Month: May 2013

The Cardinal

-The Alarm rings- “Beep,Beep,Beep”


I awake to a empty place, only a bed exists in this room. I get up, right leg first the left follows. I look round me, up down, right, left and then finally down to the floor. My clothes sit alone on the floor, I put each piece on, bit by bit, starting with my shirt. I have each piece of clothing on, I stand and exit the room. I walk to the door of the kitchen, I turn the nob round clockwise and it opens. I come to an empty Kitchen, no crumbs, no mess. I open the fridge, the remainder of a left over Curry remains, on the next shelf there is milk, I proceed to take it out. I open a nearby cupboard to find what I need, Cereal.


By this point 15 minutes has passed since I first awoke. The reminder that I have to be at the Graveyard for 11:15 lingers in my mind, it is my priority at the moment. It is 10:30, I know that the Graveyard is 25 minutes away from my home on foot. I grab my coat of the hanger and proceed to lift my keys. I begin to make my way to the Graveyard. I walk, foot by foot, through the streets of a wet and cold Belfast town. It is 1969. The beginning years of what eventually becomes known as the Troubles. I walk down the road towards Milltown, through Andersontown, I hear the voice of a preacher in the Air, Continuously saying “Do you Love, Believe and Cherish God!, Are you a follower of the Commandments?, Are you educated!, Well Visit your local Parish today on how to become a Deacon firstly, then eventually a Priest!” I walk on, the words “Priest and Deacon” begin to linger,” I have no love, I have no job and lastly my friend has just left the world”


I think about this continuously throughout the day, my good friend James had died of Natural causes. The days passes, so does the Pints of beer. I find myself at the end of the day drunk, coming into my home, and falling to sleep. I awake the next morning Hungover, the words “Priest and Deacon” Still are present during this time. I decide to do what I do every morning, the exact same thing I did the previous morning. With the exception today I made my way to the Parish. I ask the Priest what does it take to become a Priest, he explains Briefly, I agree with him. I find myself 7 days later, on my way to Rome to begin my journey to become a Priest.

4 years would pass before I became a Priest. Another 10 before I became a Bishop, and another 20 before I moved to America to become a Cardinal of California. I find myself back in the State which I had left for Belfast a long time ago. I find myself now In Washington. Writing briefly about my experiences.


Written by Links_Redemption

Irish Luck Runs Out

Warning: The following is, once again, a true tale from my life in this game…

It was a dark and stormy night… The occasional flash of lightning and sound of thunder would illuminate and reverberate throughout this dark tiny room. I woke up dizzy and nauseous. The last thing I remembered was strolling through the park. It was light, the birds were singing, and children were screaming and playing on the sidewalk. How did I go from such a setting as that, into this dark and tiny room? I heard a voice talking… He was speaking to another man… I could faintly hear this mysterious man’s voice… The voices grew louder. I tried to escape from the bonds that tied my hands together. I felt the rough scratching of the rope against my wrists. The feeling of blood being released from my veins sent shivers down my spine. I would not die here. The blood helped squeeze my hands through the binds. I was free. Now to find some kind of weapon I could use to help make my escape easier… Not much could be found in the closet I was being held in… Some coats, hangers, and some old shoes… Wait… The hangers? My cousin was in WWII and always told me about how he could make a weapon out of anything. He showed me how he could take a few coat hangers, and twist them together and form a sort of pitchfork mechanism to stab at someone. This was the best choice I had. I look out of the tiny window that faintly illuminated this closet with each lightning flash, looked like I was in a hotel room… Thirteen stories high up, jumping was a suicide attempt…

The voices I heard before faded away… I heard no more movement inside of the room adjacent to my small cell… I felt around the walls for a light switch but all I felt was the feeling of burnt plaster melting from the walls. The carpet was wet… I stuck my middle and index finger to the carpet and held them to my nose… Gasoline… They coated the closet in gasoline. They are planning on burning me alive… Just then I heard the voices again… Creeping up to the door. I moved to hide behind one of the jackets as if to get a jump on my assailant. The door swung open and the light from the room blinded me. I could barely make out whom the men holding me hostage were… It was…

