Month: August 2008

Interview with a citizen

The Editor at the American Mafia Times was stopped by a citizen on the street, and our Editor could not resist the chance of asking the guy some questions.
Our Editor confessed he smelled a scent of alcohol coming from the individual, but continued the short interview with the CityBlood Banger:

” It is a war. vercetti syndicate v.s gambino crime family. it was back to back shootings. lot of people die in vercetti syndicate. but there are strong and so powerful. gambino kill people who didnt even do any thing but smile. like this example hatianboi die for wat said something being to slick out the mouth. his brother hatiand die for what being his brother. manson die for what being him i know he kill a lot of people but he die for nothin. albert antaissa jr die for his name. lots of people die. so im telling u its gambinos v.s vercetti.  ”
Life will come at you fast, said the Editor at the end.

Nicko Vercetti contacted us at our main HQ, and said the following:
“As far as i know there is no war between my family and the gambinos. they started to kill my family members becauze this padre told them i was Anthony S.

Regards Nicko Vercetti


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