Month: February 2013

Mob Shootout Breaking news

Mob Shootout Breaking news, there were just two separate shootouts that have linked back to the mob. One happened in Chicago Illinois while the other down in Kansas. Over in Illinois witnesses say they saw former capo of the Kansas City Outfit SamGiancana walked into his former crews bar and shot mademan JackieCerone. While that was happening, over in Kansas a car had stooped in front of an alleyway were it seemed another mademan in Kansas City Outfit and an Associate had been extorting a drug dealer to pay a tax.


A masked gunman had gotten out of the car with a Tommy Gun and fired off two clips. He then got back in and the car and took off without a trace. Police have no idea who the driver and gunmen are. The names of the dead in Kansas are PaulRicca, BROOKLYNGOD, and wallup. No arrest have been made but police have started a manhunt. Seems like no one is safe when there’s a bullet with their name on it.