Month: August 2012

Tattaglia Crime Family and the Cartels

Breaking news, what seems to be a war between Tattaglia Crime Family and the Cartels has left eleven dead on the two sides and five others who may be connected to this war. Tattaglia Crime Family has lost a mademan and two associate while the Cartels have lost a Don, two capos, a consigliere, two mademan and two associates. The Tattaglia Crime Family seems to have won this war by a long shot.


But what caused this war? Sources say it started when a mademan from the Kingston Cartel, JackOfTrades went around mugging and kidnapping. He was quickly killed by his own underboss who later became a Don before he died. A little while after, Ennio_Salieri a capo in the Kingston Cartel had whacked the consigliere Jacob__Jean. He was killed seconds after by fellow capo FrankHunt. Its unknown as to why FrankHunt was killed but rumors have it that he was disrespecting the Gambino Crime Family boss Oppie, and that he was also a retaliation for JackOfTrades muggings and kidnappings. From there bodies started stacking up, Bre-Gets-Money was the first to get whacked as she was murdered outside a casino in Nevada. Anderson_Santiago a mademan in Tattaglia Crime Family was whacked in the basement of his bar in New York.


While that happened the police had come across the body of mademan Kill4Fun in the back of a car in Florida. In New York five more murders happened, jordanc was found decapitaed in a ally in Brooklyn. Two NY Outfit members where found shot up in a parking garage, they had 23 bullets in them. Also Two Corleones were found murdered execution style in a body shop which is most likely a chop shop front. Luciano_Leggio body was found on the streets of Hollywood, we believe his dead body was thrown from a car. Anonymous Cartel Don Anonymouss was found dead in a Alaska hotel, while his families associate TheReaper was found club to death by a baseball bat in his apartment complex. This night has had some brutal murders and the cops are still searching for leads on the killers.


We are unsure if the war is still going on but after a night like that we hope it ends soon, this is Jack_-Dragna reporting for AM times.


Thanks for reading stay tuned for more.

Corleone vs Philly Mafia

This is Jack_-Dragna reporting for AM Times.


The mafia has been shooting eachother once again, but this time theres a twist. Corleone families and Philly Mafia branches have been shooting back and forth. These two empires are known to be the biggest and badest around and also alies, so why are they shooting eachother? The dead include Don_Clucka capo in the Wolf Pack ( a branch of the philly empire ) his brother big_love, Philly mademan Dubliner and Corleone mademan cLuTcH95.


Clucka and his brother had cooked up a plan to take out Badfellas di Corleone but after attacking its consigliere they were shot and killed. While that was happening cLuTcH95 had shot and killed Dubliner and was then shot for killing a mademan un-authed. Is there a war in the makes or is this just buisness as usual? We can only wait as time will tell. From AM times this is Jack_-Dragna thanks for reading, stay safe and have a good day.

Duel to The Death

On just a normal day in AM, doing crimes, making drug runs. Jack_-Dragna had been fed up with JBRevenge3 and challenged him to an old fashioned shoot out in Arizona. Jack_-Dragna being the under dog looked hopeless against a Consigliere JBRevenge3, but Jack_-Dragna had the courage to fight to death. Although Jack looked like an under dog he had some special weapons come in handy that JB should’ve looked out for.

People were placing bets on these guys, and rooting for one another until the end. They shot back and forth at each other for over an hour, killing each others bodyguards and spending all there money. Mugging and kidnapping each other until they finally got the right shot, and there it was Jack faced JB and they both began to draw there weapons but before JB could pull his gun out Jack put a bullet between his eyes and the fight was over.





Submitted by DeadlySin

Extra Extra the Don is Dead

The latest gangland killing has just struck us, it was early in the morning around 2:30ish when gunmen broke into Danny_Green’s Nevada Mansion. The Don had been shot while asleep. The done had been IA from the mafia lifestyle for a couple of months. So why was he murdered?


The police haven’t released the names of the gunmen but say they’re are going to keep looking for any clues. We are insure what would motivate this killing, but we believe its another Corleone murder that ties back to Dublinassassin’s plan. We can never be sure.


Police are asking you for help so if you have any info report it and maybe the killer can be caught. Send me any info on latest stories or comments and maybe you can see your name here on AM times. Thanks for reading, enjoy your day.

Submitted by Jack Dragna

Italian-Irish Massacre

This past week has had one of the highest murder rates all summer.This weeks death has included families and empires being taken out. The biggest story was the massacre a few days ago, over 25 family members, dons, and capos have been murdered in a all out massacre. This Massacre has left mobsters and their wives dead. One CDTC, 3 godfathers and 3 Dons were killed. The victims are La Cosa Nostra Empire. The empire founded by Carlo_Calone known to some as Al_Gambino and Carlo_Gambino.