Eight o’clock in the morning. I woke up from a sound sleep. The previous night my boss Nicky Scarfo had declared me a Wise Old Man. He had taken me out for a night at a cat-house and we got raging drunk and somehow managed to drive home and make it alive. I awoke with the worst hangover anyone could imagine… I got out of bed, got dressed, and preceded with my day as I normally would. I drove to downtown Philadelphia to meet with my boss, Nicodemo. He wanted me to come by and talk about business in our empire, The Philly Empire. I was the newly appointed Underboss of the empire along with my good friend JBRevenge. The idea of the Philly Empire was to expand all throughout the United States… We had my family (Located in Orlando, Florida. Secretly was pulling strings in Disney World to make a major profit approximately 25% of the Income for the Empire.), JBRevenge’s family (Located in Chicago, he had a grip on the industrial and manufacturing businesses. Brought in roughly 30% of the income to the Empire), and Charlie “Lucky” Luciano’s family (Located in Las Vegas, controlled the Casinos and Hotels. Generated approximately 45% of the Total Income for the empire.) The Philly Empire was thriving alongside our longstanding allies the Corleone Empire headed up by GrimReaper who worked alongside Nicodemo while Grim was in the Philly Empire. The two were great friends and only death could separate them.

After the meeting with Nicky and the other Family leaders I took my private jet back to Florida to see my mother. I haven’t visited her in a while and I knew she missed me. I arrived there around 1 pm. She fixed me a late lunch and we talked for a while. She said she wasn’t feeling well. She thought it was old age… Silence fell in the house… The sound of sirens in downtown Orlando could be heard. The occasional popping and booming sounds of Fireworks set off from Disney startled and shook my mother and her windows in every room… I told her we should take her to my sisters. She would be okay there. She refused, said she will be okay. Reluctantly I left and needed to go to my next meeting.

I travelled across Orlando to my headquarters: an empty mansion only being used for matters of the Family. I had a meeting with my soldiers, underboss, and Capos. It was here that I broke the news to everyone that my Underboss, Joey Merlino would be opening his own empire: The Camorra Crime Organization. He promised he would remain loyal and would be by my side for any situation. These Empires, following the opening of the 3rd, showed great promise; the life of American Mafia seemed glowing and riddled with bright futures in every citizen’s destiny. Joey would set up his family in New York. And so it was, the Philly Empire’s dream of having families set up across the United States was coming true. We had families in four of the nine major states as well as a strong holding in Pennsylvania.

It was 6 pm by the time I escaped from the popping of champagne and clacking of half filled glasses to another as if the glasses were dancing partners at a high school homecoming… I went to the Orlando Central Park and took a stroll. The sun would be setting in about a half an hour… I thought I would watch it as it went down. However I had this sense as though something was following me… Something… Or someone… Was mimicking my every move. I looked over my shoulder but never saw a thing. I continued with my peaceful stroll… I was strolling through the park. It was light, the birds were singing, and children were screaming and playing on the sidewalk. Using chalk and drawing hangman games… I even saw a group of teenagers pretending to be Made men in the mafia shooting at each other with makeshift guns made out of interlocked hands and twin index fingers pointing at the target aiming down the bridges of their thumbs… They would yell, “Bang! Bang!” as one by one a kid would fall to the ground and groped their torso’s for some imaginary bullet wound that seemed to be bleeding profusely and would not stop until the child was dead on the ground.

I walked down to the pond to get away from the madness that enthralled only the eyes of the wicked, heartless man that I was not… I sat by the pond and watched as the sun **** slowly below the trees. Then I heard a voice say, “Don Dubliner… My boss sends his regards…” Before I could turn around a hand was on my back with the other hand reaching around my neck and applying a generous dose of Chloroform to my mouth through a doused rag… I was out cold…


