I wanna settle down…” Really said.


They both stood up from the table and reached behind their chairs. Angel pulled out a double-barreled sawed-off Shotgun and Really pulled out a classic AK47. They both began walking towards the doors… Really was the first one out onto the streets. He looked left and then right and began walking to the right. He turned around and began walking backwards as he called back to Angel, “Good luck, bro!”


Angel smiled and turned back the opposite direction of Really as they both walked away from eachother…




“Hello? Hello?”


Dub was calling Mickie to see where he was and if he could help prevent any further death.


“Hey guys…”


“MICKIE!” Dub yelled.


“…sorry I cant make it to the phone right now. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you.”


Dub looked down at the phone and hung up. He looked back up at Vindog.


“Vin, head over to Oklahoma. See if you can talk some sense into either of these two…”


Vindog ran out of the room and jumped into his car. Dub looked back down at his phone… He began pressing numbers rapidly. The phone began ringing as he walked over to his front window. The hypnotic sound of loneliness repeated itself on the phone line… The constant ringing without the fruitful sound of another human being on the other end made Dub feel like he was being surrounded in darkness. Suddenly, he heard the sound of Royce Gambino come on the phone. His answering machine, also… Dub would face this problem alone, for he knew that he was the only person strong enough to stand a chance without Mickie or Royce on. One thing was for sure, Dub would sacrifice himself for AmericanMafia. It was his job to do so, anyways. He was the Kingpin. He had to put himself before the members like a shield and, so far, he had failed to do so with the deaths of Goodfellas and Santo…


Just then, Dub’s phone began ringing. He answered very quickly and the voice on the other end said, “Mr. Blood is being sent to the hospital. He has multiple gunshot wounds and puncture wounds…”


There’s another man dead… Dub had to do something quickly…




Really walked off the plane and took a taxi to the beach. He was aware that Jetfire enjoyed spending Christmas down in Honolulu, Hawaii because of the warm weather. Every season in Hawaii was summer and it was just what he needed. A nice weekend on the beach… Really was walking down the sidewalk and saw Jetfire. Really started walking towards him and called out his name. Jetfire turned around, saw Really, and approached with a smile on his face.


“Hey Jetfire!”


Jetfire turned around and saw Really standing there smiling at him with extended hand for a handshake. Jetfire reached out and shook Really’s hand.


“How would you like to hit this bank with me? You can use this AK47 I brought.” Really motioned to the left across the street with his head towards a nearby bank.


“Hey, of course I would! And thanks! We can split the money right down the middle, sound good?”


“Of course, after you!” Really let Jetfire take the lead.


The two entered the front doors and Jetfire emptied five shots into the roof to get attention. The guard by the door pulled his pistol but was stopped by Really who had his Colt .45 already at the guard’s head. The guard leaned over and put his gun on the floor. Jetfire walked towards the bank teller. BANG! He began limping towards the bank teller… He leaned over onto the counter and stared into the eyes of the Lady behind the counter… He slowly turned and saw Really pointing his gun at him…


“Sorry Jetfire… See you in Hell…”


Really pulled the trigger. Blood splattered onto the face of the bank teller as the bullet penetrated Jetfire’s head and exited in the back. His lifeless corpse fell onto the ground as everyone stared in awe… They didn’t know whether to stand and be happy that this man saved them all, or still stay down fearing that this man would continue the robbery… Really turned around and saw the guard with his gun in his hands pointed right at Really’s chest…


“Do it… I am a dead man anyways.” Really began walking past the guard. As he opened the door, the guard stood frozen facing all of the bystanders still laying on the ground not even paying attention to Really outside. BANG! The guards body flopped onto the floor as blood began spilling from his chest… Really was standing on the sidewalk with the door opened. He turned around and shot the guard in the back…




Dub stepped outside of his house. The cold air stunned his lungs as he struggled to breathe for a split second… This weather was unusual for Florida even in December… He looked up to the sky and was waiting for a sign… He turned and started walking back towards the front door and his phone started ringing.


“Hey Dub.”


Dub was stunned to hear Really on the other line…


“What are you doing?” Dub asked.


“You got until 2 pm to be in Kansas. I wanna fight you one on one.”


