Month: September 2012

A Look Into A Legend: Mr_Blood

Many of you AM Residents might know of a man named Mr_Blood.  I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with him and got the opportunity to ask him about his story. His rise to stardom and different wars he was in, many people he had killed, and how many times he was killed himself.


His ancestor was known as CapitalX, who was known mostly for being a part of the Underworld Empire, made many of the graphic designs for his empire that he was in. However, CapitalX was killed when his empire, and Gold Rising declared war on each other. CapitalX didn’t know that they were to be on high alert for any Gold Rising members patrolling the streets, he was killed by a drive-by shooting by 3 different Gold Rising members.


CapitalX’s son, Capital_X was just a small boy when his father was killed… Seeking fame and riches, like his father, he joined under Hector_Varrios as his Consigliere.  With his brother Tony_Guns who was running the show as Hector’s Underboss.  Capital_X was known as a Don throughout the United States when Hector was caught breaking Omerta. Hector was killed and Capital_X was named a member in Gold Rising Empire. He got the opportunity to start his own family and made the IRA. He would soon find himself in a war. Capital_X killed two of his enemies before flying to New Hampshire. Capital_X had no idea that Paulie-Gulteari was lurking in his shadows. As Capital_X settled into his hotel room, there was a knock on the door. When Capital_X open the door, he saw Paulie standing in the doorway, pointing a double-barreled shotgun in Capital_X’s face. No more Capital_X


Capital_X and his wife, however, had a son named Mr_X. Mr_X couldn’t live with the fact that his father was brutally murdered and was found with a bullet in the brain… He had committed suicide two hours after learning of his fathers murder.


Mr_X’s brother, Daniel_Ocean had different plans. Make his father proud and follow in his footsteps to the best of his ability. Daniel_Ocean plotted to join under the Corleone Empire planning to act as an Underground Agent for Gold Rising Empire. But after 2 days, he had a conversation with Michael__Corleone, this made him change his mind, and his diplomacy. Daniel_Ocean would start making graphic designs as his Grandpa, CapitalX, and joined in Corleone Inc. under Mr_Xela_Jr. Daniel_Ocean would make his father proud, he soon made one of the most well-known families in history: The Corleone Army. The Corleone Army, at the pinnacle of it’s history, had 50 members in it.  During Daniel’s two month tenure, he would find the infamous Shotgun Joe. Who was trying to rank back up to CDTC. He was unsuccessful by the hands of Daniel_Ocean, who found and killed Shotgun Joe.  One night, Daniel_Ocean was talking to Domino, another well-known American Mafia resident, he had spent the night partying and was drunk out of his mind.  He was making jokes about how he could kill Domino. Domino didn’t take a liking to the jokes.  Daniel_Ocean was found dead in Vermont. Estimated time of death: 1 a.m.


Daniel_Ocean had a son named Mr_Blood. Mr_Blood was very distraught about his fathers murder. Motivated to regain his father’s honor, he worked tirelessly back up to CDTC in 4 days after joining The Philadelphia Crime Family. Mr_Blood, gaining fame quickly, was approached by a group of mafia leaders about joining the La Cosa Nostra Empire, when given his own family. Mr_Blood humbly denied the opportunity. Next thing that Mr_Blood knew, the entire Irish Mafia was a part of the La Cosa Nostra Empire, with the exception of The_General.  The_General was soon killed for refusing the offer, but Mr_Blood knew that he was too strong of a force for them to reckon with.  Mr_Blood would, instead, participate in an Alliance between The Philly Crime Family, The Corleone Empire, and Homicide City Outlaws, and destroy every member in the La Cosa Nostra Empire, including anyone who was allied with the families in the empire. Different families that were destroyed include The Birdcage, The Orlando Crime Syndicate, The Irish Mafia, and The Irish-Italian Connection.  Mr_Blood would have a part in the killing of many different leaders in American Mafia during that time: Bluejay, Dublinassassin, Big_Jim_Oleary, Shermond, Carlo Gambino, and -The_Dubliner-.  Mr_Blood would then ask for a spot in the Corleone Empire. Mr_Goodfellas_Jr, would give him the Consigliere spot in the Empire. Mr_Blood is now the acting Underboss of The Corleone Empire.