I snapped back to reality. The door was swung open, and as my eyes adjusted to the figures standing before me the silhouettes of their bodies faded away and I could see whom it was. Joey Merlino: my former Underboss. He had one of his henchmen abduct me and was now going to kill me off. I leaped at him with the coat hangers I had made into a pitchfork and he jumped to the side unharmed at the reckless attack I had just made. I fell into the room and took a second to get my bearings. I ran towards the door only to be cut off by a man named Chapo Guzman, also known as BWR. I jumped onto the bed and turned to look into my assailants’ faces… Chapo, a rugged Hispanic with much experience under his belt, not known for being associated with the Mafia, but he was a lowly civilian… Yet he could plan things better than anyone I knew. He must have been planning to rise to the top of the food chain and I was his first example to be made. I panned over to Joey… A tough, young, Italian who could intimidate any sized man. They both were staring at me with ready arms, waiting to see what my next move would be… I ran and jumped at Chapo. He thrust his arms out towards my airborne body and knocked me over his head and into the screen of the television. My back was aching… I got up and limped towards the doorway… The hand Joey grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. He through a wild haymaker to my left eye and connected. I spun around due to the impact and fell to the floor. I was dazed and couldn’t move for what seemed like an eternity. My eyesight was blurry and I could just make out the two figures standing over me. I started to focus back into reality, and began kicking wildly at the two men. I connected with Joey in the gut, and caught Chapo In the chin as he was reaching for my legs. I scrambled to my feet and ran to the doorway.

Outside of the room I looked both ways to find an elevator. I ran down the hallway as quickly as a man running from demons straight out of hell… I clicked for the elevator, it was four floors above me, but it was slowly on its way. I turned and looked back down the hallway. No one appeared from the room… I looked back towards the elevator: one floor away. One last glance behind my back: I saw Chapo and Joey emerge from the room. Chapo screamed, “Get the man! We can’t let him get away!” Joey was sprinting towards me. I turned as I heard the sound of the elevator doors open up; I took one step in then froze… I was paralyzed… I couldn’t take a step into the elevator… I felt all strength leave my body… I fell to my knees… Half of my body was in the elevator, half remained in the hallway… Seeing their prisoner escaping, Joey pulled his pistol and shot me in the back… I could feel the puddle of blood form around my motionless body… Light faded away… Darkness crept in… It was my new home, the darkness, I would become one with it… The police found my body being constricted over and over again by the elevator doors attempting to close to continue its daily activities…

Joey_Merlino destroyed my best account that day, in a plot controlled by B_W_R to get revenge for being killed… Joey was his puppet, and I have never forgotten his actions towards myself. Not even when he came back as  –Dominic_Degrazzio-…

RIP     The-Dubliner


I was pissed off. A demon kept acting like she wanted to get freaky then would laugh and run away. I was worked up and hot as hell. I had to get out of this place. I knew Satan had a weakness for whiskey and gambling. I also knew I was very good with cards. I knew what I had to do. Satan came by late that night and I said “Hey dark one I hear you love a good drink and Game of Texas hold em.” He replied “Hmm ssssssssssooooo what isssss it you are propossssing. ” I said “one hand if I win I get set free.” Interessssting,” he said “and if I win?” I quickly said, ” Then my sons soul is yours as well.”

I then sat down and dealt out the cards. He was so lustfully driven he did not notice that I had not shuffled the top 8th of the deck. I knew what he had in his had two aces. I had a pair of twos. I looked at him and said “since it is just one hand lets lay em down and let em play.” He agreed and layed his down with a sneer. I placed mine down and gave him a worried look and said as I poured him a drink which I had laced with my last roofie I had stolen off a demon “doesn’t look like I am getting out of here, so tell me this how do you get back to Earth from here anyways?” He laughed and pointed at a chain on the wall and said “you climb that.” He then gulped the rest of his drink…. I had him. I dealt the first three cards an ace a two and a king. At this site of this Satan chuckled knowing he had me now and poured himself another glass and gulped it on down. I had to stall so I said, “How is it you came to rule this place?”


He then went into a long drawn out story (I will not bore you with the details here), but as I noticed his speech slowing to a crawl, I layed down the next card a 4. As his eyes began to swim, I layed down the last card a 2 I had beaten him and he was falling asleep. I sprinted for the chain and began to climb. I climbed and climbed for what seemed like hours. Then suddenly I heard an Ear piercing scream. I looked down he had waken up!!!!!!!!
I began climbing feverishly all the sudden I felt a pain like I had never felt before, as Satan grabbed my feet. I would not let go though that chain was my way to freedom. Knowing he was a little sluggish still I pulled one foot free and kicked him he fell and I got the rest of the way up the chain. I had beaten the devil at his own game of deception.