“I’ll be there at 2:30… No questions asked…” Dub couldn’t let Really win deal. He was a more prideful person than anything else…


“If you’re not in Kansas at 2:30, I’ll be here shooting you up… And just so you know I am serious, Mr. Blood will be having a funeral soon… Don’t let the next funeral be for you…”


Dub hung the phone up and ran back into his house towards his bedroom…




 Angel walked down the street–he had intent to kill… He was walking through Tulsa, Oklahoma when he saw Santo Trafficante Jr. walking down the street from visiting his Mother on an early Christmas trip.


“I really got to go, Ma!” Santo was reaching for his coat by the door.


“Santo, my boy, please stay. It’s cold out there. You can schedule a flight for tomorrow.”


“Ma, really. I have business to take care of back in Florida. You should think about moving down there! It’s warmer.”


Santo moved closer to the door and opened it.


“Stay safe, Mom.”


“Oh, you know me. All I do is stay in bed and listen to ‘Maxwell House Show Boat’ on my new radio.”


Santo leaned back in the door and kissed his mother on the cheek. He said goodnight and closed the door and walked off of her porch and into the night. He wondered what some of his good friends were doing right now: Vindog, Dub, Angel, Really, and Mickie… He walked down the sidewalk with his hands in his trenchcoat to keep them warm. After about three minutes of walking, he noticed fast paced steps coming up behind him. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled his Colt 1911 and pointed it at the man who was behind him.



“Angel?” Santo was in complete shock to see Angel standing before him, “What are you doing here?” Santo holstered his gun and began casually speaking with Angel.


“I was dropping by to make sure you’re okay! Word on the street is that Really has gone crazy and is shooting up some valuable people!”


“We have to get to my mom’s house…” Santo began walking frantically back towards his mother’s home… Angel followed behind him at a distance as talking continued.


“I’ll send her on a plane to Wisconsin, I can’t let Really take her hostage or else I’ll be doomed…” Santo began stepping back up onto his mother’s porch.




Angel pulled his shotgun from his coat and aimed it at the back of Santo. Santo approached the door of his mother’s home and raised his hand to knock on it. Just as he started moving his hand forward, he felt a stinging sensation in his back and a loud, booming, and thunderous sound. Santo fell to his knees and reached in his jacket pocket and grabbed his 1911. Santo turned and fell to his back and released three bullets into the air. One struck Angel in the left arm and he yelled in pain. Angel took the second shot in his double barrel. It missed. The shotgun shells penetrated the door above Santo’s head. Santo opened the door behind him as Angel began reloading his weapon. He crawled into the house and saw his mother on the floor who had seen his son approaching the door again and was on her way to open it for him. She lay there bleeding, pale, and cold with a hole in her abdomen… Santo wiped tears from his eyes and turned back towards the open door. He saw Angel just finishing reloading and he began to raise his head to look at Santo…


Santo fired three more shots in rapid succession. Two of the shots missed their target but the third struck Angel in the left shoulder. Angel grimaced in pain as he rose the shotgun up towards Santo’s body. Santo has one shot left… He aimed at Angel’s head and pulled the trigger… BANG! Santo had a huge gaping hole in his chest from a shotgun shell. Angel pulled the trigger first. Santo laid dead right next to his own mother…




Dub stood in his bedroom and was packing a suitcase for his trip to Kansas. He got a call from Donnie Vegas who was in Delaware.


“Dub! Bro, word on the street is that Really is in California now. He killed Jetfire in Hawaii and got the first plane to California.”


“I am on my way to Kansas right now. Me and Really are meeting there…”


“Are you finishing this?”


“Well, I don’t know. Really used to be like a brother to me… We will see… If it comes down to it, yes… I sent Vindog to Oklahoma to try and talk to Angel.”


“Dub, Santo and Vin were just found dead at Santo’s mothers house…”


Dub fell silent and hung up the phone. He grabbed his bag and raced towards the airport.




Vindog was driving through Tulsa hoping to warn Santo that Angel and Really were killing a bunch of mobsters across the U.S. He pulled up to Santo’s mothers house and saw Angel standing over Santo and his mother. Vindog stepped out of the car and pointed his Thompson at Angel. Angel turned around and saw Vin standing there and he ducked inside of the house.


“Why are you here?” Angel yelled.


“What’d you do??” Vindog screamed back in anger.


Angel began reloading his weapon and was getting ready for a fight.


“We don’t have to do this, Vin.”


“I saw the blood pouring from your arm, you’re in serious trouble… It looks like the shoulder wound struck an artery… Why don’t you just toss your gun out onto the lawn and step out here… I can get you to our family doctor… No authorities will be contacted, unless you want the authorities to get you. If that’s the case, then the approaching sirens must sound like angels in your ears…”


“Alright… You win.” Angel tossed his gun out of the door and stepped outside.