Mr_Blood had high expectations to live up to, based on his predecessors. But he has lived up to those expectations, and gone above and beyond those expectations. Mr_Blood has to be known as a Legend of this game. Congratulations to him.


Thanks for reading! – The-Dubliner

Chaos in Paradise

Hey American Mafia,


This is Jack_-Dragna reporting for AM times, the streets have bodies piled up as Mr_Blood and his crew went around murdering dons and high ranking family members.

The war started after Don__Vito-jr was deported by the American Mafia authorities for 1 week. It appears that Don__Vito-jr was now obeying the law and refused to cooperate with the local authorities. The Federal Agents arrested Don__Vito-jr and he was deported to Mexico temporarily. His case is currently being reviewed by the Immigration Service and his Visa application will need to be submitted again in 7 days.


William_Costigan_Jr was the first to die in retaliation and that’s when the war began. Many members of the AMFU were killed viciously. Don of the Devils Crime family and former big boss Paulie-Gulteari was found in the back of a trunk with a slit throat down in Mississippi. The right-hand-man of Elite Corleone, castello__reborn was found hanging on a meat hook in Hawaii. Don BrunoTattaglia had been shot 7 times in the head while attempting to claim a hit down in Wisconsin. While all this was happening hitman Murder_-Inc and his friend _Shermond_ were at a bar playing pool in Michigan, a shooter came in guns blazing. Murder_-Inc barely survived but long time friend _Shermond_ took a stray to the neck. Witnesses say the gunman had followed Murder_-Inc out the back door and attempted for a second time to kill him. Once again Murder_-Inc survived.


His Don lollotrolli wasn’t as lucky. lollotrolli had been in California relaxing in his beach house when a bomb went off destroying the house and a few other houses surrounding. Finally AMFU would retaliate when they caught up with one of Mr_Blood’s known Assocaites, Bobby_Green in Maine. He was attempting to kill a high ranking member when he was ambushed and killed. In Oklahoma a shootout erupted and several people were killed. Corleone Misfits boss -Domino- , Italian Crime Family boss Tony_mon , GiovanniCamerata, and Bruce-Wayne were killed. Over 50 bullets were found on the street were the shootout took place . Serao Crime Family boss Massimuccio was found in Florida’s petting zoo half eaten from a lion.


Also Mr_Blood was found in a basement in Florida were he was beaten, stabbed, and after half hour of both he was then killed. Another Corleone Don CarltonLeach was found in a ally strangled in Alabama and his killer Lord_Drake’s body was found in a freezer. He was frozen to death and police examiners say it may take a few days for the body to be thawed out. It took five hours to end the war but you can see it was one of the most violent this game has seen in awhile.


From the office of the American Mafia Times, I wish you a great day, stay safe.

Where Does It End

Recent deaths have been reported about American Mafia members. Three Godfathers, two Capo di tutti capi’s, and something we haven’t seen in a while, two Wise Old Men dead. It is known that Mr Vegas was responsible for the deaths and killed with no warning. Mafia members also found out that Mr Vegas was Jack Dragna’s dupe and there for Jack was shot and killed.


After Mr Vegas had killed all these people, and was killed himself, leading to Jack and Goodfellas death. Goodfellas was killed by the big boss Michael Corleone because Goodfellas vouched for Jack Dragna with his life. Michael said he had made the hardest decision he has ever mad on AM after killing Goodfellas. This is shocking, but Fellas has decided to come back to AM with no grudges against Michael.


After this tragic killing spree Mr Rizzuto, Nicole, Goodfellas, Jack Dragna, Mr Vegas, Beck, and Jersey King lost their lives. Most members came from the Philadelphia Crime Empire, all dons, all great soldiers, and it’s a shame for them to go out like this. There is nothing to do now but move on now and get revenge for those who have fallen. The only conclusion for this is that there probably won’t be another killing spree for a while. Thanks guys! Stay safe and have fun.


Reporter at large – Daniel_Oreilly

Unknown Hits

The past days have been very violent from all the high ranks that have been whacked, our last reports have everything you need to know about it but this time it was different, a CDTC known as Perfect_Insanity from Homicide City Outlaws was killed while taking a nap day after a hard day of work, apparently nobody knows who did it, some people say that Jack_-Dragna did it but according to Jack he has nothing to do with it.

