Month: February 2010



Story by somehobo606

Undead, a generally unknown freelancer, put a hit on Mr_Xela, the leader of the Corleone Crime family, claiming he’s forcing citizens in his family to pay $50,000 to him and forcing others to pay $100,000 to him. Interviewing ex-family members could be tricky because in Undead’s hit he also said that Mr_Xela is threatening to kill anyone to leaves the family. Constantine put a hit on Undead, who was quickly silenced.


Story by Benny__Noodles

StickupKid was murdered and the murder is running around free still. I was attacked By Victoria_Cross after we got married. I gave her 50,000 4 being my wife and she shot at me. My bodyguards killed her and berried her in the Nevada Desert.


Story by stephanos

Pressure of family got to a fellow family leader: Gelateria. why?

Betrayal, deceit, lies, drugs. this pushed the legend of dave you legend to her death. post mortem confirmed Gelateia died of a painkiller overdose. At 9.57pm the yound mother to be was found by the heavily pregnant naznunez,lying in a bath of her blood; the young life and the child within her was lost forever.

The stress of her husbands betrayal and running a family finally caught up with her after months of agony…while her husband had made new arrangements, gelateria was worried as to his involvement with rival families and loyalties.Where did his loyalties stand?with his wife or with his money,his status.

One thing is for sure and that is a family leader lost her life through pain and betrayal but her legacy will remain for the future leaders to look to.
May you rest in heavenly peace gelateria.


A place called Mazzio Italian Eatery is now open in California. Owner is a well known mobster called TTHOMAS.


It all started on a sunny day when I was sitting in a Park and eating my donuts with morning coffee. Suddenly I heard gunshots and few minutes later I spot how ambulance arrived into scene. I walked on the scene and saw a body. Since I was familiar with the underworld crime life, I recognized the body, it was a local thug called james_david. I took few pictures with my secret camera and walked to my office. When I sat behind my desk the phone rang and I answered it. One of my local reporters had some news for me.. I took pen and started to wright down names he told me…StickUpKid, babuuuuuuuu, Gelateria, Pickles, slicks, Voodoo, 50bulletsback, Avenger and so on.. the list was so big that I didn’t know what to do with it.

Later when I hang the phone I asked my secretary to bring me some coffee because all these names meant that I will going to sit here for the hole night. These names meant a good story for my newspaper and I started to wright it down. On the next day morning when my reporters came to office with their news gathered from the streets I was like a bum. More dead names they brought to me and I thought it will never stop..TonySoprano, michael__Corleone, naznunez etc..

It ment that the bosses are fighting each other. How else can you explain so much bodies on the streets?

More to come

Ruggiero Tuscarella

The Editor