Vindog put his gun in his jacket and watched Angel closely as he stepped towards his car. Vin turned to open his driver door. Angel ran up behind Vin and pushed him into the car. He fell to the floor and his gun fell onto the driveway under the car. Vin reached for it and pointed at Angel. Angel kicked at the gun and knocked it into the car onto the passengers seat. He reached for it and cocked it. He stood over Vin pointing the weapon at his face.


“You weren’t supposed to be here…” Angel said.


“You aren’t supposed to be here.” Vin remarked…


It was the last thing Vin would say… Angel popped two shots into his head and one to the chest.



Really busted into the bar where Mr. Blood spent most of his free time. He speed walked past the billiard tables and past booths that contained normal citizens… He walked straight up to Blood who was sitting at the bar and through a haymaker straight across the jaw of Mr. Blood.


Mr. Blood, caught completely off guard by the punches, was thrown to the ground and a hail of vicious and relentless assaults made on his body by Really. Really reached over the bar and grabbed a glass bottle of whiskey and smashed it over the bar. Mr. Blood stumbles up to his feet and looks at Really. He raises his hands and gets ready for a fight even though he’s already taken a beating. Really lunged at Mr. Blood with the sharp bottle and sliced for Mr. Blood’s stomach. Blood jumped out of the way and supported himself with his left arm on the bar. He used his right hand and swung downwards at the extended arm of Really. Really dropped the bottle and stumbled across the ground but regained his composure. Really jumped at Blood again but tried to throw a punch at the head. Blood dodged out of the way and used Really’s momentum and threw his head at the bar. Really’s head smashes against the bar and bounces back up. He begins to fall on the ground an d Blood jumps on top. Blood begins unleashing an uncountable amount of haymakers to Really’s head. Really stretches his arm out from his side and reaches for the bottle that lays four feet away from him.


Really uses his opposite hand to block the shots coming from his face and tries to lunge to the side to grab the bottle. He finally reaches the bottle and throws his arm upward at Blood’s face… Blood sees the shot coming and leans back as the shot flies past his face. Really brings his hand back and catches Blood on the side of his throat… Blood begins bleeding over the floor and makes gurgling sounds as he struggles to breathe…


Really hears sirens approaching outside, “Is there a back door to this place?” Really brandishes the bottle at the bartender who witnessed the whole thing.


The bartender points to a side door that leads to a hallway leading out to the alleyway. Really busts outside and runs through the alleyway.


 Dub was about to board the plane when his phone rang, “Hello?”


“Dub, It’s Donnie. Mr. Blood was found bleeding to death in his bar…”


“Is he gone?”


“He was rushed to the hospital and has been stabilized…”


Dub hangs up the phone and boards the plane expecting to meet the killer of all these men in Kansas…


Really rushed to the airport before his identity was given up to officials by the bartender that he spared. He boarded the plane with ease and flew to Topeka, Kansas. He called Dub…




“What’s up?”


“Hey, you in Topeka?”


“Yes…” Dub was full of anger and anticipation…


“Alright… Meet me in the ‘Rowdy Clown’ bar on the corner of 1st and 3rd…” Really immediately hung up the phone and made his way there as quickly as possible to gain the upperhand…


Really arrived first and cleared the bar out of patrons and workers. He flipped multiple tables and was getting ready for Dub’s arrival. As he was flipping the last table, Dub busted in the doors and began firing immediately.


Dub had his AK47 and his .44 Magnum ready for this fight. He began firing his AK at Really as he ducked behind the table he was in the process of flipping. Bullet holes filled the table and wood chippings fell steadily around Really as he sat and hid behind the table. He pulled his weapons and waited for Dub’s reload. The firing stopped. Really prepared his 1911. He jumped to his feet and began shooting towards Dub’s location. Bullets were flying and ripping into wood and shattering glass doors and windows.


Dub jumped up from Really’s flank. He was behind the bar and Really didn’t notice. He fired as Really began jumping and dodging the best he could to get behind another table. Shots were ringing. Wood chips were falling. Dub was unloading his gun faster than he ever had before. Really was jumping repeatedly and fell behind another table facing the bar.  Really jumped up again and began firing his 1911. Bottles and glasses were exploding behind Dub and showered him with alcohol and glass shards…


Silence fell…


Dub’s phone began to ring, as well as Really’s. Dub waited…


“Hello?” Really had answered his phone…


“Hello?” Dub held his phone to his ear…


Really began cursing loudly and Dub smiled as the news he heard on the other end of the phone was great news… Both men hung up their phones almost simultaneously.


