Month: November 2013

Al_Zapponi released from prison

It’s been awhile since I have written a news story, but Al’s back baby. You may remember my stories as Jack for their gory mafia nature. Things seem very different from the reign of Zaponni that still to this day is remembered by many and kept alive in Fratesi and now with me coming out of jail. Yes it’s true many saw a man named TheZapponi walking these streets with a heavy machine gun and called the cops. Turned out his name was none other then Al_Zapponi. Al was sent to a max security AM prison where he was serving life but thankfully the judge and Al were able to talk and a deal made.


Al’s back on the streets and problems have arrived as if it were a butterfly effect. Most mobsters excited to see DonZapponi, some scared and angry. With anger comes poor judgment and the ripple was Sonny_Zapponi and AM legend Goodfellas being killed and Al nearly himself. Sonny and Goodfellas were found in Goodfellas limo shot to death, the driver also  with a note pinned to his chest warning Al he was next. Thankfully doctors were able to bring the Teflon Killer back to life. As that was happening Royce_Gambino known to most as The-Raven hit Ultimate Kingpin with help from the black market aka marketplace. The marketplace is known for supplying the most successful Mobsters weapons and other items to help their success in this thing of ours. Its suggested you stop down there and pick up some hardware.


On other news Angel_Of_Death has taken over as Don of Corleone. Donnie has taken his former family Corleone Inc which was a former family started by Goodfellas and led by me nearly a year later. Royce_Gambino has also stated up a new family known as the Gambino family. Many Gambino families have operated over the years few led by AM legends.


Thats the news for the week, this is Al_Zapponi from the American Mafia Times HQ, have a good day, and stay safe AM.