Month: July 2010

Life and death of a Godfather

Welcome beautiful people to another edition of the AM Times. Yes it has been a while but here at the AM Times head quarters we have been working our butts off trying to follow up on all of these recent murders. But we shall waste no more time, for your reading pleasure, we have got for you a long list of names in the cemetery report, an interview with Mr_Xela and a whole lot more.

The Life and Death of Benny__Noodles

Benny__Noodles was born in Brooklyn, New York, as an only child in a single parent household. With his father leaving when he was 5 and his mother working 2 jobs Benny was left to raise himself on the harsh streets of Brooklyn. Benny joined the mafia when he was nineteen as an associate in the DAVE you legend family, run by Gelateria, where he quickly climbed the ranks and when he turned 22 was quick start his own family, The Gambino Crime Family. Bennys family was slow to start off, with no new recruits coming into the mafia and those who did were killed but Benny kept at it, putting in long hours to make his family bigger and to reach Godfather. At the age of 26 Noodles reached godfather where the only thing left was to take control of New York from fellow AMFU member Constantine. There battle was at a stale mate when an unknown Godmother, medium_girl, killed Constantine and Benny killed medium_girl (see previous article). The next couple of years were calm and mellow with The Gambinos continuing to grow and prosper but there was tension brewing beneath the surface with The Corleones lead by Mr_Xela. That was when one day Godfathers Mr_Xela, KevinK and TheRuthlessKing attacked Noodles while he was on a holiday visiting his mother. Benny retaliated, both Gambinos and Corleone members losing their life in the cross fire. None of the Godfathers were hurt during the fight though their friendship was tainted with the uncertainty of one anothers trust and loyalty. After this Benny was not seen in the public eye as much as he use to, only appearing when it was critical. Noodles was ready to branch his familys name out, giving permission to his members PurpleHighlighter, Mr_Incredible and Frank_Saggio to make separate Gambino families. Benny then thought it was time to move on from the Gambinos and hand it down to his best friend, Uncle-Nicky and make a new, exclusive, family called The Bloodline Alliance. But The Blood Alliance didn’t last long as Godfather Noodles ran and won the election for New Yorks governor, leaving behind the world of crime to lead a life of politics. This did not last long though as Benny__Noodles and his mistress was found dead in his New York mansion on the 07-07-2010. No one knows anything about who killed Benny but when his son returns there will sure be hell to pay for the person who did. May his soul rest in peace as he will be gravely missed by everyone. If you have any information about these murders contact any of the AM Times staff and you will be greatly rewarded.

Killings in the Rigazzi Crime Family

Newly crowned Godfather, Lou-The-Wrench, has been facing some problems with his family recently as a couple of his high ranked members have been dying. The first Rigazzi member to die was an earner, Damon-Lanado. He was killed on the 30-06-2010 at 05:10am. No one knows who killed Damon but Lou has not stopped looking. The second Rigazzi member to die was a Boss, SeNsuur. SeNsuur was killed 8 days later on the 08-07-2010 at 04:04am. There have been rumours that thunder from The Corleone Crime Family was the man responsible for his death but nothing has been confirmed. Lou was quoted saying, im tired of this sh*t and people are gonna start dying, i dont give a sh*t whos family they are in or who the fu*k they are period. Neighbours of Lou said they heard screaming and loud smashes coming from inside his house, obviously a bit upset about these murders. If you have any information about these murders contact Lou-The-Wrench or any of the AM Times staff.

Interview with Mr_Xela

Good morning Mr_Xela, many thanks for sitting down with me and taking time to do this interview.

Good morning beautiful, it is my pleasure to spent some time with you.

Congratulations on the new Capo di tutti capi, you are the first man in history to every reach this rank. How does it feel?

Thank you… feeling is always good when you are promoted and I am glad I am the first one who reached it.

What do you think of the recent murder of Godfather Benny__Noodles?

I think its some political business, as we know benny become governor and I guess his competition taked him out… Politicians are greater criminals then any other… RIP benny

What do you say to the claims that you are behind his and the rest of the Gambinos murders?

Do I have to be behind every murder? No I dont… I am just a decent man who help this country to be better.


Are you worried that yours and other families members might be killed in retaliation?

No I dont worry, all of familys are friendly now,  so there shouldnt be any war… and this way I want to send my regards to them…

And do you have any plans for the future?

Yes I plan to take you out on a drink, after this interview. 😉

Thanks again for sitting down with me but i wont take up anymore of your time, good luck with your family.

It was my pleasure as I already said and I wouldnt mind to spent any of my time with you. Thanks on your wishes and good luck to you too.

Cemetery Report

There are many new names in the cemetery since the last edition and there is not enough room to do them all so we will go from page 4.

A wiseguy Tazz, a former governor and member of the Gambino family, was found dead in an Oklahoma park on the 27-06-2010. Tazz had not been seen in many months, no one knowing why. His killer is unknown.

A capo and former family leader MndSlfIndulgence killed on the 02-07-2010 in Colorado. She was killed by Lou-The-Wrench for insulting him and calling him white trash.

Another capo and family member of the Monster Alliance –shooter-2 was found dead in a bed of cocaine in his Oklahoma home. His killer has not been found as of yet but if you have any information contact kross_.

A Don from The Corleone Crime Family was found dead in Oklahoma on the 04-07-2010. Xela and the Corleones want information about his murder so if you know anything contact anyone from their family.

Skuxx, an earner from The Gambino Syndicate of Nevada, was killed in California on the 05-07-2010. The killer has not been found yet but if you have any information contact PurpleHighlighter.

An unknown earner, FistACuffs, was killed in New York as of late. FistACuffs was killed by Paulie-Goateare for reportedly being a dupe of Godfather_Makky.

The next name in the cemetery is Benny__Noodles wife, MrsNataliaNoodles09. She was killed in Illinois 1 day after Bennys death, some say it was a Monster Alliance member paraphilia that killed her and others say she was depressed from the recent death of her husband.

The new boss of the Gambino Crime Family, Uncle-Nicky, was found dead at the same place as Natalia just an hour later. The late Paulie-Goateare witnessed paraphilia, the same person accused of killing Natalia, killing Nicky.

Yet another Gambino member killed is an earner, bombarder. Bombarder was killed in California at 11:21PM. His killer is unknown at the moment.

A capo and old member Paulie-Goateare has been found dead in a Texas bar early on the 09-07-2010. Mr-V was said to have killed Paulie, having a verbal fight with his son at his funeral.

A Consigliere from the Monster Alliance, Reborn_knight has died in New York as of late and kross_ is furious. The killer has not been found yet but if you have any information about his murder contact kross_ or any member from the Monster Alliance.

Another member, family leader of a Gambino branch and Consigliere was killed at an Oklahoma brothel at 5:41AM on the 09-07-2010. Reports have been saying that the same person behind Franks murder is the same person responsible for all the other Gambino related murders.

CWhite, a wiseguy from the Gambino Syndicate of Nevada, was killed only 4 minutes later in California. A name has not been put to the face of Whites killer yet but if you know anything contact PurpleHighlighter.

Chamber Of Commerce

Kid-blasto   5

LexiRae   5

Mr_Xela   5

Kross_   5

PurpleHighlighter   5

Amp-Bo   5

Pippi   5

TheRuthlessKing   5

Elizabeth   5

Lou-The-Wrench   5

Joe_proficani   5

Tony_Sopranos   5

Administrator   3

Somehobo606   3

-Tolly-   1