Month: July 2011

Summer Slaughter

Summer Slaughter


Sometimes when a low-life does something to try and increase his reputation it goes unoticed.  There have been a lot of thugs hiding out amongst the regular citizens over the past few months.  Waiting around hoping that one day things will be forgotten.  However, with good dectective work, and a little luck, these so-called citizens were found out.  A list was handed out to all major mafioso around the country, and given the orders to clean out the betrayers, wanna-be’s and low-level goombas that don’t really have a place in this system.  What has come next is the ruthless slaughter of anyone who doesn’t be long to a regime.  Bodies have been piling up around the country and the police don’t have any leads as to who is doing it.  One thing is for certain, as the Summer continues, the Slaughter remains.

Other News

Late Saturday night there was a stabbing at Luigi’s Bar and Grill in New York City.  Details are still unclear as to what happened and what it was over, but a few wispers tell me that it was retaliation for a hit on another family.  Leo-Dicap, Don of the Tattaglia Family was fataly stabbed in the neck.  Witness say that Leo was sitting in the VIP lounge with a few women beside him having a nice steak dinner.  Being as there are security guards posted at the front doors of the VIP lounge, the assaliant must have been known be Leo.  There wasn’t a struggle, and no shots fired in return.  Leo’s gun was still in its holster untouched.  Police are reviewing the bloody mess, but are staying tight lipped about it.  Another night in mafia land.


Also in other news, Mr. Rizzuto, Don of the Rizzuto Family, and propriator of the AMtimes, was arrested early last week for assaulting an officer, assault causing bodily harm, and possesion of marijauna.  Apperently, after going to the bar with some associates, a couple of punks tried to stir things up with the Don.  Big mistake.  A fight broke out, outside and Mr. Rizzuto ended up knocking one of the punks to the ground.  While he was kicking him in the head, a police officer tried to break it up, only to end up with a broken nose for his trouble.  After a 3 more officers arrested Rizzuto, searched him, they found he was holding 12 grams of marijuana.  He was placed into the booking room, and released on a $2500 bond.  It was his first offence in nearly 10 years.  His lawyer states that theres a good chance that he will be free from jail time.  Hopefully he’s right.

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