Month: July 2012

Drowning that Ocean

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” – Winston Churchill

“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” – Albert Einstein

“Joe is very stupid to understand some things.” – Michael

OK, Let’s get the show on the road.


To start off, we have a shoutout from Lollotrolli, he says to check out the video in the link below, that’s Lollo and his bro at the mic:
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Onto the news. In a recap of the last story, Michael refuses to confirm or deny his involvement and responsibility towards the deaths of Daniel Ocean and Danny Archer. Questions arouse as to “what’s he got to hide?”.


Aside from that, we have an update on the motives behind the killings, good or bad – that’s your opinion.

Ocean had allegedly made death threats towards Domino, however Ocean claims it was a misunderstanding. “Domino told Goodfellas that I said I was going to kill her, which was clearly a joke in the contexts of the message that’s why they will not release it to the public” says Ocean.

Shortly after this, rumors emerged that Ocean was planning a huge massacre on Corleones. Ocean says these are rumors made up by Goodfellas to justify his actions.

The death of Archer however, is believed to be nothing other than vengeful spite.


Words are like bullets

Today, the improbable has happened. Corleones have taken a break from killing other families and having Michael threaten them so they can’t get revenge; This time Corleones are killing each other! Daniel Ocean and Danny Archer were both killed, most likely by Mr Goodfellas.

This causes massive confusion. We all know that when a Corleone kills someone, Michael doesn’t let them get revenge no matter what, but he also makes sure that when a Corleone is killed, they always get revenge no matter what.

So what happens in this case? Either he will break the rule and allow someone to get revenge on a Corleone or he will break the other rule and prevent a Corleone getting revenge.

I tried several times to get an answer from the boss of Corleones, but he didn’t make much sense.


As of now we have no intelligence as to the motives behind these attacks, nor any intelligence whatsoever. It does not appear to be any form of vengeance, the only possibility is they were killed over some argument.

UPDATE AS I WRITE THIS: Michael is telling me I shouldn’t ask him what he would do if either of the dead guys get revenge and that Scarface knows what Michael will do more than he does himself.

So… Michael can’t tell me himself; he needs Scar to stick his fist up his ass and work his mouth like a puppet. So that‘s why Scar puts his fist there so often, I always wondered about that…


OK, I guess that wraps up that story. Scar, get in touch and tell us what Michael will do.

You know, writing these articles is ten fold as hard as it was before I was last killed. Back then, I knew what was going on most of the time, I didn’t have to resort to making sense out of babble and I didn’t need to make jokes about people and could figure out facts by myself.

Anyway people, sent stuff in. If you got an opinion on something or want a shout out, or whatever, send it in. It’s not so cool writing all this and getting no responses. Anyone who has anything at all to discuss, hit me up for an interview or whatever.


Every big-dog-Benny has his day…

Surprising deaths in the air and a twist in the plot. But first:

Our top story for today

Joe King makes an amazing return to writing, after a no-idea-how-long absence. That’s right, that’s what people care about. I started getting mail telling me to start writing again, because they are dieing to read more crap about things they probably already know about. Well that crap is of course – me, writing for the AM Times…

I feel my last few articles weren’t so good, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind because of working harder and faster than anyone on AM has ever done, wearing me to the bone.. only to lose it all solely because a former close friend of mine felt he didn’t know me anymore. That’s right, those were the almost exact words after finding out it was him. See? There I go again…


Onto real news

Yesterday (or the day/week before – depends on how long it takes for this article to be published), Benny Noodles – an AM veteran, retired as of some time ago and former ruler of the Noodles A.K.A Bloodline A.K.A Angels of death A.K.A several other names I cant keep track of empire, was killed at his old folks concentration camp in Maryland.

Taking smug credit is Carlo Gambino – who is no way connected to the Gambino crime family founded by Benny Noodles a few years ago, to avoid confusion. Carlo also confessed publicly to the murder of Octavius Bianco, who’s death remained a mystery over the last week and later killed several members of current families. Mafioso units responding the the distress call were dispatched immediately to kill him. After a short chase, they were successful. It remains unknown at this point as to who took the final shot, as well as to the motive of the attack.


A close friend of Carlo’s, SilentZ had this to say:

“I know Carlo from the day I started this game. He’s the one who approached me, recruited and taught me about the game. He’s been too nice with me, very supportive and dedicative in teaching me the do’s and dont’s in this game. He’s simply my best friend in this game.

“Actually I was too shocked to know that he was dead. From the cemetery posts I read, he started the war first. I can’t confirm this directly because I still need to talk to my Don about what really happened here. I can’t even think a reason why a nice guy like him could have started the war against those 7 guys (R.I.P)”


At first glance it may appear to be simply a guy attacking randomly, but as we dig deeper, hidden truths are uncovered. Nicodermo Scarfo apparently ordered a hit on Carlo to start with, these motives also remain unknown.

More on this story later, just so long as Admin doesn’t edit/change parts of this article, like he does often.



Written by Joe King AKA TheJoeKingThing

A wise man said one time, act as though your side is right, only those on your side will listen to you. Treat both sides respectfully, everyone will listen to you.