The streets have been filled with bodies and the few members that were lucky enough to survive are being picked off one by one. Most claim the power being wield by Michael_Corleone is making the game unfair and there needs to be a change in the way the game is run.


Theres a lot of rumors spreading around that dons in this empire had gotten together with a known Corleone enemy in hopes that they can over-throw Michael_Corleone and _-GrimReaper-_, obviously there plan backfired and got dozens killed for their mistakes including the founder himself. There was a message between Dublinassassin and MAN_UP where Dublin had asked if Joe could rank up his account to kill Michael, MAN_UP has denied all accusations and says he has no idea on the joke Michael and the others are making.


So whats with all these conspiracy plans going around to take out Corleone? And a even better question is why do they all claim that JoeKing aka MAN_UP has involvement? Is it possible Joe is secretly running a takeover operation? This Massacre has left mobsters and their wives dead. One CDTC, 3 godfathers and 3 Dons were killed.


We believe the death of The_General may have been a part of dublinassasin’s plan but we cant be sure of this as he refuses to give a statement. We also believe the death of The_General may have been a part of dublinassasin’s plan but we cant be sure of this as he refuses to give a statement. Will these murders stop? Is this what the American Mafia has become, killing grounds? Tune in next time as we dig deeper into these gangland murders. Until next time, thanks for reading.

Submitted by Jack Dragna

The Rise of a Private, The Fall of A General

Hello AM Members, It is –The_Dubliner- again, here to bring you more news. I had originally planned to just write a news article once every week, but there are some important things happening.


Many people may know of a Godfather, named The_General. He was the victim of another homicide scene this morning. Two homicides in as many days… What is the reasoning behind the activity? Many high-ranked players are being killed now. Both of these murders are quite mysterious; for no one has come forward with a witness statement, and no one seems to know whom the shooter was.


But what I think is even more shocking is this: The_General, had a RHM, Johnny2guns, who was a Gangster. It must just be lucky for this Mr. 2guns’ boss dies making him the new rightful owner of the family.


But how are the other members of The Irish Mafia, and other American Mafia Residents, going to react to the death of The_General, and the rise of a Gangster [Johnny2guns] to power? If you are in the Irish Mafia, I would love to get an Anonymous interview with you to see your view on this situation.


RIP The_General. Contact me when you get back.


Next Story will be next week, unless more breaking news occurs… Thanks for reading!


The Mysterious Midnight Murder

Hello American Mafia Residents. I am the new AM Times writer, and I look forward to bringing you all the most recent and interesting news.

So without further ado, Let’s get started…

Early on Friday morning, a very well known American Mafia resident, Al___Gambino, was killed, for reasons not clarified by his killer, GrimReaper. Nicodemo_Scarfo told me that Mr. Gambino was suspected to have been making a secret empire, whether or not that is true is unclear to me, for no sources have confirmed the claim.

I got to sit down with a couple of Al’s good friends, and ask them what they thought about Al and his murder. One of his friends, littleShooter- had this to say about him,

“His murder was of no question, stupid. A great man died for what the whole game is doing [duping]. My feelings are very sad as he taught me a lot in this game. Al’s legacy will not fall over something so stupid and the fact he died a boss and not CDTC is just flat out intolerable.”

These actions, made by Grimreaper, are viewed differently across the country. Some say what he did was right, and some think on the contrary. Another one of Al’s friends, Dublinassassin, sat down with me and talked to me about Al.

“Well i just gotta say he is a good friend of mine and it was an honor to rank up next to him, yeah we were raking together u see i reached CDTC 1 day after him but oh well what can i say… RIP my brother and like Grim said, business is business there is nothing i can do about it, these things happen very often. I’m very thankful with Al for all the help he gave me anyways, i really hope he stays he is good friend to work with, and well about Grim, he knows what he is doing but still even when i desagree that he demoted him. Anyways, RIP my bro Al.”

Both of these interviewees seem to disagree with Grimreaper’s decision to demote Al. And so do I. It seems very disrespectful, and also as a punch to the gut. I had to dig deeper into the reasoning for it. However, while trying to perform my interview with Grimreaper, he refused to comment about the demotion of Al. So one can only ponder what the reasoning behind it was. Grimreaper was very

Defensive when I asked him about it.

So many questions surround this “Midnight Murder”, but no answers seem to be arising as to the reasoning for the killing or demotion of a CDTC. I suppose there is only one thing left to say,

Rest in Peace Al Gambino. You will be missed. May your name live on.

Next story will be coming next week. Thank you for reading.

Proud American Mafia Editor

IRS Policy on Mugging

Hello residents of the American Mafia.

We have worked with the local and federal authorities to combat the mugging and kidnapping epidemic started by the majority of our citizens here.

Programs have been put in place to assist the citizens to run a lawful life and the federal authorities have applied a new rule that will take effect today.

Citizens are prohibited from mugging and kidnapping.

Internal Revenue Service©