“You hear that, Really? Your boy, Angel, is dead… Shot by Royce Gambino…” Dub smiled at the sound of the simple syllables leaving his mouth. No response came. Dub smiled even more. He then heard the sound of the door busting open. Dub jumped to his feet and caught a glance of Really running from the building… Dub followed him but lost Really as he jumped into his car that was parked in an alley way… Dub needed a car. The taxi left at the sound of gunshots… Dub ran in to the street and stole a car.


Dub sped down the street and tried to catch a glimpse of Really’s black Cadillac… Nothing. He began speeding back towards the airport anticipating that Really may be trying to make a run to a different state.  The last sign of Really that Dub saw was his black Cadillac parked on the sidewalk next to the airport… He had no idea what plane he went to…


Dub called Royce, “Hey bro, if you see Really at all, he’s your kill. I’ll spread the word…”


Dub hung up and began searching the U.S.



The next day, Royce was searching Tucson, Arizona. Royce knew that Really had a safe house in Tucson. Royce searched for the address and finally found it about a mile from the city limits. He knocked on the door of the house… No answer. He kicked the door open and found Really upstairs in his room… Really was no chance. He had been smoking his usual drug… He was under the influence and wasn’t in the spot to put up a fight…


Royce simply walked straight up to Really, put a shotgun in his mouth, and pulled the trigger.




The funeral for Really was full of mixed company… The Kin of the murdered were all present… No respect was shown for Really who, due to the way of death, had to have a closed casket. Dub didn’t believe he deserved an open casket anyways… He had mixed feelings about him being gone, though… They had been brothers throughout their time on the game. Ruled the Corleone Empire together and helped each other along.


He didn’t know whether to feel remorse for the fallen, or regret for the actions that followed the initial murders.



The next day, Dub called a meeting with Royce Gambino.


“Hey bro.”


“Dub, how are you doing?”


“Fine. I wanna talk to you about me passing down the Kingpin position to you. You’ve gained a reputation and people fear you. You’re perfect for the job. The stress of the position definitely was weighing on me.”


“Dub, I don’t want it.”


“Royce, I am done with it. If you don’t take it, I’ll just give it to someone else…”



Dub passed down the Kingpin spot and left back to Florida. Back to his suburban home… He, after killing the two former Dons, was back where he belonged. Don of the Corleone Empire.

Story submitted by The Dubliner

A Holiday Massacre

December 13th, two notorious mob bosses of The Corleone Empire have gone on a Massacre killing high ranking mafia members. The twofamilies were The Corleone Crime Family and Por El Amor De Corleone. Starting as a plan of the Dons were men by the name of Angel_Of_Death and Really. The recent American Mafia Kingpin known as “The-Dubliner” caught up with Really after a meeting was held in a disclosed location. They were discussing Empire Issues. All the sudden a shot was fired hitting one of Dubs Guards. The bodyguard was killed instantly. For the next 2 and a half hours, Corleone’s were shooting Corleone’s across area. Somehow, Really flees without notice and is gone without a trace.
December 7th, (six days earlier) where Benny-Blanco (Milwaukee Consigliere), Relentless (Milwaukee Underboss),
Arithanger (Milwaukee Head Capo) and of course Mr_Donnie_Vegas (Milwaukee Don) were as well discussing Family problems and what not when a surprise guests of The Gambino Empire arrives. Murder Inc. mob boss James-Gambino steps out of his car along with several other henchmen fire Tommy guns through the windows of The Milwaukee Compound as Arithanger is shot more then twenty five times through his torso, legs and head. He was killed before he could even hit the ground. Benny, Donnie and Relentless fled to the door as they yelled after their loyal soldiers to escort them to an escape route. Just as they were rushing to the door, holes of light and piercing bullets go through the door while hitting Donnie’s best bodyguard. Quickly Benny picks up his Tommy Gun and tries shooting his way through, as a distraction, as the remaining Milwaukee members try to find another way. Seeing Benny get shot in his lung, Donnie knew that he wasn’t going to make it. Relentless drags Benny to safety as bullets are whistling across his head. Donnie struggling to run towards his brothers as Soldiers were holding him back. As Benny has been brought to his brother, he whispered these last words:


” It hurts Donnie, it really does. I’m a dead man. So save yourself and get the hell out of here before I see you die in front of my lifeless eyes.”