Now it was time to get back to my life and find my place again in this world.
Mickie_Zapponi is now Mickie-Fratesi

Contract Killer


It’s Dark outside and a slow rain is falling. The surroundings seem to be a heavily forested park. A single man is visible, with a large trash bag on the ground next to him.


I had spent the last 12 hours cramped into a small closet waiting for my target to enter his hotel room. The outside air was a nice change, no matter how cold and rainy it was. Finally with a last shovel full of dirt I threw the Bag with the target into the shallow grave that had been dug. My instructions were to make sure the mutilated body was discovered. I never asked why. In my kind of business asking questions is signing your own death warrant. With that my pre-paid phone rang. “Hello?” On the other end was the familiar voice of BWR or as he was going by now a days El Chapo. “Hey man, we got another target. Grim Reaper is in town tonight only. If we could get him out the way we would be golden to take all the territory north of the border.” I thought about what he had said, I answered “Any instructions?” Chapo answered, “Just one, you have to make it look like a suicide.”


Two hours later the storm has grown. Looking around I am in the business district of Los Angles. Looking straight up, you can just make out the lights of the penthouse of the LA Marriot. This was my target.


I quickly changed into a hotel staff uniform. Carrying a brief case of tools I entered the hotel lobby and headed for the top floor. I didn’t have much of a plan, I had found thinking makes you react slowly. Reacting slow gets you killed or caught. So rather, I like to make things up as I go. Finally I thought to myself reaching the 53 floor.  The elevator door opened into a small room, with the penthouse entrance on the other side. However, instead of heading to the door, I made my way into the air vent in the ceiling. “Damn I got to lay off the Carne Asada” I thought barely fitting into the small gap. I moved quickly now in my element. My iPod was playing Country Music, something I always enjoyed when I was moving in on a kill. Looking down I found where the phone cord ran up the wall and slowly I cut it.


Next, I moved in to cut the lights. Finding the right wire, I reached out my hand and cut the wires. This was where it became nice having money. I reached into my bag and pulled out state of the Art night vision goggles. The dark around me melted away, and revealed Grim below in the room. However to my surprise he was not alone. On his bed laid Miss Sunshine wearing nothing but lace. I couldn’t help laughing to myself. “This just made things interesting.” The girl would have to die too. Deciding that now was a perfect opportunity I kicked in one of the air vents and came flying (more like falling) into the room. Quickly pulling out a silenced M9, I shot the girl in the head and swiveled towards Grim. However, he was already on top of me and tackled me to the floor.


We both fought for the gun. However after spitting in his face and dropping my knee into his “family jewels” (If my life depends on it, then yes I will take a cheap shot) I grabbed the gun. With this he responded “Awwww I see you are stilling doing Chapo’s dirty work. But tell me, you have been promoted no?” “Shut up” I ordered. “Mmmm no he hasn’t  He is using. But I think you have a skill. Maybe we can work out an agreement?” Again I ordered “STFU or your head is going to look like the girls in 5 seconds”. Without blinking, Grim responded “Easy there. All I was asking is for you to work with the Corleone’s. We will treat you right, give tour the power you deserve.” I had enough, with that I reached into my bag and brought out a bottle of chloroform. I slid it to him on the floor, keeping my distance. “Open that up, and smell it” Grim began to say something when I yelled “NOW!” He finally opened the bottle on top but stopped to say his final words.” I was betrayed!”  I paused for moment to think, “No you lost, so stop being a *****.” With that he inhaled the Chloroform and was out cold. After that I took a rope wrapped it around his neck and hung him from the window. His feet hanging out 400 feet from the busy street. Quickly I cleaned up everything, using beach to remove finger prints and walked out the door strait into the elevator. Reaching home I called Chapo. “It’s done” And hung up throwing the phone into the trash bin. I went to bed and slept like a baby. Waking up in the morning, I turned on the T.V. to find the news covering the story of the apparent murder suicide of the alleged head of the infamous Corleone Crime Empire. Laughing to myself, I rolled outta bed opened the top drawer and rolled a joint. The bonus of working for the Cartel……

