Month: April 2013

Zapponi Massacre Part 2

Later that night Justin_Sane and Rosnoky were found dead in a car along with there two bodyguards 2-Tone and Forrest_Bondurant witnesses say they saw a black Ford truck pull up besides them and open fire on there vehicle. Soon the killing slowed down to find out that Al_Zapponi and his crew Kap_Zapponi, DWR_II, Darkkiller, and _Carlo-Gambino_ drove to the main headquarters of the Corleone to kill Grimreaper. Al_Zapponi knowing his time has come bust in the doors and opened fire killing RoyDeMeo and Ziggi.


Five minutes later 20 soldiers of Corleone came out and all hell broke lose. They were shooting back and fourth for two hours. Kap_Zapponi was the first to die with 5 bullets in his chest and two in the shoulder. Soon to die was DWR_II who was blown up by a car when a Corleone soldier shot the gas tank in the cross fire. Al_Zapponi, Darkkiller, and _Carlo-Gambino_ some how managed to force there way up the stairs of the mansion to find out Grimreaper wasn’t home. Three hours before there arrival a anonymous tip was reported to Grimreaper to leave his home as it would be under attack soon. Being a smart man he wired the place with explosives and was to go off when his office door was opened. Just to be safe Grimreaper parked three blocks away from his home to keep a watch just in case was a fake.


Al_Zapponi, Darkkiller, and _Carlo-Gambino_ walked up the stairs and made there way to his office. Carefully opening up the door they heard a click they had triggered the explosives. Trying to make there way back to the front door as fast as they can the explosives went off and blow up the whole house. After hearing of Al_Zapponi and his father Kap_Zapponi death Silvio_Zapponi called Mickie_Zapponi Al_Zapponi’s last living son and arranged there funerals.The day of the funeral all the remaining Zapponi’s were ambushed and were shot up by two black trucks. Slvilo_Zapponi was shot 10 times and Mickie_Zapponi was shot 15 times in the chest.

Zapponi Massacre Part 1

Hello this is runnwr reporting the recent weeks crime. First up Zapponi crime empire went on a brutal killing spree trying to command and conquer Americas Underworld. The first murder was a good man named Insane who was killed in a bar in California, witness say they heard many gunshots and then walked into the bar to find insane with 50 bullets in the brain. Another Corleone who was also in California was killed named Infamousmurder he was found in a stolen truck on the side of a busy street his head was gone no were to be found.


A Corleone Don Really was found at a known Zapponi hangout he was tortured than shot to death with a bullet in the heart. Three Corleone Dons were driving back home when a Zapponi hitman shot them many times the car was found flipped over Everyone in the car was dead AvengerOfEvil and his 2 bodyguards also Dubliner and his 3 bodyguards, Mr_Al_Capone was found in the trunk of their car. Soon after that Junior_Capozzi and a federal boss Nicodemo_Scarfo was found dead with 20 bullets in there body. Later that night three more higher ups were killed two Corleone members and one Zapponi member was found dead.


_Punisher was found with cut marks all over his body and a bullet between his eyes at a know Corleone hangout Oklahoma. Scarface9407 was found in his home sitting in front of his T.V with his throat sliced and mouth taped up. Redurm_ was found at Al_Zapponi house with 25 bullets in his chest. Rumor has it a group of Corleones were looking for Al_Zapponi but found his roommate Redurm_ instead. The next day Shermond_Zapponi and his wife Miss_Styles was found dead in there home.There neighbors said Shermond_Zapponi and his father Al_Zapponi got into a heated argument and things got outta hand. Miss_Styles was found laying on the floor with a bullet in her head. Shermond_Zapponi was found tied up to a chair tortured with 4 bullets in his chest in front of his wife. To be continued….


Murder Mayhem

It seems as if anarchy has been brought to the states of AM. The last 24 hours have been more violent then the last month. It all started late last night in Texas. The UnderBoss of The Corleone Outfit; DukeOfDallas was at a gentlemen club when a man walked up behind him and put two in the back of his skull. The killer fled away in a stolen 2001 Honda Civic.


It was shortly after that just around the corner at a known Corleone hangout in Texas where witnesses say donleon420 had been outside having a smoke when the same stolen car pulled up and opened fired on the known Corleone Crime Syndicate Assocaite. A total of 12 shots had been fired and a citizen walking by was also a victim. The killer didn’t get to far as he was found shot to death around the corner. Him and his car lit up with bullets.


The killer was identified as a rogue member by the alias of DogFather. Early morning next day a Corleone Corporation Associate Jimmy-D was found dead in his garage. Police believe an armed gunmen had walked in and shot Jimmy-D twice in the back with a shotgun. The killer is still at large. But it wasn’t long after that in Oklahoma where Catel El Jefe Chapo_Guzman who was with the Zapponi Empire was found hanging from the highway. His death has left many wondering whose next and is anyone really safe.

Chapos’ brother Raz_ was found awhile after in Oklahoma headless. These brutal murders of the Cartel higher ups have marked the fall of El Cartel de Sinaloa. Unprotected members have been found all over the place murdered. Also another rogue Cartel member Drew_The_Killer had hired a hitman to to kill governor Marinala. The hitman is in custody. While Drew_The _Killer went on to kill a Zapponi Crime Family Associate  He was later found with his throat slit in the trunk of a car. It is believed to be the brutal Zapponi revenge. But no suspects have been arrested for it.


Thanks for reading, stay safe AM. 
Written by Al Zaponi