This kill has proved that the streets of the American Mafia are not safe anymore, not even a bodyguard wil keep you safe once someone wants to kill you, for some reason this high ranked people are hated for almost everyone.


Who knows who is gonna be next, so far nobody is responsible for this dead, the police is working in this case. Be careful with what you do and stay safe, this days have been so violent that anytime you could be the next one to die.
Be careful with what you do and stay safe. Thanks for reading!

Reporter at large Wowreally

Another Don Dead

Another murder has happened and this time a new Don was the victim. Don twinkie, Don of the Louisiana outfit, was killed in a local Nevada barber shop. An unknown suspect had walked in while the barber was shaving twinkie and slit his throat with the razor blade.


The barber shop owner said he never seen the suspect before but wasn’t willing to say much more as he feared for his own life. Police are looking for the killer but don’t have any clue on who it was. All they have is a motive and that is Don twinkie was rumored to have put a hit on a Corleone mademan. Seems Corleones are once again flexing their strength and letting the American Mafia underworld know that they wont have anyone messing with their business or members. Police ask all citizens to please come forward and call the authorities, if they have any information on this murder.


This is Jack_-Dragna, thanks for reading and have a good day.

Deaths Across the Nation

There have been many deaths in America lately. More and more Americans have become vicious, murdering, sons of guns. 8 Dons, 3 Consiglieres, and 2 Made Men have been shot and murdered and according to people with witness statements’ a man named Frank Hunt which was a Wise Guy killed these men.


The men of honor who have died are Mullins21393, Monk Malone, Joseph Bonnano, SilentZ, Shifty, Dwayne Lewis, Sweet Girl, Relly Real, L5966, Katrina, Fatso Capone, Ruben Salinas, and Giovanni Camerata. I want to say RIP to you all and to any of you that read this please send them your best regards.


The American Mafia streets are becoming a kill zone and people are continuing to kill over their silly grudges, so watch your back because when the trigger is pulled you could very well be found dead. Stay safe and have fun guys.

American Mafia Reporter, truly yours Frankie_Carbone

Corleone Public Enemies

Its official Corleone are AM’s public enemies. With constant attacks from known nemesis they still stand strong. Their most known enemies are Big-Jim and his ‘lads’ who currently are planning to take over AM by killing Mike and all Corleones, Frank who always claims he comes in peace but always goes out with a surprise killing spree, and JoeKing who is well known in AM for letting his opinion be known no matter who it’s to or who it offends. Now why do these three constantly target Corleones?


Well JoeKing’s reason is obvious and is he wants revenge for his death last IA killing spree after scarface9407 killed him. Now JoeKing has had past feuds with Corleones and at one point was one of the top ranked Corleones in the empire. Now Bg-Jim believes the game is unfair and the only way to make it fair is by using his posse of citizens to take down AM’s strongest empire.


So obviously Jim isn’t really thinking things through and neither is his ‘lads’. Last but not least we have Frank Vinci which basically wants the same thing as Jim but just a bit more intelligent. Those are probably the top three Corleone enemies but obviously Corleone has racked up tons of enemies as we’ve been around for years and still have not fallen, so to all you readers thinking Corleone is a target you must be mistaken us for you as your our target.

Your American Mafia reporter Jack_-Dragna saying thanks for reading.

Midnight Slaugher House

Breaking news, the streets of Oklahoma, California, and New York City are filled with blood. Early morning a man name Frank_Hunt went around shooting mobsters. The list includes 8 dons, 3 consiglieres, 2 mademan, a earner, a goomba, and a thug. The killer, Frank_Hunt was a Godfather.


No one knows exactly why he started this killing spree but rumor has it he wanted to get a high body count. Now it wasn’t enough that he killed these men but half them have never done anything wrong their life other then getting involved with the mafia. Frank had sed his gold revolver which gave him shots extra power. That is why all the dead had chunks shot out when he killed them. He killed at will for 20minutes before anyone had known but when they found out the hunt began.


The mob had tracked him to cali after but they kept only killings bodyguards Frank had hired. It wasn’t till Frank went to New York to kill that he was whacked himself by an unknown killer. Police had captured the killer but before they had even got finger prints or a name he broke out. Seems like the families of AM have took another blow after another killing spree just days after the last.


