Month: October 2009

American Mafia Times – October 23rd


Hi folks. My name is Ruggiero Tuscarella and I am still the chief editor of Mafia Times newspaper. Since last time we didn’t published any Tabloid news then this time we did it and I hope you all like it. And I myself are still waiting applications from you who wants to become an reporter for Mafia Times newspaper. So drop it to my mailbox. But on with the news…


Well folks, as you may all knew that Sacra Corona Unita crime family was the biggest one in US. Everybody were happy and members kept coming in.. but one day it all vanished away when their leader Godmother Mariella got whacked in Nevada at 10:09 am.

Godmother Mariella was at her mansion doing some business with local crooks when suddenly a van arrived in front of her crib and four members jumped out of it, starting a fire against Godmother Mariella bodyguards who were taken down within seconds. Now Mariella understood that something was wrong and she grabbed a pistol .38 and waited in the office. When assassins blew up the door where Mariella was she instantly started a fire against them by hitting one of them in the head. Other three started fire back and finally shot to death Mariella, where bullet went through her right eye. To be sure, one of those killers made a final shot through her mouth. They then left the mansion and droved away in the alley.

Why the Godmother was killed we dont know.. but the local police DP chief Mr. Rawley McCoughney said to us that they are investigating the murder and they already have arrested one suspect, but they cant tell the name or any other information about the murder.

We at the Mafia Times office will be in touch with the police and let you all know as soon as we get more information about the case.


Well known Mr. Tommy Lee has been doing well. After his leaving from the Sacra Corona Unita he started his own gang, called Lucchese Crime Family. And we also know that shortly after his moving to new playground Godmother Mariella was whacked. Are these two things combined?! We dont know for sure, but maybe police should check it out.. maybe Tommy couped his own old Boss, who knows.

Second family who started their business is Rosa dei Venti, acting boss is Roscoe_DeTorre. Seems that when Godmother were killed all family members were left on the streets and Roscoe decided to get them under his wing. And it seems he has done a well job, because almost all old members from Sacra Corona Unita is joined with him. What will bring the future for these two crime families? I dont know, but I do know that a Godfather known as killing_you, stated on the streets that the WAR is not over and that he will whack everyone if he have to.. We believe that he believes in justice.


carleonesi – 5 businesses

Tommy_Lee – 4 businesses

SilvioPatriarca – 2 businesses

Roscoe_DeTorre – 2 businesses


We are still waiting from our dear readers to advertise something. Dont be afraid and just drop me a message. Also since our lost reporter got killed, we are still in search for another good reporter.