Mafia Game and Crime Simulator, Virtual Stock Market,
Game Politics and Elections

Real time. Real action. Real people. Join this intricate text-based mafia game. Can’t do the time? Then run for President instead. Whichever online world you decide to dominate, you can always crack the stock market to bankroll your mission. Simulate trades of real stocks and live prices. Use your strategy and street smarts to be the boss.

Stock Market

Like Gordon Gekko said: “You've got that killer instinct.” Now use it in this state-of-the-art simulation with actual stocks and real world prices, only your gambling with American Mafia money. Make some bank for ‘La famiglia’ or buy some friends in the right places.

Crime Simulator

You don’t get to be the boss until you’ve earned the right. What are you doing talking to me, you goombah? You’re wasting time when you should be cracking skulls and collecting protection money.


Hey Mr. President! Yeah, I’m talking to you. Show America how things should be run from the comfort of your own sofa. Participate in Elections for Governors, Cardinals and President. Cast your vote, make decisions, rule the greatest country on Earth.

  • “ I went from being a no good bum to running the greatest country on Earth. This game rocks!!! ”

    George W. Treehugger

  • “ Ain’t no feeling like addressing the nation with your wife at your side and your gumar waiting for you in the limo. ”

    Bill Clintoff

  • “ What? I gotta tell you twice? Play the game. Whaddayou a Capo or a cannoli eating wannabe? Fuggedaboutit, no mafia game even comes close to this. ”

    Jimmy ‘The Rake’

  • “ I always knew I had it in me. I speak and my minions listen. And I don’t mean no silly little yellow critters, I mean an army of goodfellas. You won’t walk so good no more if you don’t show me no respect. ”

    - Baddest Man in the whole damn town. That’s who.

  • “ Murder, kidnapping, extortion. A nice quiet night out. ”


  • “ I like to run a few businesses, play the stock market, hell, I might even get married. Not bad for my first week here. ”