Handling the Life I Chose

Story by Dubliner


The following is a true story on events that happened early April 2012 in the American Mafia…


A secret meeting. My own brother, Shamrock, newly brought me into the L’Elite Corleone crew. My first big job: Kill a traitor who has been providing our enemy with Intel on our family activities and plans. I flew to New York where he was suspected to be, I had a revolver tucked into my jacket pocket and I was ready to prove to my don, Scarface9407 that I was worthy of being Made. In this secret meeting I was told the identity of the man I was looking for… His name was Benny. Medium built, about 6’2”, and was a very muscular, athletic man. I wouldn’t have a chance against him in a fist-to-fist fight, so I couldn’t let him get close to me. We had expected him to know we were coming so they sent me, an associate whom he wouldn’t know the identity of. Walking the streets of New York City, the lights mesmerized me. I wondered if I would come out of this bar alive to see them again… I took a mental picture of these beautiful lights so it would be the last thing In my mind I would remember if I were dying…


I entered the bar and asked for the location of Benny. The bartender said that he was in the corner by himself. He had a watchful eye on me as if he new it was me who was sent to do the job… I saw him reach down towards his waist underneath the table… I quickly moved and jumped behind the bar. I heard three shots ring out as I made the move. I felt a cool sensation run down my neck… My blood had been spilt… I didn’t know how bad the injury was but I needed to finish the job, even if I couldn’t save myself. I searched around the bar for a shotgun. Three more shots rang out and bullets collided with the bar and glasses to create a chaotic sounding orchestra. I found a shotgun under the bar and I reached for it. The gripping on the handle felt very natural to me even though I had never handled one of these beasts before… I hear two more shots ring out, he was out of ammo now and had to reload. I took advantage of the moment and jumped to my feet, revealing myself from my cover behind the bar.  Benny had flipped his table and I didn’t have a clear shot on him… I started to move from out behind the bar aiming the shotgun directly at the table… I heard the click of his gun successfully being reloaded. Everything around me faded away… I heard the faint sound of rain outside in the New York streets hitting the pavement and glass alike. I heard the heavy breathing of both Benny and the innocent bystanders who were in the bar. Then I heard Benny’s feet shift as if he was about to jump to his feet to finish the job. I prepared my shotgun at the table again and pulled the trigger. I was ten feet away and I blew a hole through the table and I saw blood splatter onto the wall.


I traveled back to the headquarters of L’Elite Corleone in Detroit, Michigan and told Scarface that the job was finished. I was made that night. The shot to my head luckily just took off a piece of my ear so I was in well enough condition to go through with the ceremony. After Scarface made me, I met one of my partners, JBRevenge. We would become great friends and fight and die together.


Scarface told me that I should be involved in another secret meeting, only this time, the Don of the Corleone Empire would be present. Ruthless was such… A ruthless leader, amazing in battle, and led like a lion. I was always told that “I am more afraid of 1 lion leading 1000 sheep than 1 sheep leading 1000 lions.” His leadership alone made everyone fearful of the Corleone strength and it was an honor to be in a meeting with him. Also present in the meeting was my brother, Shamrock; Scarface9407, Ruthless, and another Corleone member, “Shotgun” Joe. We were planning to launch an attack on the GoldRising Empire. A man named JoeKing led the GoldRising’s empire. He was another ruthless leader and probably the only person who could compete with Ruthless, himself. We planned a time and where we would attack. We had to wait through the night and would attack the next evening around 6 pm EST. We all went to bed with eager minds wondering whimsically what would happen the next evening.


When I woke in my apartment the next morning, I saw the newspaper headlines on the street down below my apartment. The GoldRising leader, JoeKing, killed almost all of the Corleone members that night. Everyone in the secret meeting survived but the attack was postponed… We had thought that JoeKing was talking with the man in the meeting, “Shotgun” Joe. We believed that “Shotgun” Joe informed JoeKing of our plans and gave himself the opportunity to strike first… And strike he did.


The Corleone Empire would survive. Led by Scarface, Ruthless, and Michael Corleone, we would fight back and destroy GoldRising. We had won this war and we had avenged all that were killed that night.



This was a True story of my life when I first started American Mafia.