Month: January 2010


It seems that an assassin is driving through America and killing high ranked mobsters. At least everyday one or two high ranked mobster got whacked. It all started before Christmas eve when the first person were killed by this assassin. First high ranked mobster was called Al_Neri who got shot to death at 08:11am. His good friend Vito___Corleone got a phone call about his death and went to kill that assassin. When he arrived into scene the assassin then made 2 more shots from sniper-gun and Vito’s body felled down like a tree leaf. Three hours later luca_brasi a very good friend of Godfather Tommy Lee was also whacked in Oklahoma. With this death the assassin packed his things and moved to California where he killed another mobster called Epson.

The next day assassin killed in New York city, mobster who got whacked was andgyu, a Consigliere. Then falled down Jean_Gray, also a powerful gangster from California.

Ulise was next who got whacked and after this murder Charles-Smith was next who died. They both died without any reason, atleast what we have heard.

Then there was a peaceful time for few days and killings started again. Mobster called Iceman_Nelson settled up a crime family with his two friends and soon they all were dead. Nobody knows exactly why they died but the are rumors that Tommy Lee was behind these deaths.

The biggest hit was the very next day when assassin whacked Godfather monster-kody. Monster-kody had a wife aswell called Lexi and she was beaten up soon. Again rumors are that Tommy is behind those murders but nobody knows for sure, as usually.


On January of 8th our helpful and experienced member of this community known as TonyS got killed. He was shot to death in front of his home when he came from local Social club called Sal’s. We asked around from citizens that maybe someone could give us some information or did see something but nothing. Only one good citizen gave us a hint about who could be behind this murder. We sat down in local restaurant, had a wonderful meal and then the citizen started to talk about what he saw that evening. He supposed to meet his girlfriend exactly that evening when TonyS got killed. The citizen waited in his car, when he saw how a yellow taxi cab arrived and one fella stepped out with a bigger bag, where he had his pistol and some other stuff for hit. Half hour later the citizen was just about to drive away when he heard few shots from the neighbor house.. He stopped the car immediately and called 911. Before he hand up the phone he saw how one person dressed in black jump out the neighbor window and turned his face to the car where citizen sat with his girlfriend.
The assassin turned around and ran away in the alley. Few minutes later the block was surrounded by the cops and ambulance. But citizen didn’t told to FBI that he saw the assassin’s face, same said his girlfriend. The knew that if they will say, then they´re dead. So they decided not to tell to FBI about it, until today to me. Later when I started to show him some pictures about local mobsters, he appointed at the Boss called kid-blasto. He said that’s his 100percent sure it was that assassin who jump out the window of TonyS house and then ran away like chicken.

But why TonyS was killed, we don’t know and probably we will never figure it out. Another unfinished story to us.. what a sad job I have, but what can I do.

The Editor

Ruggiero Tuscarella