Month: April 2012

Gold Rising’s War

It was a damp April morning, every Mafioso was asleep. But there was one who had a nasty plain for that early morning, Joe__King of Gold Rising started to drive from state to state walking into Mafioso’s houses and killing Family leaders while they sleep. Nobody was aware of what was happening. When ironically Michael__Corleone awakened. He noticed what was happening and reacted quickly, finding Joe and after a long and hard fight, Joe__King took a bullet to the head which instantly killed him. The War was over, Both sides lost many men. A total Family Leader Body Count of 18 on the Corleone side. Including the body of Ruthless, Raymond. Both members of Bad Company. But this didn’t go unpunished. Michael__Corleone ordered the Death of all Gold Rising Members. With hours, the streets were stained with the blood of Gold Rising as everybody was being killed off.


No doubt this will go down into American Mafia History.


I recently asked Michael__Corleone for a inter, with all warm smiles, he accepted.


Nicky: Hello Michael, it is a great Pleasure to have you here.


Michael: Well thank you.


Nicky: So How long did it take you to noticed what Joe was doing?


Michael: I was in my palace when I heard phone ringing , I waked up and answered the phone , it was call from friend of mine, he said there is a war and that Raymond and Goodfellas were just killed so thats when I found out after fellas death.


Nicky: What was your reaction that he was attacking your Family?


Michael: What reaction man could expect, I was upset and sad to see my brothers in cemetery, it made me very angry, but as you all know me I try to think with my head cold always, so I calmed down thinked about situation and decided what to do.


Nicky: Did you feel betrayed that your former brother would do this to you?


Michael: Yes I felt betrayal and it is not first time I have that feeling, I was upset to see Joe decided to do that and to go on people which were close to me, so at that moment I decided to take out everyone in his empire down.


Nicky: How long did it take you to kill Joe?


Michael: Well Joe Shot someone in NY someone let me know Joe started killing in NY, so i took private flight and gone to New York, my bodyguards and I started looking for Joe in NY, Joe knew he stand no chances so he started running to airport wishing to leave NY and take some more targets out as he had targeted many, I started following him to airport and on each corner there were 7 bodyguards he hired to cover his way, I killed them all but once I got to airport Joe already was on the plane, he succeeded to leave NY, then I arranged my friends I have in politic and everywhere to cut of his money incomes and to find his location, after some time, I found him in Oklahoma, he gone to place where none think he would which I see as smart move, he was in my state, in state of Oklahoma I gone there myself, started shooting at his bodyguards there were many of them, I killed them all and finally when I got to Joe, he said to me that he did what he wanted amazing, then he tried to reach his gun and I gunned him down.


Nicky: Well that concludes our interview! Thank you for your time!


​Michael: No problem, is was my pleasure.