Month: September 2009



Since Godfather Tony S died, few mobsters tried to take control of the US underworld. Some of those bigshots were Michael_Rocca, Joey_Zasa, Tommy-Lee etc. And when they died, then Michael_Rocca climed up really fast and became Boss of the Socra Corona Unita crime family. Somehow he managed to pull together a lot of good mobsters around the US into his family and after that, a lot of thugs started to die like flies. I have got many letters from our dear readers complaining about how Socra Corona Unita killing innocent people and thugs. All what we know at the Office is that at the moment when I gathered the material for this edition Socra Corona Unita was the biggest family in United States of underworld.

But as usually it doesnt matter how big your family is or who is in it.. eventually if you whack too much people.. you will get a lot of heat because of that. And that was the start when Socra Corona Unita started to fall.. members started to die one by one.. Even their own Boss got whacked finally.. the hole family was shaken down.. shaken down by furious sons of lately fallen fathers.


Our beloved reporter Mr. Shawn ODoil got killed in Texas, at 06:00 am. We know one thing that he actually worked for Mafia Times and later joined also the Socra Corona Unita crime family. Who killed him or why he died? Nobody knows and we at the Mafia Times ofcourse are sorry for this loss, but he also betrayed us by joining with the organized crime family.


Recent actions take place around the US. A lot of bigshots started to die again.
First were Earner called dichead, killed in Colorado at 10:45 am. Next death were in Florida, mobster called boy_boy died at 2:09 pm. Three minutes later few miles somewhere else but also in Florida, gangster called PoLice911 was shot to death aswell. And half an hour later, one high ranked mobster, actually a Capo called Lord_Wizard got whacked also in Florida at 2:34 pm.

One hour later, the well known Socra Corona Unita famile leader Michael_Rocca was stabbed to death in Illinois at 3:19 pm. Nobody knows why died, but rumours are that he got whacked because of his well known temper.

And later the same day Socra Corona Unita lost another good mobster, called martin89 who was at the rank of Boss. He was killed in Oklahoma at 3:49 pm.


carleonesi – 5 businesses

All the others are still dead and new ones are afraid to purchace new businesses.


We are still waiting from our dear readers to advertise something. Don’t be afraid and just drop me a message. Also since our lost reporter got killed, we are still in search for another good reporter.



A very known crime family leader Baross got killed on 18th of August at 3:44 pm in New York. At the moment we haven’t got anything much to know, since police didn’t want to talk to us. So I guess this case remains unsolved for the moment.


We all know the Godfather Tony S, who controls the New York and is one of many Godfathers in US. He got married some time ago with a beautiful woman called Giordano, Sofia. On 18th of Aug at 3:37 pm she was brutally killed in New York. Nobody still knows what happened or what cause her death.

We at the Office, feel sorry for his loss.


By: Michael_Marogiacomo

I came to this country with a dream and that dream were to make a difference and tell storys with great empathy and respect. Now on the last years of my life i moved to New York USA hoping to make my dream true. My childhood mostly were beatings from my alcohol decentralized padre and theft from the local fruitstand. In my young years I wanted a career in the local Famiglia and on my 14th birthday I joined the Messina Famiglia as an errand boy. By the time I had my 20th birthday I already had 16 murders on my back and now were a Capo Regime. The years past by and now I were 45 years old with almost 236 murders on my back. One day the famiglia Don called upon me for a sitdown. My heartbeat were easy over 500bpm. I thought the sitdown were about my last mission to kill a 25 year old beautiful lady named Belladonna. She had accidentally seen the Dons right hand man murder the local Prosecutor Vincent Lorenzo. And my job were to murder Miss Belladonna and make it look like she slipped in the shower. I went in to her apartment when she stepped in to the shower. I stood in the corner and watched her closely and fell in love in a second. She looks up and sees me, she drops the soap and asked me are you here to kill me. I stood like a statue, dropped the gun and a tear ran down my cheek. I left her apartment.

I went back several hours later and gave her a one way ticket to Miami. I told her I would meet her there at the hotel 3 days later. The day of the sitdown I found out by my Soldato Gino Lerzane that the famiglia Don were planing to kill me at the sitdown because of my last mission. I went home and started to think about how I could fix this. I decided to take the Don out before he killed me. Now its 9 pm and 30 minutes left until the sitdown starts.

I looked at my gun and at the bar were the sitdown were held. I went up to the door and kicked it open, pointed my gun at the Don and pulled the trigger. I clean shoot to the head and the Don went down. The others in the Famiglia looked at me and said my name Godfather Michael Marogiacomo. Now Im 78 years old and writing down my life story. I have 6 children and have been married 13 times.
Yesterday I got a letter from my doctor. I have cancer and at the most 6 months left to live.


Nowadays, the lure of becoming a hired gun is just too great. Everyone aspires to be the fastest and the most accurate gun in the land, even if many wont admit it in public. Why? I mean, killers eventually die, its just the way of the world. I must admit, for me, the first time I really got the hook in my mouth was by accident. I didn’t go out intentionally to hurt people, not initially. I just found myself in a few gunfights, as this life can assure you of, and discovered a natural talent.

