Month: March 2011

Presidential Elections


Igor the beast has defeated -Hot_Jenny- in the presidental race.  He will be taking over the white house from Don Vito Jr.  While there are many questions regarding his policies over crime, more so organized crime, time will tell if the people have elected the right man for the position.  While concerns over the economy grow, will he be the one to turn this country around?  We’ll have to wait and see.
—–Boss Murdered—–
A Boss of the Badfellas di Corleone was found slain, on his front steps early last week.  Morenza, a quick rising boss, was fataliy injured with a shotgun wound to his stomach.  There was apparently a few witness to the murder, but no one seems to be willing to co-operate with athourities.  Rumors have circulated about the reasoning behind the obvious mob style hit, one being that, he issued a hit againts a rival family member.  Sources close to the situation say that a member of the Noodles Crime Family, possibly the Godfather himself, took part in the gangland slaying.  Federal agents have been trying to gather information, but few if anyone is willing to help.

 I manged to catch up with Benny Noodles Jr. to shed some light regarding the situation.


You have founded The Noodles crime family, could you please tell me how that came about?


I Founded The Family To Tribute My Great Family Name, The Noodles Family, My Father Benny__Noodles Was A Great Man, And Founding This Family Will Carry On My Fathers Legacy, Even When Im Gone It Will Be Handed Down, Generation to Generation.
The Illuminati Order I Founded Is Known As The Ones Who See All, The Order Serves And Protects The Noodles Crime Family, And There Investments, And Properties. They Also Have Branches in each state, serving and protecting each states Godfather / Ruler, And Protecting The AMFU High Council MenÂ
Could you please explain to be what the AMFU High Council is and what it does?
The AMFU High Council Is A Council Of The Greatest Players The Game Has Ever Known, Legends So To Speak, Its Because of Us There Is Order In This Game, If We Didn’t Exist There would Be Chaos, We Bring The Organization into Organized Crime ; D
Recently there was a the Murder of Morenza…now he was a Boss with the Corleones.  I have spoken early with you about this, but could you please elaborate on the situation with Michael?..Are things good between you?…Are the Families still Allies?
O Yes We Are Still Allies, We Are The Best Of Friends And Brothers, There will Never Be a Day That The 2 Monster Empires Will Ever Go To War With Each Other, We Are Everything The AMFU Stand For, Forever United!!!!Â
Morenza,  Was A Fake Corleone, Not Worth The Title Of A Corleone, He Proved It The Day He Put A Hit Out On  A Good Friend Of Mine, (Puppet_-I-_Master.Â
When I Seen The Hitlist, i Was Furious And Shot The Man Absent Thought, I Blacked Out, When I Came Too, I Had Guts All Over My Armani Suit!!!!, This Was Nothing Against The Corleone Empire, This Was Just A Act Of Meaningless Violence… Â
You also have recently stated that you are retiring? Do you have any plans after retiremnet?
My Plans For Retirement? Well I Plan To Go Around The World, Then I Will Come Back To My Great State ( New York ) Where They Have Made A Statue Of Me, The Greatest Ruler New York Has Ever Seen…
I Have I Big Palace Built for me By All The States Prisoners.
2 million Square Foot ; ).Â
I Will Continue to Do My Moderator Duties And Make A Moderator Administration Family, And Hand The Noodles Crime Family Down.
Then 1 Day I Hope To Be Appointed The Position Of Administrator.Â
What are you thoughts on Igor being elected as President?, Will he be good for the Country or Do you think the American People have made a mistake?
i Think He Will Make A Great President!!!! And Scarface9407 and I Have Founded The Secret Service That Will Serve And Protect Him, They Will Also Serve Me And Scarface9407 As Our Personal Secret Service, Or Personal Body Guards
Secret Service?  Does the President really have to worry so much that he needs a Secret Service?
Hes He Can Be Assassinated, Go To hitman tab, the angel of death hitman for 200 million is ment to kill the president, admins got idea from my nickname (Angel of Death ) lol, and I Just Founded and Started The New York Race Track, I am Owner And CEO
You mentioned starting the New York Race Track, could you please explain how the people get there and place bets at your track?
Well The Race Track Is In New York.
They Must Go To The State Of New York To Visit It,
To Place Bets They Must Mail Me Personally And Tell Me There bets, And Then Transfer Me The Money Through The Federal Bank,
If They Want They Can Share There Bets In Public By Posting It In The Race Track Thread In The State Forum. Its A Nice Place For Citizens, Wise Old Men And There Families To Come To, For Relaxation, Conversation, Food, And Drinks, We Also HaveÂ
