Month: October 2012

Philly Empire Suffers A Blow

The Philly Empire took a massive lost today as JBRevenge4 was killed in a Casino in New York. A masked man, possibly Luigi-Manocchio, shot JBRevenge4 multiple times in the chest.with a small .22. JBRevenge4 was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he later died.


That was not the last killing. Radulf was assassinated at his Beach House in Florida. He was stepping out of the door where he was met by a gunman; witnesses described a person that looked like Luigi-Manocchio. One Boss in the Empire was down. Luigi’s next target was Pack, a brother of Capo_Gusman. Pack was killed while fishing off a pier, where a gunman walked up and shot him in the back, with a silenced pistol.


Just hours ago, 2 Big Bosses caught up with the killer, tied him up and slowly tortured him before he was executed.


Every state across America is definitely morning the loss of these fine American Mafia Residents. On behalf of all of American Mafia, Rest In Peace.


Stay Safe and Have Fun!


American Mafia Reporter


CDTC bites the dust

Capo_Guzman, the newest Wise Old Man, has gone an killed a CDTC in cold blood. He had asked Mikey_Malone’s Don, Radulf, to demote and release mikey, which Radulf did and on top of that asked Radulf for his location.


Capo traveled  to Florida and killed Mikey with a lie as reasoning. Capo has been fighting and arguing over why he did it yet still has no reason and is blaming everyone but himself claiming he was set up. One can only wonder what AMFU will do in retaliation for this senseless murder, but one thing is certain, Capo better send his money somewhere else as death is definitely the best punishment for that rat.


This is Jack_-Dragna reporting for the amazing AM times, have a good day AM and hope to see you at Capo’s funeral.

Small Fish in a Barrel

Hey it’s Jack_-Dragna reporting for the American Mafia Times newspaper.  


Awhile back, I had written about a man named Twinkie who started a family, claiming it was under the Outfit Empire, was shortly assassinated for it. It seems as though Twinkie’s son Tom-Hitman had followed in his fathers footsteps, and opened another Outfit family without an authorization. On top of everything, he had whacked several family Madmen, Associates,  even killing the Don of the Corleone Misfits, and Sidekicks. He and his Consigliere were whacked, but yet the Dons still don’t know who had whacked their members.


For example,  VictorG was told who the killers were and yet he still made a forum about not knowing who had killed them.


So to all of the Dons or members who lost a member or a friend, please know the killer has been killed, so you can peacefully return to business as usual.


From AM Times HQ, this is Jack_-Dragna with the news. Stay safe and have fun.


Serao Crime Family

The Serao Crime Family was under attack today!

The son announced the death of his father,Danny_Cruano. We have contacted the local authorities for more information and we’ve found out Danny Cruano was brutally murdered this afternoon.


What is so important about this crime member? Half of the Serao Crime Family, along with  its Boss, ItWasMe, have been murdered in cold blood. AndyV, Danny Cruano’s son, is currently offering a $300,000 Cash reward to whoever can lead him and the last living Serao Crime Family Members, to the Killer or Killers. Please message him as soon as possible with any info you have. Your name will remain anonymous and will not be mentioned to anyone at any time except for the members of the Serao Family.

AndyV is the son of Danny Cruano, the former Caporegime of the Serao Family

American Mafia Reporters

The American Mafia Newspaper HQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has received numerous tips from freelance reporters out there from the entire United States.
We always try to report the news out there for all our American Mafia residents, so here they are:


Tips received on October the 7th 2012.
-Tony Montana twas found dead on October 9th in his home. He suffered fatal bullet wounds through this heart and arms. The cops have no clues so far. –
– SANTINOPANTOLIANO- was found dead on a river side. He had a bullet through the gut and his neck was cut. The cops were able to find some evidence at the murder scene  and recovered fingerprints from an old pair of paints. There are no current suspects.
Will Police ever mind out who did this?-
Submitted by MrItMeanWarTwo



American Mafia Eulogy

When I fist joined the American Mafia 2 months ago I was a newcomer, a loner. I was lost. Committing petty crimes that barely had me scraping by. But then a saint emerged. He helped me get from a nobody, to one of the most powerful men in the Serao Family. His name is Massimuccio. About a week and a half ago Massimuccio was murdered by a man who has not respect for the American Mafia. He and some other very powerful mobsters were murdered in cold blood.


The culprit has been found and killed. However that does not account for the terrible acts that were committed by him. I speak for the Serao Family when I say that we will all miss you Massimuccio. And speaking for myself, I am in your debt. For making my name known. Our new boss, ItWasMe, is doing at great job running the family. However no one will ever be as good of a boss, mentor, and friend as you were. We thank you for all you did for the family. And I personally extend my sincere gratitude for your service.


Thank you Massimuccio. May your soul forever live on in this game and in the hearts of all the players.


Written by: Danny Cruano, Caporegime, Serao Family of New Jersey