At the time, I was able to control my urges, even able to forget about them altogether. But, as time passed, and I ranked higher, and my aim improved, things turned worse I got cravings. I’d be searching for targets constantly, without thought for their family or friends. At first I was just searching, and not shooting them, convincing myself I was just doing it for practice. Then the odd one or two ended up dead “Then every target I was looking for.”

It became an addiction. Always looking for my next kill. I didn’t used to be like this, I was a peaceful man, a negotiator. Its strange what having a good aim does to you, makes you feel you HAVE to use it, or you may lose it I don’t know what it is, but for me, the beast wasnt even awakened until I realized it was there. By that time it was too late. Now, no matter how hard I try, no matter how straight I try to play things, I always turn back to the same old game. Find a target, kill it. Find a target, kill it.

I hope one day to cure myself of this terrible addiction, but for now, I am a serial killer, and that is all I know how to be.

American Mafia Times – September 20th


Ruggiero Tuscarella

Hi guys and gals. Another time to say that we still recruiting reporters. So feel free to drop me a letter about it. I have the honour to introduce you all our new reporter Shawn_ODoil, we all hope he wont die because his really good at what his doing. But okey, on with the news..


by Shawn ODoil

The Mafia community morns on the anniversary of 9/11 as many of its high ranked members are killed. It started around noon on the 10th of September with Vinz Gigante a consiglere being killed in New York. The next day more deaths followed with Pablo Escobar a don in Texas, Giuseppe Petrosino a consigliere in Colorado. On that same day in California IGotshot, Nick Gerassi, Barzini and Pharicon, were murdered all of which were above the rank of earner. When I started asking around one of my sources had this to say “Tommy started to whack high ranked members because he wants to help the new members of the community. But in my personal opinion he just wanted to become Boss of Bosses. He was a scared little boy.” Shortly after that two more powerful members were killed, both were Godfathers. Joey Zasa the leader of the La Cosa Nostra Family and his left hand man Tommy-Lee both were killed by another Godfather who refused to tell me his reason behind the killings. I also had the opportunity to interview Joey Zasa’s widow and the new leader of the La Cosa Nostra family Mariella. When I asked about her husband and Tommy’s death she said it was because certain members were afraid that our community was going to be ran by these new Godfathers. Mariella also informed me that the La Cosa Nostra family would survive since Joey and Tommy killed all the other families. Which leads this reporter to believe that all of these killings were just a attempt to maintain a dominance on who is actually in charge.


by Shawn ODoil

On a warm summer day tired of the daily grind and being mugged for the second time in a week Frankie decided to go out and buy a gun and take back the streets. Being new to the underworld he made friends with a family leader by the name of Chev Chelios. Both men decided to combine their families in order to make the streets a little safer. The two families worked well together taking in run of the mill street thugs. Frankie thought that by giving these punks a place to stay, a little money with some odds and ends jobs he could reform them. For a while it worked, there were less muggings and murders. Then oneday a member of Chevy’s family called Frankie and informed him that his friend had been killed. Frankie was outraged to hear this, so he called his family and order them to find the one responsible for this travesty. In just a few short days the family right hand man Beastie Boy told Frankie that he had found the guilty man and his name was popedaddy! With the Landstrom family on the look out popedaddy was found right in Frankie’s own state Florida. On that day Frankie became a murderer and killed popedaddy. Feeling satisfied that his friends death had been avenged, Frankie went to his family bar, the Drunken Irishman to have a few pints and tried to forget the whole deal. A hour later Frankie heard someone knocked on the door. He opened the door and saw a block of C-4 with a crude timer on it. Out of instinct he turned and ran for the kitchen door. He reached the door just as the bomb blew up and messed up the hole place. As the bar burned around him, he struggled to pull himself into one of the freezers. The next morning with the bar in ashes, members of the Landstrom family gathered around with the realizing that their family was finished and the protection they felt was gone. Being the senior member of the family, Beastie Boy walked through the remains looking for any type of token to remember his time with the family and what it had done for him. Hearing a noise coming from the back where the kitchen was, Beastie went to check it out and found an arm sticking out of one of the freezers. Feeling a cold chill run down his back, he ripped the door open and found Frankie barely breathing. Knowing that this was an attack on Frankie’s life, Beastie took Frankie to his sisters house to get him back to normal health. A month passed by and with Frankie’s health back to normal, he informed his friend that it was time for him to return from the so called grave and put an end to all of these murders. As Frankie walked out the door of his friends house he looked over his shoulder and said, this time there cant be no family and no one else involved. Beastie rushed to the door and asked what are we going to do. Frankie stopped and looked at him and said, take one hundred thousand from the family account and I will take the rest. One last thing before I go said Beastie, don’t call me Frankie. With that he turned and started to walk down the street with only one thought on his mind. Frankie died in that bar and that’s it.


