Month: October 2013

American Mafia Miniseries – Episode 6

Fabrizio was sitting in his office in his home when his wife came in holding a letter and yelling as loud as she could,  “How could we let this happen!?” she yelled.


 Fabrizio jumped out of his chair from the shock of her yelling, his wife Angela was mostly very quiet and never asked any question how they could afford a huge house, brand new cars, tailored clothes, and to afford to send their two sons to the best school in the state which so happened to be the reason why Angela was so mad.


“Whats the matter!?” Fabrizio yelled back in curiousity.


Angela ran to Fabrizio’s desk and threw the letter on top of his desk. The letter read: “Your son Fabrizio DeAngelo Jr…” though he was named after Fabrizio everyone that knew the family called his son ‘JR’ “…is being suspended from this school due to the fact that he is beating up children for their money, taking bets and selling marijuana in the boys bathroom.”


 Angela was shocked from what the letter said because at home JR was always respectful and she thought he was more like her, but Fabrizio knew better. That’s why he named his first son after him because he actually longed for a son that would be an exact copy of him. Fabrizio and Angela’s other son Giuseppe was more Angela’s son. He was quiet, most of the time, but when it came to a debate he knew he’d win–he was like a bull (another trait of Fabrizio’s, most people would wonder what traits were passed on from Angela) so since he was such a good debater he wanted his future to be a lawyer or maybe a Governor.


“Angela I’m as surprised as you are about this, tonight when JR gets home I’ll have a talk to him.”


 Angela sighed and began to walk out but before she fully left the office she turned around to look at Fabrizio, “Listen I never asked where all of this came from because I didn’t want you to lie to me, but I want you to promise me that no matter what you will protect this family. And if something does happen, which I pray it doesn’t, I want you to find the people responsible and show them no mercy AT ALL.”


 Fabrizio knew Angela knew what he did for a living but he didn’t want to openly say it to her and he knew what she wanted him to do if they were targeted in the ongoing war in New York City.


“Angela you must think I’m a thug or a gangster…” Fabrizio gave off a small grin to try to lighten up Angela’s mood.


Angela gave a small grin back and said “Nah, honey, you’re to smart to be a gangster or a thug.”


The night after Angela and Fabrizio spoke Fabrizio asked JR to join him in his office. “Whats the matter pop?” JR said as he sat down in the chair across from his father.

“Listen son your mother got a letter today from your school saying you’re suspended for beating up kids, taking bets and selling weed. Now before you say anything I wanna say I knew out of both my sons this would happen to you. Because you are just like I was when I was your age going to school. So I’m not surprised.”

JR looked his father directly in the eyes and did not move at all, “Pop, I don’t want to be a nobody in life I wanna be like you! I want what you have! And don’t try to convince me not to do it because I’ve already decided I want to work with you.”


Fabrizio could see in his sons eyes that he made up his mind that he wanted to live the life of his father and there was no point of trying to change his sons mind because he was just as stubborn as Fabrizio.


“Alright son, if you think you can handle this life you can try it. Tomorrow, Don Giovanni’s son-in-law is coming to get the last few things from their old house and he’s taking a cab from the airport to the house where I want you to meet him help him get the stuff he needs then, simply drive him back to the airport alright? Wear a suit too. Gotta look nice for the important people…”


JR was so excited his father was giving him an errand to run, no matter what it was he was happy and proud to be working for his father instead of some stranger getting to earn a lousy paycheck. “Sure pop but I don’t have a suit.”


Fabrizio looked at his watch to see what time it was. “It’s too late to go to the tailor so just wear one of my suits tomorrow. You look just like me so it should fit you fine.” JR got up and hugged his father and said thanks and before he left his father yelled over to him, “Son, Giovanni’s son-in-law is expecting me so take my car and apologize that I couldn’t make it because I have so much work to do.”


Before JR left his fathers office he looked at his father and said “Well like you said pop since I look just like you he might think I am you.” Both smiled and JR closed the door to his father’s office.


As JR sat in his fathers car waiting for Don Giovanni’s son-in-law he was imagining he was in a car chase running away from the cops, he had been watching to many gangster films and was so bored waiting he couldn’t take sitting in the car any longer so he got out and stood next to the driver side of the car.


As he was looking around he heard a car stop behind him and someone saying, “HEY YOU! ARE YOU FABRIZIO DEANGELO!?”


Even though he was a “Jr” technically he was Fabrizio DeAngelo so he responded by saying, “Yes sir, are you Giovanni’s son-in-law?”


 As he turned around he saw a car with a window open and the same voice saying “Don Carbone sends his regards.” The next thing JR heard before he blacked out was three loud bangs…



That night in the hospital the place looked like the American President was there. The hospital was overwhelmed with the amount of guards there. In his sons room sat Fabrizio Sr., Angela, and their other son Giuseppe as JR laid on the hospital bed unconscious…  Outside of the room were two guards but the whole level had men working for Fabrizio making sure no one got close to the room where Fabrizio and his family was in. There was a knock at the door–it was Joe. Fabrizio excused himself from the room to go outside of the hospital to talk to Joe. Outside there were more guards at the ready if something were to happen.


“Joe they shot my son! MY SON!”


Joe put his hand on Fabrizio’s shoulder, “I know they did, I have all my people looking around but no one knows who did it.”


Fabrizio remembered that his son was there to meet Giovannis son-in-law. “Joe where is your brothers son-in-law?”


Joe raised his one eyebrow confused from the question. “Uhhhh last I heard he came up here to get something but then called from Detroit cause the moron fell asleep on the plane and by the time he woke up the plane was in Detroit. Why do you ask?” Fabrizio was about to tell Joe that he thought that Giovannis son-in-law shot his son because he mistook him for himself then got on the plane to go to Detroit to escape but one of the guards that was standing by his son’s room came running out to Fabrizio.




By the time Fabrizio, Joe and the guard that came to get Fabrizio got to the room all Fabrizio heard was his wife screaming and the sound of the doctor yelling for a pair of defibrillators and for several nurses’ aid… When Fabrizio got to the room the doctor wanted everyone out of the way to take JR to the Operating Room in order to remove the bullet that was slowly moving closer to his heart.


As Fabrizio, Angela, Giuseppe, and Joe were running after JR and the doctors, one nurse said to all of them, “I’m sorry but you can’t go into the Operating Room.”


Fabrizio grabbed the nurse by the arm and told her, “Listen that’s my son in there and I want you to treat him like he’s the President.” The nurse looked at Fabrizio but not in the eyes, which made Fabrizio even angrier, “We treat everyone the same in here.”


Fabrizio tightened his grip on the nurses on. “DON’T GIVE ME THAT CRAP! MONEY IS NO PROBLEM SO I WANT HIM TREATED LIKE THE PRESIDENT!” As he let go of the nurse, told Joe to wait outside, and was about to hug his wife–Angela told him not to forget about the promise he made to her. Fabrizio looked into Angela’s eyes–she noticed for the first time how his eyes looked like a great white sharks eyes when he’s furious.


As he wiped a small tear from his eye he told her, “Don’t worry Angela, when I’m done with the men responsible for this, they’ll be begging for a quick death.”