As Benny passes away seconds later, Donnie screams in fury, killing Gambino associates and soldiers, shooting his way through to get to his helicopter. Him and Relentless fly away into the midnight sky. Donnie is later interviewed and harassed by news reporters asking about the death of his brother and why his house was shot up. Donnie is tired with no rest and reporters nagging him was not helping him. He then stares at the reporters and says “Benny always said to keep moving forward and to take the hits. Everyone takes the fall and does the time at one point. That’s how this thing of ours works.” James then reports straight to The Gambino Empire boss, Royce “The Raven” Gambino. As Raven is bloodthirsty and is furious to find out that Donnie and Relentless made it out alive.

Dec 13th, earlier that day, Santo-Trafficante-Jr (Fratesi mob boss) and Jetfire198_3 (Fratesi crew Underboss) were talking about the attack of The Milwaukee’s with The Corleone Crime Family. As Corleone Crime Family UnderBoss that goes by the name of “Spetsnaz” were speaking about Gambino Foreign Policy after the violent raid. Mob boss “Angel_Of_Death” could not show up because he was busy that night, walks in minutes after. Angel looks at Spetsnaz and tells him to go and never come back. Spetsnaz with confusion walks out, as he is walking to his car he hears two shot go off and ducks behind his car. He then sees Angel alone walk out casually. He then goes to investigate and finds Santo and Jetfire were shot in the head. He freezes and then runs away. He meets up with Milwaukee to tell the news because he didn’t know who to trust at the moment. He explains himself and then has joined the family as the new Consigliere to help them out and not to be whacked for a false accusation. Spetsnaz quotes “I will never look at Angel the same way that I did before. Knowing he killed not just my friends but my business partners without being confronted, was not something that I can ever get over”.

Just then, later in the cold night, Royce  is confronted by his Spies that Angel captured James Gambino. As soon as he hears the news he then grabs his Tommy Gun and overcoat, with a black fedora and grey stripe across the side and walks out alone slipping past his own guards bringing nobody but himself with him. He then calls for Angel and Really from a payphone demanding to know where they are. He finds outs they both are held up a a Chicago Warehouse along with James. They did not mention if they’re alone. Royce quickly heads over to Chicago and locates the warehouse while heavy cold rain runs down his face, staring emotionless across the street. Then he walks inside to find that Really and Angel were just about to kill James , holding a revolver to his head. James sees Royce and smiles, then starts laughing louder and louder every second. Really pistol whips James and orders him to stop laughing. James looks slowly at Really and says

” You’re a dead man”.

As really is shot in his leg by Royce’s inaccurate 1930’s Tommy Gun. James quickly leans over and hits the concrete floor getting ahold of a knife to cut the ropes off his hands. Really gets up and just a James breaks free he gets a hoof him. Really takes the knife and stabs James in his gut. Then holding him and a knife to his throat, Royce then aims down his sights of his gun, but knows if he fires the shot he will miss because of his inaccuracy, he then sees Angel on the corner of his eye with his Smith&Wesson revolver. Royce quickly turns his head and a shot from Angel is fired. The bullet hits the flesh of Royce’s head and then tackles Angel. Royce then beats Angels face in and then slowly and painfully chokes him to death. With fear, Really starts to shake and takes James to his car and throws him in the back. He continued to hit him and until he became unconscious. As Really burns rubber he has found that on top of the subway railroads lays Dubliner and his Henchmen shooting his car. He then swerves and crashes into a pole. He gets out with bullet wounds all over his body, blood dripping down his torso and head.


Crawling to cover, Royce then comes out of the alley way next to Really slowly with Angels Smith&Wesson revolver, raises the gun point blank to his head and quotes:


“The American Mafia sends their deepest Regards… ( BANG!)”


Dubliner finds Royce standing on the side of his corpse and walks back into the dark Chicago alley. Later we heard on the radio reports of the deaths of notorious mob bosses and about Vindog_Porrello_3 and Mr_Blood were reported missing. Nobody knows where their whereabouts are.


As the remaining bosses meet together, they make a new Commission with new rules. Even a new Kingpin. Later to be announced is that The Genovese Junction is starting to take place. We have no word nor quotes from The Genovese Family but know that thier is plenty to be discusses.
This is -Jack-Marone- signing off and as always stay safe American Mafia!