by Shawn ODoil

After the fall of Mr Tony`s family, La Stidda Mafia, chaos took the community. Any and almost all newcomers are being killed. With noone in a seat of power to protect them, it has been a dangerous time to be a thug. Recently powerful members who allegedly were killing these newcomers were put to rest by a particularly powerful Godfather named Fish. Shortly after that Mr. fish suffered the same fate. In the absence of power a new family has stepped up, The Anastasia Crime Family ruled by Albert Jr. has taken the seat of power in our community. After numerous attempts to contact Mr. Albert Jr., the family underboss Muerte contacted me for a interview. During the interview Muerte informed me that the Anastasia family intends to put an end to all of the murders of the lower ranked members of our community. Muerte also informed me that her family intends to establish much the same rules that the La Stidda Mafia had and allow the younger members gain rank. Even thou the Anastasia family is small but majority of its members are experienced mafioso`s. As the interview came to an end, Muerte informed me as the acting boss of the family and while their Godfather Albert Jr. is away on business she is the law and anyone that does not obey the law will suffer the consequences.
Shortly after I finished the interview and this story, Mr. Tuscarella called me and said that Anastasia Crime Family went to war with Sacra Corona Unita and that Mrs. Muerte got killed in California. Also Anastasia Crime Family capo, well known Anthony_S got assassinated in New York.


carleonesi – 5 businesses

brooklyn – 1 business

And the rest businessmen who were lined up last week, well they got whacked.


If you think you have something to advertise, then let us know and it will be advertised in newspaper.

Of course racism, pornography or something like that wont be published.

American Mafia Times – September 9th

Greetings, everyone. We still recruiting reporters for our beloved AmericanMafia Times Newspaper, so if feel you’re the right person.. then send me the application. But until you do that.. I will let you read the news..

The more time goes by, the more people getting killed, at least here in our community. I don’t know what is going on or what is causing it, but I do know that this isn’t good for our society. People are still dieing and a lot of them. Maybe it’s should be like that maybe not..or maybe it’s a war?! All I know is that on 1st of Sept. at 6:19pm, a Wiseguy called Jimmy_Burke got whacked in California. The very next day a Goomba called Ralphi69 was also shot to death in Illinois. We at the Mafia Times believe that these two deaths are connected but we don’t have proof enough to publish, at least for now.. maybe later in the future we will.

On 3rd of Sept. gunshots were hearded again in California, this time it was a bloody war. Not only one mobster died, but a lot more, actually sixteen of them. First mobster falled down at 11:40am called Gino_Andolini. A statement was made on the streets after this death and a member called Illuminati said that Gino Andolini’s death were ordered by Makky and Dirty_Harry.

At 1:03pm the same mobster who ordered the death of Gino Andolini called Dirty_Harry was now shot to death himself. He was killed in a barber shop while getting a haircut. We believe that a mobster called Vic_Mackey was behind the assassination.. and we know that Dirty Harry was killed because he broke the rules.

Well anyway 20 minutes later, Vic_Mackey was murdered. He got two bullets in the head and three went into his body. Rumours are that a member JoeySantorielli of a crime family called La Stidda Mafia arrived into the scene and killed Vic. But why Vic was killed by JoeySantorielli? Some say that Joey got order from his Godfather to whack Vic, some say that Joey revenged and some doesn’t say anything because they aren’t stupid enough and want to live.

After Vic’s assassination, New York Godfather Tony S arrived in California who came to check something, I believe the murders what else.. but while he was there and enjoyed the hole thing, his own member JoeySantorielli tried to coup him. But since Godfather had his bodyguards with him, then Godfather didn’t even got a scratch. The gunfight went out and bodyguards killed JoeySantorielli at 10:55 pm.


We remember our beloved fella from our community called GrinReaper.. Well now he decided to tell out the hole truth about his past.

The_Grin_Reaper – I hired Makky to kill Marko_Gambino and to kill Tony’s wife. The truth will set me free, I have killed many in my time and I killed MR.Makky. John Paul I hope you do make priest.

This is what he said out and we hope he didn’t caused any troubles for himself. We wish him a good luck from Mafia Times.


1.Carleonesi – 5 businesses

2.Pablo_Escobar – 5 businesses

3.Vinz_Gigante – 5 businesses

4.Giuseppe_Petrosino – 5 businesses

5.Albert-Anastasia – 4 businesses

6.Igotshot – 2 businesses

7.Mr_TonyS – 2 businesses

8.Pharicon – 2 businesses

9.brooklyn – 1 business


We got a letter from a citizen who sent us a hitlist of Makky’s. Makky is a very known hitman who killed a lot of people and now we got his hitlist. So we decided to publish it..why not!

1. EROCk

2. Addicted

3. Minacs

4. Bravo

5. Barrotes

6. UnderRated

7. morty

8. Mr_Ribento

9. Nikolai_Petrov

10. Chev_Chelios

11. bigblackandbeautiful

12. best_of_the_best

13. Frankie_Figs

14. Nikolai-Petrov

15. AlexandeR

16. Giordano

17. Baross

18. Big_P*ssy

19. Marko_Gambino

20. Don_Hutto

21. Lizzard

22. Bob_Marley

23. Glenn_Quagmire

Well folks this was the hitlist of Makky. Ofcourse we cant say 100 percent sure that he did killed them all or will, but at least maybe few who lost something in this community did got their answers finally.