Month: September 2011

Michael Corleone

Michael Corleone

The story of Michael Corleone is one that could have been made for the movies. Michael came from Corleone, Sicily with his two brothers, Don Vito and Mr. Xela. Word spread to Corleone about the death of their father, who was killed while running the Corleone Crime Family. Having built up the family, he made some enemies along the way, and one of those enemies found a way to hit the Don.


After the three brothers arrived in America, vengeance was on there mind. Michael decided to take that vengeance out himself. Michael murdered his fathers enemies, and had to flee back to Sicily to hide out. The Corleone Family was taken over my Don Vito, because Michael, the eldest brother, could not assume control, as he was in Sicily during the time of the transition. While under Don Vito’s control the Corleone Family began to rise in power. Seizing opportunities that presented themselves, The Corleones began to establish power that began to upset some of the older mafia families. Don Vito was killed during one of the mob wars that ensued during the struggle for power.


Mr. Xela being Don Vito’s under boss assumed power, and The Corleones power began to rise even greater. Mr. Xela first task as Capo Di Tutti Cappi was to vanquish all enemies of the family. The Corleones now with over a 100 members were focused on taking over America, when tragedy struck.


To this day, it is still unknown why Mr. Xela was killed. Perhaps it was a outstanding beef from his younger days. Those stories that have been told as to what happened are still just stories.


While all this was going on Michael returned to America as a Cardinal, and sent to Oklahoma to do his duties there. After both of his brothers died, Michael had enough and took over control of The Corleone Crime Family.


Under Michael’s control the family has steadily risen. Claiming profits of 10 billion dollars every year, the Corleones have achieved status like no other. Michael has kept all the captains in place, Tolly, Raymond, and Xela’s former RHM Ruthless. Ruthless holds a place in the Corleone Empire as the one who avenged Mr.Xela deaths.  With these members Michael has portrayed himself as an honor filled leader. His ruthlessness however should not be overlooked. During many wars, like with the Carlonesi war, the Irish war, Yakuza war and Scarface Union war, Michael has proven that he can be unmatched. Michael also has the distinction of killing Jackass and fatally shooting Administrator, who happen to survive after doctors did a heart transplant, two of the most powerful men in America.


Michael can be looked to as a mentor also.  He has been a great teacher and leader to many members that come across his way.  He has showed people like the Great Benny Noodles Jr skills that are necessary to become a great warrior in this thing of ours.


As time passes who really knows what will become of this wise old man.  Will he just pass on, without any fuss, to be forgotten like so many others.  Or will Michael Corlenoe be remember for not only the way he held the Corleone name high, but also as a fair, intelligent leader.  Time will tell, but for now he is still with us, in control of the most powerful empires in America today.  Counting his billion dollars and living his life like a Wise Old Man should.