Fabrizio was at his favorite restaurant called Little Bella Luna on 15th avenue, after his son was hospitalized from the shooting Fabrizio was always guarded now.  Fabrizio’s wife contacted him on the payphone in the restaurant, she was always at the hospital waiting to see if her son got any better. It was three months since the shooting and Fabrizio “JR” DeAngelo was in a coma and the doctors gave him a 50/50 chance.


“Whats the matter!?” Fabrizio got nervous when he heard it was his wife from the hospital. “Our son……………….” Angela took a long pause. “Is he?” Fabrizio had killed and ordered me to be killed so death wasn’t something new too him but this was his son and his heir. “HE’S AWAKE!” Fabrizio was so excited he was jumping up and down. After he told Angela he’d be there in a little while and hung up the phone he looked at one o f his guards, “get Joe and tell him too meet me at my house. We’re finishing this war once and for all.” After Fabrizio brought his son a dog (JR always wanted a German Sheppard but his parents always said no, but after what happened he could’ve asked for $10,000 and he’d get it) he went to meet Joe at his house to discuss how they were gonna end the war in New York City that had lasted 4 months already with deaths on both sides.


After Joe and Fabrizio hugged each other and Joe saying he was happy to hear that JR was okay they got down to business. 


“Joe, this war between our Family and those animals in Detroit has been going on far too long and I think I found a way to end it once and for all!” Joe sat on the couch in Fabrizio’s office and tried too look relaxed but he didn’t have the ability to hide his excitement like his older brother and former Boss Giovanni.


“Alright as long as we can win lemme hear it.” Fabrizio had everything planned out and told Joe every detail. The Commission still recognized Giovanni as the official Boss of the Family and Joe was just the Street Boss, Fabrizio told Giovanni to go to The Commission with all the stuff going on especially the shooting of JR. The Commission voted and approved the killing of Salvatore Carbone to finally end the war. Now everyone knew that Sal’s main goal in life was to hear Giovanni admit he lost to Sal, so Fabrizio planned on Thanksgiving for Giovanni to invite Sal to his restaurant in Miami, Florida to admit defeat and make peace but what he was actually planning was to lure Sal and his top Capos into a trap to kill all of them to win the war. Sal’s Consigliere Frank Tommasino was the only one being spared because Fabrizio made a deal with him that with Sal gone the Luciano Family would support him to be the next Boss of the Detroit Mob.


Thanksgiving was here and the war stopped that day because both sides were going to “meet” to finally end the war. As Sal and his Capos arrived they were searched for weapons and then allowed into the restaurant, there was a long table in the center of the room covered in food. Sal gasped at the site of the turkey, it was huge.  After a waiter showed all the men to their “assigned” seats the waiter asked what they wanted to drink and walked into the kitchen. Twenty minutes had gone by and it was just Sal and his Capos sitting by the table waiting for Giovanni and his Family.


One of the Capos looked at his watch and asked “we fly from Detroit and Luciano LIVES HERE AND HE’S LATE!? THIS FOOD IS GONNA GET COLD!” As the waiter came back to see how everyone was doing everyone was complaining about the wait.


“Don’t worry everyone you’ll get what you deserve for your long wait.” As the waiter went back into the kitchen, Sal looked up and down the table to all his Capos.


“The hell with this waiting crap! Lets eat!” As everyone was beginning to eat they heard the kitchen door open expecting it to be the waiter with their drinks it was Fabrizio and his crew of expert shooters holding machine guns.


“Hey guys! Its rude to start without us!” Before any of the men could turn around shots rang out killing everyone at the table instantly except Sal. Sal somehow was able to fall to the ground and try to crawl out of the building but Fabrizio walked up to Sal with a sawed off shotgun, “Don’t forget your dessert Don Carbone.” Two loud bangs blew off the top of Salvatore Carbones head.


The day after the shooting it was huge news all across the country, Fabrizio was getting the paper to read with his coffee in his dining room.




 Angela walked in to see Fabrizio reading the paper, “Honey how was your trip to Florida? Short, wasn’t it? What did you do?” Fabrizio put away the paper so Angela didn’t see the headline. “I just had to go see a few friends sorry I missed dinner.” Angela walked over and kissed Fabrizio and gave him a hug. “Its okay honey there’s leftovers, how did it go? With your friends?” Fabrizio kissed her back and smiled, “It was a great time, it was a real hit…”