A Great Casino Where You Can Gamble, We Are One Of The Hottest Joints In New York, With A Fabulous Restaurant, Awesome Bar, Great Casino, Luxurious Hotel, & The Nations Best Horses,
Racing At The Nations BEST! Race Track, The New York  Race Track & Slots
Located At 777 Brooklyn Avenue, Brooklyn New York, 25411,
Phone # – 1-800-777-1911
Thank you Benny for giving me this interview.  I’m sure the readers will look foward to this.
Recently there were to graduates to Wise Old Man…I managed to get together with them to have a sit down interview.  Â
Both of you were recently made to be Wise Old Man…how does that make you feel?
its like a life long dream come true. so much power. the money is pouring in now, because i can make over 600k each drug run. i wasnt really expecting it though, because ever since i became capo di tutti capi, i never really did anything to try to rank up as i was busy with family problems. then there was world war 8…
When I became Wise Old Man I was so happy its hard to put into words. I had been hoping for it so badly and had been working for it very very hard over the couple weeks it took to get it. I have played every day for the two-three months since I started my account exept maybe two days. So its almost relieving even to have that rank finally. I feel honoured to be among some of the legends like Benny__Noodles_Jr and Michael__Corleone. And I would like to thank them, and many others for all the help and support getting to where I am now. Without them I would never have made it this far.
Now that you both are Wise Old Men, do you feel like its time to step away from the family life?
No man, i gotta keep things running, because a family leader needs to be powerful and experienced, which is a point im trying to make to many who think they can run before they can walk.Â
Corleone4Life nicca, you down?
I can dig it….
Now as far as stepping away from the family, It has been talked about but Im not 100% sure that I am ready for that myself and I feel as if I still owe more to the Corleones before I just get up and leave. It is certainly a future possibility but it wont be happening for some time if even at all.Â
Joe, you claim to have the largest family, however others claim that you have dupes and IA’s, how does that make you feel?
Joe–there arent any dupes that i know of and none of them are mine. maybe a member made a dupe, but i woudnt know.
IA? errrrrrr….. yep. about 80% is inactive.
however, ive still got my lhm and crew leaders who are all very helpful. and some crew members, who i see potencial in.
the problem now is that no one who joined recently has any fighting experience, but thats down to the fact that things have been rather quiet….
too quiet…. ima pop me some bustas! bang, go to hell. like that, get it?
to everyone reading this, even if they are inactive, dont kill my family members as i am trying to break a world record. anyone who kills my members will get real acquainted with what their brains look like….
Scarface, lately there has been a few people out there claiming to be self contracted hitman…what are your thoughts?
Now if I may ask you to elaborate on what it is you mean about the self contracted hitman?Â
Peole who claim to be hitman for hire.
ah yeah ok I get ya, Personally it makes me pretty angry that they even try that. Its a stupid idea because even if they do make money they will just die and lose it all. And if for some reason they managed to get away with it long enough to get rich or to just get away with some kills, the number of us who care about be respected high ranking members will always be greater than the ones that dont. So they are just an annoying inconvenience, they may kill a couple of our lower ranking family members but that just makes us stronger because those people come back and we help them get set up and regain their position. So all they are doing is wasting their time. Sooner or later they wont be able to kill any of us and they will only be able to sit as citizens like imsochilled is doing with his newest account benny_is_a_fag. He doesnt dare step out of being a citizen because he wont survive for a second and soon thats how they all will be. To become a respected member means so so much more and hopefully they will realize that one day
Thank you both for the time you have giving me for this interview…may we speak again someday.
—In Other News—
The Scarface Union was formed on 06-03-2011
Signifigant Deaths
Joe_Ball–The Corleone House Painters
Sonny_Forelli- The Illuminati
April_O_Neil–The Noodles Crime Family
Morenza– The Corleone Crime Family
imsochilled– Hitman for Hire
Ricky_Bobby–Corleone Crime Family
Donlinger–The Corleone House Painters
The American Butcher–The Illuminati of California