Month: February 2012

How the Corleone’s Right Hand Came to Be

How the Corleone’s Right Hand Came to Be

I remember the day I first arrived here in AM, things were calm and I was still finding my way around. I started talking to a Capo named Joe_King in Raymond’s family, a branch of the Corleones. He ended up taking me in and I worked for them for quite a while. You see, it was always a dream of mine to become like Michael_Corleone, Benny Noodles, or some of the other higher ups like Tolly or Ray. To run a family, be a part, nevermind a high counciller, of AMFU, and to run my own state. In fact there was a time back in the day that I stupidly left Ray’s family, and made one of my own with a few friends. We didn’t last a day before I found out about the fines and rank requirements. Of course learning that I took the family down quickly and rejoined the Corleone’s. Around the time I became a Capo my good friend Joe was sent off to start a family of his own. I’ll never forget the excitement in his messages or the happiness I had for my good friend. It was only a few days later that I reached the rank of Boss and was contacted by Michael Corleone asking if I thought I was ready to start my own family. After some communication back and forth it was decided I would create the next extension to the Corleones: i’Fratelli Corleones or “The Brothers Corleones”. I was invited into Michael’s family to make an oath to the corleones and the next day I was sent out on my own.

My family grew fast, with the help of my younger brother Famishing, I recruited quickly and hit 30 or so members in no time. For a while we were quite a thriving family, active members ranking up fast and doing good work.

It wasn’t long till I saw myself slowly rise in the Corleone structure. It was great, sitting back, taking it easy with friends and watching them become family leaders alongside me. We grew more and more, when I first arrived the Corleones only had maybe 4 or 5 extensions, it was nothing like it is today. Soon I had reached the rank of Capo di tutti Capi, it was a very happy day for me. It was around that time that my old friend Joe was trying his hardest to reach the elusive “Wise Old Man” rank that only a small few had. The two of us were around CONSTANTLY, killing and doing jail busts together praying that one of us would get the rank. Shortly after, Benny joined us in the race for WOM and the 3 of us couldn’t be trying harder.

Finally Joe got it, celebrations were in order and we all congratulated him on the forums. Benny and I, growing ever anxious for the rank, started donating money to the church and even praying for the rank. It was only a couple nights after Joe had gotten it that I was busting my good friend out of jail, I was on maybe my 10th attempt and it was taking forever to get him out. Finally, after 30 or so tries I turned to my brother and said “Next attempt I’ll get it, I’ll get WIse Old Man”. He laughed at me and I clicked again, the page slowly refreshed and there it was. There were few times I had been happier in my carree. We all celebrated again and things were great.

It was only shortly after that I was given the title of Left Hand Man for the Corleones as well as brought into the AMFU as a high councillor. And only a while after that till I was given the permission to claim Michigan as my own. At this point I was fighting alongside my brothers on a regular basis and we were getting to know each other better and growing stronger and stronger every day. Benny and I started the Secret Service to protect the president at the time and recruited a couple people to work for the cause. After the president himself stepped down and joined the Corleones the secret service died down with him.

A little while later my younger brother was given permission to start a new family, I was so happy to see him follow in my path. I passed i Fratelli Corleone to him and started L’Elite Corleone, a family meant simply to train future Corleone bosses.

And recently Michael Corleone, our leader for so long and my friend for just as long, stepped down. He passed the family to Ruthless, another great friend of mine, and became an advisor to the Corleones. I was promoted to the Right Hand of the Corleones and that is where I am today.

As far as the future goes, I can only see myself continuing to work for this great family alongside so many great friends that I have made. I hope to eventually catch up to my good friend Michael in the ranks and to help my family become even stronger in doing so.

This is how I have lived my life, it’s all I know and all I care to know.

Written by Scarface9407

Once upon a time on American Mafia

Things aren’t the way they used to be. The impact was quick, briefly after anyone foresaw what was going to happen. After all, gravity always waits for the coyote to realise his mistake before letting him fall. Families are losing out on chances to find new recruits. The time in which new people can join a family before being considered “inactive” is practically nothing. Established members are also having trouble to gain any sort of power, while ready powerful members are stuck at a fixed power level. Lazy citizens are still at large.

On a brighter side, plenty more states remain to be assigned a ruler. If you are a family leader and wish to become a state ruler too, contact AMFU for the chance to pick out a vacant state to rule.

In other news, Disel has won the long awaited reward of Ultimate Trash Talking Citizen. We can imagine Disel is very excited to have his dream come true.


As for me, I’m looking for an intern to work for me, here at AM Times. All journalists have lackeys to do the dirty work, while they take all the credit and feel important, so why can’t i have that? Messege me if you can lower yourself to be my assistant.

Edited, written, produced.. etc. by Joe King aka the Mac Daddy – damn I haven’t used that nickname in a long time. I’m the media so I can use whatever one I want!

REWARD – I will pay 100k for any Paulie-Gulteari sightings!!

The Dream of The Young!

Who am I?


I am Nicdemo_Scarfo, born in Philly. I watched gangsters when I was young, beat up local shop owners and extort them and when they didn’t pay, they were murdered. I always like how much respect the got and though , “I wanna be just like them whenever i grow up”.

Then i met Scarface9407. He took me under his wing like his own son and tought me the ways. He soon had me running hits for him and picking up his collection money. Now I am a fully fledged member of his family.


My plans for the future is to make a family, to take people under my wing and teach them what Scarface taught me. To be a Model to younger Gangsters, ones who they look up to . I also would like to run my own family and become the Godfather of Pennsylvania. Serving AMFU and there great leaders . Becoming a trusted associate of the Corleone Family but still running my own separate family .


Proud member of the American Mafia, Nicdemo_Scarfo

The World is Ours

The numerous mafia familes that occupies 9, later 10 states of the USA have now grown and are expanding over all 50 states. The rest of the USA is now opened up for mafiosos to expand to.

This has created numeous problems for the Commision, known as AMFU (American Mafia Families Union) who try to keep each state under control of a respected leader. Now AMFU are struggling to keep each new state from being taken by small timers and trying to recruit new councillers for the positions.

This is a new begining for American Mafia, as mafiosos await to see what the future has to offer them.

History will remember this day…

Written and Edited by Joe King