Month: May 2011

Governors, Cardinals and Boss of Bosses

Today’s events are fabulous, since elections were over, many distinguished members became Governor, Cardinal and even Boss of Bosses.

One Governor called cow_girl was shortly assassinated on 22th October at 12:43 am in Nevada, after she took the oath for Governor place.
Another great event is that so-called “War” between Gambino’s and Anastasia Crime Family is over, after a little golf tournament, where both bosses made an agreement.

More to come…

By Ruggiero Tuscarella.


On a nice and warm sunny day, I sat in a park, where children played with others, birds were singing, dogs were running around and cars passing by.

I started to write down notes about this fabulous new “Boss of Bosses” we have, called Nicko Vercetti, former family leader of Vercetti Syndicate.I have made a lot of searching on the Internet about him and I also spent many days in libraries around New York.
Nicko Vercetti was born on 24th March 1978. He was one of the fourth children in Vercetti family, raised by Appolonia and Edoardo Vercetti.
They lived in Italy, but soon after local Don killed Nickos both parents and brothers and one sister, his uncle took Nicko and they both sat on a ship that sailed them to USA.
They settled down in Colorado.Nickos father went to work for local Wiseguy and Nicko himself went to school.

As usually Nicko wasn`t good in math, chemistry or anything else, so he was kicked out soon from school.He started hang around with local street thugs and he became dealing in drugs, booze and other illegal things.
On 31th December his father died in throat-cancer and it was sad day to all the locals. Shortly after that Nicko became working with few wise guys and started to do felonies, such as hijacking trucks, mugging and robberies.
They even started their own prostitution business and paid a little piece of actions to local Street Boss.
Soon Nicko became a Made member of Anastasia Crime family and was untouchable. He made hits for the family, I found out that somewhere 21 murders were on his list.
Nicko Vercetti was very loyal to his family, he was respected mobster and very good earner.

One day his best friend from childhood he grew up with called Ribento, was stabbed to death in a bakery shop.Nicko knew that if that hit was with reason then he will be next, so he took his daughter and traveled to New York. There they settled down in Manhattan and bought apartment on 21th and 5th street corner.
Few weeks went by and Nicko were introduced to a local Don, so-called “Joe The Boss”. Nicko got his own crew after and were Captain soon.
Since New York is head of the five families, then there were always killings between families for who controls what.
Nicko was a smart guy he knew how to become powerful and how to cut a piece of this war between families. He soon made agreement with another family Boss called “Don Barzini” to whack “Joe The Boss” and for that Nicko would get the hole control over his own family. But since he knew that “Don Barzini” won’t let him stay alive after killing “Joe The Boss” he made another agreement with third family boss called “Jimmy The Gent” from Genovese Crime family.

Now Nicko started to make a plan how to eliminate both bosses and become himself “Boss of Bosses” with Genovese Crime Family help, because “Jimmy The Gent” was in Commission.
On 4th June two hitmen shot to death “Don Barzini” when he was in church with his two daughters and 2 bodyguards.At the same time three assassins dressed in police uniforms stepped into “Joe The Boss” headquarters and killed him brutally, with tongue cut out. It also meant that “Joe The Boss” had a big mouth and it was a message for other Bosses.
Now with two Bosses death, Nicko took control of everything, it was like in the-mid 1930s, when Charles “Lucky” Luciano did the same to inherit power for himself.
Two days later, all Bosses around United States came to Apalachin to discuss about new “Boss of Bosses”. Nicko was elected for “Boss of Bosses” thanks to “Jimmy The Gent” who hooked him up with another vote.
Since that day, Nicko lives like nowadays Drug Kingpin and try to raise his daughter to become Governor for local state.

*I looked at the watch and time was exactly to leave this park and go home to my wife.
I knew that this story will bring much respect to Nicko Vercetti and I hope he will last long.

So live long Nicko Vercetti the “Boss of Bosses”.*

By Ruggiero Tuscarella