Will the families regain their strength before another killer comes out of the dark guns blazing? We can only wait to see.


This was Jack_-Dragna reporting for AM times, stay safe AM.

Thoughts and Reflections

Allow me for a moment to reflect on AM’s best but seemingly unrecognized Godfathers. He was recently murdered in a senseless act by Joe King who is a known murderer of high ranking individuals. His name is Shamrock. I will divert for a moment to tell you about myself. As a newcomer to the game, I ranked to thug and was thrown right in the middle of a war. I was quickly murdered. Twice. Search the public records for JBRevenge.


I didn’t know if I liked the idea of continuing the crime life in the American Mafia, but every once in a while there comes along a friend who will change your course in life. That friend was Shamrock. Shamrock contacted and questioned me and then invited me to join his family, the L’Elite Corleone. As I proceeded to rank up, Shamrock was always there, always encouraging me in the frustrated moments of getting across the seemingly endless gap between ranks, always giving me advice and tips on how to play the game. One tip that sticks in my mind to this day is “It is better to read than talk”.


Although this is not heeded all the time it is something that I have used to advise all new recruits. Shamrock, you are the one I owe the most debt and gratitude. If you do not return to the American Mafia, I would like to tell you one thing. Thank You.


American Mafia residents would be wise to follow the example of Shamrock. Shamrock is the essence of the American Mafia. Honor, integrity, loyalty, and friendship.


This is JBRevenge4 with the AM Times. Thank you for your time.

Joe against the World

Hey guys this is AM writer Jack_-Dragna with the latest news.

We’ve had a busy week, our great admin had ranked up the IA’s to goomba and everyone started ranking up. I myself personally reached Wise Old Man for the first time and a few other had reached other high ranks. One of those being JoeKing. JoeKing whacked the American Mafia legend Mr_Xela_Jr. Thats when two others; eye_an_eye and Cabron were murdered. We still don’t know who killed them.


The next morning three high ranked Corleones were found dead with JoeKing admitting to the killings. Two CDTC who were Dons of their own Corleone families, and a Godfather who was a member of Elite Corleone were the victims. Unfortunately the killings didn’t stop there as more Corleone Dons and associates were killed.


The dead include Mr_Xela_Jr’s wife Stelor who was don of her own family, Russian Mafia Boss Vladimir_Putin, and even the great Junior__Capozzi was whacked. Rumors are he succeeded to avoid being hunted while others say he was snatched up and his body just hasn’t been found yet but long story short is he’s dead. Hopefully that’s the last of these crazy conspiracies and grudges against the Corleone Empire, but sadly we all know it’s not.


Thanks for reading and have a great day American Mafia Game.

Inactives Ranked up

There all bullets everywhere and all the mafia guys are killing so many people there has been about 30 murders already. Everyone is in danger with bullets flying all over the place and cops trying to stop the madness by locking up the mafia guys. But the boys in blue got shot up at the federal jail house and all the murders ran out of the jail house and now their back on the streets causing madness and killing everyone in site.


While interviewing a citizen, he stated: “This younger white male got out of his car and started shooting some guys that were walking down the street there was blood and bullets are everywhere. If anyone sees someone trying to kill someone please contact the local police and they will handle it.”

This is 123456m1-_ reporting and be very careful. I would advise staying home

Peace at last

Thugs being shot and killed murder rates are down.


This is shocking as the last few weeks have been chaotic with all these kill sprees and family feuds. Last few reports have stated Corleone and Philly families fighting but lately the two empires have been business as usual. While the Tattaglia Crime Family is standing tall and strong. I had reported on the vicious killings between Tattaglia Crime Family and the Cartels but now i have a few updates, the Tattaglia Crime Family is back to being as big and strong as they were before the war while Anonymous Cartel has been wiped out and Kingston Cartel is low on recruits and are looking for hard working members who will be loyal.


I also would like to mention a fourth family had entered the fight to end it but instead was taken out itself. DeadlySin and her Sinfoul Souls have been taken out after whacking the Gambino Crime Family’s Don Oppie. Michael_Corleone has announced open season on all Sinfoul Souls members. Id like to say Rest In Peace to my friend DeadlySin.


This was Jack_-Dragna reporting for AM times, have a great day.