Your Mafia Roleplay Adventure

Do you always find yourself watching great mafia movies? Here's one of the best scenes that might inspire you to register an account.
Game Population
Year of Foundation
KM Square
Marketplace items
Active Families
Game Missions

Mafia Game Simulator

An intelligent Crime Simulator puts you in a virtual world of mafia. Set in the United states, you will fight for power over 50 states.

Stock Market

Virtual stock trading with in-game money and real world stock prices. 


Feeling patriotic or want to rub shoulders with politicians? Participate or run in weekly elections for the President, State Governors & Cardinals.

Capture the flag

You can stir up some trouble real quick. Before you can claim a state you will need to capture the flag.

Conquer 50 States

After you capture the flag you can claim a state. You can earn a lot of money and power that way.

Mafia Families

After working your way up through the ranks you may create your own Family. But be careful, you might get whacked by other families.

State and Presidential Elections

Support your favorite candidates. Get involved.

Participate in Elections and vote for Cardinals, Governors, and President. Get yourself elected as a State Cardinal to run the Church, or as a Governor to run your State. Run for the best job in the world. Become the President of United States of America.