Month: January 2013


It seems like a good ol`classic game of chess has just finished with a Corleone Empire victory. This victory wouldn’t have come without a brilliant strategy from Michael_Corleone and _-Grimreaper-_ Corleone. They seemed to have knocked over the king as Joe_King_Jr is being buried.


Joe`s family has been taken out while the other families seemed to have bailed for their lives. Corleone Empire is back on top of the American Mafia. Michael has handed down the throne to his brother _-Grimreaper-_ Corleone who is now ruler of all 50 states, big bosses and few new rules will be released later in a forum. Looks like AM has some peace at last, this is Al_Warlord, stay safe and have fun AM.

New Era

2013, a new year and a new era for American Mafia.


American Mafia’s first UnderWorld Kingpin Michael__Corleone was murdered by old friend Joe_King. The day marked the first time a UnderWorld Kingpin was ever killed. The new Don of the Corleone Empire is _-GrimReaper-_ as he’ll be carrying on his brothers legacy.


It also marked the day American Mafia lost it’s leader. Details on that will be announced later on in a forum or on another report. Entering 2013 the only Empires active are Corleone and Philly. We at AM Times had caught up with the Don of the Corleone Empire, _-GrimReaper-_. We had asked him what shape the Corleone Empire was in to start the new year. He had replied “I’d say it is still in Good shape. Not Great but good. We lost Michael which may even say it’s a little less then good. But as for the New Year even with Michael’s death, I have still have brothers who keep the Corleone Empire strong”.


Well there you have it folks Corleone is still here and recruiting. As far as random killing and killing sprees go, it’s been low. This was Al_Warlord with your news, till next time stay safe AM.

Don of a New Day

Hey American Mafia, you may remember my father as Jack_-Dragna, my name is Al_Warlord. It’s nice to be back to the American Mafia but I wish I was writing about something else.


Unfortunately, the American Mafia was the battlefield of an all out war between Philadelphia Empire and Camorra Organization. Now I haven’t been back long but I got most of the scoop of what had gone down. There’s allot of theories about who Joey_Merlino actually was but I will cut to the chase.


There had been some problems between the two dons for a couple weeks leading to the war. Joey claims Nicodemo_Scarfo Godfather of the notorious Philly Empire had stated the war but from what I had witnessed earlier that day was Joey whacking the Underboss of the Philly Crime Family which led to bodies dropping all over the 50 states. Joey then started whacking Corleone members and big bosses of AMFU. The AMFU’s assassin Mr-V and two AMFU big bosses (Dubliner and Charlie_Lucky_Luciano), God rest their souls, had been victims of the war. Every Godfather, CDTC and WOM had been killed except for three. The war had ended when Joey_Merlino had gone to Tennessee to whack Scarface9407, but was ambushed after arriving at the set up. AMFU is now without 4 big bosses as _-GrimReaper-_ was promoted up to AM Underboss, two big bosses were killed, and Nicodemo_Scarfo had retired.


This has left the American Mafia with few leaders and guardians to help keep order. It’s a new day for AM now where you may be the next Don.


This is AL_Warlord reporting for AM times, work hard and stay safe AM.